Hooray for Love Episode 8

Jong Hee looks at the flowers her ex gave her. Flashback — At the hospital where Jong Hee asks for a divorce. Dr.Kang tries to talk to her.  He begs her that he cannot divorce her, he never thought of it even once, he was wrong,  “I really love you, Jong Hee.”  She slaps him, and tells him to end it quickly if he wants to leave with good impression with Jae Mi.

Present — Jong Hee sighs.

Joori learns from her daughter that  her husband cried looking at a picture.  She snatches the picture from him. When she sees that it’s a picture of his ex family, she tears it. She asks him why he still keeps this picture and even hides looking at it. He tells her ten years ago he lost his daughter, he couldn’t meet her only could see  her from the picture. He asks back his picture  saying it’s his  private life. Joori is angry, there should be no private life between husband and wife. Joori’s voice wakes the household.

Joori wouldn’t listen to his reason because it’s his ex in the picture, she says she really loves him, no matter what he did wrong, she can forgive him but not an affair (?). He is frustrated that it’s not. She says it’s doesn’t have to be physical but  mindful also. Joori can’t take it when it comes to his ex, she’s insecured. She asks him if he still likes her, misses her, can’t forget her that’s why he’s looking at the picture. He shouts at her that it’s not that. She whines that he regrets being with her, he loves his ex more.

She asks if he met his ex, it must be, when, during his night shift? He couldn’t take it anymore, he shouts at her, “Enough!”. He tears the photo into pieces, asking her if now she’s satisfied. He yells at her loudly, that it’s not what she’s thinking, please stop already. Joori is taken by surprised that he dares to shout at her. Her mom walks in, with Dong Woo and his dad. Mom wants to talk with him.

Aunt wonders where Jong Hee got the flowers from, she says from a doctor at the hospital to congratulate her on the result that it’s not cancer. Aunt guesses it must be her ex, he still remembers her favorite flower, he seems did not forget her. It seems that woman they met in Guam helped Jong Hee and her ex to meet again. Jong Hee tells her  that woman is the current wife of  Dr.Kang, aunt gasps.

Mom do the talking, is it true he still has his ex-wife picture? What is his motive? Both dad and Dong Woo tell the mom that it’s not suspicious to have picture when they divorced, it’s not just his ex alone in the photo. Dad says if he divorces  her, Joori and Dong Woo will still be his daughter and son. Dong Woo begs his mom to leave it.  Joori also says she believes in her oppa, she’s alright.  Mom yells at her to shut up, she wants his answer.

Dr. Kang says he’s sorry. Mom says two things he insulted her by keeping the picture  in this house. First, it’s an insult to her and her family. Second, he made her daughter cried. She can’t forgive him. He’s a married man,she let him marry her dear daughter, he should be grateful to her.

He answers, “In the future , I’ll be more careful.” Mom says one more time, he has get out,  and she opposed to this marriage, this second-hand good, why Joori didn’t listen to her.

Jong Hee couldn’t sleep, she looks at the flowers thinking about the aunt said he didn’t forget about her. Aunt wakes up, if it were her, she would be excited to receive the flowers too.  She’s happy that now they can talk about her ex comfortably without her getting angry. The aunt tells Jong Hee to have confident in herself, she never knew who she will meet in the future, just like the fortune teller said.

Jong Hee looks at the flowers longingly while her ex, holding Joori in his arm, couldn’t sleep too.

The little girl still wonders about she saw a woman looks like her mom. She asks her dad, can a dead person come back? Her dad says absolutely cannot. She asks if her mom was dead, she has no twins. He confirms it. She tells her dad, she met a woman like her mom with bigger boobs and butt, and looking good. He says she must be  mistaken, just eat. He sneaks out to call a woman (he calls mom), asking if she heard the little girl ‘s mom(?) come to live in Seoul, the person didn’t hear about that. After he hangs up, he says certainly not in Seoul, her daughter must be wrong.

Jae Mi  is looking at the divorce paper that Dong Woo told her to get it confirmed by the judge, then the divorce would be completed.  Mom tells her not to be angry or cry when meets with Jong  Soo. The aunt almost lets out the Jung Hee will have her surgery today, but Jung Hee stops her in time. Jae Mi assures them she will get the divorce done and come back. After Jae Mi leaves, the aunt says, here  is  simply a divorce dorm ( her, Jong Hee and now Jae Mi).

Hee Soo drives Jong Soo to the divorce place, Jong Soo thanks her that she’s waited  for him till today. She wants to wait for him here but he tells her to go, he wants to have a talk with Jae Mi after the divorce.

Both Jong Soo and Jae Mi appear before the judge. The judge confirms both party presented, he confirms with them that they , without children, agree to the divorce. They both confirm to the judge, the judge declares their …years of  marriage  is now ended. He stamps the divorce papers. Jae Mi and Jong Soo look at each other. The judge declares that they are no longer connected by law.

At Dong Woo’s office, his assistant is happy, because he  solved the ajumma divorce case, people are talking about it. Dong Woo says, that ajumma had given him a hard time, he needs to do something. His assistant wonders what thing. Then a woman comes in calling Dong Woo oppa. His assistant thinks to himself, another girl,  he walks out of the room. Dong Woo pretends to be busy  to impress her, he asks her out.

Jong Soo is taking Jae Mi somewhere for his last talk with her. It’s where they used to come when they were dating. He wants to them to remain good feeling towards each other after the divorce. She says exaggeratedly that what he’s saying is that he wants an American Style break up? (he refers to in the US,  after divorce , they become friend).

He says because he’s about to be a father, he  wants to make their feeling clean without  hatred. She says what about what he did to her. He accepts that he knows he’s the wronged. He tells her not to think that she’s the only victim, he’s having a hard time too. Jae Mi says but he should to be so happy with his new woman. He says, doesn’t she know? He has conscience too.  To lie to her, she doesn’t know how much it hurt him. However, he has overcome those feeling, so she should too.

(*Not sure about this conversation, may have to edit the whole part,  it’s like he’s talking in circle, at the end it’s just all about himself  i.e. I know I’m bad,  but don’t hate me because  I had a hard time doing the bad too)

She looks at him unbelievably. She agrees with him, let’s do that. Jong Soo is happy. Jae Mi asks for his new phone.

She pushes him into the water, saying he wants to clean it nicely for his baby that’s about to be born. So clean it here. She throws him his new hand phone, he couldn’t catch it before it goes into the water.  She tells him,  it’s his divorce gift. She wished him to eat well and live well sarcastically.  She walks away, he shouts back that he will definitely live well.

Jae Mi walks alone, that three years lived together how he can say this. Then it hits her that she finally breaks free from him, she says to herself not to cry. Then she remembers Dong Woo’s coupon for the eye check.

Dong Woo is dating a girl, he’s playing the piano to impress her. He motions her over, they are about to kiss. He stops that she should take off her sunglasses. He takes it off, then he sees her red eyes, he gets scared. She says do not worry, it’s not contagious and wants to kiss him again. He pushes her away and runs.

Hee Soo runs to Jong Soo who is soaked wet. He says it’s alright to get this (after what he did)  from Jae Mi. Jong Soo declares himself a free man and tells her, let’s get married.

Jae Mi is having her eye’s surgery (Lasik, no longer needed to wear the glasses). The nurse tells her, after she has her rest she can leave.  Dong Woo is overreacted about his eyes, he thinks his eyes look at bit red, getting it from that woman. He comes to the clinic, his friend confirms there’s nothing wrong with his eyes. He goes into the restroom to put med in his eyes.

He meets with Jae Mi in the men’s restroom, she washes her hands and asks for help to get a paper towel. He  looks at her face and he knows. He hands her paper towel. She is alarmed that it’s male voice, she screams. He covers her mouth and tells her to look around.  So she knows it’s the men’s restroom. Then she recognizes his voice.

They both stare at each other, he says, he’s having bad day and now have to meet this ajumma.

Jong Hee is having her surgery by Dr. Kang, he puts their favorite song to her ears.

Joori finds a job at the golf club where her mom usually goes to play golf , to impress her (to get back her credit card). A lady approaches her and offers her a job with good pay. The lady tells a man that she urgently needs money and to make appointment right away.

All goes well with the surgery, Dr.Kang asks aunt about Jae Mi that she is not here. She tells him, Jong Hee  didn’t tell  her  ( she almost slips out Jae Mi’s divorce). Jong Hee wakes up and wants to go home.

Joori is driving to the hospital to surprise him with food.

Jong Hee wants to hurry home, Dr.Kang and her exchange their regrets during those days in the past.  He says  if  only he knew that it’s something irreparable he would be more patient.  He walks out of the room to stand at the door feeling sad.

The aunt is doing the checkout with the hospital. She sees and learns that Dr.Kang ‘s wife is here. She calls Jong Hee and lets her know. Jong Hee and Dr. Kang are in the elevator going down. Joori is waiting for the elevator. Jong Hee and Dr. Kang get off the elevator and use the stairs. She asks him what they are doing now. She will go to other hospital.

Dong Woo is driving Jae Mi home, he turns on very loud music in the car. He takes off her sunglasses saying it’s dark,  there’s no UV. He brags she’s lucky to have him as her lawyer who would give her this kind of  service? So if her friend wants a divorce, just introduce him.

She tells him to stop the car, he thinks she’s angry with him. He  wants to send her home. She tells him it’s her mom home here. The aunt meets them ,Dong Woo tells her about Jae Mi’s doing the Lasik. The aunt tells Jae Mi about her mom chest surgery, she invites Dong Woo to come for a cup of tea. Dong Woo refuses, she insists Jae Mi’s mom wants to thank him.

Jong Hee thanks Dong Woo. Her mom asks her why she did the Lasik,  Jae Mi says she  wants to see the world clearly and live with her eyes open.

Jae Mi asks why mom didn’t tell her about the surgery, mom says she doesn’t want her to be worried. Jae Mi cries, she thought of  her mom a lot when she was at  the divorce place, that her mom had taken this step before and now her, She didn’t want to, but she’s  sorry that she’s disappointed her. Mom says she’s also sorry, her dad was taken away, she hasn’t given her a happy family.  Mom tells her not to think about it. Aunt cries that all of them got divorced. Dong Woo suggests a divorce celebration that will make them happy.

They all stand on the stairs looking out the river.  Dong Woo asks for Jae Mi’s hand, she shows it to him. He says she’s still wearing that ring.  He tells her to take it off  and gives her a hammer to hit on it.  Jae Mi is reluctant  at first, then she hits the ring with the hammer. Tears start to brim her eyes. The more she hits,  the more tears fall.  He tells her to hit it with all the pain in her heart.

Jae Mi hits it harder recalling her happy days with Jong Soo, when he betrayed her, when Hee Soo  talked about the baby. Jae Mi lets out aloud that, she and that man now ended, from now on she will forget the past and be happy, even  she is sad today, she will live and be happy, “I must be, I must be, I must.”  Her mom and aunt cry with her.

She throws the ring into the river and shouts, “I will be happy. I won’t cry anymore. I’ll not lose. I will be happy.”  She cries. Dong Woo walks to her. He pats her shoulder. They stand looking at the river together.

The little girl  plans to get the aunt and her dad together. She ‘s looking for Jae Mi’s aunt on the street holding her mom’s picture.

Joori tells her husband she’s getting a good pay job, but doesn’t know what kind of work it is yet, she handovers a half of the  picture that he can keep, and tells him to never deceive her. He  lets her know that Jae Mi is currently happily married. Joori is relieved, if they have a good life, it will be good for her too.

Jong Soo sweetly proposes to Hee Soo singing a song. The  shop owner informs Jae Mi that  she has rented it out to someone else.  She tells her to pack everything away.

Jong Soo kneels down and gives her the rings.  Her brother gives him a gift. He asks Hee Soo what it is, she tells him to come with her. They arrive at  Jae Mi’s  porridge shop. Jae Mi comes out and locks the door. She turns to see them so  she asks why they are here.

*Will check again later ^^

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  1. kcomments thank you so much for your Recap’s I really enjoy this drama and your are the only person I have to rely on so that I know what is going on. Again thanks for your hard work.

    • Glad you are enjoying this one ^^ because I’ve started to wonder if anyone could continue to watch these serious divorce issues. The story of Jae Mi may look rather foolish, but I’ve seen people like that in real life, you cannot switch off love like Dong Woo wanted Jae Mi to do (well, wait until his love flourished, then we’ll see whether or not he will try to hold on to it as long as he can haha).

      The writer made the story feel so real that I felt sad for everyone in that situation, both the ex and the new one, for both men and women. ^^

  2. DW really cares about his looks lol and he doesnt like the fact that he is falling for ajumma did you see the moonlit scene he seemed ready to swoon away until JM hit him lol

    • LTS didn’t act that well when it comes to the corny/sweet scene, but I found him to be cute in his own. Tho I like him more when he acted serious and stuff (he should do a detective role in the future). Oh, that scene, how I loved it when the playboy told himself to come to his senses. Buahaha…..

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