Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 16 (Quick Note)

Sorry, I didn’t really understand what’s  going on with the assassin guild tonight. I’m a little pissed at the writer right now to keep “In” stay alive till this episode and counting! Gahhhhhh…..I’m so madddddddddd.  The ending was so sad………

–Episode 16
DS is learning martial arts from GT.

YU is practicing alone at the guild.

The Prince is having trouble, the guards are worried.
The Prince’s guards come to see SM because of the Prince, but GT is not here.
They are worried for the Prince.

SM tells the kids to enter the exams to be the Prince’s guard.

At night, the Prince’s guards cover their faces, sneaks into DJ’s house.
DJ opens the door and meets with guards. They open their faces.
All soldiers run in, the guards kill them all, then YU walks in.
YU kills the two guards. The guard thinks  before he dies, “please forgive me, your highness”.

DJ talks with YU about the Book of War.

YU at the guild. He thinks about his dad saying let him be the last one YU  kills,
YU thinks of Cheon and DS asking him why. Ji  comes to him, that now his heart must be confused. YU refuses.

DS tries to throw a coin to stick at a pumpkin (?), but fail.

DS covers his eyes and fights  with GT, he loses.

JJ with JS, the hats arrive.

JJ walks out with her men.
Two men sneak to JS, but YU takes them all down, JS sees him. He looks at her and leaves.

JS tells SM that she saw YU, SM is surprised.

JG orders JJ to do something. JJ is selling  hats.
JG also sells the hats at the market. They earn a lot.

JJ talks with SM, JS and JG about money  they earned.
JS explains something.

So the hideout is not stealing anymore.
JJ leaves with her men. So only JG and JS are at the hideout.

The gisaeng reports this to YU.

DS is making a sword.
DS is able to throw a coin and , it sticks  at the pumpkin (?).
DS throws a coin and is able to cut a chestnut  in half.
DS uses a spear to cut a chestnut on the log.

DS learns about the needles that YU used. (acupuncture)

YU is practicing (killing?)  a lots of black men.

In comes back from Qing with another Qing man.

In walks in the assassin guild. YU comes out. In asks if Cheon is here.
YU tells him Cheon left for…. He asks for Ji.

Ji comes out.
In walks to her, that he misses her.
In calls for the new Qing man. He walks in. YU kneels down to the Qing man.
Other assassins do the same.

In talks with YU and Ji.
Ji thinks the last name on the list  is GT.

Cheon is cleaning his hands in the river. He fights with a man and kills him.
HD, the painter,  draws him on the bridge.

At night men try to kill Cheon, he kills them.

At the Noron  gathering, In walks in and sits and drinks with them arrogantly.  DJ greets him that he’s back.
The queen’dad talks to DJ.

The kids have their name on the announcement, they pass the exams. HD smiles looking at them.
He looks at  one name on the list (Cho Rip?).

SM and the kids are celebrating, HD walks in and sits with JJ.

HD talks about CP. The kids are surprised that CP is  a yangban. (of the high-born)

CP is at home dressing in the yangban attire.

DS ‘s done making a sword.

DS fights with GT. DS can fight with his eyes covered.

GT laughs and is satisfied.

DS and YU both sit and doing the same thing in the forest, a fragile leaf falls and they both are able to use their swords to cut it in half.

SM’s  kids are becoming the Prince’s guards. The Prince becomes a young man now. (grown up)
CP is  also  in the palace as an officer (library?). The Prince comes and asks for the books.

The Prince walks out and runs into DJ, the Prince hides the books from him.

The Prince is with the King, the Queen.

The Queen tells the King about the books the Prince read. The King asks to see the books, he opens the books.

But certain pages are blank, the King doesn’t see anything wrong in the book so the Prince gets away from it. The Queen is mad.

It ‘s CP who helped the Prince by gluing a blank sheet on each page.
The Prince talks to CP that he’d helped him.

DS eats meat with GT.
GT cuts into a tree with his sword, and leaves the sword there in the tree. DS thinks about GT told him that the heart controls the sword, and he cuts the tree. DS can do the same like GT did.

The mountain hunter with the whip stick.
Cheon comes to him. They fight. Cheon wins.

The three kids come to SM, the Prince comes too. He asks for GT. The King is looking for GT(?)

SM introduces the Prince with JS.

JS looks at the Prince, that he resembles the Crown Prince (his dad).

SM asks JS what she’s doing. She explains.
JJ joins them. She brings sth with her, SM tastes it.

Cheon is with the whip guy, they talk about JG. That the whip guy fight with him. An assassin sneaks on Cheon.

The assassin reports  to In that Cheon is talking about JG.
Ji, YU, the Qing are listening to In.

In talks to DJ about Jin Gi.

Ji walks to JG, JJ calls her mother, the assassin hears that.
Ji comes to tell Jin Gi that both Cheon and In are after him. Ji warns him to go away but he refuses.
Ji is worried about Jin Ju.
JG tells her to take  care of Jin Ju.(?)

Cheon comes calling JG.
They are about to fight, JJ is worried. Ji walks out, Cheon asks why she is here.
Cheon talks with Ji. But Cheon wouldn’t listen to her, he wants to fight  with JG.
JG tells JJ , no matter what, do not interfere with the fight.

DS with GT, they agree to go separate way.

DS walks by himself, he sees  lots of  soldiers  are on their way. He wonders and follows them.
YU, In, the Qing, the assassins  are riding to JG too.

Cheon fights with JG.
JG  is about to lose.
The assassins surround the area. Then they start flying arrows inside JG’s hideout.
The arrow hits JG and Ji. JJ calls out “Mother!”, so everybody hears her. In is surprised.
The Qing flies a knife at Cheon’s back.

JJ takes injured Ji inside.

Cheon talks with YU and In.

The Qing fights with Cheon.
Cheon runs out.

JG sits with an arrow on his leg.
In tells YU to kill JG. (Noooooo! Unnie!)

JJ takes Ji inside. The assassins are following them. Cheon kills them.
Ji tells JJ to leave by herself, but she wants  her to go together.

Cheon pushes JJ out.
Cheon pulls the arrow out of Ji.
They both are injured.

Cheon tells her to get up, but she tells him to save her daughter , that she is his daughter!

Cheon asks her what she is saying.  Ji tells him again that she is his daughter.

No preview

Omo…Jin Ju will lose both dad and mom? What a sad story for Cheon and Ji, I think the Qing thinks that Cheon had betrayed them at the wharf so they go after him.

If Cheon or Ji dies because of  In, I will be so maddddd, 16 episodes of Cheon / Ji ‘s great and glory would end like this? Gahhhhhhh……………….

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  1. who’s that actor playing the role of prince Jeong Jo?

  2. Yeah, from the history I learned that dong soo is a warrior who served for Prince Jeong Jo. But I’m really sad that Yeo Un finally give in to his fate…:(

    • Yep, Baek Dong Soo is a real life figure who created martial arts (a book? not sure) for Joseon. I still have hope for YU (and Ji Seon hehe), but if he kills Jin Gi, then TT_TT. To think about it, Ji shouldn’t die there, at least she should be able to meet Gwang Taek for the last time , and tell him about JJ.

      Aww…kind of exciting for ep17, hope the writer won’t let me down again like the wharf scene, Ackkk!

      • lol i have alot of hope for yeo un and ji sun still confuse why i’m commenting here lol since i commented alot on your other posts hope i’m not scaring people away i apologize everyone lol i just adore kcomments posts since i think you do the best recaps out of the other people’s i’ve read especially for my fave current k drama warrior baek dong soo lol

  3. Yea on second thought Ji might bite the dust. Nothing more sad & heartbreaking than watching a mom die protecting her daughter. If that happens i think JJ might really start whooping some ass.

    So that means all those guys that were with JJ are going to bit the dust also but i hope someone shows up and atleast try to save them.

    Yea i’ve read some of the history of Yi San. Btw I think the child actor that plays Yi San is so damn adorable.

  4. Ok i doubt that they will kill off Cheon/Ji right now. I mean their story is alot more interesting than others. Also if Un does kill Jin Gi i will seriously cut someone.

    • I doubt that Cheon will die, but Ji TT_TT, she’s ready to protect her daughter, so not sure to what extent she will do. Humm….if YU kills Jin Gi, that will make JJ go against YU. I really want to see the story between Jin Ju and Yeo Un for a change tho.

      Also, didn’t you notice? DS sees lots of soldiers on their way, surely that’s from Dae Ju which means whoever at Jin Gi’s hideout , are about to be doomed. We have just 8 episodes left, I think the story will move faster now, DS will help the Prince to be King while YU will be on Dae Ju’s side. Let’s prepare for the showdown, shall we? ^__^

      [spoiler] History shown that the Prince will get to be the next king… least we know that for sure [end of spoiler]

  5. OMGG why have i only found your blog now !!
    since i started waching this drama ive been looking for someone who updates us fast on the drama … but without luck xP
    thank you so much 😀

    question: other than the quick glance was there any chemistry between yeo un and ji seon in either this episode or episode 15??

    • Hi there , glad you are here. 🙂
      From what I can remember, only episode 13 or 14, that Yeo Un and Ji Seon talked a lot when she was in the assassin guild. Ji Seon and Yeo Un are the same as Dong Soo and Jin Ju, they care about each another without defining how they feel…yet, but so far Ji Seon is with Dong Soo tho.

      I still hope the writer won’t kill Cheon and Ji off this soon, and really hope Unnie won’t kill Jin Gi, for the sake of my heart…..TT_TT

  6. This is really…full of angst. Seriously i want to see this ep subbed. In the end JJ’ mother said something. Cheon, is he her father? Omg can’t wait for ep 17.. Poor JJ. And Thank You for the recap.

    • I have a mix feeling about Jin Ju’s father identity. If the truth is out that the father is Gwang Taek, everybody will go after her and try to capture her alive. But then I want Gwang Taek to know that he has a daughter too. Omo….. if Cheon takes Jin Ju under his wings, wouldn’t that be an interesting turn of the story? …………

  7. Thank you so much for this!

    I am at such a lost for even a word after read your recap.
    Oh my god! This is such a nightmare!
    Here we are… Angst, angst, and angst. Gah!

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