Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 13

Dong Soo is taking Ji Seon to meet with the Prince. When they arrive at the market, suspicious men approach them. Dong Soo sends  Ji Seon out for safety. Ji Seon rides away by herself. He engages in the fight with those  men.

Ji Seon is hiding from the men, when they leave she carefully walks out. Then somebody grabs her wrist, it’s Jin Ju. She helps Ji Seon  getting away from all those men.

Dong Soo, Ji Seon and Jin Ju sit down for a talk.  He tells Jin Ju that  their plan has changed, few persons knew about it, there must be someone inside betrayed them.  Then Dong Soo recalls his talking with Yeo Un in the palace.

Yeo Un, “In case, just in case, if I was the one who harmed our good guys, Dong Soo, you might possibly be feeling regretful.”

Dong Soo says, “Could it be, Un? No, he wouldn’t possibly do that.”  Dong Soo will go to the place as planned, he asks Jin Ju to take care of  Ji Seon.  Ji Seon wants to go with him, but he says no , it’s dangerous. Jin Ju holds Ji Seon’s hand not to go and let Dong Soo leaves alone.

Yeo Un saying sorry with tears brimming his eyes, he plunges his sword into Su Ung’s body. Cheon leaves with Yeo Un. The Prince calls “Su Ung!” , he holds  Su Ung then he grabs his spear and runs after Cheon.

Dong Soo is running. He arrives at the spot where the assassins attacked the carriage. He sees the assassins are clearing up the corpses, he cries and runs to them. He takes all the assassins down. Then he holds a dying officer in his arm calling his name, the officer opens his eyes and lets out, “Your Highness…danger”.  Dong Soo asks him where Yeo Un is, the officer whispers in his ears and passes away.

The Prince runs to Cheon and jumps high. Cheon uses his red package to catch the Prince’s spear. He uncovers the red package, it a sword inside which he says just the blade alone weights 1kg, to grip the sword in one’s hard is already hard to do. Cheon asks if the Prince still wants to confront him.

The Prince says, “I’m this country’s foundation. Even if death is imminent, I cannot be a traitor.”  Cheon draws the sword. They fight while Yeo Un is looking at them. Cheon slashes one of the Prince’s leg.

Cheon, “Finally I understand a little, what that fellow, Gwang Taek, has that I don’t.” The Prince tells him to stop talking useless things. They run into each other and engage in a long fight, then again Cheon is able to slash the Prince’s leg, the Prince loses his balance and stumbles backwards. Cheon uses his sword to pin the Prince’s arm to a tree, then he steps back.

The Prince pulls the sword out of his arm then runs to Cheon. They fight and at the end, they stand close looking at each other. The Prince says that it looks life his life will end here, “Listen up, although you can kill me, my Northern Expedition dream will never die. Even a hundred or thousand years from now, my belief will never disappear.” Cheon says he hopes the Prince will leave everything and go. The Prince says that although everyone has to die,  anyone who was killed by a person like him, this life is a little  pitiful.

Cheon’s  sword has already plunged into the Prince’s body when they talk. The Princes steps back with Cheon’s sword in his body and sits down by a tree looking at the sky.

The Prince says, “I will surly complete my Northern Expedition dream.” Then he closes his eyes and passes away.  Ji Seon feels the pain in her chest, she’s frightened that something may happen to the Prince.

Dong Soo is running. He is trying to find the Prince. Cheon orders Yeo Un  to takes care of the  Prince’s body. Cheon walks out. Yeo Un kneels in front of the Prince and says, “Your Highness, please forgive me, I have no other way. I’m unable to overcome him. Please, you must forgive me.”  He cries and bows to the Prince.

Dong Soo arrives at the fighting ground, he sees Su Ung’s dead body, he holds him and cries. Then he perks up thinking about the Prince, he says! He turns to see Yeo Un is kneeling down further behind. He walks to Yeo Un only to see the Prince’s dead body. He holds the Prince and cries.

Dong Soo stands up and turns to face Yeo Un, he asks if  Yeo Un is the one who killed the Prince. Yeo Un looks at him but doesn’t answer. Dong Soo asks again if Yeo Un killed both Su Ung and the Prince. Yeo Un just keeps quiet.

Dong Soo lets out, “Why? Why?” When Yeo Un wouldn’t answer Dong Soo asks, “What to do? Now I know the truth, are you going to kill me too?”  Dong Soo grabs Yeo Un’s collar asking whether he is crazy, whether this is the Un that he knows.

Yeo Un answers, “This is fate, nothing can be done. I tried to escape from it but failed. This is also fate.” Dong Soo tells him not to talk nonsense and punches Yeo Un in his face. There’s blood coming out of his mouth. Dong Soo thinks of their past together; the beacon exam, their childhood, their conversation in the palace.

Flashback – Yeo Un asks, “Why did you not ask about my wound?”  Dong Soo, “Because I believe in you.”

Present – Dong Soo screams and punches Yeo Un again. All the time, Yeo Un never fights back. Dong Soo is thinking to himself that  he doesn’t have any complaints,  there’s no excuse for people who have failed. He picks up a sword and points it at Yeo Un telling him to get up, that he wants to stab him.

Jin Ju and Ji Seon run into Cheon and his lackey. They hide behind a tree, Cheon asks who it is. Jin Ju silently signals Ji Seon her plan. Jin Ju shows herself out saying,  “Hello, the weather is nice, isn’t it?”  Then she runs. The lackey goes after her. Ji Seon leaves and Cheon continues on his way.

Dong Soo stabs Yeo Un many times but Yeo Un is able to get away every time.  Yeo Un tells Dong Soo not to provoke him to draw his sword, but Dong Soo tells him to do it. Dong Soo tries to stab him again and again but he misses. Yeo Un  shouts at him, “I’m begging you Baek Dong Soo, stop it!”  Dong Soo refuses to stop saying he must kill Yeo Un.

Yeo Un throws  dirt to Dong Soo’s eyes,  Dong Soo swings his sword blindly. Ji Seon arrives and sees them. When his eyes are getting clearer, he runs to Yeo Un. Yeo Un draws his sword out and aims at Dong Soo, but just before Yeo Un swings his sword , Ji Seon holds him back from behind. Dong Soo’s sword cuts through the side of Yeo Un’s waist into Ji Seon. Dong Soo perks up and realizes that it’s Ji Seon, he pulls his sword back and says, young miss, no! Ji Seon  falls to the ground. Dong Soo holds her.  Yeo Un asks if  he’s satisfied now, young miss is really brave.

Dong Soo tells  Yeo Un, “Un, don’t die. Because I have to kill you, so you absolutely must not die.” Yeo Un laughs. Dong Soo carries Ji Seon on his back and runs. On the way, she begs Dong Soo to take her back. He’s afraid that she will die but she says she’s alright. Then he realizes why she wants to go back, he runs back.

Ji Seon sits next to the Prince saying, “Your Highness, why did you go alone? Please take me with you.” She turns to Dong Soo and says she’s sorry, Dong Soo asks her why she’s sorry, do not be like this and continue to live. She says  thank you. She closes her eyes. Dong Soo tells  her not to die. He cries saying, “This is not the  fate that I will follow, I,  Baek Dong Soo will create my own destiny.  Young miss, you must live.”  Dong Soo outcries  in agony.

Jin Ju hears his voice, she stands up from hiding. The assassin finds her, he puts his sword to her throat. Cheon hears Dong Soo  too. Jin Gi flies his sword to help  Jin Ju. She runs to Dong Soo, Jin Gi follows her. Gwang Taek and Sa Mo are on the way to the Prince.

Cheon walks back and asks Yeo Un  he told him to take care of the body. Dong Soo asks Cheon  if it’s him who killed them. Dong Soo fights with Cheon, he ends up being clutched at his throat. Cheon threatens to kill him. Then Cheon remembers him, the young Dong Soo who left the wound on his body. He asks if his name is Baek Dong Soo. Dong Soo  recalls  the  night with Dae Po, he calls Cheon the real culprit. Cheon counters, “No! You must remember that,  that is for the history to decide.”  With Cheon’s answer, Dong Soo turns to look at Yeo Un. Yeo Un avoids his eyes. Dong Soo turns to Cheon and declares that he will kill him.

Dong Soo, “Today, I, Baek Dong Soo will kill you.” Cheon laughs, “You’ve grown up a lot, but can you do it?” He pushes Dong Soo away forcefully, Dong Soo’s coming on him again, this time Cheon hits his stomach hard with his hand, Dong Soo crouches in pain. Cheon says if he tries once more, he will kill him for real. Cheon looks at Yeo Un and says this is  the fate of you all.

Cheon looks at Ji Seon and asks if this is the woman. Yeo Un keeps quiet. Cheon carries Ji Seon away. Yeo Un walks pass Dong Soo, he says to Dong Soo, “You must live on, survive. You must come to find me for revenge, Baek Dong Soo.”

Dong Soo, “I won’t ever forgive you.I, Baek Dong Soo, will never ever forgive you. Ever!” Yeo Un leaves. Dong Soo cries calling for Ji Seon.

Jin Ju runs to Dong Soo, she holds his face asking if he’s alright. Dong Soo doesn’t answer at all. Jin Gi sees the Prince, he’s startled. Gwang Taek and Sa Mo arrive and see the Prince, both kneel down and cry. Then Gwang Taek gets up, he bows to the Prince. He turns to Dong Soo. Dong Soo sits still with no focus in his eyes.

Gwang Taek  finds Ji. He asks why she is here, she says sorry and asks him to forgive her. She tells him to kill her. He cuts through her clothes a bit and a  pearl drops down. Jin Ju notices the  pearl.  Gwang Taek doesn’t want to kill her, she promises to return that child to him. Dong Soo looks to her.

Cheon sits alone in the assassin guild saying to himself,  “You really should not kill him.”
Gwang Taek seeks out Cheon. He comes to a dark house, nobody there. When he’s about to leave, Cheon’s voice coming from somewhere saying that he’s been waiting for him for a long time.But now he doesn’t have the confidence and mood to fight with him.

Gwang Taek, “You did something that you shouldn’t have done today. Today, I must cut off your head.” He asks Cheon to show himself, but Cheon says Gwang Taek is not in a good health so he won’t be able to beat him today. Cheon tells him when the time comes, they will come to each other for a fair fight. But Gwang Taek wants him to come out now. Cheon is still hiding. Gwang Taek says, “Cheon, you will die in my hands.” He leaves.

The officers open the box for Cho Rip to come out. Gwang Taek informs the King about the death of the Prince. The Norons are rejoicing. Cho Rip walks back to Sa Mo’s place. They greet him. Cho Rip sees Dong Soo in such state, he hugs him.

At the palace, the punishment ground. [Year 1762,  King Yeong Ju 38th year]
They open the box,and the Prince’s body is inside. The Prince’s son (Jeong Jo) comes running in and crying. At the Prince Heir private residence, The Prince walks in with Gwang Taek by his side.

Then one month later.
Cho Rip runs to Sa Mo telling him that Dong Soo went out, Sa Mo is exasperated that again he went out. They take off to look for him. Gwang Taek comes to see the Prince but he’s not there. The Prince is walking alone outside the palace.

Dong Soo is beaten up in the market, the Prince helps him. But the Prince forgot to bring  money with him so he will come back, he asks Dong Soo to wait for him here. Dae Ju’s lackey is on the roof, aiming his arrow at the Prince. Dong Soo catches the arrow before it gets to the Prince with his hand. Then Gwang Taek comes, the guards tell everybody that it’s the Prince, and to kneel down.

Sa Mo and Cho Rip run to Dong Soo and take him back. The Prince asks Gwang Taek if this person is Baek Dong Soo, he’d mentioned. Jin Ju sees Dong Soo on his way back with Sa Mo and Cho Rip, she feels sad to see Dong Soo  like that.

The Prince asks Gwang Taek  if his father was killed by the assassin. Gwang Taek lowers his head. The Prince wonders how that can be, isn’t his father the Crown Prince of this country? Gwang Taek tells the Prince that he has to be careful too.

All the boys are worried about Dong Soo that it’s been over a month and he’s still like this, his eyes don’t show sign of a living person.   Dae Ju learns that now Gwang Taek is looking after Prince Jeong Jo, he inquires his lackey about Dong Soo, he answers he heard Dong Soo has gone crazy. Dae Ju tells the red guy to deliver a book to the assassin guild, and orders the other guy to check on Dong Soo.

Jin Ju looks at the pearl of her dad, it’s the same with Ji’s. She’s looking for her dad.  Jin Gi meets Ji, she tells him that girl saw her, her very same eyes saw this mother. Jin Ju waits  for her dad.

Jin Ju tells her dad to look at the pearls, one of which he cherished and the other from the ajumma, they are the same. Ji listens to them up on a tree. Jin Gi says if she goes to the market, this kind of bead is everywhere. He tells her to hurry and go to bed.  Then he walks back to the hideout. Jin Ju hears a  noise, Ji is startled she jumps down from the tree and runs. Jin Ju runs after her, she smells something, it’s the ajumma’s powder smell.

She calls out, ajumma? ajumma, right? Ji looks at her worriedly. Jin Ju talks out loud that this pearl, her father has one too. “Is it mother? Mother, right? Come out! Where are you? Ajumma!” Tears in her eyes, Ji put her hand over her mouth and cries.

Her dad is holding the pearl and thinks back that day, flashback – Jin Gi holds the baby in his arms calling Ji, who is leaving. He tells her that this child should have a name,  she doesn’t answer or look back, she leaves.  Jin Gi looks at the pearl, then he comes up with the name, Jin Ju.  Present, Jin Ju looks at him.

Dae Ju’s lackey delivers the book to Cheon. It’s the book that Gwang Taek written, the martial art book. He looks inside the book that Dae Ju had said it would be great if they’ve gotten the hold of the book. Cheon throws the book into the fire. Yeo Un is with him.

Sa mo is trying to make Dong Soo eat but he doesn’t response.  Dae Ju’s lackey peeks at them and runs to report Dae Ju. He tells Dae Ju that Gwang Taek with the butcher (Sa Mo) is helping Dong Soo (?), and he confirms that Dong Soo is crazy. He asks Dae Ju why he is so concerned with this brat. In says, he understands it, that Dong Soo is  the Baek Sa Geong’s child. Dae Ju thinks he should not let Dong Soo live. In asks  what’s the use to kill a spiritless person, but if he wants he’ll do it.

Dae Ju meets the Queen, the Queen wants to get rid of Prince Jeong Jo, but Dae Ju thinks it’s not the right time. The  consequences will be great, specailly to those loyal subjects, and Gwang Taek is always with the Prince. Dae Ju suggests to bring the Prince back into the palace. The Prince lives in his private residence is good (for them), but if they cannot do anything to him at the moment, the Prince should return to the palace.

The Queen tells the King, because the Prince would  inherit the throne, the situation is not yet calm, things can come up again.

The Prince is leaving for the palace, he tells Gwang Taek he won’t cry, he will be patient. Gwang Taek says he must do that and exhibit  strong heart.

Jin Ju sees Cho Rip and Dong Soo sit together, she waves her hand at both faces, both appear to be disoriented. So She splashes water onto them, Cho Rip is taken by surprised, he stands up. Jin Ju asks him how he can become like Dong Soo now. Then she takes Dong Soo with her telling Cho Rip to follow.

She puts Dong Soo on the edge of the lake, she plans to push Dong Soo into the water. If he wants to suvive, he will swim, but Cho Rip doesn’t like her idea, what if he doesn’t move in the water?  She yells at him, then he has to save Dong Soo. Cho Rip, “Me?”, then he trips on a log and falls forward. He bumps Jin Ju  into  the water. She yells that she means  to take Dong Soo into the water not her.  Cho Rip calls Dong Soo, “Dong Soo, save me!”  Dong Soo lets out a smile.

The two get out of the water, bickering. Jin Ju chases after Cho Rip leaving Dong Soo alone. In walks to him and calls his name. Dong Soo looks at him. In asks if he recognizes him, Dong Soo smiles.  In, “Do you like me? Is he really crazy or not?”  He swings his sword to Dong Soo’s throat, he doesn’t move. In says he has his mercy this time, he’s  not going to kill him.

Gwang Taek drags Dong Soo out and throws him to the ground. He beats him repeatedly with a pole.  Jin Ju  tells Sa Mo, she’s afraid Dong Soo will die but because it’s Gwang Taek, Sa Mo cannot do anything. Suddenly Dong Soo catches the pole mid air before it hits him.

Gwang Taek, “Do you want to live? Then move. Your spirit is dead but isn’t your body still alive?”  Dong Soo looks at him smiling (in sacrastic way).  Gwang Taek shouts louder,  “Get up!”

At the assassin guild, Yeo Un walks pass all the assassins to where Cheon is. Yeo Un sits down beside Cheon, all the assassins kneel down.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST  –  The Only Road

*Will do the final check later  ^^

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  1. this was the ep i was more afraid of yeo un especially when he was at hoksa chorong and ji was looking and cheon and yeo un was behind him in his new outfit his face totally freaked me out i thought woahhhh scary face he’s finally gone evil lol

  2. Thank you so much for this!
    I found this site yesterday and I was like, finally, I know what’s going on with WBDS!
    Since other sites that I used to visit doesn’t recap this one. I try to look for other site.
    I found one actually, but it’s not as fast as yours, so again, thank you!

    I really, really hope that the writer will not kill Gwang Taek off. I want him, Ji and their (to be confirmed) daughter have their happy ending.
    I might be minority but I don’t care a bit for Un, since I find it really hard to understand his motive(s).
    But then, I haven’t even watch episode 9 to 14 so I might change my opinion after I watch the whole thing. I’m sure going to miss the bromance, though.

    That’s my two cents. Thank you for following-up this drama. Cheers!

    • ups, sorry. forgot to put my name up there.
      first time posting here (or rather second) so nice to ‘meet’ you. hee…^^

    • Thanks for stopping by….be warned this site is a bit out of portion, eh…by me-self ^^
      Gwang Taek and Ji together? Dun..dun…that was not my option before, but it can happen. I have a feeling that not everyone will survive tho. Or may be n..none? O_O!!

      • Oh no! Please don’t pull that kind of stunt writer-nim! I can’t take death no more!
        I still can not believe that the writer kill-off Crown Prince.
        Really? What was your option before? (if you would like to share, of course).
        Side note; I don’t really buy love triangle for the younger generation. Don’t know why.
        Maybe because the love story between GT,Ji and C much more ‘heavy’. But then, it’s a matter of individual taste. 🙂

        • Yo! I knew from the beginning that the Crown Prince Sado would be executed, it’s in the history. If you watch Yi San, before he died he told his son not to hate/angry at his grandfather (the current king) and to become a great King. The younger casts couldn’t convince me too, but their looks does *wink*

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