Hooray for Love Episode 6

Dong Woo shows up, after a little resistance, Hee Soo agrees to talk with Jae Mi because she has something to tell her. At a cafe, Hee Soo begins with her questions to Jae Mi, what she wants to know, how they’ve  met? how much they are in love? or,  why Jong Soo abandoned his wife to be with her?  She answers to all the questions that she met Jong Soo in Sydney,  Jong Soo said they were soul mate.

Hee Soo asks Jae Mi, he is just 30 years old, to spend his life with someone he doesn’t love, whether it’s cruel.  She  (herself) is  an educated woman (study overseas) , she can tell right from wrong, she wouldn’t  ruin anyone’s family, but she couldn’t bear seeing him ruin his life like this.  She asks Jae Mi, using marriage to make a man hers, isn’t that cruel. Jae Mi asks if those are what she wants to tell her.

Dong Woo is waiting outside, he looks at Jong Soo’s  suitcase and has an idea to make Jae Mi change her mind.

Hee Soo tells Jae Mi to back off, no need to waste money and time, and to cancel her plan to invalidate the divorce. She might be angry at her now but later she will feel grateful. If  it were her, she would start over rather than staying with a man who’s no longer loves her.

Jae Mi tells her she won’t allow the divorce ever, she doesn’t understand how Jong Soo come to  love a woman like  her but to remember, three years ago Jong Soo said he loved her, so in the future he will come to his senses.

Hee Soo says Jae Mi cannot keep Jong Soo ,  and Jae Mi cannot give him. Jae Mi asks what “cannot give” means. She answers that she heard Jae Mi hasn’t been able to get pregnant, she touches her belly saying yes, she will have Jong  Soo’s child (she’s with child).  Jae Mi’s  face falls, her body starts to tremble to hear the painful truth.

Jae Mi desperately asks Hee Soo  if  it’s really Jong Soo’s child, may be she uses another man’s child to lure Jong Soo. Hee Soo is so angry she splashes her drink to Jae Mi’s face saying Jae Mi cannot insult  her child. She gets up to leave, Jae Mi catches her arm. Hee Soo says Jae Mi  won’t hurt a pregnant woman, right? Jae Mi lets go her arm, sits down and cries.

Dong Woo is on the phone with one of his girlfriend when he sees Hee Soo walks out.  She smirks at him.  He runs into the cafe  and finds Jae Mi’s trembling with her soaked face. He uses  his handkerchief to clean her face, she tells him she doesn’t want to go home and see Jong Soo.

Jae Mi’s mom texts to her ex that she doesn’t want to see him again,  she’s not coming for the check up at the hospital.  He comes to her house,  a lady in the neighborhood tells him that she’s at the shop.  The aunt sees him in front of the shop, she tells him Jae Mi’s  mom is inside.  They sit and talk at the restaurant, she refuses to go check up because she doesn’t want to bring up their past. He tells her the results were not good.

She looks him saying their relationship ended 10 years ago , no need for him to worry for a stranger. He lets out the truth that the initial results were not good, it can be cancer.  She stops surprised, then says she will go to other hospital so he should be satisfied now, she leaves.

The little girl is doing the sun-baiting on the roof, her dad comes back from work and wonders why she does that. She tells him, at school other children were making fun of her that she’s so white, it’s because they went swimming with their parents. Dad feels sad, he tells her after he solves the ajumma divorce case and gets money, they will go swimming together,  be patient until then. She smiles happily and asks her dad, so that ajumma  is also divorced?

Jong Soo stays at Jae Mi’s house, he calls Jae Mi, she doesn’t pick up the phone. He’s frustrated because the hearing for the divorce case is tomorrow, he wants to talk to her.  He calls Hee Soo asking  if she met Jae Mi,  Hee Soo  tells him Jae Mi insisted  she would never divorce him.  Hee Soo wants him to come over, but  he’s afraid if Jae Mi knows , there’ ll be trouble and the hearing is tomorrow. Hee Soo pretends she hurt  a little and hangs up. He’s worried thinking it’s Jae Mi hurt a pregnant woman. He leaves for Hee Soo.

Dong Woo takes Jae Mi to a quiet place, two hours drive from Seoul. He shows her the room and puts Jong Soo’s  suitcase on the bed (he’s hoping this suitcase will make Jae Mi let go of her husband). Jae Mi sits alone and recalls her giving Jong Soo a little baby shoes for their wedding anniversary, Hee Soo saying she cannot pregnant and showing her belly that it’s Jong Soo’s child.

Jae Mi opens the suitcase, there is a box of wedding rings and a note with Jong Soo’s hand writing to Hee Soo, saying that he’s  found happiness when he met her, it’s like the blessing from heaven, he loves her.  Then Jae Mi  sees the small guitar that Jong Soo sang with for Hee Soo at the airport, she starts to cry and screams out loud and louder , calling Jong Soo  a bastard!

Dong Woo runs into the room, tries to calm her down.  Jae Mi  says to him, you are just the same, you put it here for me to see! how cruel of you! you’re bad! She hits him so he holds her to stay still, she collapses to the floor crying.

Mom and daughter are fighting, mom is angry with the way Julie spent money (she’s wearing her red new dress bought by her husband’s money when she still has trouble paying her credit card bills) , Julie tells her mom that she doesn’t have other things to compete with other women except her appearance so she buys clothes.  Her mom warns her if she continues this way (her husband has to work hard to earn money for her to spend), her husband can get tired and have an affair, he did it once, he can do it again.

Julie is worried, she calls her husband (who is sitting in the restaurant since Jae Mi’s mom left until it’s dark outside). She asks him if  he’s having an affair, and begs him not to have an affair, and to hurry home. She cannot live without him, she loves him. She asks whether he too loves her. He changes the subject, she asks again and again, at the end he concedes that yes, he loves her.

Jae Mi’s dad barges into Jae Mi mom’s shop, he talks to her that  if she really thinks they are stranger, why she is avoiding him. If they are stranger, she should come and do the check up. She says  she will go to other hospital, why he wants  her to go only to him. He says because she knows how dedicated of him to his patients. When she  keeps her silence, he continues  that  Jae Mi has already lost her father because of him, he won’t let her lose her mom, so for Jae Mi’s sake, he begs her to please come. Mom keeps quiet. After he leaves, the aunt asks if her sickness is really serious.

Jong Soo worried about her pregnancy, if she’s hurt anywhere. He doesn’t understand why Jae Mi is so stubborn, divorce is good for both sides.  Hee Soo tells him not to worry now that Jae Mi knows she’s pregnant, Jae Mi won’t keep him. He’s startled that she told Jae Mi about the child, he told her not to say it, she can go to prison because of that (adultery). Hee Soo shows him she arranged a dinner table for him with candle lights, for the case hearing tomorrow, telling him to eat a lot. Her brother will  find the best lawyer for him. They hug each other.

Dong Woo makes fried eggs for dinner, she tries one bite and splits it out because it’s too salty. He gives her his plate to eat too because she’d cried so much, she must be losing lots of salt (sodium). Jae Mi smiles. (LOL)

She tells him the reason she doesn’t want to get a divorce, during high school, her dad had an affair and her parent got divorced. Her mom didn’t sleep or eat for 20 days ,she thought her mom was a living dead on the bed. She’s afraid and didn’t want to have that kind of life, but it looks like the daughter is following her mother, sharing the same fate.

Dong Woo tells her divorce is not contagious or passing thru genes, what had happened cannot be changed but she can change the future as long as she set her mind to it. He informs her that the hearing is at 10 tomorrow, please think carefully. Jae Mi walks outside contemplating her decision through the night while Dong Woo looks at her from his room upstairs.

It’s the case hearing say, the little girl wishes the ajumma’s case good luck, so her dad will have money. Jae Mi’s dad is having a bad dream about Jae Mi calling for his help again. He wakes up and wonders if Jae Mi is in some kind of trouble.

Jae Mi’s mom and her aunt are going to the court, aunt asks if the mom can persuade Jae Mi about to keep the divorce, mom says she trusts her daughter. The aunt reminds her to go to the hospital after the court is done, mom reminds aunt to keep it a secret from Jae Mi. She doesn’t want to put more  burden on Jae Mi during  her difficult time.

It’s the day of the court hearing, Dong Woo is frustrated that Jae Mi still wants to invalidate the divorce. They arrive at the court. Jong Soo and his party arrive. He asks Jae Mi for a talk, he begs her to end it today, “In six months a new life will be born, don’t let the child suffer, please end it today, I’m begging you.”

Jae Mi stares at him angrily, she starts to walk away so he yells at her,  do you have to be like this? Just think about it, we lived together for three years how can you do this to me? Jae Mi  says he has to responsible for everything, see him in court.

In the court room, the judges presided.  Dong Woo is the first to give  his statement on behalf of  Jae Mi, he goes over the background information that Jong Soo betrayed his wife, has had an affair with another woman, while sending his wife off on a trip, taking advantage of that time to fake the divorce, he requests the divorce to be a non-valid.

The judge asks Jong Soo if he acknowledges these facts. Jong Soo says yes,  it’s true. His lawyer stands up saying even though it’s true, but it also derives from Jae Mi, that after they got married, Jong Soo always has to work  in the porridge shop. She even threatened to kill him if he ever divorces her, so to escape from this kind of marriage life, he has no choice but to make this decision, though the case has ground, this family was broken long time ago, he hopes for the judges to make a respectable sentence/decision.

The judge reads out the sentence, based on all the evidences, it’s confirmed that the divorce is fraud, the judge declares the divorce to be invalid. Jong Soo and his group gasp with disappointment. Dong Woo (and his assistant in his office), Jae Mi’s mom and the aunt are not happy that Jae Mi decided to keep her marriage.

Suddenly, Jae Mi stands up. She says  thank you to the judges for invalidating the divorce, but this time she wants to file for the divorce herself and sue him for faking the divorce. Dong Woo asks what she is doing,  just now she does not want the divorce. Jong Soo stands up and yells at Jae Mi,  divorce him is not enough? Now suing him too? Is she insane? His attorney calms him down.

The judge asks Jae Mi that  if she wants the divorce then why she asked to invalidate the divorce. What’s the different? She answers  then she didn’t have a choice, she’s  sincerely loved her husband so in three years of their marriage, she’s  put all her efforts into it, it cannot end  like this.  She starts to cry. What’s the difference? There’s a great difference.  Intentional  deception of love, until now he’s still concealing the truth. I would not allow myself to be dumped by this man.  He  doesn’t have conscience of a human being. The difference is  this time she’s the one who dumps  him. The judge accepts her reason and allows reconsidering the case.

After the hearing, her mom hugs Jae Mi saying she did well, that she knows Jae Mi would do this. Jae Mi says sorry,  her aunt says no, you did well. Dong Woo tells Jae Mi  to go preparing  for the litigation. They walk into Jong Soo and Hee Soo, they look at each other.  Jae Mi walks pass them.

Jae Mi’s mom comes to the hospital for her check up. She meets with her ex and orders  him to treat her like one of his patient. She says she’s  afraid but if  it’s bad, don’t hide it, tell her the truth. He agrees to do that.

Before he starts his examination, she tells him she has one request of him, that  if something happens to her, please take care of Jae Mi. Now Jae Mi  refuses to recognize him  but if  she has to undergo the treatment, that time, he has to reconcile with Jae Mi.That’s why she came.

He agrees and tells her not to worry, he will make sure she recover. Then he starts  his exam. She opens her robe, he reaches out to examine her breasts. She turns her face away.

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  1. All the men in this story do suck!! Its amazing, not one has a redeeming quality as of yet! So I’m amazed I’ve watched this many episodes!

  2. i love this drama so far~~

    i was wondering if anybody knew the name of the piano song with played in ep 6 when Jae Mi was left in the room with her husbands yellow suitcase.
    [it was AMAZING!!]

    thanks in advance ^^

  3. I’ve only seen the first two episodes with subs, so going with that in episode one when the mom and dad are arguing about him leaving to go see the younger woman after he attempted suicide.One of the things the husbands say’s is that he already broke up with her and the wife say then you have no reason to go he say’s how can I not go to see how she is doing when she did this because of me. That sounds like an affair to me. but let’s say he didn’t have one.

    What man would fight with his wife so adamantly over a woman that mean’s nothing to him, like his wife said she had her family around and is attempted to take her life because she could not have him, then what kind of message would he be sending to run to her side at a time like that. While being so concern for the woman your wife is concern you are having affair with he showed his wife no concern for her feelings even pushed her aside to leave. I would have divorced him too because his actions showed no regard for his wife.

    If he felt so wronged why did he so easily sign the divorce papers.He’s been gone ten years and the daughter is ten.

    • I re-watched ep1 too, and agree with you, when he drove off and saw his wife running behind from the side mirror, ouch! That’s rude! And yes, he remarried with the same woman for ten years, that’s a long time to still linger on his ex. But, I do think the writer withholding some info from us, may be his new wife had done something too. We’ll see. ^_^

  4. Thank you soo much for your recaps, I really appreciate them!

  5. I’ve been thinking about it. I think all the men in this drama kindof suck. Jong Soo and Jae Mi’s dad are cheeting cheaters, Dong Woo is a player and Dong Woo’s dad is spineless. The only one I have a good feeling about to date is the assistant. Granted the women have their flaws too but hey I’m biased. I think that humiliations should be repaid ten fold, and what Jong Soo has done Jae Mi I really can’t wait for it to come back on him. If you don’t love me any more be a man. I don’t think it’s enough that he’s going from a marriage where he had to do nothing to one where he has to do everything. I want him to face some very harsh truths then regret the kind of husband and friend he has been. At first I wanted the same thing for Jae Mi’s dad but he’s already living that. Now I just want his wife to grow up and his daughter to not become a useless individual like her mother. I wonder if Hee Soo is really pregnant. If not someone needs to punch her in the gut. lol.

    Thank You for the recap. I want to follow this drama and you’re making that possible:-)

    • Buahaha, you had me laughed out loud, so true all men here are a bit jerky in each own. But I don’t think Hee Soo will do everything for Jong Soo like Jae Mi did, that’s where these two would face the harsh truth in the future, but if the writer makes them, after some hardships, a happy couple at the end, I will love that too. I’m still on the fence about Jae Mi’s dad tho. This drama is making me root for Jae Mi to become stronger and happier both in love and career. Jae Mi fighting!

    • Hmm, I don’t think Jaemi’s dad ever cheated on his ex-wife though. Well, I guess it depends on your definition of “cheating,” but from what I gathered, he never gave himself to Joori either physically or emotionally while he was married to Jaemi’s mom. It was Joori who chased after Jaemi’s dad, and even attempted a suicide. I think Jaemi’s mom just misunderstood what was going on as an affair. And when Jaemi’s dad heard about Joori’s suicide attempt, he felt obligated to run off to make sure she was okay even though they were never in a relationship.

      I don’t blame Jaemi’s mom for misunderstanding the situation but in this case, I do think Jaemi’s dad was “unfairly” accused, which led to a divorce. And once he had divorced, he didn’t have the will to keep up so he just ended up marrying Joori who kept throwing herself at him.

      As for Jongsoo, based on the most recent episode, it seems like *spoiler alert* the baby is not his. *end spoiler*

      He will have it coming at him very soon!

      • Thanks Blue, Interesssting ^^ I’m still having doubt on Jae Mi dad’s story too. I believe the writer will expore more in the future about the truth of how Jae Mi’s dad remarried to his young wife. Cheated or not, I don’t like the way he threw Jae Mi’s mom on the bed (ep1) tho. He seemed desperate to go.

        However, dad now has been married to his new wife for ten years, right? Even if he contacted Jae Mi’s mom because of her illness, it’s a little close (not yet) to that cheating zone should his mind think otherwise, and if Jae Mi’s mom does step over, she would be the wrong party this time around. ^^

        As for the spoiler, buahahaha *evil laugh* serves you right, Jong Soo!

      • Never mind! In the most recent episode, it was revealed that Jaemi’s dad did sleep with Joori while he was married to Jaemi’s mom!

        • I’m in dilemma for the dad cuz if I ship dad/ex-wife, it will be morally wrong. But then these two were so convincing while my dear Joori was all about card LOL. That should be ep12 right? Cuz that’s the only one I haven’t seen. ^^

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