Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 13 (Quick Note)

Dong Soo fights with the men in the market. JS rides away, men are following her.

Men are looking for JS and couldn’t find her, JS comes out and walks among villagers. Someone takes her hand and drags her into an alley. It’s JJ.

JJ takes JS with her.

DS, JJ and JS sit talking. DS tells JJ about the story in the palace (the Prince), then he recalls Yeo Un talking to  him in the palace. DS  lets out, can it be..then DS asks JJ to take care of JS, he will go alone.

But JS  wants to go with him. DS says no, it’s dangerous. He leaves.
JJ holds JS’s hand to let DS go alone.

YU is killing SU, the Prince sees them. SU saying good bye to the Prince. The Prince runs after Cheon and YU.

DS is running, he arrives where the carriage was attacked by the assassins

DS sees the assassins are clearing up the corpses near the carriage. He cries out and runs, taking all the assassins down.
The officer is dying, DS holds him.  DS asks him about YU, where is YU?
He tries to talk but his voice is so low, DS puts his ear to the officer’s face trying to catch his word.

The Prince jumps high to  Cheon, Cheon uses that red package to push the Prince away. He opens the red cloth, it’s a sword.  The Prince fights with Cheon. YU looks at them.

Cheon slashes the Prince’s leg (great long fighting scenes). they resume fighting.

Cheon slashes the Prince’s both legs. Then Cheon uses his sword to pin the Prince arm with a tree.

Then he steps back, they fight again. Standing close together, the Prince and Cheon exchange words.

Then the Prince steps back,  Cheon had already plunged his sword thru the Prince’s  mid body.
The Prince  steps back and sits down by a tree, he talks to himself  looking at the sky. Then he closes his eyes and passes way.

JS is walking with JJ, JS feels pain in her heart (when the Prince passes away).

DS  is still running. GT and SM are riding fast on their way to the Prince.

Cheon talks to YU and leaves.

YU kneels down in front of the Prince saying “Your Highness, I’m sorry………please forgive me.”

DS runs and sees SU’s dead body, he cries out.
Then he sees YU is kneeling in front of the Prince.
DS cries aloud calling the Prince. YU looks at him.

DS turns to YU, he asks YU…that The Prince, SU died, what about him here/what happen?
DS asks YU, why? He shouts at YU why?
DS asks YU again to tell him. DS says ,” Are you crazy?”
YU answers him sth. DS punches YU, and again.
DS thinks about their past together,  the beacons fired-arrows, the past young DS with YU, and in the palace when he said to YU that he trusted him. DS punches YU again, this time YU falls to the ground.
DS picks up a sword and points it to YU.

JJ and JS walk together.
They sees Cheon and one assassin walking their way. They hide behind a tree.
JJ silently tells JS, she will go other way. JJ comes out, the assassin follows JJ.

Cheon doesn’t care, he continues his way so JS  slips away safely.

DS using a sword to fight but YU is avoiding him, YU begs DS not to provoke him.

DS plunges his sword to YU.  JS holds YU from behind to move him away, the sword cuts thru the waist of YU and JS.
DS cries out saying no, not young miss. DS  tells YU (kind of it’s not over between them?), YU laughs.

DS carries JS running, but she asks him. DS turns back and carries her back to the Prince.

JS sits beside the Prince holding him and she passes out.
DS cries, saying BDS loves her (?) He roars.

JJ is hiding from the assassin, then she hears DS.
She stands up, so the assassin sees her, he puts  his  sword to her throat.
Her dad comes running and flying his sword and helps JJ , she runs to DS. Her dad follows.

Cheon walks back to YU.
DS stands up and fight with Cheon.
Cheon clutches his throat. DS stares at him.
Cheon thinks back when the young DS slashes him.
He asks DS, you are that kid, BDS?

DS turns to look at YU, declares to Cheon that today it’s the end.
Cheon uses his sword to push him away, when DS charges him again he uses his hand to punch at DS’s stomach.
DS falls in pain. YU looks at them.
Cheon looks at JS.
Cheon asks YU if  she’s that girl , YU doesn’t say.
Cheon carries her away, YU follows Cheon. YU says to DS.
DS says to YU, he… BDS will never ever  forgive him.
DS cries calling  for JS.

JJ runs and sees DS in a shock stage. DS doesn’t talk.
JG  sees the Prince. GT and SM run in, they all cry for the Prince.
GT is getting angry. He stands up and bows to the Prince.
He looks at DS.

GT puts his sword to Ji’s throat.
He asks why she’s here? She says sorry……. And for him to kill her.
He cuts thru sth.of Ji and a small ball falls down, JJ sees the ball. GT puts his sword down.
Ji tells GT about that child (YU?) DS turns to look at her, he cries.

GT comes to Cheon.
Cheon says he’s waiting for him.
They exchange words. Then Cheon disappears. GT runs out and Cheon is hiding.
GT says to him and leaves.

At the punishment ground in the palace, the guards open the box, Cho Rip looks at them.
GT is with the King, in front of the King is the Prince’s spear with blood.

CP walks back to SM,  JM’s daughter hugs him. SM hugs him.  CP asks for DS.

DS is sitting alone in the dark crying, CP hugs him.

At the punishment ground, the King and officers are there, they open the box, the Prince’s body is inside.
His son comes crying.

CP runs to SM telling about DS. SM says again?

GT comes with officers to a place,  for the young prince but the boy is not inside.

The young prince  is walking in the market. DJ’s red man is looking at him (I thought he was dead in last ep??).
DS walks in the market senselessly. Someone pushes him , he falls. A man hits DS, the prince helps him.
DJ’s man in on the roof with arrows aiming for the Prince.
DS catches the flying arrow.

GT and officers come calling, your highness. SM and CP come to take DS back. The Prince asks GT, is that BDS?

JJ sees SM and CP taking DS back.

The Prince asks GT about his dad, how he’d died, was he framed about the revolt?

At SM’s place, DS is lying on the ground not responding to anyone. GT walks pass DS to go inside.

DJ asks  his lackey. He tells DJ that BDS has gone crazy. DJ tells the lackey to check on DS.

JJ opens a box and sees small ball, the same that Ji has, she calls for her dad.

Ji meets JG (JJ’s dad), she says to him about JJ.

JG walks back, JJ is waiting.
She shows him the balls, she asks about it saying that ajumma has it.
Ji looks at them from the tree.
JG tells JJ to go to bed, and he walks away.
JJ hears something, Ji jumps down, JJ runs after her.
She smells something in the air. Ji hides from her.

JJ  says out loud,  it’s ajumma’s right? this ball?
She asks loudly if, by any chance,…. Mother? Mother right? Come out, ajumma!

Ji cries silently.

JG looks at the ball.

Flashback – JG runs out with the baby in his arm, asking Ji , what’s the child’s name? Ji doesn’t answer and leaves. JG sees a back ball, and calls the baby “Jin Ju”. Present – JG is holding the black ball, JJ looks at him.

Cheon is at the guild, he’s burning the book of martial art new spectrum( that  GT wrote). DJ gave it to him.

YU kneels down to Cheon, Ji looks at him.

SM tries to make DS eat. DJ’s  lackey peeks at them. He runs to DJ’s place.
DJ’s wife asks him, he whispers to her ear.
He reports DJ about GT(and the young prince), DJ asks about DS’s craziness, he confirms.
In tells DJ that DS is the son of ……(DS dad’s name).

DJ talks to the queen. (about GT and the young Prince)

The queen talks to the King.

GT is with the Prince.

JJ comes and sees both CP and DS sit not moving. She splashes water on both of them. DS doesn’t move a bit. CP wakes up and says it’s JJ right?

JJ takes DS out and tells CP to follow her. She puts DS at the edge of the lake. She means to push DS into the water but CP doesn’t like her idea. They both slip and fall into the water, they yell at each other. DS lets out a smile. They two run out bickering.

In walks to DS. DS smiles.
In tests DS, he swings his sword to DS’s throat, DS doesn’t move a bit.
So he confirms that DS’s crazy. He leaves DS alone.

GT pushes DS on the ground and GT uses a pole to hit him again and again.
JJ  is worried for DS. SM looks at them.
Suddenly, DS catches GT’s pole before it hits him again.
GT tells him to come back to his senses, to live, to stay alive, gets up!

YU walks pass the lined up assassins. He steps on the stage and sits beside Cheon.


JJ hugs Ji. Ji cries.
JS is still alive, She’s staying in the assassin guild. She sits beside YU.
DS is fighting.

*A really fast paced episode and really love the writer to cleverly plot the death of the Prince, twists the story and then twists it back to merge with his death in the palace.  Who wanna bet? Is DS really crazy? ^^

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  1. Yep, I think so too. It’s more like he’s living in denial but then Jin Ju has already taken care of that, brave girl she is!

  2. Thanks for the recap. I don’t think Dong Soo is really crazy. I think he was just devastated that the woman he loved was taken away by his comrade that betrayed him & the prince died and he couldn’t do anything

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