Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 17

Dong Soo sees lots of soldiers are on their ways, he follows them. At Jin Gi’s hideout, Ji is injured, she asks Cheon to take care of her daughter. Outside, Yeo Un duels with Jin Gi, Yeo Un is able to put a sword  at Jin Gi’s throat.

The Qing walks inside, the assassins captures Ji. Cheon comes behind him and tells him he will go looking for him later, for today he will let him go. The Qing orders his men to release Ji. She stares at Cheon to take care of Jin Ju so Cheon releases the Qing and disappear.

Gwang Taek arrives at Sa Mo’s place, they greet each other. Sa Mo asks about Dong  Soo, he tells him Dong Soo will drop by Jin Gi’s place and join them here later (Could it be he miss  Jin Ju? ^^).

Ji is captured and Yeo Un is about to kill Jin Gi  when Dong Soo calls out for him to stop. The Qing puts his sword at Dong Soo, but he pushes it away easily. The Qing is impressed with him that he’s still young but his martial arts is extraordinary (huh?). He  leaves with his men, In orders Yeo Un to kill Jin Gi.  But Yeo Un looks at Dong Soo and smiles to him, he compliments that Dong Soo’s skills has improved a lot. Dong Soo tells him,in the future he will be more powerful as Joseon best swordsman Baek Dong Soo. Yeo Un smiles at that, he retrieves his sword and prepares to leave, In asks what he is doing.

Yeo Un says the purpose of coming here is to kill the Sky Lord, he doesn’t want to kill innocent people here. He walks out with his men. The soldiers that arrived from Dae Ju turn around and leave too. They recalls the order of Dae Ju that, if things get bad,  leave right away.

Dong Soo and Jin Gi take Ji inside. Dong Soo checks her wound, it’s poisoned. He gives her his med saying that it could help somewhat.  Dong Soo looks around and asks them where Jin Ju is, Ji tells him she had sent her out on an errands and not to worry about her. Dong Soo is relieved.

Jin Gi thinks they can no longer stay here, this place has been discovered, they have to leave this place. Jin Gi tells all his men to move out of here and leave no traces.

Cheon is taking care of Jin Ju’s injured foot. He looks at her and thinks about Ji telling him she is his daughter. He reaches out to touch Jin Ju’ s hand.  Cheon takes care of his wound using a torch to burn the wound.

Jin Gi , Dong Soo are carrying Ji out, Ji  drinks Dong Soo’s medicine.

The Qing asks the name of  that young man, In says Baek Dong Soo. He thinks , at such a young age, to have such skills is unbelievable. Yeo Un listens and thinks of  Dong Soo telling him to drop that fate.

The officer is reported that there’s a shipwreck off shore, currently the wreckage is floating in the sea. He sends the officer to investigate. At the beach, men and the cargo reach the shore. When the officer arrive, there’s one man running away, it’s Dae Ju’s son.  The officers check to cargo, it’s full of ginseng.

Sa Mo is anxious to go look for Dong Soo but he shows up with Jin Gi and injured Ji. Gwang Taek rushes to her and touches her cheek if she’s alright. They put her  down inside.  Gwang Taek asks Jin Gi what happened.

Jin Gi explains that it’s the assassin guild and the army troops surprised attack. Sa Mo is worried, he asks how Jin Ju is. Jin Gi tells him he’d send her out on an errand yesterday, Sa Mo’s relieved that she’s lucky. Gwang Taek asks if  his men been attacked too, Jin Gi says yes and asks Sa Mo if he could stay.  Sa Mo assures him to have a good rest here. They leave for Ji to rest.

When alone together, Jin Gi tells Ji to stay here, he will go find Jin Ju but she says he doesn’t need to do that, “If she is still alive, she will be with him. If she’s dead, she will become the food of the wild beasts.”

Dong Soo bows to Sa Mo, he asks if he learned a lot. Gwang Taek tells him to see that himself. So Sa Mo fights with Dong Soo, he drops his wooden sword because of Dong Soo’s move. Sa Mo is satisfied.

Dong Soo sees a box of plants, he asks what it is, Sa Mo tells him it’s Ji Seon’s cultivated ginseng. Dong Soo repeats her name, Sa Mo teases him whether he wants to see her. Dong Soo smiles shyly.  He tells Dong Soo she went out but she’ll be back soon.

Dong Soo is looking at the ginseng plants, Ji Seon walks back and sees him with his back to her. She quietly picks up a bow, aims an arrow at him. She thinks he’s a thief  to steal the ginseng. She tells him the growth stage of the ginseng now gain no value in the market but is he wishes to take it, she will have to shoot.

He turns to her and asks if she can do that,  she’s surprised she lets go of the arrow. Dong Song catches the arrow with his hand, he asks if she’s been well and smiles warmly.

Ji Seon shows him her storage room full of merchandise from Qing. He says she do well, she looks at him and says thanks to him, that all these  can happen, he taught her that fate is something she could groom it herself.

Gwang Taek and Dong Soo leave for  the palace. Cheon is walking in the market, he buys grain and a woman ornament. He comes back and prepares a meal for Jin Ju.

Jin Ju wakes up and looks around. Cheon comes inside the room and brings her a meal he prepared. Jin Ju is frightened to see him, she draws her sword. He tells her to eat and he will wait outside.

Jin Ju looks at the food and is confused, she asks what he wants, she doesn’t need it. He says it’s still dangerous outside, she should wait for a day before going out. Jin Ju wants to go back to her dad (Jin Gi), she gets up and falls, realizes that her foot is not well and he’d taken care of it. She asks him why he treated her (nice) like this, she ‘s grateful but it couldn’t be like this.

Cheon asks if this is how Jin Gi taught her. Jin Ju doesn’t like the way he talked about her dad, she tells him to take his words back, the only thing she can’t stand is people say bad thing about her father. Cheon repeats the word ‘Father’, and says it’s her mother asking him to protect her. Jin Ju accuses him that he’s lying , her mother would not say such thing to him. He gets up telling her that her mother will come find her, take care of her injury well.

Gwang Taek and Dong Soo walk into the palace. Suddenly Gwang Taek stops, he looks at Dong Soo. Dong Soo gets the meaning, he walks over to the empty ground. Three men attack him all at once, Dong Soo fight with them until there’s a voice demanding them to stop, it’s Prince Jeong Jo.

The Prince walks over to Gwang Taek and greets him, that it’s been a long time. Gwang Taek smiles warmly to see the Prince has grown up. Three men uncover their faces and calls out Baek Dong Soo, they hug him. Dong Soo asks them about Cho Rip. They surprise him, by saying the official rank of  Cho Rip as a noble man.

The Prince tells Gwang Taek that the King is waiting, and because it’s his returning he will personally prepare tea. The Prince looks at the lady preparing the ginseng tea, he brings the tea to the King himself.

The King compliments the Prince’s ginseng tea, that it gives a distinctive aroma. He asks Gwang Taek whether he’s changed his mind about his life style. Gwang Taek answers he’s still prefer his ways of life, however he would like to recommend a talented person in his place, his disciple, recently accepted his teachings.

The Queen is alarmed. The King is surprised but interested since it’s coming from him. The Queen’s hand starts to shake then slowly she falls to the floor unconscious.

The King , the Prince and Gwang Taek are startled, the King orders for the physician to be brought in right away. Dong Soo hears the commotion, he steps into the room and rushes to feel the Queen’s pulse. The King is angry, how dare of him.

Dong Soo says sorry to him, Gwang Taek hurriedly tells the King that Dong Soo is his disciple.The King is angry, he talks to Dong Soo that being Gwang Taek’s disciple, he should know the proper thing to do and be respectful.

Dong Soo insists the Queen must be taken care of right away her breathing is fainting, and it will take a quarter of an hour for the physician to arrive, the Queen will not be able to make it till then. Hearing that, the King is angry how dare he said such thing about the Queen. The King orders Dong Soo to be taken away. Gwang Taek  says that he is his disciple and Baek Sa Geong’s child. The King repeats the name surprised.

Dong Soo says, there’s time to punish him, he asks for the King’s permission to treat the Queen. The King thinks hard but at the end gives his way.

The King is looking at Dong Soo treating the Queen. There ‘s liquid coming out of the Queen’s mouth, the King is relived. He asks if  Gwang Taek has the medical skills, he says no, it seems Dong Soo learned that himself. Although it’s a crime to touch the Queen’s body, Dong Soo has saved the Queen’s life, the King decides to not investigate further.

The Queen’s father comes rushing in. After he learns what happened, he thinks someone poisoned the tea that she drank, he asks the lady, who is the one brought the tea to the Queen. The lady doesn’t dare answer.

The Prince tells him, that it’s himself. The Queen’s father is surprised. The Prince says though he did not make the tea himself  but the one who brought the tea was himself, Yi San.

The Queen’s father requests the King to investigate the poisoned ginseng tea right away. Dong Soo interrupts that the tea is not poison. The Queen’s father asks him, on what basis he says that.  Dong Soo drinks the tea, then he smiles.

Jin Ju storms out the cottage to go back to Jin Gi, she sees Cheon is lying on the ground unconscious. Turning to leave, she remembers, it’ s her mom told him to take care of her. She steps closer and tries to wake him but to no avail. She tells herself not to care if  he’s going to die, then her eyes caught on the woman ornament. She picks it up, her heart gone softer. She decides to take care of him.

Dae Ju just learns that the Queen is currently unconscious after drinking the ginseng tea given by the Prince.  Dae Ju and his lackeys  show sign of uneasiness when the ginseng was mentioned. The lackey suggests taking this opportunity to take down the Prince. Dae Ju scolds at him to stop, the Queen’s health must come first.  He apologizes to the Queen’s father.

The Queen’s father tells Dae Ju that Gwang Taek has returned and brought one fellow with him, Baek Dong Soo. One look and he knew it’s not ordinary.  He tells Dae Ju to keep  an eye on him.

After the Queen’s mother left, Dae Ju shouts at his lackey. Half of the ginseng entered the palace is Josam (Fake ginseng). He orders his lackeys to go the imperial kitchen and destroy all the remaining Josam evidence.

At court, the Queen’s father wants the ginseng tea incident to be further investigated. Dae Ju suggests that not only the one who made the tea be punished but also anyone related to it. The King is angry that he means to investigate the Prince, assuming he poisoned the ginseng tea. He has already confirmed it himself that there’s no poison in the tea.

Even if there’s no poison,  the Queen’s father insists that all matters connected to this, should be thoroughly investigated to find out the truth. All officials chant their agreement to the King. Dae Ju is not satisfied with his suggestion.

Outside the hall, the Queen’s father talks to Dae Ju, he knows that all ginseng entered the palace must pass through his hands. In case, there is something wrong with the ginseng, he will not let this matter drop.

Dae Ju asks his lackey if everything has been taken care of, he assures him it’s all done. At the punishment ground, the lady assures Dae Ju, the boiling of the ginseng tea that day, the top grade ginseng was used, and she’s only going according to her orders. He tells her, as long as she keeps quiet, there will be no problem. The lady is relieved and thanks him.

Dae Ji turns around and orders his man to kill her. But as he thinks it over, he stops the killing and asks her, where she disposed the residue after boiling the tea. She realizes her mistake. Dae Ju releases her to take care of all the traces she left behind.

At the assassin guild, an assassin tells  In that Dae Ju is looking for him, In doesn’t want to see him he orders Yeo Un to go instead.

Jin Ju spoons some soup to Cheon’s mouth saying it’s how she repays him for taking care of her foot.  She asks him what his relationship with her mom is.  He says she is the one he likes, till now his heart only belongs to her, Ga Ok. Then he smiles, she asks him why he smiles, he says she is beautiful. Jin Ju smiles then she remembers Jin Gi said the same thing, she misses him.

Yeo Un comes to see Dae Ju as ordered.  He listens to the story about Josam (both Dae Ju and the assassin guild, together brought over, and send to the palace) and asks if  this is not a part of  his plan. Dae Ju asks  if  he thinks the assassin guild can escape from this problem.

Dae Ju says this is not a simple matter because the Queen falling unconscious after drinking the Josam tea.  Yeo Un says it’s something that can’t be helped, if  he called him for this, he wants to leave. Dae Ju comes up with thing to threaten him, he says, that child Baek Dong Soo, is he not his childhood close friend. Yeo Un glares at him.

Yeo Un contemplates Dae Ju’s order, whether they are noblemen, providers, women or children, if they are connected to Josam, help him get rid of them. In wants to know what Dae Ju wants, Yeo Un says the problem occurred with Josam that the assassin guild associated with. In guesses correctly that Dae Ju want to get rid of people connected with it. He gives Yeo Un his share of  names to kill.

Yeo Un starts the killing on his part, then he asks his man if there is the name of Ji Seon in the list. His man confirms there is,  he’s worried.

In attacks Ji Seon, Jang Mi and her daughter saying he come for Ji Seon’s  life. Ji Seon asks him to let the two go. But a man wearing black with face covered put a sword to In’s throat from behind.

Sa Mo runs out, he tells the black man to kill In, this man deserve to die. In whispers to the man behind who he doesn’t know it’s Yeo Un, to save him and he will repay him back. But Yeo Un knocks his back and leaves. In falls forward, he orders his men to attack  Sa Mo.

Suddenly a needle flies to his hand. It’s coming from Dong Soo, he walks in with Gwang Taek, Dong Soo puts one more needle into In’s body.

Sa Mo tells Gwang Taek to kill In. Dong Soo says to let him go because he will not be able to hold a knife anymore.In tries to get up but he keeps falling down and he can’t control his hand, he asks why he is like this.

Dong Soo explains that he put needle inside  his body, he won’t be able to see it and can’t be taken out. So he won’t be able to pick up a blade again. Though his martial art will be abolished, he’s lucky he can still live normal life. In screams his agony. Yeo Un looks at them behind the wall.

Sa Mo asks how Dong Soo know that the ginseng tea is not poison. Dong Soo thinks back that day, he used a silver needle to test the tea whether or not it’s poison. Sa Mo laughs, impressed with Dong Soo’s skills. Cho Rip comes calling. Dong Soo greets him calling, Sir Hong Guk Yeong.  Cho Rip hugs Dong Soo.

The Prince joins them, bringing two bowls of ginseng. Cho Rip tells them, he got them from the room that store the ginseng in the palace. Flashback – Cho Rip asks the lady the remaining of the ginseng used that day. She handovers a bowl, he smells it and leaves. After he left, the lady hurriedly grabs another bowl, Cho Rip comes back frightened her, she drops the bowl. He looks at her.

Present – Sa Mo asks Ji Seon to take a look at the two bowls.

Yeo Un follows Dae Ju’s son to his house. Dae Ju and Yeo Un listens to the son. Dae Ju is alarmed about the sunk army ship. He tells his son that the Queen fainted after drinking tea using that batch of Josam. Dae Ju is worried that even though he had destroyed all the remaining Josam but if this matter leaked out and the imperial court finds out, not only he illegally used the army ship, it contained Josam. He will lose his head, but not only his but also count down to his family generations. He has to stop it.

Ji Seon checks the ginseng. She’s not sure but one bowl should be Nasang, it’s the one that His Highness likes. The other one is Josam, it’s fake ginseng. The strange thing is, Josam is not poisonous. The Prince says he’s the one brought the tea to the Queen, people who are against him, including the Norons will make him responsible for this.

Dong Soo tells the Prince he will find out the truth and asks for his permission. The Prince recalls the King’s advice, “He’s talented, use him well.”  So he says the King also wishes to give  him the army rank. Dong Soo kneels down to accept the sword from the Prince.

Dae Ju tells Yeo Un, he must stop them.

* I’ m not quite getting how  Josam could cause the Queen to faint, but will leave that for Dong Soo to find out. Also I hope episode 18 will help clarify some hard-to-understand facts in this episode.

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  1. thinking about it now i wonder why they let ji sun off like that let he rout without some one watching her to make sure she’s ok maybe they didn’t want her to feel she was a prisoner lol (in ep 17 when sa mo said to dong soo she’s out now)

  2. yh it does but truthlly i hope it doesn’t have more than 24 eps only because i’m desperate to know what will happen at the end whether it will have a good ending or not lol and if it’s extended it would just take longer for the big finale and i heard 1000 days promise is the next new drama after release september 26th so i don’t know i think they should just stick to 24 eps my opinion i just want to know sooooo bad what will happen at the end lol it’s become an obssesion lolz if it’s a rumour then it may not be true that there extending it can you send me a link to where it said that???? plsss (although according to wiki dong soo ends up with ji sun and if they decided to put that in the series then they may ahve to extend it but wiki is sometimes wrong)

    • I found out from about the drama extension, not final tho, just possible ^^

      • ahhhhh thank you very much seems interesting if they do extend it it should be in my opinion no more than 30 eps like there planning but i hope it would stick to 24 eps don’t get me wrong love this drama but desperate to know what will happen at the end and who will end up with who and who dies and a happy or sad ending (hope for happy ending) i don’t really see why they should extend it i mean 24 is good as it is they should just stick with 24 i know they haven’t confirmed yet but still hope they confirm soon what do you think?????????????? kcomments and everybody else??????????

        • To be honest, no extension would be nice *cough cough* , if it’s 30eps, that would mean 12eps more? Nooooooo! I want to know the ending already!

          • exactly lol thats how i feel i’m probably selfish but when i get addicted to a drama i really want to know what will happen at the end and that’s how i feel and some korean drama’s have disappointing endings if they extend it to 30 eps and have a sad or disappointing ending or an ending that makes no excuse i’d just feel like a waste of time for it to be extended to 30 if it was extended i’d still watch but yhhh it may just be waste of time to extend it lol like city hunter if you’ve seen that one that had quite a disappointing ending still worth the watch but the ending was sooo bad it looked like they left it on a cliffhanger lol

  3. Omo..besides too hoooott lead boys, I’m falling for the Prince! His character is so righteous and precise in all the things he do/say. He’s really fit to be King.

    Heard the news about possible extension of this drama, any kind souls out there, please let me know when it’s final, how many episodes will there be. I might be on vacation next month so not sure will make it thru the finale ^^

    Not sure to laugh or cry a river (no, an ocean, more weeks with sageuk TT_TT) if it’s longer than 24eps, but the drama itself has plenty of room for the extension imo.

  4. lol i couldn’t help but feel when watching this that yeo un keeps mocking dong soo or is it just the smile lol when dong soo said you’ll be hearing from as joseons best swordsman and i couldn’t help but be amused by yeo un’s face when dong soo grabbed the qing emissarys sword fast lol

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