Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 16

Dong Soo is learning the martial arts from Gwang Taek. He shows   Dong Soo to throw a coin to a pumpkin and make it stick in the pumpkin. Dong Soo tries but fails.

Gwang Taek gives Dong Soo steel plates for him to make a sword himself. He throws Dong Soo a spear, he’s to cut through a tiny bean on a log.

Yeo Un, at the assassin guild, is practicing by  himself. He’s able to use his sword to cut a bean in half.

By order of the King, the former guards of The Crown Prince Sado must resign. The guards come consulting Sa Mo that they are worried for Prince Jeong Jo. They learn that Gwang Taek has already left too.  Sa Mo calls out the kids for all of them to begin their special training to become the Prince’s guards. Jang Mi’s daughter wants to be trained too.

The two former guards sneak into Dae Ju’s house with their faces covered. But they are caught by Dae Ju, Yeo Un comes forward and kills them. Before one of the guard passes away, he thinks, “Please forgive me, Your Highness.”

Yeo Un and Dae Ju stare at each other. Flashback – Dae Ju threatens that with his one command, he can easily change the fate that woman with the Book of War on her body.  He says, Yeo Un need to help him tonight, what he wants to do. Yeo Un doesn’t answer him.

Present – Back at the guild, Yeo Un is frustrated with what he just did. Ji comes in saying the heart of the assassin is the same as the death one.  The moment you has heart is the moment an  assassin dies. Yeo Un smiles that he’s abandoned the so-called heart a long time ago.

Gwang Taek asks Dong Soo to bind his eyes and fight, Dong Soo loses miserably.  Jin Ju brings back the fur hats from Qing, the price was high but she’s able to buy for half of the price.

Ji Seon is checking the hats by herself when two men try to sneak on her, but Yeo Un shows up and takes them down. Ji Seon hears the noise, she looks over and sees Yeo Un staring at her before he leaves. (Omo..Yeo Un  is becoming Ji Seon’s shadow now  ^^)

Ji Seon tells Sa Mo that she saw Yeo Un.  Sa Mo thinks it will be dangerous for Ji Seon to be alone here, there might be thieves come by. Jin Gi tells him to employ his men as guards.  Sa Mo agrees. Ji Seon tells Jin Gi,  he should enter the trade too. Jin Gi agrees and tells Jin Ju, from now on, to stay be Ji Seon ‘s side.  Jin Ju groans.

Jin Ju and Jin Gi are selling the fur hats. So they end up earning a lot of money. Next,  Ji Seon wants to trade ginseng.  She says because Joseon ginseng is exceptionally good, they can get a good price in Qing. But Sa Mo heard the trade is very competitive. Jin Ju has an idea, that now Qing and Japan are not in good relationship, Joseon can act as the middle man.

Ji Seon explains that Qing uses silver in trade, to buy Joseon ginseng, Japan has to remint high quality silver. They can trade Joseon ginseng  in Qing  for silver,  and buy back the fur hats to trade them with Japan for gold and silver. This way they are entering the three-way trade with Qing and Japan. Everybody is happy with this, Jin Gi announces to his men that now they are no longer thieves but merchants. Jin Ju is off with her men to Qing. The gisaeng reports all these to Yeo Un.

Dong Soo is able to throw a coin to stick in the pumpkin, Gwang Taek puts one small bean on top of the pumpkin. Dong Soo throws a coin and cuts the bean in half.  And he can use a spear to cut a small bean on the log too. Gwang Taek smiles. Dong Soo also is learning about the needles used in acupuncture.

Gwang Taek walks Dong Soo to the trees, he tells him the last thing he has to overcome is to be able to cut a fray of  a pine leaf that is falling down with a sword.  Yeo Un is also practicing his sword with men.

Three years later.

In and a Qing man come back to Joseon. They are ordered to abolish the Sky Lord and take charge of the assassin guild. They walk in into the guild calling for Cheon, Yeo Un comes out. He tells In that Cheon has left a long time ago. So In asks for Ga Ok (Ji). She shows herself.

In shouts the Imperial Order,  the new Sky Lord of the assassin guild is Chang  Ryang, he shows himself. Yeo Un kneels down and greets him, other assassins also kneel down.  Ji , Yeo Un and In are talking, In knows that Cheon took the scroll he made with him, he says all men on that list want Cheon’s head. The scroll contains the name of Joseon martial art experts in the eight provinces.

Cheon is fighting with a man who approaches him, Hong Do is drawing his picture.  He throws  coins to a kid to buy wine for him. At night, men attack Cheon because once they have his head, they will become one of the martial art experts in the eight provinces. Cheon finishes them in no time.

Dae Ju and the Norons are drinking , In storms inside and sits down to drink with them arrogantly. In and Dae Ju greet each other.

Afterward, the Queen’s father ,with the Crown Prince Sado’s father-in-law, asks Dae Ju if that man (In) is belong to the assassin guild, he has very low manner. Dae Ju assures them not to worry,  that a servant is always a servant, it’s something you use and throw away.  The gisaeng listens to them quietly.

The exam results are announced, all three Sa Mo kids pass. Cho Rip is there,  looking at the result too. Hong Do comes and sees that Cho Rip (real)’s name  is on the board (that he passed too).

Sa Mo and the kids are celebrating, he wonders about Cho Rip. The kids think he didn’t pass. Hong Do walks in, Sa Mo remembers him. He introduces himself, that his name is Gim Hong Do and he passed the exam today too, he will become a painter.

Jin Ju asks why he has to be here. He says he comes to give them good news about Cho Rip, that he  passed the exam too. Everybody is happy. Hong Do asks Sa Mo if  Cho Rip’s real name is Hong Guk Yeong. Sa Mo wonders how he comes to know that. The kids are surprised that Cho Rip is actually from the nobleman family. Sa Mo says Cho Rip didn’t want to be excluded from his friends so he came up with a new name.

Cho Rip bows to his father that he will do his best, his father is satisfied. Dong Soo is able to pass each fight with Gwang Taek one by one, including the bind eyed fight. Gwang Taek is happy with Dong Soo progress. Dong Soo also finishes his new sword.

The last thing he has to overcome, both Dong Soo and Yeo Un are doing the same thing, and they are able to slash the thin fray of the pine leaf that falling down.

The three kids report to Prince Jeong Jo as his guards. The Prince has grown up to be a young man. He greets his new guards.

The Prince comes to where Cho Rip works, he asks if he’s Hong Guo Rong. The Prince asks for a book “Si Jeon”. On his way out, The Prince meets with  Dae Ju. He compliments the Prince that he’s a diligently reader. Dae Ju notices the book the Prince is holding is “Si Jeon”.

The Prince is with the King. The Queen asks the Prince, what book he’s been reading lately. The Prince admits that it’s true he’s been reading “Si Jeon”. The King is not pleased to hear, it’s not the book the King agreed suitable for the Prince. The King orders the book to be brought in at once.

When the book is brought in, the King looks over page by page, the part of the book which made the King  label the book as forbidden (Yoapyeon) is the part that describes parent’s kindness and love.  The King is praising the Prince that he’s able to read his mind even before he’s enthroned. The Queen is mad that her plan turned to favor the Prince.

Flashback – It’s Cho Rip who uses blank sheet to cover all the problem section. The Prince calls for Cho Rip and lets him know that he had saved him.

Gwang Taek tells Dong Soo to cut down a tree. Dong Soo raises his sword high and thinks of Gwang Taek’s words,  “A sword needs to be held with the heart. Those who understand it can wield the sword.” Dong Soo can do it like how Gwang Taek did. Gwang Taek is proud of him.

Jang Tae San, the whip stick guy, Cheon duels with him. When the guy loses, cheon doesn’t kill him but asks him for a drink.

The Prince comes to Sa Mo. He asks for Gwang Taek,saying that it ‘s the King who looks for him. Sa Mo will try to  contact Gwang Taek. On his way out, Ji Seon sees the Prince, and he reminds her of the Crown Prince Sado, she keeps looking at the Prince.

Ji Seon is planting the ginseng seeds. Jin Ju comes carry ginseng asking for Sa Mo’s help to identify the ginseng type. Because Hanyang’s climate and soil is not suitable for the cultivation of ginseng. And to sell ginseng,  it needs to be permitted by the officers. They talk in details about the cultivation/drying/streaming of the ginseng, and Jin Ju seems to have skills with it.

Cheon is crossing out the whip stick guy’s name. Seeing the scroll, the whip stick guy tells Cheon what written is wrong. It’s written that him and Jin Gi is about equal, that’s not true. Cheon asks him that he heard the  reward for capturing Jin Gi is 10,000 yang, why he didn’t go and capture him. The whip stick guy says he did (picture of the fight that he lost to Jin Gi), but later gave up.

Cheon asks how Jin Gi’s martial arts is, he says it’s about equal to Cheon. Cheon is surprised, he recalls the other assassin also praised Jin Gi. So Cheon decides to go and check him out. One of  In’s men overhears Cheon, he reports to In.

In learns that Cheon wants to find Jin Gi. In says aloud among Ji, Yeo Un and the new Qing guy that the Sky Lord must always die by the hands of the next generation’s Sky Lord, the law of the assassin guild. In asks Ji that her father also followed this rule.

In tells the new Qing guy, to go settle it with Cheon. Ji says she won’t oppose him but doesn’t he know how good Cheon is with his martial arts. In tells her to see how Cheon will die.  In says he will be merciless.

In talks with Dae Ju about Jin Gi. Dae Ju is angry because he thought Jin Gi had already died from  what Ji told him. In says only one person know Jin Gi’s whereabouts, that’s Ji.

Dae Ju asks if  In wants to use the government troops to help him capturing Jin Gi. In says there’s a 10,000 yang reward on Jin Gi, and as a plus, Dae Ju will get the glory of capturing the renown mountain thief.  In’s already told his plan to Ji, he expects Ji to go find Jin Gi herself. Dae Ju sends his man on the way to have the troops ready.

Ji comes to Jin Gi. She tells him that In wants to attack him and Cheon is also looking for him, because his name is on the  scroll.  Ji tells Jin Gi to leave with Jin Ju, because the army could join hand and come too.

Jin Gi refuses to go because he has his men here, he cannot leave alone. Ji is worried about Jin Ju, she says if he’s not leaving, she will take Jin Ju away. He says he will call Jin Ju to come in. Then Cheon is calling from outside. Jin Gi  greets Cheon.  Cheon  tells Jin Gi just decide the victor will do.

Ji walks out and tells Cheon that there’s a person comes from Qing named Chang Ryang, he’s the guard of the Qing Emperor. Cheon asks if both In and the Qing man are looking for him. Ji confirms it’s true. Cheon doesn’t bother he will just greet them, he still wants to fight with Jin Gi. Ji tells him when they are here , they will start killing. But Cheon tells her to stop, he wants to fight.  Jin Gi orders Jin Ju to move away, and no matter what happen to him, not to avenge him.


Dong Soo tells Gwang Taek that he will be gone for a little while, Gwang Taek tells him not to be too late. They go separate way. Dong Soo sees lots of soldiers are on their way, he follows them.  In, Yeo Un, the Qing man and his men are on their way to Jin Gi too.

Cheon and Jin Gi are dueling. Then Cheon is the one who puts a sword over Jin Gi’s head. Then the assassin group arrive, their men surround the area, In orders them to shoot the arrows continuously. Both Cheon and Jin Gi use the sword to push the arrows away.  Ji and Jin Ju are also protecting themselves.

Then as arrow hits Jin Gi ‘s leg. He falls down, Jin Ju screams. Ji them uses her body to take an arrow to protect Jin Ju, she calls out “Mother!” and holds her. In hears the call and is surprised. Cheon asks Jin Ju if she just calls this woman her mother, Jin Ju nods.

The Qing man asks In if that man is the third generation Sky Lord. Then he takes one arrow and throws it to Cheon’s back. Cheon is surprised, he orders Jin Ju to take Ji inside the house. Then Cheon confronts In and Yeo Un.

Cheon compliments Yeo Un that now he becomes a true assassin. Yeo Un says thanks to all his teaching. Then he asks In whether dying once was not enough, he wants to die a second time. In says, he cannot come alone to take Cheon’s life, he brought 10,000 soldiers and the new Qing guy. He steps out to duel with Cheon. They fight but then Cheon decides to back away and runs into the house.

In walks to the injured Jin Gi, he tells Yeo Un to kill him. Jin Gi looks at Yeo Un and says he really becomes a demon. Yeo Un says, as long as , you are true to yourself  that should be enough. He draws his sword.

Inside the house, Jin Ju is taking Ji further inside the house, there are assassins coming behind them. Ji tells Jin Ju to leave without her, but Jin Ju refuses.

Cheon is killing the assassins on his way, he runs to Ji and Jin Ju. Ji tells Cheon, “Save my daughter!” Cheon grabs Jin Ji’s arm and drags her out. He pushes her out of the house shouting to her that he will save her mother, he tells her to run faraway from this.

Cheon comes back to Ji and pulls the arrow out of her back, he tells her to quickly get up.

Cheon, “If you die, how can I live?”
Ji, “Save my daughter……She is your daughter!” Cheon is shocked. (Me, jaw dropped!)
Cheon, “What did you say?”
Ji, “She is your daughter!”

Omooooo…interesssting! That must be so painful for Cheon to know at that moment, and if she dies…TT_TT

I’ve noticed lots of  flashback in the last two episodes, may be they couldn’t finish the shooting in time.  Really have a hard time staying awake doing the hat and the ginseng parts, not sure how that will be connected to the main story. Andd three years time skip, we get to see Yeo Un and Dong Soo with  new hairdo ^^ OMG…Cheon as a father  *fall off chair*

This is the same poll from episode 15 (quick note), will leave it here until this drama wraps up. Both posts will share the same results, no matter where you vote ^_^

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  1. I’ll immediately seize your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly allow me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  2. I hope that Ji Sun will pair with the Prince Heir (yi san) as she loved the Crown Prince Sado before and leaves Dong soo to Jin Ju.

  3. Omo..omo….look at the poll, now YU-JS is taking the lead, the PD should let us have YU-JS sugary scene for a change, right?

  4. Thank you so much!! you are the best
    I think that Yeo un like Ji seong, that why he staring her and have her pin’hair..!!….hmmm, if the romance with YU-JS-DS exist, I don’t want to see the reacton of DS..
    May be in the next episode, DS appear in front of YU for saving Ji Jun s’dad…
    oh noo…, it’s became more and more interresting and also sadder when they fight.again

    Sorry, I m’ not very good in English, I just want to express that I really realy like your “blog”

    • Yep, I hope DS will help Jin Gi and Ji too. Of course, YU is all for Ji Seon, he follows her like her shadow now, I really like this pairing (sorry DS-JS shipper haha). YU’s glare….*swoon*
      Should we have a kiss in Sageuk?

      • kiss. I think No…hmmmm..if the person is dying…perhaps… there are some probability. lol
        If we haven’t any kiss in this drama, I just hope I big big HUG with the word “Chua iee” or “Saragneo” 🙂 (I love you)
        wooww….It’s the first of my life that I really like “periodic drama”, the 2nd place” Iljimae”
        I didn’t understand some part between GT, JG, prince, sky lord, the draw in the body of JS???or why is the reason of assassin guild , the fate of YU (I must review all the story later)) 0_0
        but the story of DS, JJ, YU childhood till now is interessting.
        Ohh.. the song also is captiving…they managed it with the action, Good work!!
        The caracter of DS (funny boy) and YU ( serious boy) ahhaha… Good chemistry

        • The tattoo on Ji Seon’s body is the copy of the ancient book that tells the effective way for Joseon(korea) to invade Qing(China). So the Qing and the assassin guild (works for the Qing) have been searching for the book for more than 100 years.

          The Crown Prince has the dream of invading the Qing (because during his time, Joseon was ruled over the territory by the Qing), so the Prince needs the book to finish his dream. In other words, The Crown Prince Sado wanted to set Joseon free from Qing.

          Gwang Taek is Joseon best swordsman, protecting/loyal to the King and the Crown Prince.

          Cheon wants to be Joseon best swordsman, but he has to win over Gwang Taek, but so far he lost.

          Not sure, why YU chose to follow Cheon, but he was born with the killer star, that his dad didn’t want him to touch any weapon, but he disobeyed him. That is why Dong Soo told YU that he didn’t have to follow his fate.

          Yep, I like the songs in this drama too, specially ‘The only Road’ ^^

  5. Yes! First part is here!
    Thank you so much! Really appreciate it.
    I see I am the only person who vote for GT and Ji (at the moment). Hehe… never mind. I will root for them till the end!

    So finally, I am able to see the real warrior Baek Dong Soo. I’ve been waiting to see the great swordman side of him. Man, it took 16 episodes to see that!
    Now as much as I can’t understand YU’s motives but really, YSH is such a ‘baby’ and I can’t stand seeing a baby go to the field and killing people. And I don’t think I can handle his death at the end (please don’t go there, writer-nim).
    As I said earlier, I don’t really care about the romance between JJ-DS-JS-YU but I do care about the bromance between DS-YU.
    Boy, it’s going to be (and better be) the great great battle between them at the end (if the writer choose that way).

    Sorry for the long post and thanks again for your wonderful recap (as always). 🙂

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