Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 11

In the Palace, Dae Ju’s son and the lackey are looking for the Samini (Ji Seon). It’s Dae Ju’s  order to bring her to him. They spot Ji Seon walking by. They follow her.

Ji Seon finds Dong Soo, he looks at her. Then they hear voices, Dong Soo takes her hand and runs. Dae Ju’s son and the lackey follow them.

Dong Soo tells Ji Seon to go, there is an unused passage, it should be safe there.  He takes her robe, he will divert them the other way.  Dong Soo covers himself with her robe and runs for Dae Ju’s son and the lackey to see. They chase after him but fail.

Su Ung comes to see the gisaeng, he spots the carriage is moving out from the place, he asks the lady there, that he saw the minister on his way, what’s happened here, but she says that she doesn’t know. The gisaeng looks at Su Ung from behind.

Dong Soo hangs his head down in front of Ji Seon. He asks her why she is not at the Temple but here, by any chance, if it’s about the Crown Prince. She answers no, it’s because she had to get rid of a heavy burden. He asks her why those people are chasing after her. She says she doesn’t know. He wonders she doesn’t know but she tries to escape from them. She answers her life has always been like this.

She sees the jade on his shoulder. He says a woman left it behind when he was young, when he was wearing it,  it had saved his life (when Cheon slashed him, cutting through the jade into half), he glued them back together and it looks fine.

She tells him this jade is hers. She had lost it when she was young. He smiles  saying so it’s her who saved his life. She says  it must have been their destiny.  He reaches out to touch her face.  Yeo Un walks by and sees them.

Dae Ju is showing  Cheon the map (the Book of War) telling him that this is what  the assassin guild has been looking for, for over a hundred years. He tells Cheon that he needs this map to get rid of the Prince, he can lend it to Cheon before he turns  it to the Qing. Cheon tells him, because it’s fake, Dae Ju can do whatever  he wants with it.  Dae Ju says he will  let Cheon see the true value of the Book of War (Bukbeoljigye).

At the assassin guild, Ji is waiting for Cheon, she asks about the Book of War.  He says it’s not the real one, why she has to care. She asks him if it’s a real one, he will take it?  He laughs. She cannot understand him, he said to leave here, to move like the wind and live freely. But what he’s been doing till now is not like that, he seems enjoying it. He doesn’t know that but he knows one thing, that he wants her, all of her, right under his feet.  She gets up and tells him that not everything in this world will turn out the way he wants. He says to himself that true, it can be that like that.

Dong Soo and Yeo Un come back to the beacons, Cho Rip is so happy for their success, he hugs them both.  Yu Dae smiles saying although they are young, they are fairly bright. Dong Soo asks him if he has something to say. They know that he was sent here for only ten days. Then he tells Cho Rip they will go to the Palace tomorrow.

Dong Soo pricks on Yu Dae, that he was demoted to guard the beacons from being the high ranking General(Byeongmajeoldosa). Cho Rip is overwhelmed that Yu Dae is actually the high ranking officer. Yu Dae clears his throat and says, they now know so they should kneel down and beg for mercy. Cho Rip sits next to him  and bows. Dong Soo says that’s enough. Dong Soo says to Yu Dae, you think you are a general? You are now just a beacon guard. Then he says he’s tired and walks to bed. Yu Dae says to himself, even if he’s a brat, he ‘ll be doing something great soon.

Sa Mo learns about Dong Soo’s snake bite from Jang Mi. She gives him drinks and says he should get married, he chokes on his drink.

Jang Mi’s daughter brings food for Gwang Taek saying it’s from Jang Mi. He tells her  to sit with him. He asks how old she is. She is around 20 years old. He sees she hangs thing on her waist, he asks if it’s  Dae Po’s (her dad). He tells her he and her dad were closer than brothers, that she’s  also like his daughter.

Lying looking at the night sky together, Cho Rip wonders all these good and bad times they experienced, if those friends (in the mountain camp) would be able to understand. Dong Soo says it’s not bad after all to leave the mountain, long time didn’t see his friends, he misses them.

The three are saying good bye to Yu Dae. Dong Soo wishes him to settle here alone nicely for the rest of his life . Cho Rip tells him not to lose his courage. Yu Dae retorts back to Dong Soo that, looks like he will have a hard time in the future because he has no manners. Cho Rip and Yeo Un smile. Yu Dae tells them to leave through his clenched teeth. Yu Dae looking at Dong Soo saying, after going through difficulties, he will surely become someone great.

Yu Dae is arrested as a rebel.

Jin Gi drags Jin Ju inside, he asks where she went when he told her to stay inside.  She tells him Dong Soo is going to the Palace, it’ll be long before she see him again. She wants to go and greet him, may be a little while at the Palace entrance. He tells her to do the greeting later, that the Palace is not the place for thieves like them to be near. He pushes her into her room.

The three report at the Palace. Su Ung asks them, that they passed  the beacon exam, if they learned a lot. Dong Soo and Cho Rip mumbling learned stupid thing, washing clothes, bitten by snake. Su Ung tells them because they are  from Jangyong (the mountain camp) compared to other trainees, they must exhibit strong alertness, sincerity and loyalty. the Prince chosen them to be here for a reason, they must be vigilant at all times. Yeo Un asks if the Prince is in danger. Su Ung  says, within this palace, there’s never be a moment that the Prince can be at ease. Dong Soo says  now Baek Dong Soo is here, no need to worry. Su Ung stares at him, he clears his throat saying sorry. Su Ung says even their speech and actions also need to improve, do not forget that.

Dae Ju talks with a minister, he threatens him that now the Prince’s ship is  sinking. He will get rid of anyone blocking his way. Then there’s a thunder, he tells him something big will happen tonight.

Dae Ju gives In thing to wear on his lost hand, and asks him to do something for him. In comes to that minister,  Dae Ju threatened, and kills him.

Cheon rides to the palace and walks to sit with the Prince. He puts out the candle light. Cheon asks the Prince to give up his idea (Northern Expedition). That it’s not possible for a small country such as Joseon to invade the Qing.  The Prince says, there was a time when Joseon ruled the entire continent, he is not  going to give up even if  Cheon takes his life. Cheong says he’s a stubborn man. He shows the Prince, a red package, that if he sees the Prince again, next time he will introduce this to the Prince. Before Cheon leaves he says, that dream, just let it go. The Prince looks angry.

Yu Dae is being tortured by Dae Ju, Su Ung looking at him. Dae Ju tries to  make Yu Dae to tell a lie that the Prince is  directing the military exercise in the Northern province, which deserves the death penalty. Yu Dae wouldn’t do it even if he kills him, and he will not beg for his life from a  dip-shit traitor. Dae Ju laughs that  this is the last time Yu Dae can show his loyalty (to the Prince) because the Prince also will soon become like him. Yu Dae screams his anger.

The King’s  at court, Dae Ju tells the King that Yu Dae was planning a revolt with the Prince. The Qing asks for the evidence to prove his words.  An officer gives the maps (the Book of War) to the King, he asks what this is.

Su Ung comes report to the Prince, Ji Seon is sitting by his side, that the atmosphere of the palace is unusual, and  Yu Dae is being tortured.  Su Ung thinks may be it’s  about his earlier visiting the northern provinces (Gwanseohaeng). The Prince checks the map, but it’s empty. Then he is called to the King.

The Prince walks into the hall, the King asks him what this map is. Then he turns to Dae Ju to tell him. Dae Ju says it’s  the map for the Northern Expedition. The Qing asks to see it. Then he confirms and calls it an act of  treason against the Qing. He has to report this to the Emperor unless the King calls for the beheaded of the Prince.

The Prince says to the Qing, since when the land of Joseon has  become the Qing’s property. For 5000 years of the history, half lof the Qing belonged to Joseon. If they are reclaiming what once was theirs, how he can call it  a treason. The Qing thinks he’s out of his mind, that he forgot the incidents (Byeongja Horan, 2nd Machu Qing invasion of Joseon, Samjeongdo, place where the Joseon King was forced to bow to the Qing). The Prince says the Joseon King bowed not to the Qing Emperor but to the people of  Joseon.

The King throws the map at the Prince telling him to stop talking saying  this fellow wants to die. The Prince says he’s not afraid to die, but the people’s sincerity and faithfulness to the King will remain unchanged on his death. He requests the King to find out the truth.

The Prince’s father in law saying to the king, that the Prince is wearing the  Qing Emperor’s  sign on his  robe (according to the details embroidered only the Emperor allowed to wear). The Prince recalls it’s the Queen gave it to him. The king walks down to check on the Prince’s robe, he feels very sad, he slashes the Prince’s robe across the embroideries.

The three report to Su Ung. He tells them that the Prince ordered them to escort Ji Seon, something bad is about to happen so he cannot go. Yeo Un  asks  if something  happened to the Prince. Su Ung says he doesn’t know, he tells them to complete the task.

The King asks the Prince if  he did something treasonous, The Prince denies the accusation.

Dae Ju pushes the King to punish the Prince, they cannot stand by and turn a blind eye to the  arrogant transgressions of the  Prince. The Prince says to the King,  this son has done nothing wrong for the King to lose face. All the officials chant Your Majesty. They all pressure the King to punish the  Prince for his crime. The king covers his ears telling them to silent.

Then he gives out his verdict, the Prince is to be taken out of the Crown Prince  status from today onwards. The Prince asks the King for what crime he is punished for. The King asks if he will defy the royal command.

The Prince takes off  his hat, his belt, his robe, then bows down to the floor as the King commanded. He cries. Outside Dae Ju and the Queen’s father are rejoicing.

The three are planning the way out of the Palace looking at the map. Dong Soo says there is only this way. He points to the Dead Gate (used to remove corpse out of the palace).

The Queen pretends to be concerned for the Prince. She begs the King to let go of his anger and take back his order ,the Prince would be the one inherit the throne. The King says, the Prince is done with the throne, his life as the Crown Price has ended. The Queen walks out and smiles. She visits the Prince in prison thinking to herself  looking at the Prince,

“You had resented my joining hands with the Norons, right? Didn’t you say that you would be different, Crown Prince? However, from being different from me, what benefit did you get, Crown Prince? Stripped off the crown and locked in this jail, is this the path you had to chose, Crown Prince?”

The prince sits with his eyes closed. The little prince (Jeong Jo) comes calling  father! asking what had happened.  The Prince opens his eyes.

At night, the three take the guards down. Dong Soo looks at one corpse that smells bad.The three wheel the corpse that covered with a cloth to the gate. The guard asks to see their faces saying he never sees them before, asking if they are new. He looks at the corpse,  it smells bad he lets them go.

Outside, Dong Soo gets up and he smells bad. Ji Seon is  disguised as a guard. They all walk into the forest. His friends from the mountain camp (Jangyong)  show up, they greet each other.

Sa Mo joins in, he asks Dong Soo if  he’s alright with the snake bite. Then there’s a secret knife flies in, Sa Mo catches the knife. Dong Soo moves to cover Ji Seon, another knife flies to Dong Soo, Sa Mo runs to Dong Soo, the knife hits him instead.

In walks in, he’s looking at Ji Seon. In fight with the three friends then asks for Yeo Un, then Gwang Taek shows up saying it’s his mistake, he should have kill him (In) back then. Today will become his funeral day.

In says today he used too much strength, next time Gwang Taek can cut his other arm, then he uses the smoke thing and gets away.

Su Ung kneels down before the Prince in prison. The  Prince  asks about  Ji Seon, Su Ung says she’s out of the Palace safely. Su Ung tells the Prince that the King wants to see him, please go with strong mind. He bows and leaves.

Dong Soo carries Sa Mo to Jin Gi’s hideout. After putting Sa  Mo on the bedding,  Dong Soo asks Jin Gi if Sa Mo will be alright. Jin Gi says Sa Mo’s wound is deep, if he makes it through the night he should be fine.

Dong Soo cries, Ji Seon touches his shoulder, Jin Ju sees them.  Jin Gi tells Jin Ju  to let Ji Seon stay in her room, and not to make  any trouble.  Jin Ju tells Ji Seon that she and Dong Soo, at young age, have been engaged.  Ji Seon is surprised.

Gwang Taek asks them if something happened in the palace. Cho Rip tells him that they were ordered to escort Ji Seon out of the Palace, other than that they do not know. Dong Soo runs out, he thinks of  Sa Mo’s words, “I promise you once and for all, no matter what condition I am in, I will not stand by and see  you die.” He cries thinking, “Didn’t you say you would  protect me?”. Everybody is looking at him crying.

Gwang Taek throws a stick at Dong Soo saying, “If a warrior’s confident falls apart like this,  how can he accomplish great things?”. He fights and loses. Gwang Taek hits him many times.  He asks Dong Soo if he didn’t see, he cannot do anything with a sword.  Dong Soo asks Gwang Taek to teach him so he can seek revenge for Sa Mo. Gwang Taek says, even if he becomes Joseon best swordsman, if he holds an angry sword, he wouldn’t be able to pierce even a rotting melon. At the end he says to Dong Soo, “I’ve already told you, hold the sword with your heart. Only an earnest heart can swing a sword.”

Yeo Un asks Gwang Taek to accept his sword. Then they fight. Yeo Un loses, he says he’s ashamed of his incompetence. Gwang Taek  says “I saw a sword with an intent there. The sword in your heart, has a strong an unwavering intent,  it is  to kill.”   Yeo Un  says he’s sorry.

Dong Soo asks Ji Seon how she’s become a Samini. She says from the day she was born,  her destiny has been to become  a  Samini. He asks if until now she’s always lived alone. She says her days have been lonely and difficult,  if i t’s not because of the Prince had taken interest in her…. Dong Soo interrupts that he  will  protect her.  Because  the Prince has to be in the palace, he can be  like her parent, her friend. She tells him, please not to be like that, she doesn’t want to put anybody else in danger because of her.  Dong Soo doesn’t believe in destiny.  Ji Seon asks if he sincerely thinks he can get rid of  destiny.  He says, “This Baek Dong Soo will show it to you.”

Dong Soo sits by Sa Mo, two things in this world that he’s afraid of, one Sa Mo is dying , two there’s no one by his side. All these Sa Mo should know. Sa Mo wakes up,  Dong Soo calls his name. Jin Ju hears from outside, she’s happy that Sa Mo woke up.

Gwang Taek sits alone, he feels Yeo Un staring at him from behind the wall.  Su Ung is with the King.

Yeo Un  meets Cheon. He asks Yeo Un how he feels  after dueled with Gwang Taek. Yeo Un answers that Gwang Taek is a couple of  levers higher than him. Cheon counters that  it’s not a couple of levels , it’s not less than 10 levels higher.

Cheon, “Do you know the reason why I don’t draw my sword against Gwang Taek?”  Yeo Un, “I don’t know”

Cheon, “There must be a reason, right? It’s because Gwang Taek would not show all that he can do. In a fight with me, he does not show all that he knows. What do you think is the reason?”

Yeo Un, “Because he is stronger.”

Cheon, “Is that what you think?”  Yeo Un, “I’m sorry.”

Cheon, “You don’t have to be. That can also be the reason. But , I think of it differently, because his heart has no intention to kill. As he doesn’t intend to kill, he cannot win against me. But if he doesn’t want to kill, beating him is  no fun for me either.  So I have an order for you.”

Yeo Un kneels down and says, “This disciple will accept your direction.”

Cheon, “Go to the butcher shop. I want to see Gwang Taek’s  murderous eyes.”  Cheon leaves. There’s a word written on the wood.

Yeo Un rides with other assassins, he walks into the sleeping hall and kills one friend with his knife. A friend sleeping next to him wakes up, he looks at Yeo Un and says, ” Un, is it?” He stares at Yeo Un unbelievable.  Yeo Un ends up killing  two of his friends from the mountain camp  . He  looks up and cries.

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  1. such another bitter sweet moment dong soo and ji sun with yeo un looking at him you can see it clearly on his face he loves her and GOSHHHH i remember when i first saw the ending to this ep when it wasn’t subbed i burst into tears even though i didn’t know what the hell was going on,,,,,,,, also reading a comment on youtube can’t remember the name of user but they said something like ji sun really needs to stop mentioning dong soo when she’s with yeo un i agree but there so wrong on that point yeo un kept mentioning dong soo to ji sun even more than ji sun did also i guess it’s in ji sun’s nature to mention all the men she thinks has claimed her as there women i mean like in the ep when dong soo and ji sun were sitting together and he started asking her about why she’s a monk in trainee and all that she mentioned crown prince sado helping her and dong soo quickly diverted to saying i will protect you it’s like that when she’s with yeo un she mentions dong soo so yhhhhhh

  2. Thanks for the recap. I love this drama & all the characters are so interesting even the ones i don’t like

    • I’m a bit worried about Gwang Taek, he’s now the main target of the Norons TT_TT and Yeo Un oh no, what will he do to Dong Soo in the future? TT_TT

      • I am also worried about Gwang Taek. The Norons are very shady so they might get him when he lets his guard down. But i think ultimately Gwang Taek and Chun is going to have their final showdown just as i also think Un & Dong Soo will too. With that said i wonder who is going to come out of it alive

        • Oh, Nooo. What if we’ve invested our time for 24 episodes and they all drop dead at the end by In? Gosh! I’ll be really pissed if the writer makes In be the one who destroy Gwang Taek or Cheon. ><!!

  3. i really like this drama…thanks for the recap..

    • I’m glad you loved this drama too. Aside from the difficult dialogs, the drama charmed me in so many ways; pretty to look at, good music scores, intense fighting scenes….anddd pretty boys woo hoo haha…..

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