Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 14

Gwang Taek continues the beating till daylight, Dong Soo sits still. Cho Rip, Jin Ju and Jang Mi’s daughter are looking at Dong Soo. They are afraid if continues like this, Dong Soo would eventually die.

At the assassin guild, Ji thinks about Jin Ju calling her mother. She meets Jin Gi, she tells him she came to see her daughter. Jin Gi is surprised.

Sa Mo is with the kids pacing, Ji sends her black pearl flying for Sa Mo to see, he comes to meet with her. To his surprise, Ji is asking for Jin Ju, if she’s there with him.

Gwang Taek tells Dong Soo to get up and they fight, but Dong Soo misses and is  hit by Gwang Taek many times. Jin Ju runs to them and calls for a stop to this, she cannot see this anymore.  Gwang Taek uses his stick to show her Dong Soo’s face, for her to look closer at his eyes, he’s still not alive.


Jin Ju takes Dong Soo with her, she tells Gwang Taek she will make him recover. Cho Rip follows her. Gwang Taek follows them. Ji and Sa Mo are trailing behind. Jin Ju takes Dong Soo to the place where they met when they were young. She tells Cho Rip she will let Dong Soo recover here. She orders Cho Rip to go out and guard the place, do not let anyone come inside.

She locks the door and lights a torch, talking to him.  She asks if he remembers when they were young, he saved her from the fire. She tells him to save her again,  “I’m not going to worry because I believe in you. Aren’t you Baek Dong Soo? Don’t you want to become Joseon’s best swordsman Baek Dong Soo? Right?” She throws the torch into the hay, the flames start leaping high. Dong Soo still doesn’t move.

She continues talking to him, if  his  mind  doesn’t come back,they won’t leave. She’s begging him to come to his senses.  Things around them caught on fire, he still doesn’t move.

Outside, Cho Rip starts banging on the door friengtened. Gwang Taek calls him what happened. He tells him that Jin Ju and Dong Soo are inside. Gwang Taek stops him from going in, that he should believe in Dong Soo, wait patiently and watch. This is the best thing he can do. Further away, Ji also stops Sa Mo to go.

Ji can’t stand it anymore, she runs to the burning house and asks Gwang Taek to step away. He is surprised, she speaks the truth that, that girl is her daughter. Gwang Taek is shocked. But then the burning house collapses.

Dong Soo holding Jin Ju in his arm, is walking out of the burning house. He looks at Jin Ju asking if she’s stupid. She opens her eyes and smiles at him. At Sa Mo’s place,  they both rest  next to each other. Dong soo wakes up first, he turns to look at Jin Ju, then he asks  Cho Rip if that ajumma come here.

Gwang Taek asks Ji if the father of Jin Ju is…Ji says no.  Cheon sits alone saying, “Finally, you still choose Gwang Taek right?”

Yeo Un sits with Ji Seon, Flashback – Ji Seon is holding a dagger, Yeo Un holds her hand. She says wait until she kills Cheon then she will take his life. Cheon tells Yeo Un to let her come. Ji Seon stabs Cheon on his chest. Cheon asks her what she can possibly change by doing this. He pulls the dagger out and tells her to forget it. She steps backwards knowing she can’t do anything.

Ji Seon refuses to eat. Yeo Un kneels down in front of her, he holds his sword, pointing at himself, to her. Yeo Un, “How about you kill me, use this life to wash away all the sins.” She gets up. He says by starving she can go to the Prince but for Dong Soo who went crazy because of  losing her, what she is planning to do about that.

Present – Yeo Un tells her, they will be leaving for Qing soon, before that if there’s something she wants to say..she says no, she’s no longer a living person in this world. Yeo un asks her at least to Dong Soo. She answers no, she’s no longer exist in this world.

Cheon calls for Yeo un. He gives him the Book of war (Bukbeoljigye). Yeo Un is to take the book and Ji Seon to the Qing Emperor. The Qing’s  officer  (a relative to the Emperor) will wait for them at the wharf.

Ji gives a letter to Gwang Taek, to give it to Jin Ju. Before she leaves, he asks her how is Ji Seon. She tells him that Ji Seon ‘s still alive but for her sake, he should not bother her. After she leaves, Gwang Taek gives the letter to Jin Gi to give it to Jin Ju.

Dong Soo is waiting for Ji, on her way back.  Dong Soo asks her that she said she would return Ji Seon to him, even she’s a corpse, he still wants it.  Ji tells him to forget about her.  He draws his sword, she tells him to put it away, for him who can’t even protect the woman he loves what he can protect. They fight, she easily puts her sword to his  throat. Ji says “Too weak. Presently you are unable to protect anyone.” Jin Gi comes running, he stops Dong Soo from confronting Ji.

Before she leaves, he asks where is Ji Seon. Ji says,  as long as , the Book of  War is on her body, she won’t  be at peace, even if she dies.  Dong soo says even if she becomes bones,ashes, he, Baek Dong Soo will protect her. Ji tells him, if his heart is like that, then protect her correctly, what’s the use of protecting the death.  If he doesn’t want to lose, just become stronger.  That time, do not lose the person he cherished again. That’s something he can do for her.

Dong Soo stands outside while Jin Gi starts telling Jin Ju’s story. It was 20 years ago. He was the assassin’s training captain, also Ga Ok(Ji) ‘s guard. Flashback – Jin Gi sees Ji is throwing up. Ji asks Cheon to leave for at least a year, even though he doesn’t know the reason, he grants his permission and asks Jin Gi to protect her well.

Later, Ji gives birth to a baby girl and she leaves the baby behind. Jin Gi has raised her since then. Present – About the father of the baby, he’s not sure, could it be….Gwang Taek interrupts him that he felt it was possible, so he asked her. But she denied it.

Jin Ju wakes up, she asks for Dong Soo. Dong Soo walks in, he tells her since she’s already awake, hurry and get up. For a woman, look at how she looks now, he doesn’t want to see her like this. Jin Ju hears all that and smiles that he’s finally returned. Sa Mo tells everybody to get out so  Jin Gi and Jin Ju can talk  in private. Dong Soo’s eyes linger on Jin Ju for a while before he walks out of the room.

When they are alone, Jin Ju asks  that she’s not sure whether it’s a dream or not, that the ajumma was there when she fainted, is she mother?. Jin Gi nods, so she asks if he is not her father. He touches her forehead. She says she’s alright, she had heard people around her talking that he is not her real dad. She starts to cry. Even though she heard all that, she didn’t want to acknowledge it. To be honest, she couldn’t help curious who her parent are, what they do, whether they are still alive.

Jin Gi, “I am your father. This pirate Hwang Jin Gi, is your father.” that even if the Empire Changes a hundred times, the world is overturned, he is her father. Jin Ju smiles and says, “I know, I am father’s daughter.” Jin Gi cries, he  gives Ji’s letter to Jin Ju.

She reads the letter, Ji writes that though, sending her faraway was a good decision,  she could give Jin Ju happiness this way.  However, it looks like her thinking was wrong, it has made Jin Ju suffer. From now on, she won’t let her suffer again, “I will keep you by my side, your mother will protect you.”

Dong Soo asks Jin Gi where the assassin guild is, then he runs. Jin Gi [voice-over], I don’t know if it’s still at the same place it was 20 years ago.  It’s possible that it moved somewhere else. Dong Soo runs into an empty field, nothing is there. He outcries his disappointment to the sky.

In and the head assassin are drinking together. The assassin is pissed that he was neglected , what of  Yeo Un that  is  so great. In tells him, he has a plan. The Gisaeng sees them both, she looking at them.

At the palace, the King sees the light from the Prince’s room and learns from the officer that he always reads into the night, the King is satisfied with the Prince. The Queen’s father overhears it, he comes to talk with the Queen.

He tells her that since the Prince has entered the palace, he heard the Prince studied hard and never sleeps before  Chou Si (1am-3am) and he handled matters cunningly like a fox. The Queen feels pitiful for the Prince when seeing him working hard. The Queen’s  father is afraid that  the Queen has become weak, if the Prince wears yongpo, they would all be exterminated.  The Queen tells him, sitting in the King’s position is a painful and difficult thing,  that position is something you cannot claim at will.

At the prince quarter, he is reading into the late hours, an office is worried because it’s already Insi (3am-5am). The Prince says  sorry that the officer cannot go to sleep because of him, but he has to finish this book by dawn, it’s  the King ‘s  favorite book, and without  the officer  he can’t do anything. The officer tells him to go on and he will watch over him.

[*The Prince is the future King Jeong Jo (Yi  San)]

Ji is telling both Ji Seon and Yeo Un that once they enter Qing, there’s no guarantee the Qing will let them live. Ji Seon says she knows, even that she will go, “Because of the Book of War, too many people have lost their lives. If  I live, my descendants will also live like me. I want to use my life, to break this chain of evil.”  She looks at Yeo Un and says that she has already told him, she’s no longer a person in this world. Yeo Un asks Ji if there’s a way to protect Ji Seon’s life. Ji says no.

The gisaeng reports to Cheon about In, that he’s still alive and what she saw. Cheon tells her not to  worry about it, then he tells Yeo Un that she is the one  who will escort him to Qing. She says to Yeo Un that her name is Gu Hyang. She learned medical skills in Qing and is familiar with  the territory.[*] Cheon ask her  if  about one month would be enough, she nods.

Cheon shows Yeo Un his dream. Over hundred years, these swords are original never been removed.  All these swords are the living proof  of the assassin guild’s history. This is what he’s rebuilt.  One finger, one toe , the flesh and blood of a body all melt in here. There is still one empty spot.  The empty spot is his incomplete dream. Yeo Un asks if  it is Gwang Taek’s. Cheon says all his life, he lives to complete this dream.  Those high officials in the palace grab  hold of  the market for the rich in front of his eyes.  Cheon says he is the one who can shake the foundation of Joseon, he even can become  the lord of the world. He asks Yeo Un whether he will follow him, if so, he will pass on everything he has to him. Yeo Un kneels down and says, he will follow accordingly to his will, but he has  one thing, Ji Seon’s life. Yeo Un says to him, “Please protect her.”

Cheon says  Yeo Un’s feeling for her it’s not that he doesn’t know.  But the Book of  War must be returned to the Emperor, he cannot help him. Yeo Un stands up angrily. Cheon says, “Remember, if you fail, this empty spot is not Gwang Taek’s  but is yours, Un, and the child with the Book of War will surly lose her life.”

Dong Soo meets  Gwang Taek and says thank you to him. Gwang Taek tells him the one he should say thank you to is Jin Ju. She will be  leaving soon. He should go and thank her.

Jin Ju and her dad are leaving, she asks her dad to wait a little longer. Dong Soo walks in, her dad smiles and leaves first, telling her to come quickly. Sa Mo smiles, he tells other kids to follow him. When they are alone, Dong Soo asks what she is doing here.  She says she is leaving, heading down mountain.

Dong Soo says, “Alright then, take care.”  Jin Ju, “What?”  disappointed, she says good bye. When she starts to leave, he grabs her wrist and hugs her saying thank you.

Dong Soo, “These words, I’ve wanted  to say.”  She smiles in his embrace.
Dong Soo, “Aren’t you going to let go?”  She awkwardly pulls herself back  and says, “Oh, I’ll go now”  She leaves. Dong Soo (and me) smiles.

Jin Ju comes to see Ji.  Jin Gi pushes Jin Ju forward.
Ji says to Jin Ju, “I’m really sorry.”
Jin Ju, “Why did you do that? Why? Why abandoned me?”
Ji, “I never forget you even for a moment. Not even one moment.”  She cries.
Jin Ju, “I’ve wanted to see you, mother.” Jin Ju comes closer, Ji embraces her in a hug. They both cry.

The head assassin is stealing Cheon’s seal and puts it inside his robe. Cheon walks over asking what he is doing. He says nothing. Cheon shows a red scroll to him, it was found in In’s room. Cheon asks him if he knows what written inside is. He says yes, he’s the one complied it.

Cheon reads, the most superior six persons, seven persons on the middle section. He asks what the criteria used in classifying them. The assassin says it’s the basic high-hand level.  High hand level refers to the Human Lord(In). Cheon says there are six persons stronger than him. The assassin says may not be accurate, but at least three.

The first is, Jeon Heong Mun, he is a wrestler. His strength is unparalleled. the really tall guy, last year had conflicts with the Japanese Samurai (Matsuzaka), later killed five of them with his bare hands.

The second is Hwang Jin Gi.  Cheon thinks Jin Gi’s martial arts is not as good as before, but the assassin  just had a fight with him,  but he still has good strength. The third is Jang Tae San. He is a hunter, specialized in using a whip stick.

That concludes the three persons, Cheon tells him he can go now. Then Cheon asks about another person who is  labeled as a young scholar.  He tells him, this man real name is not known. But he has  his nickname from  his always carrying books, nobody knows his appearance or who he is exactly.

Then Cheon asks  the assassin guy what he had put in his robe earlier. The assassin is startled he tells Cheon it’s an apple (there is a bowl of apples on the table). Cheon laughs that he hides an apple just to eat somewhere?  Then he allows the assassin to leave.  When outside, he is angry banging the wall.  Cheon writes one more name, Sword Saint, Gim Gwang Taek.

At Sa Mo’s place, Gwang Taek tells  Sa Mo that Ji Seon is still alive.  He’d contemplated whether he should tell and who would benefit  from that.  Sa Mo wants to go rescue her.  Because of  how the Prince had died, even if  Gwang Taek won’t do anything, he will do it himself.  He doesn’t know where the assassin guild is, but he knows where to find Yeo Un. Gwang Taek asks him how he knows.  Sa Mo knows there will be a Qing messenger leaving tomorrow, the  messenger will go to the wharf to take a ship back to Qing.   Gwang Taek says  they  must not let Dong Soo know about this.  He and Sa Mo will take care of this.  Dong Soo overhears this from outside.  The assassin guy gives In,  Cheon’s seal he stole from the guild.

The Qing is leaving tomorrow , he asks Dae Ju about the Book of War. Dae Ju says, he will see it when he boards the ship. He asks if  Cheon will be there to greet him. In walks in and says no, Cheon won’t be there.

In tells the Qing that Cheon and Ji won’t appear tomorrow but a young man named Yeo Un will be the one greet him and give him the book. The Qing wonders these days he hasn’t seen Cheon, is he rebelling?  In says yes. They will pretend to give the book to the Emperor, but as soon as he  has the book in his hand, there will be assassins move in to take it back. Then he (the Qing) will have to take the responsibility of losing the Book of War.

The Qing asks for an evidence of what he said. In shows him an order that Cheon personally gave. The Qing looks at  the written order, there is Cheon’s seal on it. The Qing believes In.

All the time, Dae Ju keeps quiet, when the Qing leaves, he asks In what he is doing. He answers he has to get back his position.

Yeo Un, Ji Seon and the gisaeng are leaving the assassin guild. Cho Rip informs Gwang Taek and Sa Mo that Dong Doo is disappeared. Dong Soo is riding fast to the wharf. Jin Ju sees him ride pass her. Gwang Taek and Sa Mo hurriedly follow Dong Soo.  Gim Hong Do (the painter who copied Ji Seon’s tattoo for the Prince) comes to Sa Mo’s place and meets Cho Rip.  Cho Rip asks him why he is here.

They arrive at the wharf, In’s voice telling the assassin guy that as soon as he has the book in his hand, kills that woman. and In will take care of the rest.

Yeo Un and Ji Seon stand before the Qing.  He asks Yeo Un who he is, Yeo Un says he is the assassin guild’s Human Lord, Yeo Un.  He hands the book to the Qing. The Qing asks Ji Seon to take off her clothes , he want to confirm it. Yeo Un recalls Cheon’s order that the Book of War  has to reach the Qing’s Emperor’s hands.

Ji Seon asks the Qing that she’s the Emperor people, how he can see it first. He says he wants to see if it’s fake or not. Ji Seon starts to take of her clothes off  but Yeo Un cuts her robe making a little hole enough for the tattoo to show. The Qing sees the tatoo he orders the ship to be ready. Ji Seon thanks Yeo Un.

They are boarding the ship. Yeo Un asks Ji Seon if she realizes that once she boards the ship, she won’t be able to return. Ji Seon doesn’t say anything, she walks forward.  The assassin guy uses his sword to stop her. He tells Yeo Un to drop his sword. Yeo Un throws it away. The guy asks the Qing for the book. The Qing  gives it to  him.  In shows up and kills the assassin guy and takes the book.  He tells the Qing that it happened like what he told him. In asks for his favor. The Qing agrees , he will inform the Emperor of his achievements. They start boarding the ship.

Dong Soo arrives  in time.  He shouts to them “Be still !”
Everybody turns and Dong Soo runs to them. He kicks all the assassins on his way. He talks to Ji Seon that she cannot go but she tells him not to come closer.

Dong Soo, “You will regret it. I’m sure you will regret it if you go.”
Ji Seon, “I have to go, please forget about me.  I’m someone who has already died.”
Dong Soo, “How can you forget so soon? I will protect you.”
Ji Seon, “This is fate. It’s inevitable.”
Dong Soo, “Shut up! Don’t say such thing as fate, didn’t I say it before, I,Baek Dong Soo, will protect you? So trust me!”
And he runs into them.

Baek Dong Soo OST  –  Falling In Love

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  1. this ep was probably the most with yeo un and ji sun other than ep 6 hehe

    • yess!!YU want to be sacrifed for JS sooo llooovve it

      • yhhhhhh i know but why is it i felt yeo un didn’t love her much here i mean i know he said to cheon plsss spare her life but i mean the way dong soo says to ji sun you’ll be safe don’t follow that destiny to me was romantic i just wished yeo un could of done that i want yeo un with ji sun soooooo bad and dong soo with jin ju

  2. that to me is the most strongest thing ji sun has done was when she stabbed cheon i wouldn’t have the guts to do that lolz

  3. Yay! First part is here. Thanks a bunch!

    Friendly warning, below is me in whining-mode, skip it if you loathe any form of whining. Peace.

    Dong soo, I adore you but you have to wake up, man. What’s with all that ‘whining’ for JS? Gah. My ‘friend’, you really are making me sick.
    And for you Jin Ju, I really don’t want to see you hurt (physically/emotionally). Take care of yourself, pretty please?
    And Un, I have nothing to say to you. Zip. Zero.
    GT and Ji, are you guys going to waste another 20 years to make that relationship work out?? What on earth going on there? Arggh!

    • Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m kind of hopeful for Ji and Gwang Taek too. And yeah, Dong Soo please be strong. The ending scene makes me wonder will Cheon show up at the wharf next week? ^^

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