Hooray for Love Episode 11

Joori is unhappy that her mom humiliated her husband at the hospital  where he is a respectable doctor.  Mom tells her to make less trouble if she’s really concerned about her husband.

At the hospital, Jong Hee asks Dr.Kang if he wants to have a drink together.

At Dong Woo’s office, Jae Mi is informed about the lawsuit to get the trademark back. Dong Woo tells Jae Mi to call Jong Soo here.  She  calls Jong Soo and tells him to meet now.

They all sit for a talk. Jong Soo asks why she wants him here, he wants to live peacefully but she keeps coming on to him. Jae Mi says if  he didn’t steal her business why she would want to see a person like him again. Dong Woo tells her to calm down.

Jong Soo says he has no intention to return the porridge shop to her. He and Hee Soo get up to leave. But Dong Woo tell them to wait and give Jong Soo the divorce agreement to read.  Jong Soo reads out, “Porridge shop’s ownership stays with Kang Jae Mi” then throws the document away rudely.

Dong Woo asks him how he can steal the shop from her. The document also says “Other properties belong to Kang Jae Mi”,  ‘other properties’  includes the trademark. Hee Soo asks what if they ignore all these. Dong Woo says he will file a lawsuit to get back the trademark, and by laws they will ask  for the compensation, he suggests Jong Soo settling this quietly.

Jong Soo is frustrated with Jae Mi, he tells her not to be pushed around by the lawyer, lawyers want money from their clients, they make thing sound appealing even it it’s useless. He tells her to stay away from this lawyer and find a new one. If  later he opens a franchise, he can give 2 shops or so. Hee Soo agrees with him, for the sakes of helping people in need.

Jae Mi gets up angrily and wants to pick a fight. She yells that even he can find 10 witnesses, all of  them will say that the shop is hers Dong Woo interrupts her and tells Jong Soo to let’s solve this by the laws.  Jong Soo agrees and leaves. Jae Mi screams out her frustration, Dong Woo is startled by her voice.

Hee Soo says these two are always together, there must be something between them. Jong Soo thinks of what Jae Mi said about the eyewitness. His eyes widen, he hurriedly makes a phone call asking about Kim Sun’s whereabouts.

Hee Soo asks him who Kim Sun is. He tells her, this person was there when the shop started, she worked in the kitchen and knew a lot about the shop. They have to shut her up before Jae Mi finds her.

Dong Woo begs her to keep her temper at bay, just now, she just leaked the information to them. Then he hilariously mimics her voice talking to Jong Soo about the eyewitness. Jae Mi just realizes what she did. Dong Woo tells her to first meet the witness. The number one of  her shop employee.

Jong Soo and the brother are on their way to meet Kim Sun, they plan to give her money to shut her up. Dong Woo and Jae Mi are heading for Kim Sun too. Jae Mi says Kim Sun is her first kitchen staff  (she doesn’t know her phone number), and she heard Kim Sun injured herself and is always at home, so it should be alright that they come without calling her first.

Kim Sun walks out of her house to buy ramen, Jong Soo drives pass by. Jae Mi and Dong Woo drive along and see Kim Sun on the street. He stops the car, Jae Mi gets out to greet her.

Mom and Joori get home, dad asks them what is wrong? Mom tells him about Joori getting a job at the golf club. Dad says he knew about it, because he’s the one encouraged Joori to get a job, and told her not tell her husband. Mom gasps that actually it’s her husband letting Joori work. She hits him angrily, he says she’s the one said about no work, no money. Mom is frustrated that he just stays home all day and uses her money, he should educate his daughter well.

Jong Hee and Dr.Kang are drinking together. She tells her to drink slowly. He’s embarrassed that she saw him like that.

He’s now getting the punishment for having an affair with a young woman and leaving his family. The hospital is  not his but actually belongs to his  younger schoolmate. Other people dream of having a young wife, but his salary will never be enough for her average daily expenses. He’s belittled by his mother-in-law. It’s not his place there  from the beginning.

He is being punished for abandoning his family while her and Jae Mi are living well. Jong Hee says, her feeling changed, she sincerely wishes  him a good life. She would never dream that he has  lived  like this.

He asks about Jae Mi if she is doing well. Jong Hee says yes. He asks if  Jae Mi, married for three years, had no kid. She answers not yet. He tells her not to tell Jae Mi his story. He doesn’t to be a dad who cannot lift his head in front of his children.

He continues drinking, Jong Hee is worried he would not be able to go home. He asks her where his home is, he has no place such as home to go to. She asks him whether he will be able to work tomorrow, or if he has to perform a surgery, he should not drink like this. He stares at her that he didn’t hear these words for a long time (Flashback – her yells at him not to drink). He says how it’s funny that, at that time he’s annoyed with her but now he misses that. He covers his face and cries.


Joori texts her husband; asking if  he’s drinking because he’s hurt.  She was wrong, her mom has already retired to bed, he can come home. And because he snores when he’s drunk , she will sleep in Se Ra’s room tonight. Good night.

Jong Hee is driving Dr.Kang to the hospital, he will sleep there and go back home in the morning when he sobers up.  He looks at Joori’s message. Then he sees Jae Mi’s new shop leaflet in her car, he asks if Jae Mi’s opening a porridge shop. Jong Hee, not to make him worry,  assures him that the business is doing good. He’s relieved that the couple are working together. Now they have nothing to do with him, it’s  good enough that they live well, so it’s alright to live like strangers.

When they arrive at the hospital, he is asleep. Jong Hee looks at him and reaches out to touch his hair longingly. Later he wakes up, he tells her it’s fine sleeping in the hospital and urges her to leave. Dr. Kang walks to his office feeling lonely while Jong Hee drives home crying, thinking of him.

Both Da Rim and her dad are thinking of the same person smilingly, Jae Mi’s aunt. For Da Rim, she looks like her mom, for dad, she resembles his wife.

Jae Mi tells Kim Sun about Jong Soo and her shop, and asks for her help. Kim Sun is angry at Jong Soo, of course, she will help her, she’s also divorced so she knows what Jae Mi’s going through.  She says everything is Jae Mi’s work, she will help proving that, and asks for Dong Woo’s number. He quickly gives it to her and tells her to come to his office tomorrow to write a statement.

Kim Sun comes home to find Hee Soo’s brother has her son on his lap with Jong Soo by his side.

Dong Woo is at Jae Mi’s shop, he shouts at her to give him food because he’s very hungry. He wonders why it took her so long, he walks to the kitchen. Then he sees Jae Mi is cooking in front of the stove, he stops and stares at her. He smiles mesmerized by her domestic gesture.

Jae Mi turns around and sees him. She’s startled, she told him to wait outside. He asks, “Do you like cooking that much?”  She says of course, she’s happy when people tell her that the dish she cooked, tastes good. Dong Woo keeps looking at her.

Jae Mi gives him his dish at the table, he tastes it and she asks how it is. He teasingly says, it tastes like food that is bought from the market. Jae Mi snatches the plate away so he quickly turns around and says, it’s actually delicious. She puts it back. He says, he thought she’s good only at making delicious porridge, but she’s a good cook too.

She tells him, when she was in college and her mom had to go to work, she would prepare dinner and wait for her. Dong Woo says it must have been tiring to do that, she says she felt good doing that for her mom. Her mom was a housewife but after the divorce, she had to fight the world and was deceived and failed in business. It was very tiring for her. However, no matter how tired you are, when  two persons share hot meal together, somehow it regains your strength.

Dong Woo is taken by her words, he tells her that today he notices that she’s a good woman (it’s a term used to compliment a woman as a capable one). Then he starts listing it out; After her eye surgery, she looks better, when things get difficult and tiring, she’s strong to bear it. She knows how to cook and help the family.

Then he says he forgot one more thing, she asks what it is curiously. He says, back in Guam, he saw everything, so he’s saying this. He looks at her chest. Jae Mi looks at hers. She hits his head with the file. He says what he means is her hot temper. She asks then why he looked at her chest, he says it’s the anger in her heart, and tells her to please take it easy (hahaha…slime fox!), not to go beat people around all day.

She says she knows that, these days she has a lot of anger in her heart , she’s become this way, even with little things she would cry. But he doesn’t have to say those things  to comfort her, she knows she is a good woman.

He tells her, it’s not a comfort but the truth. So before the lawsuit is done, no matter how things get tiring, she has to be strong, eat well, live well. She says alright! Fighting! He begs her not to show her fists like she wants to pick a fight anymore.

Jae Mi comes home feeling tired, she sees Dong Woo’s doll and recalls his words that it’s a guardian angel. She smiles.

Da Rim is not eating her breakfast, so dad says he will buy her pizza tonight. She says no, not pizza. Later she’s having pizza with Jae Mi’s aunt, smiling happily. The aunt tells her she will buy her pizza next time too, and she can come here every day. Da Rim mumbles her question if she has a boyfriend. Aunt is thinking how to answer.

Joori wakes up, Se Ra tells her that dad didn’t come home last night. Joori calls him but his phone is switched off. Se Ra says he called this morning that he had a night shift, she thinks her mom did something to make dad feel sad. She begs her mom to treat her dad better because sometimes  mom made her feel like she’s her sister (haha), she walks out of the room.

Dr.Kang is working at the hospital, he remembers Jae Mi’s porridge shop leaflet, he searches the internet and finds the picture of Jong Soo, he smiles that this man must be Jae Mi’s husband.

Hee Soo takes all the money from the cash register and gives it to Jong Soo, he dresses up in suit to meet with his friends. He’s happy with the money saying he’s married a good wife. This time he will get respect from his friends.

Dr.Kang gets off his car, he looks for Jae Mi’s shop. Then he sees Jong Soo’s shop which has the same name with the leaflet he saw. He thinks to wait outside, that he would see Jae Mi come out. Jong Soo comes out of the shop. Dr.Kang remembers him, it’s Jae Mi husband. Hee Soo comes out to give Jong Soo something he forgot, he thanks her and kisses her cheek. Dr. Kang is shocked, he walks inside the shop and asks Hee Soo if this is Kang Jae Mi’s shop. Hee Soo feels  a bit irritated, she tells him the shop has changed the owner and that she’s the new owner.

Dr.Kang says, but that man just now is Han Jong Soo, Jae Mi’s husband. Hee Soo asks if he didn’t hear that they’ve already divorced.

Jae Mi brings porridge for her mom and aunt. She ‘s working on a new recipe. Mom encourages her about the lawsuit that’s about to start soon. Mom’s phone rings, it’s from Dr.Kang, she quickly answers and comes out to meet him in front of the shop. Mom tells him to go back because Jae Mi is here, he says he will wait for her in his car.

Joori’s mom is still angry with her for getting into trouble and doesn’t want to see her. Joori pretends to be injured in the kitchen, her mom is so scared trying to save her. Then she happens to taste the blood and the taste is strange, Joori tells her it’s ketchup, it’s her plan to get mom’s attention to remind mom how much she means to her. The mom is exasperated with her own daughter and hits Joori. Mom says she plans not to forgive her son-in-law but seeing Joori, she feels sad how he can live with a wife like her daughter. Joori’s face is brightened that her mom let go of her anger.

After Jae Mi left, Dr.Kang comes sit with Jong Hee, he says she’s hiding something from him, he knows that Jae Mi is divorced, he went to the porridge shop and found out. He asks her why Jae Mi is divorced. She tells him, Jae Mi’s  husband filed a fake divorce.

Dr. Kang learns that even Jae Mi’s shop was taken away. Jong Hee says legal action is on the way but the outcome is unsure. He accuses her of hiding such important thing, he has the right to know. She asks what he can do for Jae Mi, he’s already remarried, and Jae Mi doesn’t bother with him, he’s like a stranger to her.

He blames her for making him a stranger to his daughter. He’d made one mistake and begged her for forgiveness, if only she forgave him that time, they would not turn out like this. He asks if she’s that perfect who never once made a mistake. It’s all because of her ego, their house was broken. He shouts his anger at her.

Jong Hee couldn’t believe what he said, that his just one mistake is that simple. He has no reason to sleep with another woman, that time he had destroyed all her trust. She met him at 20, left school and Seoul to be with him in the country. At that time he was her everything, he  destroyed 20 years of her life on that day.

It’s true that after the divorce, she should have forgiven him. She blames herself  for that all this time, that she was wrong. She feels like everything that happened to Jae Mi, all because of her. She asks if he knows how hard it is for her. After time had passed, she thought they could understand each other, but today seems to prove otherwise.

In her opinion, divorced him is the right decision. Before he blames her, can he not betray her? He got drunk and was in other woman’s arms, could he not think of her and Jae Mi?

He shouts at her to stop bringing that up, and asks how that have to do anything with Jae Mi. Jong Hee says doesn’t he know it’s the seeds he sawn. He looks at her and walks out.

(I have to say this is a very realistic dialog where a couple blaming each other. I couldn’t help but think that he is right in a way that, if she was not too rush for the divorce, may be thing could mend over time, and they wouldn’t lose something so precious that they regret today. If  he sincerely begged for her forgiveness at that time from his heart, what he said today is right. But to forgive your love that he slept with another, that is difficult too. I think both Dr.Kang and Jong Hee, after all these years, they have realized already what they had done wrong, and  it’s harder to accept that they now cannot come back to each other. Or else  they will end up being the cruel ones to his new family.)

Jae Mi gives Dong Woo the documents of her shop and all the necessary details.  It shows that the money used to start the shop was from her retirement fund. The problem is, Kim Sun doesn’t show up as promised to write the statement and she does not answer the phone.

Jae Mi will go check on her, Dong Woo tells his assistant to go with her, but he has an appointment, so Jae Mi says she will go alone and leaves. Dong Woo looks at her worryingly.

Jae Mi waits for Kim Sun at her house until late at night, there’s no sign of her. A man next door tells her to go home but she insists to see Kim Sun today. He then tells her about last night there were men came to see Kim Sun.

Dong Woo is with his date but he keeps looking at his phone. She says he looks like a man in love, because he keeps checking his phone, waiting for her to call. He says how she knows, it’s his mom (he lies) that she wants him home early but he’s still here because of her.  When she’s gone to the restroom, Dong Woo complains that it’s already late, why the ajumma didn’t call.

He decides to call her. Jae Mi tells him about Jong Soo and his brother came to see Kim Sun, he tells her to go back and he’ll take care of it. But she says no, she must see her today and hangs up.

Dong Woo’s mom waits for her son-in-law, she doesn’t eat.  Se Ra calls her dad but he doesn’t answer the phone. Mom is angry, even if she wants to live with him peacefully, this cannot happen. She gets up and leaves the table. Meanwhile, Dr.Kang is brooding in his car. He thinks of his dream that Jae Mi is calling for his help, he angrily drives off.

Jong Soo and Hee Soo are rejoicing that they earn a lot from the shop. Dr.Kang walks in. Jong Soo tells him the shop is closed, Dr.Kang asks if he’s Han Jong Soo, and tells him that he’s Jae Mi’s dad.

Jong Soo is alarmed, he says he no longer has the relationship with Jae Mi so there’s no reason for him to come.  Dr. Kang says he heard that he stole this shop from Jae Mi. He cuts short and asks Jong Soo how much he need to return this shop to Jae Mi. He hands over an envelope of 20 million won. Jong Soo says it’s less than he’d imagined, he asks for 100 million won, then he goes up to 500 millions. Dr. Kang tells him to talk with him seriously.

Jong Soo returns his money and says that this shop is his and he will not let go. Dr.Kang begs him to consider, he will get more money. He tells Jong Soo he will regret later what he did, how he can betray Jae Mi and this.

Jong Soo is angry that he tries to teach him.  He thinks Dr.Kang doesn’t have the right to say those things, it’s unfortunate of Jae Mi that she’s betrayed and abandoned  by both her dad and her husband.

Dr. Kang punches him calling him a bastard. He says, that’s right he and him are both sinners to Jae Mi. Let’s be gone together.

Ouch! I’m impressed with Jong Soo again in this episode, what a loser he is!   His lines are always hard to type. *gulp*

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  1. Joon Soo truly is a dick ._. My brother once put on a cap, sunglasses anɖ a jacket… Making him look SO much like Joon Soo I just gladly lashes out anɖ shook my brother a few times. (no worries, he wasn’t injured or anything. he even laughed ._.)

  2. When HD cheated on JH she did forgive him but because JR took some pills he went rushing to her side. JH begged him not to go she even got hit by a car trying to get him not to go. So for that SOB to say to her it’s her fault they ended up like that take more nerve than one man should have.

    DW will be a way better man because even though he dates a lot of women he does not fool them into think that he is doing anything but having fun. The moment they try to change the relationship he is gone. So for a man like him to decide to choose one woman he will be true because he knows what’s real. It’s funny but the curse of the last girlfriend seems to be working.

    When JS finds out what a dupe he has been, that it’s not even his baby, plus she will probably work him like a dog. I can’t wait to relish all the misery I hope he has coming.

    • Humm…true, when he drove off leaving her behind that was bad, there should be more back story in the future. I think it’s also possible that it had something to do with Joori, she might intentionally break them apart.

      But I still want HD to stay faithful to Joori atm tho, if not, then that would mean he cheats twice, LOL.

      • I agree with you about HD staying with Joori up to a point, no one should have to live the way he does in that house so if he leaves that should be his reason. I don’t want him and JH to get together under any circumstance, that relationship should be a dead horse for both of them..

  3. Thank you for the recap! I’m new here kkk
    I hate seeing JS and HS they’re so shamefull!
    Even if the lawyer is a playboy , we can see he has a good heart!
    Ihope to see a good Love story between JM and DW! I don’t want her to ever consider going back to JS!

    • Hi there! I really like it when Dong Woo says “Ajumma!” like telling her not to be stupid haha. Because it is a long drama, I expect lots of twists and turns in the future. But what I want to see is Jae Mi getting pregnant to confirm to her jerk ex that he’s the one that cannot produce the child!

  4. i wanna punch Jong Soo evertime i see his pic. No! i wanna cover him with sands.
    he’s a loser, and why the writer have to make a character like him. such an ass!

    • LOL, I really don’t like listening to Jong Soo, oh well he might come begging for Jae Mi’s love again later. In real life, Jae Mi is lucky to get away from him. But will she be able to trust anyone again? How is the playboy going to be better than Jong Soo? The writer has to convince us. ^^

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