Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 12

Cheon asks  Dae Ju, what happened to the Book of War.

The King throws the Book of War into the flames.  Dae Ju is talking with Cheon.

They have only half of the fake Book of War. (*not sure fake means not complete or not real) Dae Ju wants to catch the Samini (Ji Seon) so that the Book of War will be completed. He asks Cheon to wait a little longer, and  if he heard about the martial art new spectrum (Muyeshinbu), he heard that Gwang Taek wrote it when he was in the Qing, it contains 18 types of martial art techniques. It seems Gwang Taek went to the Qing on the Prince’s order. If Cheon could get a hold of  the book, Joseon and the Qing will have a strong  martial artist.

Cheon asks Dae Ju if he’s saying that,  he is not the best right now. Dae Ju says his martial art skill is among the best but people say the best is the Sword Saint (Gwang Taek).  Cheon says he doesn’t need that kind of book. Dae Ju will find the book and give it to him anyway to show him his sincerity. Dae Ju thinks even the Prince is in prison,  (the King?) those loyalty  to him might try to help the Prince. Cheon asks if they will try to take the Prince out of the prison. Dae Ju asks for his help.

Cheon gave Yeo Un an instruction, Yeo Un rides with other assassins to the place where his friends are sleeping. He kills one friend, the one next to him wakes up saying, “Un, is it?”  Yeo Un kills him too.

Outside, another friend is walking to the sleeping hall, he sees assassins so he fights with them. Yeo Un comes out and plunges his knife into the friend’s back. Before the friend falls he flies his weapon to Yeo Un, injures Yeo Un’s arm.

Yeo Un tells other assassins that he will take care of it. After they leave, Yeo Un runs to his friend, and brings him to lie down with the other two. Yeo Un checks their breathing and hurriedly treats all their wounds with his medical skills. After he’s done, he sits alone outside.

Dong Soo wonders Yeo Un hasn’t come back yet, Gwang Taek orders the three to go back to the palace. Ji Seon tells them she will take care of  Sa Mo.

Su Ung thinks back about when he talked with the King. The King says by the law, The Prince must be punished but he does  not want to  watch his son die. The King commands  Su Ung to save the Prince. [*]

Su Ung talks with his colleagues, about Sa Mo and the three [*]

Sa Mo is getting better, Gwang Taek tells him that the three gone back to the palace, and not to worry just take care of his wound.  He  tells  Sa Mo he need to go somewhere.

Cheon asks Ji if  it’s today and whether she’s found her answer. She’s says it’s not for him to concern. One assassin comes back and reports to Cheon that Yeo Un is a good killer, he nods with satisfaction.

Gwang Taek and Ji come see each other, he asks if she’s  her answer, and whether  she wants to leave with him somewhere faraway, she answers that today will be their  last day. They fight, he shows his love for her during the fight. At the end she tells him, they won’t be seeing each other again.

He tells her he saw Jin Gi, she asks what he saw. He says, with Jin Gi, there’s a girl similar to her. She says that’s not a  surprising thing [*]. Before she leaves, he asks her if he’s too greedy hoping to leave and be with her  for the rest of his life (?). She says he’s hoping to far, now please let it go.  She leaves.

Dong Soo and Cho Rip walks into the sleeping hall and sees his friends lying injured. Jang Mi tells them that it’s the assassin’s attack. Su Ung comes to see them, Dong Soo tells him that Sa Mo is injured by the attack too. Su Ung asks Yeo Un why he’s here. He says he came here to check on them [*], Jang Mi says she’s here because she heard the kids left the mountain.

Su Ung sees the wound on Yeo Un’s arm and takes a look, he asks how Yeo Un had gotten the wound. He tells him [*] but Su Ung says in the palace they don’t use this kind of thing (from the look of  the wound,  dart?), it’s something the kids (from the mountain) would use, he should know that. Su Ung tells Yeo Un not to lie, and tell him the truth exactly what happened.

Dong Soo covers for Yeo Un that it’s that time with the assassins, he got that wound. Cho Rip and Yeo Un look at him surprised.  Su Ung accepts the answer saying when these kids wake up, they will know.

One boy wakes up, he looks at Yeo Un and starts yelling, “Yeo Un! YOU!” Dong Soo is alarmed. Su Ung asks him what happened. The boy looks at two of his friends lying, Su Ung tells him they are still alive and asks again to tell him what happened.

He says it’s the assassin guild but he couldn’t see the face. Then the boy turns to Yeo Un yelling if he come faster, they would not end up like this. Su Ung understands , he tells the boy to rest here and orders the three to go to the palace with him.  He asks Jang Mi to take care of  the kids. He gets up and leaves, Dong Soo and Cho Rip follows behind.

Before Yeo Un walks out, he says thanks to the boy, the boy says he will listen to Yeo Un’s explanation in the future, and adds that, thank you for not killing him.

Jang Mi’s daughter is throwing star metal things to the wall. Her mom is worried about Sa Mo and wants to visit him but because of the kids she can’t go. The daughter tells her, when she was young she learned martial art with Dong Soo and Yeo Un from her dad, to protect herself. She still remembers those people who killed her dad, hurt the boys and Sa Mo. One day she will revenge for them. Her mom thinks she’s crazy, a woman is to marry off.

The three and Su Ung are back in the palace. Dae Ju’s son tells Yeo Un that Dae Ju wishes to see him.

[*] Dae Ju asks Yeo Un if he wants to go higher(?),  if he thinks being good at martial art will make him get that. Then he gives out his principle, if something blocks the way, show no mercy to remove it, if it drags your legs, just step on them. This is the basic to get higher position.  He says to Yeo Un that Yeo Un is with the assassin guild but why he’s under the Prince. (?) Yeo Un asks him how he knows that. Dae Ju says, in the palace,  it’ll be strange if he doesn’t know.

Dong Soo asks how this can happen to the Prince, took him Off the Crown Prince is not enough but punishment too. Su Ung says it’s the King’s command(intention). There’s  one way to help the Prince to stay alive, they must escort him out of the palace. Yeo Un listens to them and thinks of Dae Ju’s words. [*] Yeo Un asks  Su Ung more about his plan, saying even if the Prince can get out of the palace, it’ll be difficult for the Prince to stay alive.

Su Ung says they will have one person to stay in the palace, to replace the Prince. Dong Soo says to replace means  to die, who?…then he stops and looks at Su Ung, who is saying one of you must replace the Prince, it’s possible that person will not stay alive to see the days, but there’s  no other way.

Dong Soo says he will do it, and says to Yeo Un that Yeo Un would follow and help Su Ung to carry the plan carefully so he can’t, and Cho Rip, he’s not brave enough, so he can’t. Su Ung says to Dong Soo, he does not let him down, that he’s really admirable, and orders them, tonight they all are to remain in the palace. Then he tells another officer to leave the palace at the same time to divert the attention. (?)

The three walk out, Dong Soo says he has such a short life. Yeo Un follows him. Cho Rip turns back. He overhears Su Ung talking that he cannot let Dong Soo go because he’s the only bloodline left from his father and Gwang Taek sacrificed his arm to save this child. Cho Rip looks worried.

 Gwang Taek and Ji Seon are leaving, Sa Mo joins them saying he’s bored. They all leave together. Jin Ju is with her dad saying she’ll be in a bad mood, how that woman(Ji Seon) can be so pretty, she just sits she would look like a fairy already. Her dad laughs and tells her, she’s beautiful too, the most beautiful in the world. She smiles. Then she wonders about Gwang Taek that,  from yesterday he’s  always staring at her. Dad says it’s because of  her beauty,  she laughs  but her dad’s
smile’s  faded when she left.

Cho Rip is worried for Dong Soo, he remembers  if  it wasn’t for Dong Soo saved him in the sea, he would have…Dong Soo stops him not to talk non sense, it’s his choice to die or not, he won’t change his mind, and not to bother him anymore. Yeo Un looks at them.

The Norons are having a good time. Dae Ju tells them, it’s still too early, there’s one thing left to do, it’s the Sword Saint, Gim Gwang Taek.

Soldiers come for  Gwang Taek and read out his  assigned task , there’s a crime at some place  faraway and order for Gwang Taek to go investigate the matter right away [*]. Sa Mo thinks it’s  a trap. Gwang Taek  still thinks, may be the King is on to something, he will go to see the King.

At the palace entrance, an officer tells Gwang Taek that he cannot go into the palace. There’s  an order that during the time interval [*], no matter who it is, cannot go inside the palace.

Gwang Taek comes meet Dae Ju at his place,  he asks Dae Ju whether he’s waiting for him, and if he knows why he comes here. Dae Ju tells him to accept the task he is assigned, he pours  drink for Gwang Taek recalling his lackey explain the effect of the poison. Gwang Taek  drinks  and leaves saying he has a long way to travel.

On his way back, there’s blood coming out of his mouth and he falls to ground. A Passerby recognizes him.

Su Ung’s  colleague comes to the palace gate, an officer says , at this moment no one can leave the palace.  Su Ung asks why he did not leave, he says there’s an order banning of leaving the palace [*]. He asks until when. He tells him the time interval of the ban.

At night, Ji Seon is pacing looking at the moon. In the palace, Cho Rip gives  Dong Soo a drink. Sa Mo is worried why Gwang Taek did not show up. Gwang Taek is lying in a room somewhere and he is gaining back his conscious.

In the prison, an officer comes for the Prince, he steps out. Yu Dae bows telling him please take care, the Prince returns the same. Yu Dae cries in agony.

Su Ung is dressing up the Prince with the white gown. Cho Rip bows to the Prince,  the Prince asks what’s the matter.

Cho Rip thinks about how he gave the drink to Dong Soo. The Prince talks to Cho Rip, why he did not inform him before, how can one kill one’s own child, he cannot allow this.  Su Ung says it’s the only way. (?)

Cho Rip confirms the Prince that it’s his own decision to do this,  as a man this is what he must do. The Prince says he’s appreciated that but how can….Cho Rip interrupts that this is for the Prince and also for Dong Soo, please believe in him. He bows down.

It’s daylight, Dong Soo wakes up with a letter on his chest. It reads, “This is my decision, sorry Dong Soo,  I can’t stay with you.”  He runs out  saying Cho Rip! no, it can’t be!,  he bumps into Yeo Un on his way out.

Dong Soo walks to Su Ung who tells him that it’s  Cho Rip’s decision. Dong Soo wants to go instead but  Su Ung stops him saying, it’s too late, it’s about time of  the punishment.

Dong soo, “I cannot endure it”
Su Ung, “Whether or not you can endure, it’s not something for you to decide.”

Su Ung, “You think to destroy Cho Rip’s sacrifice?”  Dong Soo says, the agreement yesterday was not like this, he will go. Su Ung tells him, that as long as the Prince escape safely, he will assist him everything he wants.  Dong Soo cries saying yes, his head, since he was young, it’s useless, so let him go. He cries, “Please let me go!”

Su Ung holds him tight not letting him go. Dong Soo cries for Cho Rip keeps begging “Please let me go!”. He cries, “Cho Rip! why do you do this?”

Year 1762 (King Yeong Ju’s reign the 38th year).

Dae Ju reads out the Prince’s Crime. The King orders to start the punishment. They put the Prince inside the small box. Su Ung tells Dong Soo to get a hold of himself, and hurry tell his master about this.  Dong Soo rides away.

Dong Soo tells Sa Mo about the Prince.  Sa Mo orders Dong Soo not to do anything just follow the order, he asks about Yeo Un and Cho Rip, Dong Soo just says they all know about this, avoiding Sa Mo’s eyes.  Sa Mo with other boys go out to  search  for Gwang Taek.

When they are alone,  Ji seon asks Dong Soo if something happened to his friends. He refuses and tells her to leave to see the Prince.  Ji Seon is riding a horse while Dong Soo walks by her side, Jin Ju sees them and calls out Dong Soo but he doesn’t hear her, Jin Ju follows them.

They arrive at the market, Dong Soo feels something unusual among the villagers, he tells Ji Seon to ride to the safe place. A man stops Dong Soo asking if he wants to buy shoes, but when Dong Soo wants to walk pass him, he stops Dong Soo again. This time Dong Soo uses his hand to hit the horse’s back, signal Ji Seon to ride away, then he engages in the fight with lots of men.  Ji Seon rides faster, there are men trialing behind her.

In the palace, the Prince’s men and Cho Rip walk into the punishment ground, taking all the guards down. They open the box, the Prince comes out. The officer gives the Prince his weapon (of the late King) and his robe. They run off. Cho Rip sits in the box in place of the Prince, chanting to himself that it’s alright.

The officers take the Prince to the secret path where Su Ung is joining the Prince.

Meanwhile Yeo Un and other officers are wheeling a cart to the gate, an officer shows the guard a document that it’ s an army supplies urgently needed. The guard lets them pass. Further away, Dae Ju’s man is looking at them. He reports to Dae Ju.  Dae Ju tells him to send message to Cheon that the Prince has escaped.

Dae Ju says to himself,  Your Highness, this is the end of you. At the assassin guild, Cheon receives a message, he tells Ji to stay here because if Gwang Taek appears, she won’t be able to draw her sword. He snatches her sword from her hand and throws it away, that today it’s possible that he will meet Gwang Taek, they will duel till death this time.

The caravan with the cart is surrounded by the assassins, the officers fight with them while Yeo Un lines up with the assassins joining them. The officer sees Yeo Un, his eyes widen with surprise, he lets out, “Un, you are a rebel?” (?) Yeo un lowers his eyes but doesn’t answer. The assassin drives his sword through the officer from behind, he falls down but his glance never leaves Yeo Un.

They open the cart and there are lots of arrows flying out, killing many assassins. The head assassin tells Yeo Un that he is exposed, whether he knows that.  He orders his men to take care of the corpses and not to leave any traces  behind.

The Prince and Su Ung run out into the field, but no one there. Su Ung tells the Prince that the horse has disappeared. Then Dae Ju’s men surround them.  Su Ung asks the man in red how he come to know the secret path, the red man tells him to think carefully who should know about this path. Su Ung tells the Prince  they are Dae Ju’s strong men, and to be careful.

The Prince and Su Ung fight side by side. Su Ung slashes the red man, he falls down but gives signal to his man behind Su Ung. Su Ung is hit  by an arrow at his leg then another one on his shoulder, the Prince runs to him.  When the guy is aiming his another arrow, Cheon rides in and throws his sword killing the guy on spot and he slashes the red man.

Using his hand clutching the red man’s neck, he asks how you can ambush a person, you are a despicable man. He kills the red man. Cheon turns to look at Su Ung. They talk about Gwang Taek [*] and his martial arts.

Cheon is holding the red package, talking to Su Ung that he doesn’t want to kill him but he has no choice. They engages in the fight, all the time Cheon hasn’t  drawed out his sword yet, he just uses the red package to fight.

But then Yeo Un joins them with the head assassin, Su Ung looks at him taken by surprise, he loses his concentration in the fight. Then he uses all his strength to push Cheon away and runs to stand face to face with Yeo Un.

Su Ung, “So this is your true face.” Yeo Un avoids his stare.

Su Ung lifts his sword high aiming for Yeo Un. Cheon uses his sword to counter his, and tells Su Ung that this child is orginally of the assassin guild, he cannot kill the assassin guild ‘s successors. The head assassin slashes Su Ung, he loses his balance backwards, he stares at Yeo Un and run forwards to kill Yeo Un again. This time Cheon stops him with his sword.

Cheon to Yeo Un, “Do you want to finish him off or should I do it?”
Yeo Un to Su Ung, “I am sorry.”  He plunges his sword into Su Ung’s body softy, tears fall from his eyes.

The Prince, “Su Ung!”
Su Ung to the Prince, “Your Royal Highness, Your servant will be leaving first.”  He puts his sword back into its cover and kneel down.  He passes away in that position.

Cheon touches Yeo Un’s shoulder saying, “Rim Su Ung, as a martial artist, dying without losing dignity is indeed a good example.”

Cheon walks away with Yeo Un following behind.
The Prince holds Su Ung and calls his name, he’s furious, he picks up his weapon and runs after them.

Yeo Un really made me feel so so sad……..

Please note that the Prince’s weapon (a spear) is of the late King and there’s a specific long name for it.

*Will have to edit lots of details but sorry, eh….won’t be so soon, can’t take more slashes and blood atm  *gulp*

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  1. Thanks for the recap. This ep was a sad one. So now that Un betrayal becomes official i wonder how Dong Soo is going to take it. I really didn’t want Su Ung to die but i think his death will make Gwang Taek get serious and go after Chun.

    Also i know Jin Ju is the female lead but i actually prefer Ji sun & Jang Mi’s daughter over her. I usually don’t like the rich type like Ji Sun but i do.

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