Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 14 (Quick Note)

At night, GT throws DS on the ground and hits him repeatedly.
Then DS catches the pole to stop from hitting him.
GT tells him to get up. He hits him again, but he’s not getting up.
Until morning comes,  DS sits still with GT stands looking at him.

JJ, CP and JM’s daughter are looking at them, JJ’s afraid DS will die from been hitting like that.

At the assassin guild, Ji thinks of JJ calling her mother. She comes to talk with JG, telling him to bring JJ to her (?)

DS sits quietly, GT shouts at him that until when he’d be like this.

SM and the kids are pacing worriedly. Then  Ji’s  ball flies in and sticks at the pole, SM recognizes the ball.
SM meets Ji, she asks him about JJ, SM is surprised.

DS fights with GT, GT hits him many times. JJ shouts at GT to stop.
GT asks JJ, pointing at DS,  if  this’s called s living person.

JJ tells GT, she will make DS  come back, she will help DS.  JJ carries DS away telling CP to follow her.
GT follows them.

SM and Ji see GT walking behind DS, JJ, CP. They follow GT.

JJ takes DS to his old house when they were young (?).
She tells CP to stay outside , dont’ ever come in. CP is scared of what JJ will do to DS.

JJ closes the door (a storage room with lots of hay)  and lights a torch.
She talks to DS, asking if he remembers the fire (he saved her when they were young), she asks him to help her.
“You are BDS”, she throws the torch into the hay,  the flame goes high. JJ talks to DS, please come back.
DS still doesn’t move.

CP is outside, banging at the door.
GT asking what happens.
CP explains about JJ and DS are inside, GT stops CP from going in, to wait and see.

SM and Ji see the burning hut, he hears  DS and JJ are inside, SM is frightened, he wants to go in but Ji stops him.

At the assassin guild, YU sits with Cheon.
He walks down , JS is standing there, YU is looking at her.

GT stops CP from going into the burning hut.
Ji runs to them , she asks GT to help them. GT wonders why she is here.
Ji tells him it’s her  child. (?)

Then the hut is collapsing,  DS carries JJ outside,
DS asks JJ  if she’s stupid (to do this). She reaches out to his face and smiles.

DS and JJ are lying next to each other. DS wakes up. CP runs to him.
DS asks about the ajumma (Ji).

GT with Ji, he asks her if JJ is his child. She says no. He laughs.

Cheon is drinking alone talking to himself.

JS  sits with YU.
Flashback – YU stops JS from using a knife to  Cheon.
But Cheon tells YU to let her come.
JS  staps Cheon on his chest, but she doesn’t push the knife deeper. Cheon asks her what she’s waiting for? (?)

She couldn’t answer. He pulls the knife out of his chest ,and tells her that ‘s enough.

JS doesn’t eat.
YU  kneels down handing her his knife pointing to himself,  but JS stands up.
YU tells her to think about DS, if she dies, what will happen to DS.

Present – YU talks to JS, (she doesn’t want to go to DS??? She doesn’t have a life, not sure)

YU gets a book, Cheon tells him , YU looks at JS. (Book of war?)

Ji  gives a letter to JJ to GT, she is leaving, GT asks her if that child is alive. She says she’s alive (JS?)
SM and JG come to GT after Ji leaves, GT gives JG the letter.

JM is cooking for DS, but he went out.
DS waits for Ji, he asks about JS, she wouldn’t tell him.
DS draws his sword at her. Ji asks him what is JS to him, love?
Ji draws her sword, DS loses, she points her sword at his throat saying at this time he cannot win over her. (?)
JG comes to stop DS  from the fight.

DS asks Ji where is JS,  she says  about Book of War.  Ji talks to him and leaves.

JJ is still sleeping. GT and JG and everybody are sitting around her.

JG tells JJ back story, that…Flashback,
JG is in the assassin guild, Ji  is throwing up, Cheon talks to her with JG by her side.
Cheon tells her to go, he asks JG to take care of Ji.  At the hideout, she delivers the baby.
Present, JG doesn’t know who is the  father (?) GT listens to him.

JJ wakes up, she asks for DS.
DS walks in, he tells her to hurry get up.
She says DS, you’re  back.

SM scolds at her that she risks her life. They all leave the room.
DS looks at her, looking guilty and walks away.

There are only JJ and JG in the room. JJ asks JG, if it’s a dream she saw the ajumma that night.
She asks him if she’s her mom. JG nods.
She asks about her dad, she cries saying it’s doesn’t matter.
She cries, she ‘s been thinking about who is her mom/dad, if they are still alive, She cries.
JG cries, tells her that this JG is her dad.
She nods, smiles, that she knows.
JG cries, he hands her Ji’s letter. JJ reads the letter, sth sth about her to live  happily. She cries.

DS comes to JG asking him where is the assassin guild, he answers.
DS is running alone in the field, then he stops  and cries and shouts into the sky.

Ji comes back to the guild.

In is drinking with the assassin head, the gisaeng is looking at them.

The King is asking about the young prince (study?). He’s satisfied. The Queen’s father overhears them. He talks with the Queen.

The Prince (Jeong Jo) is reading in the night, an officer asks him to rest (?) JJ-Prince asks if it’s because of him the officer cannot rest. (?) He says no.

At the guild, YU walks with JS (the head assassin looks at them), they talk with Ji.
JS, she knows about the Book of  War (herself).

The gisaeng tells Cheon about In (that he’s still alive) drinking with the header assassin.
Cheon calls for YU.
He explains about one place  is empty for a sword. YU asks if that place is GT’s…..sth sth  *scratching head ^^ *

The gisaeng listens to them.

YU kneels down to Cheon, that he would follow him , but, he asks for JS to stay alive.
Cheon says he doesn’t know what she’s to YU, but the book of war, …taking her life. (?)
Cheon points at the empty sword place, that about GT, JS, book of war. (^^)

DS talks to GT.  GT and DS,  both are happy that he’s able to come back.
GT tells DS  not to thank him but to thank  JJ, she’s the one DS should say ‘thank you’ to.

JJ with dad, they are leaving. She wants to wait a bit. DS walks in, everybody leaves for  DS and JJ  to be together.

DS asks why she’s  still here (why not leaving?),  so she walks out saying ok, when she’s closer, DS grabs her wrist
and hugs her saying thank you, then he tells her to let go of  him (that she’s now the one holding  him LOL).

JJ walks away with her dad, to see Ji.
Ji says sorry, JJ asks her why, she explains.
JJ cries, Ji cries.
JJ says that “I miss you,  mom”
Ji cries, JJ steps closer. Ji hugs her and cries.
JJ touches her back and cries.

At the guild, the head assassin takes sth and hides it, Choen asks what he’s doing.
Cheon brings a scroll with text, he asks the head about it. (List of names)

Cheon asks each name and the guy explains.
A sumurai, Hwang Jin Gi, another guy,  then Cheon asks of one man.
The picture shows  the painter ( that copy JS’ s back into three maps) with another man.
Finally, Cheong asks him that he was drinking with In. He says sorry.

Cheon writes one more name on the scroll.

At SM’s place, everybody sit at the table, GT, CP , SM asks if JS is still alive? , and they talk about her.
DS overhears all of it and is startled clutching his hand.

The head assassin gives In a small red package.

DJ talks with the Qing, the Qing inquires  about the Book of  War, mentioning the assassin guild.
In walks in, he suggests sth.
In gives him a paper,  the Qing reads it. DJ doesn’t know what In is up to.

DJ sends the Qing out, DJ asks In , what’s this about?

The gisaeng comes to see JS, she tells JS that she’s assassin guild’s people.

YU and JS, the gisaeng leave the assassin guild.

CP runs inside and tells everybody that DS left.
DS rides fast. JJ sees him and calls out but he doesn’t hear.
GT, SM hurriedly ride out. CP and the boys run but couldn’t follow them.

The Painter guy (Gim Hong Do) arrives at SM’s place, CP asks why he’s here.

YU and JS  meet  the Qing, YU gives the Book to the Qing.
The Qing asks JS  to show the book of war.
JS  is taking off her robe , but YU cuts a hole on her robe to let the Qing see.
He orders his men and walks out.
YU puts a robe on her, she says thank you.
JS  is leaving with the Qing (on the boat?). But the head assassin uses his sword to stop JS.
He  tells YU  to drop his sword, and asks the Qing for the Book.
The Qing gives it to him.

In comes and kills the head assassin and takes the Book to the Qing.
The Qing is leaving with In and JS and YU.

DS runs to them and calls out for them to stop, he charges in , DS talks to JS but she doesn’t agree with him.
DS runs to her and kills lots of  assassins. He’s  moving  right into  all of  them.

No preview.

Man, what a really fast paced episode, I couldn’t finish typing one scene when another one follows by another. Is it just me? Ep13-14,  the story seemed rush and  the editing was not as good as before, may be they are doing live shooting now?  Don’t know what’s going on with JS and the Book of War.  I’m rooting for DS and JJ, at ep 14, still no sign from DS, my ship is sinking. *sob sob*

Hope he will not start to care for her when it’s too late.

TT_TT another tough episode to write up  *run cover ears with evil laugh*

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  1. Thank you for the Quick Note. I enjoy this drama a whole bunch, also totally agreeing on the DS and JJ being together. Man they would be so cute like with them bickering and kick their enemies butt would be Hilarious. He would try to impress and she would just come in and show him how it’s done but still need DS to help out. Hope for huge kickass power next episode.

    • Haha…your story sounds fun, we should send mail to the PD, we need DS and JJ together asap *angry face*
      Our ship must not sink!
      I was thinking eh…dear PD-nim, when will DS’s martial arts become better? Cuz this is like ep 14 already! ^^

  2. Thank you for the Quick Note, so happy that you take your time to fill us in on WBDS. I do agree with you on wanting DS AND JJ being together.

    • Woo hoo, I have peeps on the same ship, really losing hope when DS kept on weeping for JS.
      Me too, enjoying this drama a lot, this last two eps kept me at the edge of my seat the whole hour, even stopped typing cuz it’s so intense. Gah…..anticipating the writer will start killing off some characters soon, but not sure who *sweating*

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