Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST – Because I Love You

I just realize that I will miss this drama after all when it ends. The music played in this drama, specially the sad one was beautiful, not to mention the great cinematography.  It will be sad to say good-bye to all the characters next month, hope the ending will satisfy everyone and put a smile on our face. 🙂

KARA – Because I Love You

Credits :  kpopidolgroup5@YT


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  1. i really love the song! The exactly song playing during Baek Dong Soo and his master was traing in the bush. I wanted to download it. You all did well. Great!

  2. I realy love this film so much. It was very fantastic, and great well composed love song.

  3. Very Intresting That Teaches About Love,revenge,biterayal So On.

  4. This drama was so great ! Even the actors did a wonderfull job! I like it and I will miss it too! I feel so sorry for Yeo Woon dying this way after everything he did to astonish! I cried so much like a baby ’till the end, that I couldn’t follow the rest! It still kill me thinking about it, because I always come to remmember him ! I think I liked it so much that it was a big shock watching him killing himself so stupidly !Aish…

  5. ahhhhhh yhhh i hope she doesn’t die lololol

  6. my mind always wonders i think that would be interesting if the gisaeng likes him lolz,, but it would break dong soo’s heart if ji sun chose yeo un and looking at ep 18 preview don’t want to spoil anything but it looks like ji (ga ok) dies please tell me if i’m wrong??????

    • Well, at ep 18, she is about to die then they cut to other scene, so not sure next week, whether or not she will die.

      Yep, I think the gisaeng might like YU too, she feels sad for him about his feeling for JS.

  7. just like you and everyone else i want a happy ending and i’ll be really sad when it’s over but as much as i hope for a happy ending i reckon it won’t be or they’ll leave it on a cliffhanger korean dramas aren’t really very good with endings lololol but i hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • LOL, everybody seems to experience not-so-happy ending of Korean drama. Either we yell with frustration, or *head bang desk* or TT_TT over our time and effort sacrificed, but strange as it is, we keep coming back for more haha….

      Hey, I counted, DS gave one hug to both JS and JJ. Now we should hope for one hug between YU and JS…eh…..may be it could happen, yunno ^^

      • yhh i knowwwwww i always want more it’s surprising what amazing actors they are,, i don’t understand why not many people like ji sun maybe it’s cause she’s not so fun and strong like jin ju or probably because people don’t want her to be with dong soo but i don’t care who dong soo ends up with of course i won’t lie i want ji sun with yeo un and jin ju with dong soo but yhhhh i noticed do you think i know this is a strange thing to say but do you think the gisaeng (gu hyang) likes yeo un i mean the way she looked at him and the way he looked at her on ep 17 maybe it’s me but she looks like she sorta likes him or maybe it’s just cause she’s his spy and she’s working for him at least i think lol i won’t jump to conclusions lol………???????

        ji sun and yeo un and jinju and dong soo fighting (hwaiting) lol

  8. i love how this seems to be more of the song for dong soo and jin ju just like part 5 ost was more for ji sun

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