Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 15 (Quick Note)

At the wharf, DS runs to JS.

YU looks at DS.
JS cries talking to DS. He takes her hand and runs out.
The Qing orders the soldiers to go after them. But YU stops them, saying he will do it.
DS talks to YU, YU draws his sword, DS tells JS to run away. YU and DS fight.  Wahhh……
JJ looks at them.
HD, the painter is drawing all of them.

JS runs.
DS cuts YU’s face a bit, blood coming out.
They continue fighting, YU is able to stab DS but he stops.

GT and SM calls for them to stop. GT walks to confront In and the Qing , he draws his sword.
In tells him to take a look.
The assassins have JS with them.
In shows GT that he has the Book of War. Then a fired arrow flies in, it’s from JJ. Another arrow from her, and the book of War is all burned.
CP fights with the assassins and helps JS.
The Qing’s soldiers surrounded GT.

Cheon tells Ji , he will leave the guild, he tells about the scroll, and that the last name on the list is GT.

DS is holding a torch talking to JS. Then he declares to everyone, that the Book of  War will no longer exist.
He asks JS if she’s ok to do it. He says about there’s no such thing in this world as fate (?). He cries.
He uses the torch to burn JS’s back. JS holds out the pain, then she faints. The Qing and In run and get on the ship and sail out. YU looks at both DS and JS.

JS is lying down in a room with curtain. The gisaeng is treating JS’s back. DS, CP and JJ are waiting.

YU stands alone thinking about DS’s words about fate.

YU walks to SM and GT. SM grabs his collar and yells at him. GT tells SM to stop.
GT talks to YU, YU thinks about his dad hit him because he picked up a sword, and Cheon took him in.
GT tells YU he can leave. SM is surprised. YU bows to him and leaves.

DS talks to YU, that this is their last talk. DS tells him to come back, he will wait for him. YU says thank you and leaves.  JJ looks at DS.

JJ turns to see HD, the painter looking at her. He is mesmerized by her.

YU rides back alone thinking back his days with DS. Then he thinks to himself, he will go to tell Cheon and then go back to DS (?)
At the assassin guild, YU is surprised that Cheon has already left. Ji tells him that now the assassin guild is in his care(?) YU perks up. Ji talks to him.

YU , when nobody is around, he leans against the wall thinking, that now it can’t be helped, DS,  he can’t go back.


JJ is treating JS  who is sleeping on the bedding , DS is looking at them.
JJ and DS talk outside the room, he says thank you (for saving JS). Then he sees her hand is injured.
DS treats her wound. (He tells her to say it when she’s hurt) so she thinks to herself that she’s hurt because of him (?)
JJ says she will leave now. DS says ok, She leaves. HD (the painter) runs after her.

DS looks at JS sleeping, thinking of Ji’s word  about not to lose the person he cherished.
JS wakes up, and she sees DS sit behind the curtain. JS thinks about her dad talked to her, the Book  of War, that  she’s only for the Prince (?). JS thinks to herself, she thanks him.

DS carries JS back to SM’s place.

The gisaeng  talks to YU.  YU thinks about JS.

DS calls GT, he kneels down and asks him to…teach him.

JJ comes to JM’s place for a drink.

HD (the painter)  comes sit with her. He asks if that woman is alright. They sit and drink together.
HD compliments her looks(?), she says Me? and laughs.

YU with DJ, he talks to DJ in an arrogant manner, telling DJ that he does what he suggested to him in the past (to remove what blocking your path, to step on the one drag you feet). DJ is angry.

DJ plans something to get back at YU.

Cheon is walking alone in the forest. He kills  the third guy on the list.

The Prince is with the King and the Queen. The Prince recites what he had read. The King is satisfied with him.

The Queen’s dad and the queen, talking ( in flashback) It seems they planned to give the Prince trouble with the King.

The King gives the prince something (a small weighting machine). The Prince is holding the half coin (of the Book of War).
Flashback GT gives it to the Prince.

The Prince is weighting kind of token to balance the two side. (My guess would be, it’s his learning on the ruling matter, each token represented one thing.)

GT teaches DS the martial art.

Cheon kills someone who is on the list.

SM and CP are looking at DS practicing.

The Prince gives the King answer. The King explains about the Norons (?).
The Prince asks the King something, the Prince weights more on people (?), contradicted with the King’s.
The King is stunned with the Prince , the Queen scolds the Prince, outside DJ and the queen’s dad laugh, feeling satisfied.

GT meets DJ accidentally on his way, DJ talks about GT with the Prince, and about BDS, and his father (he’s a rebel). GT is surprised.

DS is drinking with CP. DS asks what?, CP wonders why he’s here.
CP asks DS about YU, DS says let’s not talk about him.

CP decides to go home. He thought about it when he was in the box (replacing the Crown Prince). He wants to live a happy life (?)

GT sees CP drink to sleep with DS, GT asks  DS for a talk.

SM is surprised that GT is leaving….with DS.

DS talks to JS. JS thanks him but she says something that it’s fate. She tells him to come back great.

DS asks her to wait for him. She agrees to wait for him. He smiles and hugs her.

CP sees them, he tells JJ not to look. But she sees them anyway.
JJ thinks about CP told  her that DS is leaving. JJ sees Ji, she comes to  her, she smiles.
Ji walks to JM. JJ sees JM and her daughter peeking at Ji.
Ji prepares a meal for GT, JJ helps her.

GT eats the meal with Ji. He thanks her, she cries.

DS and GT are leaving. He says to JS , for her to must wait for him. SM wishes DS well.

JJ comes with Ji, she gives DS  food. DS calls her, she is happy but he asks her to take care of JS,  her smile faded but she says she will do that, and tells him not to worry. (Ouch!)

CP leaves SM and goes back to his house. He breaks his glasses before he enters the house.

He sits in front of  his dad (?). He throws him a name tag (?). CP is surprised.

Cheon looks at the name list, he killed them one by one.

DJ and the King in the meeting. They pressure the King again, but the King does not agree with them this time. The Norons are angry. (It’s about YD’s treason case).

Yu Dae is out of the prison. DJ talks to him at the prison. YU laughs and says thank to him.

JS is making hats for Jin Gi’s colleagues and Jin Ju. (Not sure, lost connection here a bit)

DS follows GT up on the mountain. They arrive at the house on the mountain. DS cooks for GT.
He doesn’t let DS  eat. Scenes of DS doing the chores for GT.

Cheon with the young scholar (who carries books). They fight,  Cheon is about to kill him. He falls into the water. Cheon asks if he’s fine down there. Then he crosses him name off the list. (not sure why he didn’t kill him)

GT is teaching DS.
GT shows DS different kinds of weapons. He talks about Joseon capable men. He asks DS if he will be/do … for Joseon.
DS kneels down, he will do it. GT pats his shoulder.


DS is learning from GT.
YU is also practising his own, and kills many.
In goes to the assassin guild.
YU kills JJ’s dad (?) or slashes him. (Jin Gi’s name is on the list too)
DS is having his last lesson(?) with GT.

Both DS and YU are becoming the great martial artists.


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  1. aaah thanks for the quick note and the poll. I am on DS/JS boat all the way but he needs to stop being moopy.

    • Based from the poll, it seems DS and YU come close in term of popularity hehe. I’m on DS/JJ boat tho, but at ep16, I think my ship is sinking little by little *sob sob*
      Had this crazy idea, let the painter paint the Book of War on JJ’s back, wouldn’t that be fun? Buahahaha…………

      • hehe its all about the bromance that’s why. Well to make you feel better DS did marry both JJ & JS so be happy ^-^
        That would take an interesting turn but i doubt JJ would want that

        • Do you mean , he will have two wives? Nah….cuz that wouldn’t be fair to Unnie, the PD might be swamped with hate mails if he does that. I like YU with JS more, they had good chemistry imo. ^^

          • Well in his history it showed that he married both of them but i doubt at the same time. He also had two kids with them. Yea i also kinda doubt the PD will do that. As much as i like DS/JS i do admit that YU/JS have more chemistry. Maybe its because both of them are always brooding

            • i think it should stick to the history….i don’t want it to change..

              • sometimes i wished i was in their era…so that i can learn martial arts, sword-fighting, war, waering that cool attires, beautiful yet simple woman and even enjoy the scenery…XD just wish

              • Buahahaha…I love your name. You are the first here to want to learn sword-fighting, but it sounds so cool. Me…I would love to try archery, if I have that much strength in my arms to pull the bow in the first place, or may be Micky could teach me like in Sungkyunkwan Scandal ^_^ And thennn Jae Shin come rescue me haha…

  2. Omg !!!!!!!! Ok first thank you for the quicknote. Thank for commenting on my last post about JJ and DS being together. Now seriously this episode disappointed me just from reading your quicknote but do not fret I am going to watch it and get back to you. JS right now is getting on my nerves like wasn’t she falling YU few episodes back. Like seriously make up your chick.

    • Make up your mind chick

    • Humm…I think she was being nice to Yeo Un. In this episode, both Yeo Un and Jin Ju recognize Dong Soo and Ji Seon as a couple, regardless of how they feel. What disappointed me in this episode is the way the PD handled the fighting at the wharf, come on, why the Qing and In just stand still and let Dong Soo burned Ji Seon’s back, I thought I would see an intense fighting among all the parties but… or may be they were all afraid of Gwang Taek ??

      But I loved the painter fallen for Jin Ju, it was cute and hilarious. ^^
      I will hold my doubt until I do the whole episode tho hehe.

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