Hooray for Love Episode 7

Dr.Kang (Jae Mi’s dad)  is angry after examined her, that she’s left it like that until this state.  Jong Hee asks whether it’s serious, may be it’s not a terminal illness.  Her life line on her palm saying she will live long. He  isn’t  convinced, he tells her to go to the examination room.

Joo Ri  is at the hospital too, she calls her husband but no one pick up.  She’s here  with her mom. Her mom is doing the check up. Joo Ri  tells her mom that she’s lucky to be a good  son-in-law because  getting an appointment in this hospital is difficult but now she’s getting special  treatment and diagnosis, so mom should give her credit card back. Mom hits her to shut up. Mom tells her to call  her husband to hurry come down. Mother-in-law is here , he should show his face.

Dr.Kang is waiting for Jong Hee (Jae Mi’s mom) outside the x-ray room, when she comes out, he tells her to redo the ultrasound  because  last time she ran away.  He looks at his phone that Joo Ri is calling but he’s not picking up.

Joo Ri sends him a text message that she’s here with her mom to do the check up,  she’s now on the third floor, please hurry down.


He looks at the monitor and is not happy with what he sees,  he tells her to go to his office,  the nurse tells Jong Hee  to change and then go to the doctor’s room on the 5th floor.  Joo Ri is waiting for the elevator on the 4th floor, Dr. Kang’s phone is still switched off so she leaves voice message that she’s coming to his office.

Jong Hee  gets in the elevator to the 4th floor. The door opens,  she walks out just as Joo Ri steps into another elevator. Dr.Kang  is looking at Jong Hee’s result on the screen when  Joo Ri walks in,  he’s surprised because he thinks it’s Jong Hee coming.  Joo Ri asks if he’s waiting for someone. He quickly  changes his screen and asks why she is here, she asks if he didn’t see the message. Mom is here to do the check up. Joo Ri wants to wait  for him and go home together but he tells her he has a patient, he tells  her to go on  home.  She says no,  she will wait outside. After Joo Ri leaves, he hurriedly calls Jong Hee but her phone is off.

In the elevator, Mom asks Jong Hee, you also go to 5th floor too? They get off the elevator together. Mom tells Jong Hee her son-in-law is number one in this department, Dr. Kang Hyung Do. Jong Hee’s smile faded. Then Joo Ri joins her mom, Jong Hee looks at them. Dr.Kang  comes out of his office and  sees them and Jong Hee further in the back. He stares at Jong Hee. They both are staring at each other. Mom wants him to get off work, he tells his wife he has a pre-appointment patient.  But mom orders him to get off work now, then she turns to leave.  Jong Hee walks into the stairways to avoid her.

Dr.Kang finds her sitting on the stairs. He walks down to her. She smiles and says how it’s funny to hide when she didn’t do anything wrong.  She asks for the results, he says they need to do  biopsy,  she asks if  it’s cancer, he’s not sure but  it’s highly possible.

Jae Mi is signing the lawsuit proceeding documents (criminal lawsuit and the divorce)  with Dong Woo, his assistant recites  a poem for her to commemorate their winning the case.
Kang-Strong woman Kang Jae Mi
Jae – Although she is very unlucky to have a bad husband, it’s alright.
Mi – The future will be bright

Jae Mi smiles, Dong Woo will sent her home  because  she made him proud today. They are in the car. Dong Woo tells her, “Have you ever heard this? Divorce is not the ending but a new beginning. From now on, don’t be depressed like the world is coming to an end. You should think  of  how to move on.”  Jae Mi is lost in her thoughts.

Dong Woo,  “Marriage is like a grave in the first place, so  your divorce is a lucky thing.” Jae Mi looks out and sees a couple helping each other selling fruit on the sidewalk. A woman is using her handkerchief  to wipe the sweats of the  man, Jae Mi recalls her day with Jong Soo doing the same  for him.

She says, “Why love change? I thought absolutely it will not be like that.  If we have kid, he will not treat me like this for sure.”  Dong Woo yells, “Ajumma!”  Jae Mi goes on, “He originally is not a bad person.”

Before Jae Mi could say more, Dong Woo parks his car abruptly. He tells her to get out of the car,  but to leave her bag with him. She asks him why. He says, get off the car quickly. When she gets out, he drives his car away, she shouts for him to stop running after his car, he looks at her from the side mirror and smiles.  She throws her shoe at his car.

She sits on the sidewalk. He walks over with her bag and her shoe in his hands. She kicks his leg angrily, he gasps in pain. She asks him what he is doing just now, having fun torturing people?  Dong Woo says that she is divorced is a fact, a person like her who just had a divorce, will suffer 10-20 times more in the future. “Do you know the fool in this world? One that wants the  ex-husband to come back. Don’t look back anymore. If you keep on thinking about the past, then you can’t move on. From now on , accept the reality and plan how to live well in the future. Do you understand?”  She’s not answer. He asks again, understand or not understand? She says she does. He throws her bag at  her and says, let’s go.

Her home is very near so she will walk.  He kneels down to put a shoe on her foot, complaining how can a woman’s  foot be so big. He stands up. Jae Mi tells him to  just help her as they agreed. She walks away, he tells her to walk with her head high. He looks at her saying “Left foot!  Left foot!…”  She looks at her feet and walks in tune with his call, she smiles.

Jae Mi comes home and finds her home in a mess. Then Jong Soo walks out from the bedroom with a handbag. Jae Mi asks what he is doing, he smirks that after what she did, she thinks she would not see him again right? He comes to take his things. Hee Soo carries his clothes coming out of the bedroom, Jae Mi gasps unbelievable. The two are leaving, Jae Mi tells Hee soo to get lost she wants to talk with Jong Soo. Hee Soo is angry, she throws his things on the floor, yelling that’s why she told him to just throw these away,  she orders  him to hurry come out.

Jae Mi , when alone with Jong Soo, she asks how he can bring that woman to her house. Jong Soo, “Why this is your house?”  It’s their money put together to rent this house. So half is his.  She wasn’t nice to him either, he says, “I did that to protect you. I initiated a fraud divorce against my conscience. But what did you do? Sue me for criminal lawsuit? We had lived together for three years. Do you have to sent me to prison to feel better?”

Jae Mi, “All this is because of whom?”
Jong Soo, “You’ve got to be kidding! What does it take to be called a human being? By bullying my pregnant girlfriend, you think you did great? Even you don’t know yourself, only animals dare to do this.”

Jae Mi, “So that means, what you did to me wasn’t inhuman? What you did was human? People must know how to be grateful. After all I did for you? Without me, you’d still be a small fry, for you, I…”
Jong Soo interrupts, “Ya! Kang Jae Mi!”
Jae Mi, “How long ago was it when you chased me everyday  begging me to marry you? Just because you’re feeling bad, you go and have an affair? As if that’s not enough, you are even having a child. Are you still human? Is this your so called human being?”

Jong Soo throws his bag to the floor pissed. He yells that it’s all her fault, he’ll be honest, this wouldn’t have happened if only she can get pregnant.  Married for three years, everybody knows that she cannot get pregnant. Jae Mi couldn’t believe what he’s saying,

Jong Soo, “Kitchen expert? You thinks that’s great? Enough already, please don’t complain, just look at yourself….” She slaps him. He says,  so stubborn, he  picks up his bag and about to leave. She calls his name, asks him if he ever loved her, “Answer me. Did you ever love me?”  He turns to look at her and says , “Love?”  He laughs, “Forget it!”. He leaves. Jae Mi cries.

Hee Soo waits outside, when he comes out she throws his bag away that she’s not comfortable with them, infected by her(Jae Mi).  Jae Mi sits in her bedroom looking at the mess around and cries her heart out.

Dinner at Dong Woo’s house, his mom gives food to him, he brags he solved a divorce case today. His dad asks about it, so he tells them that a husband fake the divorce to marry his girlfriend without his wife knowing, his mom is shocked and speaks endless of  how the husband should be condemned. She goes on and on, everybody starts to feel uneasy looking at Dr. Kang.  Mom realizes what she said might hurt her son-in-law.  Dr. Kang  excuses himself and leaves the table. Mom feels sorry, Joo Ri  is angry.

Dr. Kang sits in his room looking at Jong Hee’s result picture, he’s calling another doctor asking for the result (biopsy), but it’s not out yet.

Jong Hee is making porridge for Jae Mi. The aunt asks about the result of  the check up, she says it hasn’t yet come out. Aunt  wonders that nowadays, it’s normally takes one day to know the result, could it be biopsy? could it be cancer? She is worried.

Jong Soo and Hee Soo are celebrating for their happiness. Hee soo  congrats him for escaping from hell. Jong Soo is worried if he will go to prison. Hee Soo assures him that her brother consulted with the lawyer, he just has to pay fine only.  She tells him to not worry and celebrate his freedom. He’s happy saying , “I love you.” to her,  Hee Soo returns, I love you too.

Jong Hee comes to Jae Mi’s house, the house is dark. She come to the bedroom and Jae Mi is on the bed sleeping. Mom gives her poddridge soup but she doesn’t want to eat. Mom says she has to eat, at time like this, she needs food to regain strength. Jaemi looks at her  mom, she says that is what Jaemi told her 10 years ago when she divorced her dad. She didn’t eat or sleep, then Jae Mi made porridge for her. She asks Jae Mi if she forgets that.

It’s the cuts on Jae Mi’s  fingers that woke her up (because Jae Mi didn’t even cook ramen). Jong Hee, “That time when your dad left ,  it’s like the end of the world. But then I realized I had  someone to take care of “.

Jae Mi cries that it hurts so much. It’s like her whole life been uprooted. She wants to erase all memories and forget about him. She’s afraid that he never loved her even once, so she doesn’t know what to think anymore. All is fake, he doesn’t love her, she don’t know how to think about it anymore.

Mom says she doesn’t think everything is fake, at least before his heart changed.  She tells Jae Mi not to hate or to blame, just forget about him,  just pretend he doesn’t exist and forget about him. This way, she will feel better.

Na Rim is cleaning her dad shoes, and there is a hole in it.  Dad is telling her , now the ajumma’s case has ended, he received money. He sets aside some for her piano lesson that she’s been talking about everyday. But Na Rim tells him to use the money to buy himself a new pair of shoes, his has a hole in it. Her piano lesson can do later. Dad tells her let’s do piano lesson, he will get new shoes when the weather gets cooler.

Na Rim bumps into the aunt, and she’s startled, she looks like her mom in the picture. She mumbles that they told her her mom was dead.

Jung Hee will go to the hospital  to hear  her result today.  Dr.Kang gets the result, he asks another doctor  if it’s malignant.

He gets a bouquet for Jung Hee.

Mom gives Dong Woo a V-VIP card as his gift.  She sets the credit limit to maximum, he can spend as much as he wants. She tells him not to work too hard, date pretty girl too so he can get married. Joori sees the card, Dong Woo runs out.

Joori complains that she’s being treated unfairly, she calls her dad. Dad tells mom not just give to Dong Woo, she should give Joori too.  Mom says, “I’m not the kind of woman who favors male over female. Moreover, I’m not the kind who is against giving children money. It’s alright to spend money, but i have my principles. People who don’t work, don’t have the right to spend money. No working – No money, you know?”

When alone together,  Joori’s dad suggests  Joori to get a job so her mom will be moved. She asks her dad to keep it a secret from her husband because  he will feel bad.

Jung Hee is worried about her result,  she asks Dr. Kang  how much time she has left. He says 50 years. She doesn’t have cancer , just a benign tumor, its size is a bit big but  about 1% chance of it becoming cancer. She ‘s relieved.  He laughs saying she hasn’t change a bit, she often scares herself.

He’s worried about her, now she can relax. He holds her hand and says thank you.  She pushes his hand away. She tells him now that the result is out, they will not meet again. But he says  they will , she has to undergo the operation because the tumor is too big, other treatments are not an option.

Joori is looking for a job. She tells the lady she wants an easy job with high salary. The lady asks for her resume or a diploma.  She says she has two diver’s licenses.

The lady suggests  her to join a refresher course. But Joori doesn’t want to use her brain,  she wants something that she can use her body.  The lady suggests, painter, cleaner, beautician, tailor. Joori  shows the lady her hand, she  just had her manicure.  The lady suggests, a part time job, like a cashier in the supermarket or dept store. Joori asks how much she will get in a month. The lady tells her, 4,000.  Joori  thinks it’s 4,000,000 (in a year), but no, it’s 4,000 won per hour.  Joori asks her, “Do you know how much I spend in an hour?”  She says she will ask her husband to find more part time job, forget it. (LOL)

Dr. Kang walks to the parking with Jung Hee, he tells her she can have her surgery in the evening and stays a night, then next morning she’s free. Jung Hee asks him that he operates at night too, he should take care of his health. She says, well, the Chief has to work hard. Dr. Kang lowers his eyes.

He gives her a bouquet, says that  she loves white lilies. She asks why she has to accept it from him. Dr. Kang, ” This is my way of saying sorry to you. I feel responsible for what happened to you. If I had stayed by your side, this would not have happened to you.”

He tells her, she must come for the surgery, otherwise  it’ll become more painful. Jung Hee doesn’t want to have her surgery at this hospital, doesn’t want to bother him and his wife. He tells her not to think like that, they only have a patient/doctor relationship, nothing more. He tells her to come on Friday.

She gets in  her car and thinks of what he said. She says to herself,  “It’s no big deal, why are you apologizing? It’s my own fault not yours.”  She throws the bouquet into the back seat.

Jong Soo is reading the divorce document.  Jae Mi’s voice, “Seeing how little conscience you have, I have decided to give you up.” He clutches the paper saying you, selfish woman, you are more vicious than the Nazis.

Jong  Soo tells Hee Soo that  it’s Jae Mi’s Divorce paper, she claims all the blame in this divorce lies with him. The house, the store will all go to her.  She’s leaving him nothing, he knew this would happen when she asked if he loved her. He’s sure she still has feelings for him.  She thought by doing this, he will return to her.

Hee Soo says it’s not a big problem. He says he really wants to be a good father. He doesn’t have a penny. What she want him to do. She says  her brother will help them, they’ve consulted a lawyer, he just has to write a letter of apology to her. She whispers to his ear, he refuses to do that, he has his pride too.

Hee Soo feels pain in her belly. The baby is moving. He feels bad for the baby,  she tells him to do as she said, the attorney said that’s the best way to end this. Do it for her and their baby.

Jae Mi is inside her porridge shop, looking at the picture of her and Jong Soo. She thinks of Dong Woo’s words, “Do you know what is the most stupid thing to do in this world? That is pinning to a husband who doesn’t love you anymore. If you can’t forget the past, you can’t move on. Drop that obsession.”  Jae Mi burns the picture.

The owner of the place comes to ask why she closed her shop for a long time. Jae Mi assures her , she will reopen the shop next week. The lady tells her to pay the rent on time. Dong Woo calls her, he has something urgent to discuss with her,  he asks her to come by his office.

The paper comes from Jong Soo’s lawyer. They agree on her terms but they want to settle out of court though private mediation. Dong Woo tells her the difference is , it’ll save lots of time and she doesn’t have to go to court again.

Jae Mi asks if  they really agreed on all her demands and leave everything to her. Dong Woo is not sure if it comes from sincerity but they sound apologetic and remorseful. She asks which way he likes, Dong Woo thinks their goal is the divorce, it’s better they end it quickly.

Jae Mi is a bit worried, why suddenly Jong Soo becomes like this. Dong Woo handovers Jong Soo’s letter to her.  There’s Jae Mi’s picture in it. She reads,  “I remember you once asked, If  I ever love you. I think the photo is the answer. This was taken a long time ago. I took it while you were sleeping. I used to keep this photo in my wallet. Because I love the way you look even while sleeping. But I don’t know what happened to me. Although I hurt you a lot, I hope you won’t forget the happy times we shared these past 3 years. I sincerely loved you and I am sincerely… sorry.”

She cries and runs out of the office. Dong Woo doesn’t know what’s going on. He follows her outside where she’s crying at the corner.  He (looking exasperated) hands her a tissue box saying it’s for her . Jae Mi uses it to wipe her tears. She tells him, she wasn’t like this but a lots of things happened lately, may be there’s something wrong with her tear glands.

He asks what she plans to do, she says just do as they say. But to change the condition to the money from the house and the  shop, we will share 50/50.  Dong Woo, “What did you say?”

Jae Mi tells him to cancel the criminal lawsuit against Jong Soo. Dong Woo. “Ajumma!”
She says she’s decided , do not try to change her mind.

Dong Woo, “Are you crazy? I told you, divorce is a reality, you cannot be swayed by the past! Do you want to beg for food after the divorce? You absolutely cannot do that. You will surely regret it.”

Jae Mi says, she wants to do it, it’s her business, just do as she says. He throws a tissue box at her, he will follow her instructions. But, what ever happens, do not regret it afterward. He walks back to his office.

Hee Soo’s brother checks on Jae Mi’s shop, asking his man, how much it earns per month, the guy answers the number and says  it’s a famous shop in the area. The brother tells his man to get it.

Jae Mi waits for Dong Woo in the parking, she asks  him to discuss it. He gives her the document done as she instructed. Dong Woo, “Just bring it to the court and have the judge confirm this.” He starts to walk away, she stops him to let’s talk. Dong Woo says he doesn’t want to. “I just finished my obligation to Kang Jae Mi-shi a while ago. From now on, let’s not see each other ever again.. FOREVER!”

He walks to his car, Jae Mi shouts to him, “Forgive me..for calling you crazy and a pervert. This period of time, thank you. You were by my side when I was most tired. If  it’s not for you, I would really have turned into a foolish woman.”

“Ajumma, did you mean what you just said?”  Jae Mi assures him, yes.
He motions her to come closer, and gives her ….”It’s a coupon from a famous ophthalmology clinic, go have you eyes checked. If you mention my name, they’ll give you another 5% discount.”

She asks why suddenly he wants her to go check her eyes. “To aid you in judging people, ajumma, as of now, you are still very foolish.”

He gets into his car and closes the door. Jaemi just realizes what he just said, she calls him to stop the car but he drives off, she runs after his car telling him to take his words back. She calls him a pervert, a brat! He looks at her from the side mirror and smiles.  He picks up his phone and calls one of his girl, “Oh, this is oppa. What’s the good news? Of course, just settled an ajumma’s case. Let’s have a drink, ok!”

At Dong Woo’s house, Dr. Kang is looking at Jae Mi and her mom’s picture. Se Ra asks him who that is. He turns the picture down saying nothing. Joori walks in and wonders why the light is still on. Se Ra tells her mom that dad cried looking at the photo. Joori asks him what photo? He hides it behinds his back. They stare at each other.

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  1. I just discovered this show thanks for the recaps.

  2. Thank you soooo much for recapping this drama! I have looked high and low for someone who could give me some insight as to what is happening in this drama. I watch the Raw episodes….but that alone doesn’t really cut it if you can’t really speak the language.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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