Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 15

At the wharf, Dong Soo runs to Ji Seon. She  asks him if  it’s right that fate can be changed, that she can trust him. Dong Soo answers that all she has to do is to take one  step forward. He takes her hand and runs out. The Qing orders his men to attack Dong Soo but Yeo Un voices his stance that he will take care of  it.

Dong Soo greets Yeo Un that he’s still alive, today Yeo Un will die in his hand. Yeo Un counters only if he can do that. Dong Soo tells Ji Seon to run and not to look back. She reluctantly runs off. Jin Ju looks at them further behind worriedly. Hong Do, the painter, is quickly sketching the incident onto his book.

The two are dueling while Ji Seon is running, with assassins trailing behind. Dong Soo is able to injure Yeo Un’s face, he’s feeling sad but he continues with the fight.

Yeo Un asks if  Dong Soo thinks he won’t dare to kill him, he is the assassin. Dong Soo says, “Then kill me, do it!” They fight until Yeo Un is able to stab Dong Soo if he wants to, but Yeo Un stops. Dong Soo  tells Yeo Un to kill him but Yeo Un  is still undecided.  Dong Soo says  it’s  not that Yeo Un doesn’t dare but he can’t be an assassin, Dong Soo knows he’s weaker than Yeo Un but he will not kneel down to such thing as fate like Yeo Un, he pushed Yeo Un away.

Before the two resume the fight, Gwang Taek shouts  at them to stop. They both look at him. Gwang Taek walks to stand in front of  In, and draws his sword.  In tells him to look over,  it’s Ji Seon captured by the assassins. Dong Soo shouts her name. In shows Gwang Taek that he has the Book of War in his hand.

Then a fired arrow hits the book to ground. In tries to pick it up but another arrow comes in, the book is all burned. It’s Jin Ju.  Cho Rip fights with the assassins and is able to free Ji Seon. Gwang Taek looks at In, what he is going to do now. The Qing orders his soldiers to surround Gwang  Taek. Dong Soo tells them to stop, everybody looks at him.

At the assassin guild, Cheon tells Ji that he’s leaving, because their task of finding the Book of War is done. He shows her the scroll with the name list, he wishes to see them one by one. He asks her if  she sees the last name is Gwang Taek. He asks her if she wants to go with him, when she doesn’t answer he tells her to do as she wants.

Dong Soo is holding a torch, asking Ji Seon if she wants to throw away this fate but it will be very painful, she nods. Then he declares to everyone that the Book of War will no longer exist. Yeo Un looks  at them. Dong Soo puts the torch to Ji Seon back, the fire starts to burn her back and at the same time erase the tattoo on her back.  Ji Seon holds out the pain. Everybody is scared by the sight of  her. In and the Qing hurriedly get on the ship and set  sail to Qing.  When Dong Soo throws away the torch, Ji Seon falls down. He holds her in his arms.

Yeo Un thinks about Dong Soo’s words, to throw away fate and all will be fine.

Gwang Taek asks Yeo Un when he started to become a killer. Yeo Un thinks back about his past with his father and Cheon, but he doesn’t answer.  Despite, Sa Mo protest, Gwang Taek allows him to leave. He says to Yeo Un, “Don’t you see? Fate is something you reclaim it yourself.”  Yeo Un bows to him and leaves.

Before he leaves, Dong Soo tells him, whether he likes it or not, he will wait for him to come back. Yeo Un thanks him and rides away. On his way, Yeo Un thinks to himself that if it’s possible, he wants to go back.

Yeo Un is surprised to learn that Cheon had left the assassin guild to him. Ji tells him that should he change his mind to become an assassin, the whole assassin guild will go after him to the end of the earth. The only way he can be free, is to become the Sky Lord of the assassin guild. Yeo Un walks out, he thinks of  Dong Soo that now he can never go back.

Jin Ju helps treating Ji Seon.  Dong Soo thanks her. Then he sees her hand is injured, he puts a bandage over it and tells her to say it when it hurts. Jin Ju looks at him thinking to herself, “It hurts, Dong Soo. Because of you.” Dong Soo thanks her again, she tells him to take care of  Ji Seon and leaves. Hong Do goes after her.

Dong Soo looks at Ji Seon recalling Ji’s words that if he doesn’t want to lose, he has to become stronger, and not to lose the person he holds dear again. Ji Seon wakes up looking at Dong Soo, she would never think that fate is changeable, that’s how she was taught since young. She’s  silently looking at him, giving him her gratitude.  Dong Soo carries Ji Seon back to Sa Mo’s camp.

The gisaeng reports to Yeo Un that Ji Seon though left with scars, she will be able to live on. It’s  much better than carrying that fate on her. Yeo Un thinks if he’s the one who realized that first, not Dong Soo, whether he will able to do that (burning her tattoo).

Dong Soo asks Gwang Taek to teach him martial arts. Hong Do drinks with Jin Ju telling her that she ‘s really beautiful. Jin Ju laughs out loud.

Dae Ju thinks although Yeo Un has great skills in martial arts, he never thinks he would become the assassin guild’s lord. Yeo Un warns him to watch what he’s saying, he’s the Human Lord of the assassin guild. Dae Ju is angry. Yeo Un tells him, it’s his own words telling him, in front of the weak, one must become an impassable mountain. So now he  must become that mountain (implying Dae Ju is the weak). He’s only here out of courtesy. Yeo Un leaves.

Dae Ju thinks, the tiger is not home, a fox acts as a king came, but a fox is still a fox. It will never turn into a tiger.

The King gives a problem for the Prince to solve, and to come back and tell  him the answer at the given hour. It’s the plan of the Queen and her dad. The King gives the Prince a weighting machine. Each token represents scholar, king, commoner(people).

First, the Prince puts the king in the middle, thus creating the equal balance between scholar and commoner. Then he looks at the half coin in his hand, given by Gwang Taek telling him it’s the remains of his father, the Crown Prince Sado. The Prince moves the king token to the commoner’s side, resulting  more weights to the people. He smiles.

Gwang Taek teaches Dong Soo the basics of  martial arts. Dong Soo is practicing the basic footwork while Cheon is traveling by himself  for the killings.

The Prince is giving the King the answer. He puts the King token in the middle and explains the meaning. The King is satisfied, that the Prince is indeed the part of Joseon.  He tells the Prince, do not fuss over the little details, treat each matter equally. Even if the Prince’s view is different from others, he should not disregard theirs. They won’t  be convinced that way.

The Prince states his different idea from the King, he moves the king token to  the  commoner. He thinks , for the country,  the King must think of the people. Complying to the people’s will is an important factor in politics.

The King is taken by surprised. The Queen quickly counters the Prince that this country was established by the King and the scholars. This country would not exist without them. She warns the Prince that he will follow the Crown Prince Sado (his father). The King feels uncomfortable but doesn’t say that the Prince is wrong. Dae Ju and the Queen’s father laugh with satisfaction.

Dae Ju meets Gwang Taek accidentally, he thinks Gwang Taek stay close to the Prince because, now that the Crown Prince Sado is no longer there, he’s  tried to impress the Prince. He tells Gwang Taek  to look over  Dong Soo, he knows that he’s the traitor Baek Sa Geong’s child. He recalls Gwang Taek traded his arm with the life of the baby Dong Soo, it’s been 20 years. Dae Ju asks him, doesn’t he want to keep his  other arm? He laughs that he’s just saying.

Cho Rip and Dong Soo are drinking together. Cho Rip wonders why he is here, he ‘s not suitable to learn martial arts (i.e running slow , not good at aiming an arrow)  Dong Soo says he’s actually quite good. Cho Rip asks, how about Un?  Dong Soo tells him , from now on, he doesn’t want to hear anything about Yeo Un. Cho Rip wants to accomplish something that’s he’s good at, he decides to return home.

Gwang Taek asks Dong Soo for a talk.  Sa Mo is surprised that Gwang Taek wants to leave. Gwang Taek explains that now Dae Ju has his eyes on Dong Soo. Sa Mo asks where he’s heading to. Kirin gap, Gwang Taek tells him.

Dong Soo asks Ji Seon if she wants to go with him. She thanks for his appreciation in her,  but she has something she wants to do here.  From now on, she wants to do things by herself. She wishes  him to go and come back as a great martial artists.

Dong Soo tells her to promise that she will wait until he returns. She agrees, she will wait till the day he returns.  Dong Soo smiles and gathers Ji Seon in his arms.  Cho Rip and Jin Ju sees them. Jin Ju’s feeling sad. She walks back alone thinking of Cho Rip telling her that Dong Soo will be leaving soon.  She meets Ji on the way, she smiles happily.

Ji is preparing a meal for Gwang Taek before he leaves, Jin Ju is too for Dong Soo.  Gwang Taek eats and says thank you to Ji.  Then Gwang Taek and Dong Soo leave, Jin Ju  and Ji wait for them. Jin Ju gives Dong Soo the food she prepared. Gwang Taek looks at Ji.  Dong tells Jin Ju,  he put Ji Seon in her care, she mumbles her acceptance, and that  he doesn’t have to worry. Dong Soo smiles.

Cho Rip tells Sa Mo he will be leaving too, he wants to get on his own path. Cho Rip comes back to his home, he takes off his glasses and breaks it before he steps into the house. In the house, Cho Rip bows to his father who throws him back his name tag. “Hong Kuk Young” is Cho Rip’s real name.

Cheon is looking at the name list, the one that he meets  will be crossed out. At the palace, the officials pressure the King to dismiss the Crown Prince Sado’s  former guards from their posts, and from guarding Prince Jeong Jo.  The King agrees to their demand, but the King asks for Yu Dae, now in prison, to be reinstated to his position, the King cites Yu Dae’s position himself . The Norons are against if but the King insists. So Yu Dae gets off prison and comes back as a high-ranking official. Dae Ju thinks, this time he lost big over a small issue.

Ji Seon walks in the market, Hong Do sees her he starts drawing. Ji Seon looks at the hat that sold in the market, she learns that the fur hats are always out of stock, and in need of supply. Jin Ju sees her in the market. The gisaeng reports to Yeo Un that Ji Seon is looking for a fur hat.  Sa Mo and the kids take Ji Seon to buy a fur hat, she gives her hairpin as the hat’s payment. Yeo Un looks at her further behind.

Ji Seon wants to start the hat trading, there’s a chance they can earn a lot of money. She tells Sa Mo about it. The fur hats normally are from the Qing, she tells Jin Gi about her idea. Jin Gi orders Jin Ju to be responsible for buying the sheep skin hats.

Dong Soo follows Gwang Taek, they arrive at the place. He orders Dong Soo to prepare food, and won’t allow him to eat meat because it will increase his muscles which will make his body heavier.

Cheon fights with the guy, the guy falls from a bridge, Cheon lets him go without killing him, he crosses the guy’s name off the list.

Gwang Taek teaches martial arts to Dong Soo. He then shows him several kind of weapons saying, ” These  are all  weapons  that have been used to protect Joseon”. During his 17 years in Qing, he understood one thing , “As a Joseon martial artist, is it to be proficient at Joseon martial arts? My incomplete desires, Dong Soo, I hope you can complete them. You need to surpass me, can you do it?”

Dong Soo kneels down and says, he can do it. He will surely surpass him, and carry on Joseon  martial arts.

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  1. This brought my smile

  2. just realised something now we know that gwang taek is defo jin ju’s dad chun was gonna fight him since gwang taek is on the list that chun wants to fight i don’t think jin ju will take it lightly if she finds out that gwang taek is her dad and chun who’s been fatherly to her will fight him hmmmmm wonder what will happen

  3. Warrior Baek Dong Soo is one of my favorite sageuk..thanks for recap..:)

    I do feel bad for Jin Ju but I think she is cherished by Dong Soo too, though it’s not the same way he feel for Ji Seon..:)

  4. Thank you for the recap, K!

    Just two words; poor Jinju! T_T

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