Hooray for Love Episode 10

Dong Woo gets a call from his assistant that Gangster are making trouble at Jae Mi’s shop. He wonders why his assistant should call him, he should call the police instead.  Dong Woo continues with his date.

Jae Mi and her mom try to stop those men from damaging her shop, aunt tells her to call the police, but Jae Mi says she knows who is doing this. She rushes to Jong Soo’s shop, mom and aunt are worried running after her.

Dong Woo is taking his date for a drive. His date tells him she was in New York for 2 years and just got back in Seoul, she’s not familiar with the streets. Dong Wong is lost in his thoughts about Jae Mi, that his assistant said she’s in danger. He talks to his date, she is a New Yorker and not familiar with Seoul streets, she should take a taxi. She says when she will have to take a taxi, Dong Woo says sorry  to her,  she will have to soon.

He parks the car and tells her politely to please get off . She doesn’t understand so she asks him why. He says she’s a New Yorker, shouldn’t have problem understanding  Korean, right? Adds that he’ s in a hurry.

He hurls her in a taxi.

Jae Mi, her mom and aunt stand in front of  Jong Soo’s  shop, seeing that it is now fully opened with the welcome sign on the door. Mom is shocked that Jong Soo would do this, aunt says she will bury him alive today. Jae Mi stops her aunt that she should be the one to bury him. They storm inside.

Jong Soo is serving a customer, Jae Mi slaps his face. Hee Soo pushes Jae Mi away. Mom yells at Jong Soo how he can do this.  Hee Soo starts to defense Jong Soo but Jae Mi tells her, that now she’s pregnant, if she doesn’t want her child to hear these terrible words just get lost. Jong Soo steps in front of Hee Soo, he asks them to calm down.

Aunt drags him outside. Hee Soo calls her brother for help. Jong Soo pushes aunt away and asks them if he had committed such a big crime, what is wrong with them. Jae Mi asks if he still doesn’t know, he has stolen her three years of hard work.  Jong Soo says it’s not just her alone, while she’s counting the money he’s the one working in front of the hot stove. Jae Mi says she’s the one working for 18-20 hours a day while he’s complaining and sneaking out to meet his friend.

Mom says that it’s clear to everyone who had made this porridge shop a success, even the shop  started on Jae Mi’s  retirement money.  Jong Soo avoids her eyes.

Jae Mi tells him that he wanted them not to turn into enemy, and she knows he doesn’t care about the shop, she begs him to return it to her, it’s her last hope.  She holds his arm and begs.

He pushes her hand away that even though she’d invested her effort and money , it’s his hand also that made it happen, she’s never treated him like a husband but a cook , used him. They both gave all but because she couldn’t have a child, just treat this as her apology (to him). He tells her to step back. She’s alone now but he’ll be having a child soon, his expenses will be higher than hers, he begs her to give it up.

Mom is angry that he brought up about having a child, she asks if he has proof that it’s Jae Mi who can’t have a child. Is that a sin for not being able to bear a child? Is a wife a baby machine? He had an affair, having a baby and now even back stabbed Jae Mi? Will he be able to have a peaceful life? Will he be able to set an example as a father? Jong Soo says thanks for her advice but didn’t she a divorcee? she doesn’t have the qualifications to say that to him.

Mom and aunt start to hit him , then Hee Soo’s brother shows up with his men. He grabs mom’s wrist to release Jong Soo and pushes her away from him, she is hurled into a car and hurts her surgery chest.

Jae Mi is angry, she shows the brother her fists and asks for a fight. She ‘s about to punch him, Dong Woo grabs her wrist. He says sorry to the brother and drags Jae Mi away. He orders his assistant to take Jae Mi’s mom home.

Dong Woo locks her in his car, he puts on the safety belt for her. She wants to get out but he says what if they hurt her before she can get away. Jae Mi yells at him she wants to get out and fight. He shouts at her, “Ajumma, shhhh!” He drives away.

Meanwhile Dong Woo’s mom  gets a call that Dong Woo’s blind date was a disaster, he dumped her on the street. Mom tells dad to call Dong Woo NOW!

Dong Woo is exasperated looking at Jae Mi’s crying state. She tells him how a man she loved treated her this way. Dong Woo gloats that did he not tell her before, that divorce is a reality. She says yes, he did tell her. He asks what she did say to him that time. She guiltily says she couldn’t remember. He says she didn’t forget just pretend to.

That time she said, divorce is her business, to do as she said, she even gave away half of  her assets. That’s not enough, she even got her business taken away. This time there’s nothing left.  He asks, “Are you awake now?”

Jae Mi says how she would know it would turn out like this.

Dong Woo shouts at her how stupid to pick a fight with the gangster, she would have ended up in the emergency room right now if he wasn’t there.  Jae Mi stands up and yells back that she doesn’t need his shouting, she feels bad as it is.

He shouts back asking what she did right for her to shout at him. He cannot stand watching her making a fool of herself anymore. She says she didn’t call for him to come, he’s meddling in other people business, he has nothing to do with this.

He says, “Alright, it has nothing to do with me, then get out  immediately.” Jae Mi walks out of his office. Dong Woo is surprised that she really left. He sits down and wonders why he went there. Then he remembers about his date, he sees lots of missed calls, he runs home.

He finds Jae Mi standing in front of the elevator, he thinks she waits to apologize  so he walks pass her getting ready to reject her apology. Jae Mi calls him,  he immediately says, he doesn’t feel like accepting apology.  But she actually waits to borrow his money for 1,100 won, for the bus fare because she was dragged away. Dong Woo deflated. He stares at her.

Dong Woo’s assistant is thinking about Jae Mi’s aunt that if  his wife removes the mole, she will look like her. He touches  Jae Mi’s aunt’s cheek where the mole should be, then quickly removes his hand with she  yells at him.

Jong Hee takes the painkillers and lies down, aunt wants her to give her ex a call, what if the stitches cracked open.

Jong Hee doesn’t want to see him again. Aunt wants to send him text, Jong Hee gets up and yells at her, that she really has to forget about him, why she has to bring him up making her feel more tired. Aunt cries, she couldn’t take it anymore, what happened today making she feels pitiful for both Jae Mi and Jong Hee, that Jong Soo looked down on them. Can he share his part as Jae Mi’s dad?

Jong Hee tells her, he’s having a good life now as the chief of a big hospital, he has new wife and child, how can they hold him with the past? They should not bother him and his wife.

Dr.Kang is singing for Se Ra to sleep, then he thinks of  Jae Mi and Jong Hee. Joori comes talking to him but he is lost in his thoughts.

Joori asks if he was thinking of his ex-wife. She says  she knows he didn’t break up with his ex because he hated her but she’s the one who stole him, so she’s worried. He tells her not to worry, now that he heard they are living well, she’s just a part of his past. A person should live for the present, not the past. In the future he will try his best, and not to worry her anymore. That night he stands alone at the balcony looking at the sky.

Dong Woo drops Jae Mi at her new shop. Seeing the mess, he asks if she will open the shop tomorrow. She says she has to. Standing in the kitchen, she talks to him that she’s really annoyed with herself  for being a fool, “Why must I receive this treatment from that man? Do you know the reason I shared half the assets with him? Although that man betrayed me, I believe he was sincere when we were together so I did what I did. If I didn’t do that, my three years of marriage would mean nothing at all. “

She says, what he said was correct that she doesn’t know how to judge people. That person didn’t love her for even one moment, that’s why he treated her this way. Dong Woo lets out, “Ajumma.”

Jae Mi, “I have no strength left, no matter how much effort I put in, only bad things happen. Look at what happened in the shop opening day.”

Dong Woo touches  her shoulder and says to let him think about it, there might be a way to get back the trademark. Jae Mi tells him, she’s sorry for her hurtful words earlier, she’s really thankful, she will pay back his kindness one day. He says no need to do that, just pays him back the bus fare of  1,100 won. He leaves. Jae Mi smiles.

Dong Woo thinks of how Jae Mi is losing her strength,  he adorably picks a doll from a doll vending machine on the street.

Jae Mi comes out from the kitchen and sees the doll with a note from Dong Woo saying he heard this is called a guardian angel. He was born lucky so he doesn’t need this, so ajumma keep it.  She’d  never know,  may be because of this doll, only good things  will happen from now.  Jae Mi smiles.

Dong Woo drives back thinking of his past moments with Jae Mi , he smiles to himself  wondering whether she is  ignorant or cute. But she definitely is  funny.

Dong Woo sneaks into his home knowing his mom would be waiting.  His mom shows up behind him. She hits him for embarrassing her, left the girl in the middle of nowhere. Everybody runs to his rescue. His mom asks back  his credit card, he gives her his reason that he was sick, having diarrhea.

She hits him more that he’s lying. Before his mom can say more, he acts as if he has an uneasy stomach and runs for the restroom.  His mom starts to worry that he’s really sick. Once in the restroom, he stops acting and says, it’s because of the  ajumma, the an ill-fated relationship he has with her.

Jong Soo and Hee Soo are looking at the ultrasound of the baby, he tells Hee Soo that it’s his dream to have a child. He wants to do everything for his child and be a good father. Even if they did bad things, he thinks Jae Mi will come around, she’s always the giving and kind one.

Jae Mi brings porridge for her mom and aunt. She doesn’t have many customers because of  what happened  in the opening day, and Jong Soo’s  shop is  close-by, and there’s no news from Dong Woo about the trademark.

The brother talks with Hee Soo suspiciously that things will flow smoothly in the future after this child is born. She was having a hard time in Australia, she had survived because of this child.  She quickly tells him that she forgot about it, not to talk anymore. Jong Soo comes in and gives her medicine. Her brother tells him he will put more money in to open a franchise. Jong Soo is happy and thanks him.  (Ouch! curious, can we expect her ex in the future too?)

Very few customers comes to Jae Mi’s shop (most go to “Porridge King” shop), the cook left because she’s afraid Jae Mi wouldn’t be able to pay her wage. She calls Dong Woo if there’s any news on getting back the trademark. He shows up behind her answering the phone. That he’s here for that.

He tells her that not just the trademark, the sign, the plates, the apron, the menu; are all registered. She can’t use all those with “Porridge King” on them. Jae Mi is angry, all of them were made by her own two hands, Jong Soo didn’t do anything except helping with the recipe. Dong Woo explains that the  Trademark belongs to the one who registered it first. There’s no solution for it. She gets up that there’s a way, he asks where she is going. She says she will show him thing  more powerful  than a lawyer, the fist.

Dong Woo grabs her wrist asking if she wants to go to jail for using violence. She pushes his hand away and says let’s all die together. He grabs her two wrists this time and drags her out. He takes her to the baseball rack, to hit the ball and cool down.  She takes the baseball bat and wants to leave to hit that person.  She’s dying from anger.

He embraces her and tells her to grip the bat and  hit the target as if  it’s Jong Soo’s face. Jae Mi aims and hits perfectly right on the spot,  saying she will not give up, no matter what. She tells him , from today, she will bring him supper. She asks him to help her if there’s other way to get back the trademark.

Joori gets a job, to teach golf at the golf club, her mom is there playing golf with her friends too (one is Dong Woo’s last date mom). Mom tells her friends a joke, the 1st grade son is one who is good at studying, 2nd is one who is obedient, 3rd is healthy. The one at the bottom is a son that like his dad. They all  laugh. Her friends ask if that’s Joori playing golf over there, mom says no way she will play golf with strangers.

Jae Mi’s mom feels pain in her chest and sees blood coming out.

Mom sees Joori with strangers. Joori learns that her job is to escort these men after the golf lesson, a man holds her waist. She just realizes what kind of job it is. The ajumma asks for her money back threefold if she wants to quit.  Joori’s  mom walks into them and pays for her. She tells Joori to follow her. Mom’s friends think she has a playboy son and now her daughter is getting in trouble.

Jong Hee consults with a doctor at another hospital. From the ultrasound, it’s look fine but that doesn’t mean she’s totally alright. The doctor tells her to get her medical records from the hospital she had surgery for more examination. Jong Hee calls Dr. Kang, the nurse picks up because he’s in the surgery. Jong Hee asks for her med records, the nurse says she can have it but she has to come pick it up herself,  it’s confidential, she can’t send it by mail. So Jung Hee decides to go to the hospital right away.

Mom asks Joori if her husband knows about her job. Joori says yes, but…Mom is angry. Joori quickly says he doesn’t know about it. Mom wouldn’t believe her,  saying she can’t forgive him. They are heading to the hospital.

Jong Hee arrives at the hospital, the nurse asks her to wait in Dr.kang’s office, she has to see the doctor to get her records. Joori and her mom arrive at the hospital. They are about to get in the office but the nurse says there’s a patient inside. Dr. Kang calls out his wife. Mom hits his head with her back.  Jong Hee hears the commotion, she peeks outside and sees them.

Mom recaps the incident to Dr.Kang that Joori took a part-time job and played golf with strangers, if it wasn’t for her, Joori would be in great danger. She knows  it’s Joori’s fault but she blames it all on him. Joori  becomes like this because she married to the wrong man. He didn’t give her enough love, she ended up spending money. Dr. Kang says sorry. Jong Hee quietly closes the door and listens from inside.

Mom says she wants to cancel this marriage. She built the hospital for him to support her daughter but it went out of business. He’s old with low status.  She calls him a loser. Joori tells her mom to stop but mom tells her to shut  up. If  it’s not for Se Ra, she wants her to divorce him right now. Jong Hee drops her bag when she hears that.

Mom tells him one more time, she will not let him go. These days divorce is common, other family will want Joori. If  he  doesn’t want to be kicked out, he has to be better. Mom leaves. Joori says sorry to her husband and tells him they will talk at home. She runs after her mom.

Dr.Kang gets in his office and sees Jong Hee.

Da Rim comes to Jae Mi’s aunt at the shop. Aunt asks her kindly why she is here, Da Rim calls her “Mother”. She shows her the picture of her mom (her mom has a mole on her right cheek). Aunt is surprised. Da Rim tells her that her dad said her mom died giving birth to her. But it can’t be, she is her mother, right?

Aunt tells her even though she looks like her mother but she’s not. Da Rim cries, saying, “No, no, you are my mother! you are my mother!”. Aunt hugs her saying sorry.

Dong Woo is able to figure out how to proceed with the trademark issue. Jae Mi comes by to give him and his employees her porridge. Dong Woo asks if she has an eyewitness that she’s the one put all the efforts, he tells her to look for one. He wants to file a lawsuit to get her trademark back.

Dr.Kang gives her the surgery details and medical records to give to her doctor. He asks her why she’s here, if there’s something wrong. She tells him she just wants to change the hospital, it’s a female doctor, she feels more comfortable, he nods his agreement. She gets up to leave and walks to the door,  but she turns back and asks him if they should go for a drink. He perks up surprised.

Not sure why Joori’s  mom always looks down on her son-in-law, as if her daughter could have gotten a better man. And I find myself typing the word ‘porridge’ often enough that  I would like to have one bowl of that in front of my laptop….seriously ^_^

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  1. thank you so much for ur hardwork in recapping this drama,i just cant wait till the subbed one coming,since kimchi drama uploading the sub one once a week,and they just uploaded the ep6 now,still long way to goooo…i cant wait till jong soo and his gf get their karma back!!!!

  2. Been reading your recaps and been a silent reader and I wanted to remain as such. But then I have to go out of my lurking space and thank you for your hardwork… I like Le Tae Sung before but he never got me. I can say that he’s doing good portraying Dong Woo and I’m loving him now 🙂

  3. Thanks kcomments for the recap I appreciate your hard work. I also am enjoying this drama I think JM and DW are so cute, he is slowly starting to realize that he has feelings for her she has not, but I am enjoying the slow reveal.

    • Thanks ^^ I like it too that the romance developed slowly, it’s realistic and making you root for the couple little by little. These two will have to face lots of hardship before they can get together, judging by Dong Woo’s mom calling her son-in-law a second-hand(used) thing.

      That means each of her children marry a divorcee, which is hard for any mom to take because they wish the best for their children (it’s their belief, not that the divorcee is bad).

      And Dong woo really has to stop depending on his mom’s credit card, before he can become our real hero. And, I have to admit Dong Woo is growing on me little by little in each episode, and cuter too..hehe..

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