Hooray for Love Episode 5

Jae mi and Dong Woo come to check on the place from the lighter they found in Jong Soo’s car, they meet with Hee Soo. Jae Mi tells her she’s looking for her husband and shows Jong Soo’s picture. Hee Soo closes the door behind that Jong Soo is  inside, and tells Jae Mi to go to the police instead. Dong Woo shows Hee Soo the lighter they found with the address on it.

Hee Soo looks at the picture and tells Jae Mi she hasn’t seen him before, and asks them to leave. Jae Mi begs her to ask other people. Hee Soo tells them to get out. Jong Soo tries to open the door to look for Hee Soo, but he can’t because  Hee Soo  is pulling on the other side. Dong Woo says they will not interrupt their business, he will take one room, please bring drinks and fruits, and ask to see the waiters.  He takes Jae Mi into another room.

Hee Soo’s  brother  helps them to go to the airport, while he goes in and serves Dong Woo and Jae Mi  himself.  He tells them,  it’s not their opening hours. He says to Dong Woo, it’s  such a pity the man ran away from his wife, he will help. The waiter comes in that he’s checked that the man in the picture is  not one of their waiters. Jae Mi is very disappointed, the manager says may be he’s just one of the customer or someone gave the lighter to him. They leave. Jong Soo and Hee Soo are happily on their way to the airport.

Outside, Jae mi finds the number on the phone records  the same with on the lighter. Dong Woo goes back in and overhears the brother on the phone with Jong Soo. Dong Woo calls  the number on the phone records,  and the brother’s phone rings. Dong Woo comes back to his car where Jae Mi is waiting. He  figures out that  Jong Soo must be going to the airport. They  follow the two to the airport.

Jae Mi’s mom at the hospital, she  tells the doctor that recently it pains and something bleeding out. He examines her breast, and order the ultra-sound, but he has to leave, so sends  her to Dr. kang (her ex). Her ex  comes to the room, looking at the monitor saying her symtoms can cause by drugs, any med she’s taking? Then she gets up and looks  at his face, they both are startled. She runs out of the room.  She changes, he waits and asks her to finish the check up, she refuses and leaves the hospital.

At the airport, Hee Soo and Jong Soo are happy that now on one can separate them, their love win. He takes a small guitar with him thinking to use it to propose to her at the beach where they first met. She asks him to play a song for her. He starts to play and sing.  (See the video below)

Dong Woo and Jae Mi arrive at the airport, they try to get info but the airline refuses, it’s  against the regulations. So they go look for Jong Soo near the gate. Then Jae Mi hears the music and recognizes the voice, they follow and find them kissing at the end of the song.

Jong Soo tries to run away but Dong Woo catches him. Jae Mi comes to take the luggage, Hee Soo tells her not to move it because  it’s her man’s possession. Jae Mi slaps her and calls her garbage. Hee Soo says after Jae Mi left, that let’s see who will get thrown away like a garbage.

Dong Woo calls his assistant that he caught Jong Soo, the assistant is happy and tells him that there ‘ll be a hearing tomorrow at 10am. After he hangs up, his daughter asks him who got caught, he says the guy trying to throw away his wife but got caught, the girl asks if the wife is bad or ugly, her dad  says  no both. The girl says the world is not fair, some throw away their wives, some live alone. Dad asks if she talks about him, she says her dad is  good looking, has a good job but why he lives  alone. Dad says  it’s alright as long as he has her. She says still she wants  a  mom.

The new wife dresses up and waits for her husband, she’s trying to cheer him up because he’s been working hard to pay her bills. He doesn’t  show up so she calls but he doesn’t pick up his phone. Her husband is looking at the result of Jae Mi’s mom.

Mom is cooking , her ex calls and wants to talk, she hangs up immediately. So he sends her text, “I know you hate me a lot but you have to do more examination. Your condition is not  simple, I will set an appointment for you, you have to come.”  Her ex is waiting for her answer but he gets text from his wife  asking why he’s not home yet. He’s disappointed.

Dong Woo’s  dad is begging the mom to give money to Julie (the new wife), that their son-in-law did nothing wrong to work that hard to pay his wife’s bills. She agrees but she want s to talk with Julie first. The mom walks into Julie’s room, Julie is drunk calling her mom by her real name that she’s  just a country bumpkin, selling noodles. Julie shouts at her mom. Her dad comes in, Julie says because her mom didn’t give her money, and her husband get taken away by the hospital, she’s lonely so she drinks. Mom gets out. Julie’s  husband comes back.

The mom asks why he comes back  so  late. He answers it’s because of work.  She says  his wife is 36 years old, he took away her years. She tells him to make more money, to love his wife  more. She opposed the marriage because of the age gap. She gave him money to build a hospital , it went bankrupt, she had done enough for him. Her husband tries to stop her from talking.

Jae Mi’s mom is reading the message from her ex about the doctor’s appointment, Jae Mi calls that she found her husband and needs to talk between them two, she doesn’t have to come over. Her aunt runs out to smack him.

Jae Mi and Dong Woo bring Jong Soo home, he doesn’t want to get out of the car. Dong Woo warns him not to try to run away.  Jong Soo walks into the house. Dong Woo tells Jae Mi that  her marriage  has no future, that  she had seen his mistress with her own eyes. He asks her if  she still wants to go ahead and invalidate the divorce.  She answers she’s looking for her husband so they can continue living together, she just has to put more effort and tries her best. Dong Woo says alright then, see you in court.


Jong Soo tries to tell Jae Mi that it’s impossible for them together but  she won’t listen. Her aunt comes and beats the hell out of him. He tells her mom that he has a mistress. Her mom asks how he met that girl, because he’s with Jae Mi from day till  night everyday. Jae Mi, it ‘s when they visited his mom in Sydney, that girl is a student. Her mom asks for her age, he says 23.  The aunt is angry because he did the fake divorce, how he can do that to Jae Mi.

Jong Soo asks Jae Mi  whether she will divorce him, she says never. He tells her mom, because Jae Mi is like this, there’s no other way not to hurt her. This way, when he’s not with her, she will gradually forget about him. Mom is shocked that he means he did it for Jae Mi’s sake, and that mean he will not give up his young mistress.

Jong Soo gets on his knee facing Jae Mi, begging her to agree with the divorce that she’s a strong woman,  she should be alright without him, but that  girl is weak he has to protect her. Jae Mi cries and runs out of the room. Tha aunt hits Jong Soo.

Jae Mi tells her mom, how difficult for her these past three years, she quits for corporate  job for him. Mom says because her husband couldn’t get a job, she opens shop together. Jae Mi cries out, since they started the shop she never sleeps more than 4 hours a day, wakes up at 5am to buy the ingredients while he wakes up at 9am when the shop is opened. The shop closes at 9pm, she drives him home first then she comes back to do the dishes finish by midnight.  Sometimes she has to do the laundry until 3am. She stands all day her waist hurt, she put bandage in the toilet so he wouldn’t see and worried. All these, never once she  complained to him, how can he betray her.  He’ll leave to stay with that girl because she’s strong.  For him she endured everything, how he can do this to her.  She cries hugging her mom asking her what she should do.

Mom tells her to listen carefully, to divorce or not is up to her. Even though she doesn’t want to see her daughter suffer  living  with this man. Jae Mi  has to make the decision herself  so there ‘ll be no regret later. Mom tells Jae Mi to really think about it carefully, she adds that sometimes letting go is the best solution.

Dong Woo finds his brother-in-law drinking alone, he feels like drinking too after he witnessed what his client had been through, how a person in love can give all, even that they get thrown away like an old pair of shoes. He asks his in-law if  he had  ever loved someone deeply.  He thinks of Jae Mi’s mom. Dong Woo says he will just date pretty girl and will not fall in love. In-law says love is like a cold, you catch a cold,  there’s no cure for it.  Dong Woo raises his glass saying this is for those who suffer from falling in love.

Mom looks at her hand and thinks about the fortune teller, that she and Jae Mi have the same destiny, one love goes another begin. Jae Mi is thinking hard looking at Jong Soo.

Dong Woo tells his mom that he closed his divorce case yesterday , she’s proud of him. Julie is sick from too much drinking, her husband brings milk for her saying the overtime payment will be deposited today, use that to pay credit card bills and the left over she can buy something she likes. She tells him she tried to save money but ended up buying designer items. She tells him to come home early today.

Jae Mi’s mom hangs up her ex’s phone call , so he takes  note of her address.

Jong Soo begs Jae Mi to divorce him. Jae Mi, she said she would never divorce, when they got married  he said he would love only her. Jong Soo says that time he really meant that,  but now his heart changed, he likes that girl more.  Jae Mi yells that can change too, she asks for that girl  address. He will never give it to her , it’s for her sake. He warns her not to get near that girl or Jae Mi will get hurt. Jae Mi texts Dong Woo asking for the bar address. He wonders why she needs that.

The gangster brother tells Hee Soo that the other side wants to invalidate the divorce and live together. Hee Soo wants to find a lawyer. He says no need, the other side will surely win. Jae Mi comes in and asks Hee Soo to come with her for a talk, her brother takes Jae Mi’s hand and yells at her. There’ a voice saying,  let go of her hand.  It’s Dong Woo waving to Jae Mi saying, “Hi, ajumma.”

The song “I Will Love You”  originally by Dongmulwon (thanks to Blue), below by  Jin Yi Han for Hooray for Love episode 5.

Thanks to tiki  *winks*

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  1. right now i can only satisfy myself in reading the recaps. for some reason i can’t find the drama online and viki says the drama is not available in my region 😦

  2. Hi K, I am very late in watching this (HFL) drama. Do you by any chance have any recaps till the last episode (57). Thanks so much.

  3. That smile and line made me fall for Dong Woo….”Anyong Ajumma”… 😀

  4. Hi K
    Wanted to thank you for the recaps, also to inform you that you may have forgotten to ‘place’ HFL Ep 5 recap in the HFL section . . . kekeke

  5. Thanks for recapping! 🙂 I’ve been searching everywhere online to watch this, but I can’t find any. 😦 I am really grateful that you’re taking your time to do this! 🙂 I stop by daily to check if a new episode is recapped. 🙂 You really are amazing!

    • Thanks, I tried to catch up with the episodes on air but stuck with Baek Dong Soo which was quite hard, took up lots of my time. Don’t cha worry, I’m still on board with this drama, to which ( 50eps if no extension) will end in Jan, next year hahaha……TT_TT
      For a long drama, sometimes it gets picked up by the online site later in the run, you might have to keep checking, can be as late as ep20, good luck ^^

  6. When you’re in a relationship where one works harder then the other by such a large margin it’s not going to work. He probably doesn’t even know the amount of work she does. But he will and by then it will be too late. Thank you for the recap 🙂

    • That’s what I thought too, Jae Mi’s trying too hard. I hope she will find her balance in love in the future. It seems Dong Woo set his mind not to fall in love too, we’ll see ^_^ The other one that also is trying hard is Jae Mi’s dad (with his young wife), 36 and almost 60 is such a huge age gap, but after ten years of marriage, I don’t want to see them break apart, instead both adjust a little and make it work at the end would be nice.

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