Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 18 (Quick Note)

Really don’t understand what’s going on about the ginseng and the palace, this episode was more on the ginseng case with the palace and the officers.

Episode 18

The Prince give DS a sword.

DJ with YU, DJ’s son.

The Queen and the father, she’s getting better.

YU tells DJ about assassin guild.

GT with DS, JS and SM
JS wants to go with DS, DS says no, it’s dangerous, but GT lets her go.

In at the assassin guild brooding. His hand is shaking and YU and Qing doesn’t bother.

JJ wakes up, outside Cheon is doing something. He asks about her foot.
Then he throws her a pair of shoe. …Omoooooooo..
Cheon looks at JJ eating, he puts a piece of veggie on her spoon (like a dad).
She looks at him.

Cheon picks up his sword, he draws the sword and talking to her.

JJ cries eating about her mom.

DS and JS go together and JM’s daughter.

GT comes to talk with Ji and JG. She is not fully recovered.

DS and JS and JM’s daughter in the market, JS smells the ginseng.

DJ talks with the lady (who made tea for the Queen). The lackey pours something in her mouth and she dies.

DS, JS and JM’s daughter  come  to the wharf, DS talks with merchants.
DS tells her to go back, DS comes to the palace.
CP is looking at the officers burning ginseng. DS looks at them too.

The fast horse reports to the King. DJ talks to the King.

DJ talks with the Queen’s father, they are rifting apart.

The King visits the Queen. The Queen pretends to be weak. The Prince comes, but the King doesn’t want to talk.
The Queen gets up happily inside. The Price wishes her well outside.

The officers follow Cheon from the market to his house. JJ looks at Cheon questioning the officers.

JG sits with Ji, he tells her not to worry about JJ.

DJ looks at the arrows.
(Man, I get to see Dae Ju more often than anyone now, and his sageuk is always perfect that it sails right thru my ears, don’t know what he’s talking about ^^)

DJ gives an arrow to the King. DJ asks something from the King, he gives him his order.

The found the lady hanging death (that lady DJ killed?).

CP and DS come to check the ginseng in the palace. DS, CP talk to the Prince, The Prince leaves the matter to them to solve.

YU with the gisaeng, she asks YU about JS. She gives him a box of something.

YU talks to In, In grasps YU’s leg begging but YU walks away.

GT tells DS to go, JS wants to go too. GT allows her to go.

YU opens the box, it’s whaaaatttt? ginseng?

DS and JS leave together.

The officers that saw Cheon, tell the Qing of  Cheon’s whereabouts.

Ji sees the assassins running, she is worried for JJ.

Cheon is walking with JJ. the assassins attack them.
Cheon takes JJ’s hand and run together.

Cheon fights, but he’s not fully recovered.
Cheon protects JJ. He kills lots of assassins.
Cheon pushes JJ inside, he confronts with the Qing. Cheon is not well.

Lots of assassins attack Cheon at once, Ji takes JJ away.
Cheon falls from the bridge. He tells Ji to take JJ away.
But O_O when Ji turns the Qing thrusts his sword into her deeply and pulls out. Oh noooooo!

Cheon looks at Ji, assassin slashes Cheon from behind but he still manages to get to Ji.

Cheon looks at Ji, he tells JJ to take Ji away. He confronts with the Qing.

JJ takes Ji out. They walk  but Ji keeps falling down.

Cheon stis with the injured Qing.  (Meaning the duel is over! Ok….now, I laughed here, the PD is def lazy, why can’t they show us the fight?) The Qing leaves.

Cheon is injured, he walks to Ji and JJ. This is so saddddddd!

Cheon feels her pluse.
Cheon carries her up.
He tells JJ to get med./doctor, she runs off.

DS with JS and CP. They get on the ship with HD (the painter).

(lost signal a bit here)
YU looks at  DS, JS.
YU talks with DJ.

(Lost signal here a bit)

Flashback – HD met JJ
HD tells DS and JS  that he met JJ.

CP tells GT about JJ. He asks where is Ji.

Yu Dae at the seashore (his new position). He sees people burning something.

YD looks at the burning.

The officer comes to YD, he shows him something, but the box is empty. YD remembers the burning.

YD is yelling at men. One man thinks of  YU-face covered , he comes in the prison, killing, he tells YD what YU said.

YD  is interrogating the men, he’s about to kill but DJ walks in and shows the King order.

YD kneels down to accept the King’s order.

DS and JS arrive with HD. (where the ship arrives)

YU with the old man. sth..sth..

YD meets with DS and JS.  DS  teases him about he was the beacon guard. They know about DJ  from YD.

The lackey reports to DJ that DS, JS are with YD. YU hears DJ’s order (to kill?)

Cheon looks at Ji, Ji asks about JJ.

Ji says sorry to Cheon that JJ is NOT his daughter. Cheon is about to cry.  (anyone who guessed that Ji lied, you are riggggght!)

(There’s an acoustic version of the ost played here for Cheon’s scene—wow beauty.)

Cheon sits down, he talks about how JJ is not his child, that it’s alright. He touches her hand.
He holds her hand and sits with her.

Cheon holds Ji in his arms, he asks her if she misses GT. (I think he says, he will bring GT for her) Ji says thank to him.

JJ is running with a doctor.

Cheon sends bird(?)

GT sees Cheon standing. GT looks at Ji.
GT is about to cry seeing her, he tells her to get up (that she’s ok why lying down, get up).
GT cries, Ji says thank you.
Ji talks to him. GT cries. He holds her. (I didn’t catch that Ji tells GT about her daughter, not sure if she dies)

DS , JS and HD walk to the place they will stay the night.  HD asks DS to drink together, DS refuses.

JS  sits alone outside.
DJ’s man sneaks to kill JS, but YU stops him without JS knowing.  This time YU didn’t cover his face. DJ’s man leaves.
Then YU looks at JS, but DS walks to her.
JS sees YU, he moves away. DS thinks she sees something but she excuses herself.

JS  catches up with YU (Eeep! these two^^) . She tries talking to him, but he refuses to listen, that he’s with the assassin guild.

The lackey tells DJ that it’s YU stop him from killing. DJ is not satisfied with YU.

The lackey throws fire burning people  in the prison, the ones that run out,  he kills all.
YU sees them.

The officer talks to YD, about DJ.

DS asks JS, where she went, but she doesn’t say.

DS sees the smokes from the fire, he runs out.
JS goes in alone,  DJ’s  lackey follows her.

The man comes out (that survived from the fire), and talks, he thinks of YU talking to him.

YU comes to DJ. YU stands outside the room in the dark, showing his shadow.  YU says something about DJ doesn’t keep his words. DJ asks is it that woman? YU says he will kill him today,

and they fight.

No preview.

It’s final, I loveeeeee Cheon. TT_TT He’s the hero of this episode.

YU-the ninja, so cool helping JS again but this time he’s caught.
What’s with my JJ running the whole episode ^^.

The way Cheon loves Ji, is amazingly so gentleman, he’s not in a good shape, also injured.

So six more episodes, my DS-JJ ship now officially hits the rock bottom  *crashing sound*
Sorry couldn’t catch most of the conversation tonight ^_^


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  1. which episode is that pic of yeo un from is it ep 18 ?????????

  2. actually confused about something k comments that picture of yeo un which ep is that lolz i love that contrast of lilac and yellowy colour and lighting lol

  3. sorry guys i forgot where it says anonymous i forgot to put my name lol so posted it twice

  4. a few things i’m confused about in ep 15 when dong soo burned ji suns tattoo did he burn all of it off or just a bit so it wouldn’t of been of any use because i thought she would of screamed i mean i know she was crying and fainted cause of the pain but yh???,,also what did yeo un mean when the gisaeng told him about it would leave a scar but it’s better than her dying then yeo un thought about what dong soo said and did then he said something if not dong soo would i have been able too do it does he mean that if dong soo hadn’t of come could he of done that to her his love lol?????, also in ep 17 what did in mean when the qing emmisary said about dong soo is extremly talented and in said this face has already lost yeo un looked at him was in referring to yeo saying he’s already weaker and lost to dong soo????

  5. a few things i’m confused about in ep 15 when dong soo burned ji suns tattoo did he burn all of it off or just a bit so it wouldn’t of been of any use because i thought she would of screamed i mean i know she was crying and fainted cause of the pain but yh???,,also what did yeo un mean when the gisaeng told him about it would leave a scar but it’s better than her dying then yeo un thought about what dong soo said and did then he said something if not dong soo would i have been able too do it does he mean that if dong soo hadn’t of come could he of done that to her his love lol?????, also in ep 17 what did in mean when the qing emmisary said about dong soo is extremly talented and in said this face has already lost yeo un looked at him was in referring to yeo saying he’s already weaker and lost to dong soo????

  6. Just LOL with this video, I miss “old DS” characters,
    an amazing editing!!ahhaha…forever laugh

    • haha i saw that aswell when it first came out or the day after i loved it i think it’s sexy,, is it just me or has yeo un become an alcoholic lol he just seems to drink probably to wallow in his sorrows lol maybe he thinks he’s got nothing else to do in his life other than kill people i feel bad for him (sort of)

      • Yep!!ahaha…. the fate!;;;to become alcoholic like Cheon in the future

        • exactly lol also his face was funny when he was holding the cup after speaking to dae ju and he was at hoksa chorong it was a can’t be pissed face lol and his attitude was can’t be bothered when in wanted to know what dae ju wanted and yeo un couldn’t really be bothered lol to respond properly i find it amusing

          • you ‘re right, but i like his face in ep 17 when he drink and think about DS to change the fate.<3
            When DS said to YU that he is the "Josean best swordman",, YU repeat it because,in their childhood DS said the same sentence even if he is not good in sword/and fight..(may be YU think it's kidding) , I love this drama
            I can't wait in the next ep 19 :why exactly the reason, YU fight DJ,
            Before YU follow his order to kill people in the list and now….WHY he is angry (is it becaus of JS??)., why he is suprised to see people in the jail killing by the man of DJ?…
            You become a good side YU, good for you!!!let's continue.

            • lol yhhhh i agree i liked that as well when he was thinking about dong soo that cute smile,, well apparently like kcomments said yeo un was angry because dae ju didn’t keep his promise in ep 16 dae ju kinda uses yeo un for his own purpose he probably said i’ll get rid of ji sun and all that lol but he didn’t keep to his promise i watch this drama on epdrama the subs are quite flawed but still good,,yh also i felt thou yeo un was mocking dong soo on 17 when dong soo said you’ll be hearing me as joseons best swordsman well yeo your mocking face will be wiped of when dong soo battles you lolz,,also this whole ginseng trade thing is probably ji suns fault lol

  7. Someone who can understand korean can tell me, what YU said with “the man who survived on the fire”.
    I really hope to understand this episod but it so difficult for me without eng sub,grrrr Just wait
    hein???what did you say..50 ep..nooooo!!I want to see as soon as possible who is DS’s love,lol.. the battle against DS and YU…, please writer don’t extend its, I’m dying to wait till the end
    So 2 episod per week,, then.. (50-18)/2 week. 0_0 , and waiting the eng sub..nooo too long
    ahahah the paint guy with JJ why not??I like this guy, (his caracter when he see JJ make me laught)

    • i know right i agree with you pinokya i don’t want them extending i don’t think they were extending to 50 it only said 30 but i GOD hope not i want to know the ending so baddddddddddddddd i want to know who they will end up with and what there fate is and the writers better not have dong soo ending up with ji sun and jin ju because then i’ll just be annoyed lol i understand if they want to extend it for character development and story but honestly i don’t think they need to if they decide to extend plssssss no more that 30 also i wish they would hurry up and tell us i hope they don’t decide to tell us after 24 eps are over god i’ll be annoyed hopefully no extension i don’t know what they could do with extension really????,,, still waiting for ep 18 with eng subs but for some reason not out????

  8. one thing that doesn’t make sense is the ginseng trade i watch it on epdrama and there subs is a bit flawed isn’t this technically ji suns fault for starting it lol not saying it is but no wonder why yeo un keeps protecting her maybe this is why they want to extend it to 30 eps hopefully not 50 lol (that’d be too much) so they can add more and develop the story and develop the characters if you think about it it isn’t going far with it and to me i just don’t think the ginseng sub plot makes sense it seems like there doing it to add more texture to ji sun and yeo un’s relationship and seeing how far it would go if they even decide that,, and for some reason this whole ginseng trade seems like it’s because of ji sun lol and yeo uns saving her ass all the time i thought he would be able to take down dae ju easily lol but the way dae ju pushed yeo un hard and he fell against the wall lol it may not be an easy battle hehehe it’s time yeo un gets put to shame (jks) i can’t wait for the battle between dong soo and yeo un hopefully no sad ending like i said if they extend and sad ending i’l’ regret it lol,,,, can someone tell me about the ginseng trade????

  9. do you know where i could see this ep eng subs online epdrama and dramacrazy haven’t got it subbed yet and viki doesn’t work in my region and mysoju always seems late

  10. I have thought about it, after episode 18, if the story gets too hard to follow (specially if they extend it, I bet they will throw in more sub plots), I might do just the quick note and add some pics to it, and leave the job to those great sageuk subbers to do the job hehe. We can discuss details in the comment ^^ Also, I’ve noticed that the subs were quite fast for this drama too ^_^

    And if the drama goes beyond 24eps, either 30-50eps, there’s no way I could do all because I might be busy towards the end of the year. However, let’s enjoy it for now 🙂

    • yhhhh i agree with you also chun burned the wound aswell so yh,but don’t forget that tv shows aren’t all the same so they may not have dong soo marrying both girls i hope not anyway and got i hope it doesn’t go to 50 eps i would still watch it since i love it loads but…. i think if they extend it it should be no more than 30 eps or just stick with 24 i want to know the ending sooooo bad lol if you find out if there having an extension plss let me know and send the like i want to know lol

      • link i mean’t excuse my writing lol,,, also i think the gisaeng liked yeo un lol my opinion so i think it would be funny if the writer added a twist to them i’d feel sad it the writer decided dong soo with both girls which i hope not and yeo un without any although yeo un is an assasasin so maybe there won’t be for him??????? lol

  11. The wiki article said DS was married to both JJ and JS. JS was never married to Prince Sado and I don’t believe she was his mistress either. Because of the book and her family being the keeper of said history she was given to him.After she was tattooed no one else could look at her body because of the secret of the book. She was more like his property.

    Is it just me but wasn’t Cheon poisoned as well and I didn’t see him take any medicine, hope he doesn’t die as well.
    JJ confused me when she was asking him how many people he had killed and acting as if she doesn’t know that her mother was an assassin as well.

    I kind of hope that they all end up on the same side and not have to fight each other. Especially DS and YW. I don’t really care about the girls neither actress is believable as romantic partners for either DS or YW.

    • yhhh i guess thats possible but in the end i think sado cared for her and ji sun was supposed to be married to him she even said on episode 14 when the qing wanted to see the tatoo she said how dare you try to see this beofre his highness but i could be wrong the subs may not be good lol can you send me the link to the wiki where it said he married dong soo and jin ju cause i looked at wiki not the korean and it said he married jin ju??? i don’t think there gonna do that though have him marry both girls lol hopefully not lolz,,,,, yh also i think when jin ju finds out gwan taek is her real dad and finds out chun wants to fight him i don’t think she’ll take it lightly that was such a twist what the director did because i thought it would be interesting to see him as a father but i’ve decided i’m gonna root for jin ju having three dads lol jks (sort of)

    • I don’t remember it was said that Cheon’s wound was poisoned but I would assume he got the same kind of arrow as Ji, and he showed sign of having difficulties to recover. But I hope he will die with glory, yunno, not back-stabbed, or betrayed.

      When JJ asked Cheon how many people he had killed, she also said because she was thinking of her mom (that she must have killed a lot too). So she actually thought about her mom being an assassin too, and felt sad for her.

      Humm…about the love-lines, I’m interested in how DS will turn around and know he has feeling for JJ, should he mean to marry her at the end.

      For YU, if the drama gets extended, the writer might come up with another girl for him, because if the history said DS had two wives, I doubt the writer would change that.
      So far, I’m struggling with the ginseng story tho ^^

  12. KCOMMENTS and anybody else if you find out if there gonna extend it to 30 or keep it 24 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me know i heard somebody say on dramabeans yay extend it to even 50 god i hope not if they extend it it should be in my opinion no more that 30 but keeping it to 24 is better my opinion lolol plsssss let me know if you’ve heard anything

  13. thank you very much yhhh true true,, anyway the director could change it and make dong soo with ji sun since tv shows don’t always follow

  14. actually that painter guy likes jin joo i think lol one thing that the writers haven’t made clear is that if the current prince heir yi san is son to crown prince sado then who’s the mother lol everyone is asking if it is ji sun but in ep 14 she was offended when the qing emissary wanted to see the tattoo on her back she said how dare you try to see this body before her highness so i don’t know crown prince sado had to have his son with somebody lolz

    • It’s in the history as to, who the mother of Yi San is, and I don’t think it’s JS. ^^

      • yhhh same cause first of all ji sun even said to the qing guy when he asked her to take of her clothes how dare you try to see this body before his highness lol so i don’t think it is either,, history is so funny it just wants to make me know more it sounds like he could of have an affair (i doubt it lol) or maybe he decided to have another child with somebody else and didn’t want to have it with ji sun cause if i remember rightly ji sun had to marry him when she was like 12 right,,,, i know baek dong soo was apparently a true story and he was a real guy somebody said the original dong soo married both jin ju and ji sun and had a son baek jin ju thats waht somebody said which i don’t know i mean look here i think they got the facts wrong but i’m not sure on wiki they put dong soo married hwang jin joo and that she’s the daughter of ji and gwan taek,, anyways one question to ask who’s your fave character??????????????

  15. ahhhhhh thank you very much my assumption was right lol maybe the gisaeng sorta likes yeo un maybe like kcomments says she feels bad for yeo uns feelings for ji sun

  16. yayayy its out thanks kcomments 😀
    i dont wanna spoil too much for myaelf so i skim through looking for “YU” xD
    im glad jisun finally caght him 🙂 maybe she’ll put the pieces together and realize how he’s been protecting her all this time :3
    is the box for ji sun, i hope when he gives it to her theor relationship grows a hige chunk more xD

    im a sucker for this couple LOL

    • ????? what was in the box,, yhhh i know i want yeo un with her as well

    • I love it when JS is able to catch YU-the ninja, like she knows him well enough. Who do you think would be able to sneak on YU like that? He loves her so much that even Dae Ju and Cheon knew. HAHA

      Gatta say, the way the writer has made Ji Seon look so feminine but strong, is a nice change for the heroine. Love it, she’s wearing hanbok while holding a bow! This is what you get when you have a man as a script writer ^^

      • exactly i love ji sun just as much as jin ju even if jin ju is stronger i feel jin su is strong willed and wise in my opinion and it would be cool if she could be with yeo un lolol,, how did dae ju know that yeo loves her is it in ep 18??????

        • I have yet to see the whole vid of ep18, but I believe, in ep18, YU recalls telling DJ , about that woman DJ must never break his promise. Then later DJ sends his man to harm JS which YU is able to stop him in time. That’s why at the end of ep18, YU comes to take DJ’s life saying he did’t keep the promise. 🙂

          • thank you sooooo much i know that it said that in the quick note god i don’t even want to say yeo un has just feelings for her by the sounds of it he loves her lolol this only makes me more mad i want him with her????? honestly why can’t korean dramas make the couples even instead of giving it love triangles before it wasn’t just a love triangle it was also star crossed love because if crown prince sado was still alive dong soo or yeo un couldn’t of been with her but now that he#s dead dong soo has his chance but it still would be star crossed love if ji sun fell for yeo un unless she joins the assasin guild it would be interesting if one of the girls goes lol and dong soo tries to get them back lol,, if you think about it i’m not trying to say it’s the same cause it’s alot different this drama has similarities to the anime naruto if you’ve ever heard of it check it out it’s good cause there’s certain similarities to this drama not saying it’s the same actually alot of people were thinking that to thats it’s like naruto in some ways

  17. yhhhhhh thanks just hearbreaking

  18. noooo, cheon has to be the father. i loved cheon and JJ. why? why writers? why do you keep torturing cheon?
    i am sorry but SS is a boring character. cheon’s GO scene was much better than GO and SS. it was much much better.

    DS keeps disappointing. poor jin ju.

    • ohmygoshhhhhhhhhhh i’m actually very annoyed seriously how could the writers do that!!!! oh welllllll

    • Ok, peeps , let’s wait unitl we see the whole episode again. I watched and typed so may be I heard it wrong (that he’s not the daddy). But you gotta see Cheon’s face when he hears that, the actor acts really well. I would say now Cheon stands out more than Gwang Taek.

      Something about Ji Seon tonight, she sneaks out to meet YU without telling DS. Even a short while, I felt good chemistry there. Ouch! another week to wait!

      For DS, I believe he doesn’t know that JJ is in danger yet. I miss that scene where HD tells DS, he met JJ. Gotta check that one! ^_^

      • lol no i think she did say to chun he’s not the dad i guess i’ll have to wait till eng subs lolololol

      • it looks like she pretty much said JJ isn’t chun’s daughter. its all over the news in korea if you google 무사-백동수. google translate was more than enough for me to understand 😦

        • Omooooo…..of course, it should be on the prime time news! Ji just breaks his heart twice in this episode; about JJ not his daughter, and he has to stand there looking at GT hugs Ji. He was so nice with JJ, so cute. But as a mother, she’s clever tho, Cheon is the perfect one to protect JJ from the assassins or just about everyone. Because DS is busy protecting JS TT_TT

          • yhhhhh true true a mother will do the craziest things to protect there child but he would of protected jin ju even if she wasn’t his daughter he already said that when she asked him to take care of her she didn’t really need to say that she’s his daughter lololz oh well

      • I love how she “sneaks” out cause obviously its not a small matter 😉

  19. yesssssssss thanks for putting this upppp

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