Hooray for Love Episode 9

Jae Mi sits in her shop thinking about this place has been rented out to someone else, this shop is her sweats and tears. Then she recalls her shouting by the river that she will find happiness, no matter how hard it is, she will not lose. So she tells herself she just need to find a new place that’s all.

Dong Woo ‘s assistant calls that her money from the case settlement has arrived. Jae Mi will go to his office herself to get the money, she’s relieved that now she doesn’t have to worry about the new place’s deposit.  Then she sees the half flower picture she got from Guam, it’s said that if you keep this flower, you will have an everlasting love.

Jae Mi sees Jong Soo and Hee Soo in front of the shop, she asks why they are here. Hee Soo says she comes to see the place where her husband was a slave for three years. Jong Soo agrees that he didn’t like to do it. Jae Mi wonders aloud what he like, using his wife’s earnings to go and have an affair in Australia?

He tells her to be careful with her words, he asks Hee Soo if the baby is alright. Then he asks Jae Mi to throw away her hatred and become friends, do they have to fight every time they meet? Jae Mi throws them her wish before she leaves, that he has a son exactly like him.

The ajumma  confirms Jae Mi that the  new person rented the shop  is not Jong Soo and  Hee Soo. In the shop, Hee Soo hands Jong Soo her present, the shop rental contract. They will start their life here, in this porridge shop.

Jong Soo doesn’t want to, he hates working 12 hrs a day in front of the stove. And everything here was done by Jae Mi, the interior, the menu, even the shop was her idea. These all remind him of her. Moreover, he thinks Jae Mi would be looking for a place near by for her new porridge shop. Hee Soo assures him that this time he’s a boss, doesn’t have to work in the kitchen. She won’t let his three years work all goes to Jae Mi,  she wants to live a happily life  to show  those looked down on her as an orphan.

Jong Soo wants to be a good father too, he was raised by his step-mom, never knew what his father looks like. Hee Soo says they will succeed as long as her brother helps them, and that she will never allow Jae Mi to open another porridge shop again.

Dong Woo’s mom wants Dong Woo to get married, she is going to meet her friend who wants to introduce her daughter to her. Dad says why bother doing that, Dong Woo will never get married, but both mom and Joori think, seeing their happily married, Dong Woo must envy them and want to get married. Dad thinks that ‘s what they are thinking, just asks him and his son-in-law if they want to get married.  Both women gasp their mouth open. Dad runs out.

Jae Mi comes to Dong Woo’s office, but he’s busy so she gives the half flower picture to his assistant  to give  Dong Woo, it will bring him good luck. She will send the invitation for her new shop opening later.

The assistant gives Dong Woo the picture, a gift from ajumma Jae Mi.  Then he sees what is written on the back of the picture. He thinks now Dong Woo seduced his client too. Dong Woo doesn’t get what he means, he reads the words.

“Honey (as wife to husband), as long as we have this flower, we will have an everlasting love. I love you.. forever.”

His assistant thinks Dong Woo is taking an advantage of her vulnerable state after the divorce to seduce her. Dong Woo calls Jae Mi right away, he runs out.

Dong Woo tells Jae Mi, it’s true he’s treated her closer than  his other clients, that may cause some misunderstands. He understands she is lonely now, but she shouldn’t do this. Moreover, how she can call other person a husband.

Jae Mi tries to figure out what he’s saying, then she remembers her writing for Jong Soo on the back of the picture. She laughs and says sorry to him that she forgot about the writing, it was meant for her husband. But since she means well, so please take it. She assures him that he’s not her type. That injured his pride, he asks her why he’s not her type. He won’t take the picture, he pushes the picture back to her telling her to take  it.

His mom comes to the building and sees both of them. She thinks Dong Woo has a one-sided crush on that woman. Dong Woo gets in the elevator. Jae Mi talks to herself, does he think all woman in this world like him? Then she throws the picture into a trash. Mom hears her, she picks up the picture thinking how she can throw away her son’s gift.

Mom comes to Dong Woo office and consoles him that there are lots of women in this world. She will bring pretty women for him to choose until he’s satisfied. Dong Woo asks what she is talking about.  Mom says she’s  set a blind date for him already, that’s all he need to know.

Jong Hee has an appointment for her stitches removal today, she’s going to the hospital. Dr. Kang is taking a loan at the bank, and asks for a cheque for the full amount. Joori goes shopping, her cards are all over the credit limits, so she goes to the hospital to get her husband ‘s card.  Dr. kang gives her his card, she hugs and kisses his cheek. They are in the parking lot. Jong Hee just parks her car and sees it all.

After he removes the stitches, he asks Jong Hee out for dinner telling her he has something to say. When they are at the restaurant, Dr. Kang hands her a cheque, something for Jae Mi as a father, he didn’t do anything for her when she got married. Also for his irresponsible behaviors for the past ten years, Jong Hee returns it to him and tells him to give it to Jae Mi himself, may be not now but there ‘ll be time.

Dr. Kang is happy that both Jong Hee and Jae Mi are having a happy life, and Jae Mi is happy with her marriage. Jong Hee is also happy for him, she saw him with his wife earlier and is happy for him.  Se Ra calls him to come back home early, they are making iced cake for him, but he says he’s in the meeting so he can’t.  He gives Jong Hee a CD of their favorite song, he asks to hear from her from time to time, but she tells him, let’s go on with each other ‘s life as it is.

On her way back, she listens to the CD, all her good and bad memories with him comes flooding back, she cries. He continues drinking alone at the restaurant, and doesn’t pick up the phone when Joori calls.

Mom sets up a blind date for Dong Woo. He says he’s 29 about to be 30,  she shouldn’t  force him like a kid. He will ask both his dad and his brother-in-law whether getting married is good, if they say yes, he will get married. When questioned, both his dad and Dr.Kang  hilariously find excuses to leave without giving an answer.

Dong Woo brags for his mom to see, but mom won’t listen. She doesn’t want him to have one-sided love she saw. Dong Woo recalls his bickering with Jae Mi about the picture. He mumbles that it’s because of this ajumma again.

Dong Woo comes to Jae Mi’s house, he blames her for giving him a hard time, why she had to give the picture to him at his office, it’s so embarrassing. Because his mom saw them, she thinks he’s  a one-sided love which suffered his pride. Now he has to go on the blind date, thanks to her. Jae Mi is exasperated that he came all the way this early just to tell her this, she says she’s sorry but he’s still not satisfied.

She asks if he wants her to kneel down and beg for his forgiveness, he just tells his mom that it’s a misunderstanding and he doesn’t have to go to the blind date if he doesn’t to,  how old he is now, what is the big deal, and why he has to suffer if his mom thinks he has this one-sided love, it’s  better than he’s a man who never loves any woman sincerely.

Dong Woo counters that so because she loved a man sincerely, she’s become like this today. In his opinion, a person who was dumped by a man after dedicated three years of her life, and still confused giving the man half of  her assets gives him chills.  She says the more you hate, the more you suffered.  She doesn’t want to be that way.

Dong Woo tells  her, oh please stay that way, wait until Jong Soo’s intention surfaced up (?), do not come running for his help again.  He gets in his car and sees Jae Mi is carrying a big box. He thinks it looks heavy, whether he should help her.

He takes off  the safety belt and is about to get off his car, he stops and recalls her saying he’s not her type. He says to himself  he’s met so many women but never like this ajumma. He looks at her and says, “Serves you right! just bear it! If I go help this ajumma, I might as well change my family name to Dung (poop?).” He drives away.

The little girl is asking her piano teacher for a refund of the lesson fees, saying she needs money for something urgent. She tells the teacher her dad told her to do this. She asks her teacher where she can by shoes.  The little wanders around and finds a shop displayed shoes in the front. She looks inside and sees Jae Mi’s aunt who looks like her mom. She walks in the shop thinking she is her mom, her dad told her she’s dead but she’s still alive.

Mom asks Jae Mi if she’s feeling alright to give up her old shop and begin a new one from scratch. Jae Mi tells her the shop still has the same name “Porridge King”, and located only one street away from the old shop, so it’s fine. If she stays at the same shop, she will constantly think of Jong Soo, so it’s good that way too. Mom says when you love a man so much, the betrayal ran deeper. Jae Mi will try to forgive Jong Soo and wish him well with his new woman. She recites Dong Woo’s words, if you don’t let go of the past how can you  move on. Mom cheers her up smilingly saying, “Porridge King fighting!”  Jae Mi smiles.

Hee Soo is showing Jong Soo the plates and stuffs they will use for their shop, they’re exactly the same like the old ones, her brother took pictures of them while managing the contact. Jong Soo is uncomfortable because he knew Jae Mi would continue with the porridge shop. Hee Soo says she’s already told him that Jae Mi will not be able to open another porridge shop.

Hee Soo’s brother comes and gives Jong Soo the document saying, do not listen to what anybody says, now the “Porridge King” is all his. Jong Soo is worried, Hee Soo thinks Jae Mi will be put to shame when she opens her new shop.

Jae Mi is cleaning and decorating her new shop. She puts the name “Porridge King” up front.  There’s a man taking her pictures. Jae Mi puts  a poster for the opening up on the wall, the man takes it down and throws it to the ground without her knowing.

Dong Woo’s mom threatens him to take away his credit card if he will not go on the blind date this Saturday, so he agrees readily. Mom tells him, the woman is the daughter of the owner of the land behind theirs, if he gets married with her, they will become the owner of that land too, hence, the “Property King”. Dong Woo repeats, property king?

Then Jae Mi messages him that this Saturday is the “Porridge King”  grand opening,  she invites him if he’s not busy. He texts her back that he won’t be able to make it to the “Porridge King” opening, he’s on his way to be a “Property King”, he wishes her a prosperous business.

Dr. Kang asks his new family out for a date, because he’s been busy lately. Jong Hee couldn’t sleep, she sits outside, aunt joins her for with a beer. The aunt asks her if it’s that complicated seeing her ex.  Jong hee tells her, before this, she thought of what she would do when she sees him again. She wanted to say, “I can live well without you. Do you regret leaving me?” , but when she met him, it was the opposite, no anger, her heart ached looking at him. It looks like even divorced  for 10 years, if you have a child in between, the relationship between wife and husband can’t go away.

The aunt says it’s not  because of Jae Mi,  she had been married to him for 20 years (from the age of 20 and divorced at 41), she was happy with him then and he’s the only man in her life, how she can see him as a stranger.  Jong Hee wonders if he  feels the same way. The aunt assures her that  he  must have felt the same way too so….Jong Hee says she knows, she won’t see him or think of him anymore. He’s happy with his new family. She will stop her feelings for him, she can do it. She will do it. Aunt feels sad for her.

Dr. Kang drives his family back from the karaoke, he and Jong Hee are thinking of each other.

The little girl piano’s school calls her dad and lets him know that his daughter asked for the refund and discontinued the lesson. He is angry and asks the girl where she spent the refund money. The little girl cries and says to buy him a new shoes. He’s overwhelmed but scolds her to continue her lesson and that his shoes with a hole  is cool,  and leaves. The little girl cries. Outside, he says to his daughter that he can do everything for her.

It’s Jae Mi’s new shop opening day, Dong Woo’s colleagues  come congratulate her. The assistant whispers to her not to be sad that Dong Woo is not here, he’s on a lawsuit. Jae Mi  wonders, a  lawsuit on Saturday? That guy must be seeing a woman for sure.

Dong Woo is on his blind date. They greet each other. He tells her, how she cannot be pretty to him when she’s the daughter of  the land owner behind his. The woman’s smile faded. Then Dong Woo pretends to be picky about his food yelling at the waiter. The woman gets his trick,  she puts her hair in her food  and shouts her attention to the waiter too. Dong Woo stops her feeling embarrassed.

She tells him she did that too when she didn’t  want to go on a blind date. She asks him for a date instead of a blind date because she’s kind of like him. He smiles and accepts her suggestion saying as long as it has nothing to do with  getting married, he has no reason to decline.

The aunt comes to the new shop carrying a box of cake. Dong Woo’s assistant helps her and looks at her face. He drops the box to the floor staring at her.  Then there’s commotion outside.  There are men taking down the shop’s sign, yelling at Jae Mi, who gave her the permission to use the name “Porridge King”. He shows her the trademark certificate of  the name “Porridge King”. Jae Mi reads it out, the owner’s name is  Han Jong Soo.

Dong Woo gets a call from his assistant that the ajumma is in danger, he doesn’t bother at first then he hears the crashing sound and Jae Mi’s scream.  His face turns serious.  Jae Mi is screaming for the men to stop damaging her shop.

Omo…Jong Soo never fails to impress me in each episode.  Haha………

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  1. This is sooo great! I love how they are showing DW falling in love with JM….at least in a way that seems pretty realistic. How do you get a playboy to fall for a divorcee?
    Thanks so much for the recaps they are great and sooo helpful!!! 🙂

    • Yunno, with longer drama like this one, there’s plenty of time to build up the romance, and that should be awesome. If the playboy awkwardly asks the ajumma out for a date, that will be so hilarious. We’ll see. ^__^

  2. komments, Thanks for your recaps of this drama, I’m so in love with it, and if not for you I would have no idea what is being said. You are the only one recapping this and I can’t find it subbed so I await each and every one of your recaps. Thanks again for your hard work

    • Thanks, glad you are enjoying the drama, the story is very realistic. The writer must have done her homework well. ^^

      Funny thoughts, if Jae Mi ends up with Dong Woo, and her dad is still with Joori, would that make Jae Mi, a sister in law of her own dad? I’m exercising my brain cells here, haha…..

  3. omg i love this drama can you upload more recap plzzzzzzzzzzzzz and can you tell me where i can watch this drama even f its raw thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk a bunchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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