Hooray for Love Episode 4


Dong Woo turns to look at his client and lets out “Ajumma!”

Jae Mi thinks back (in Guam) and gasps calling him, a pervert! While they are shouting at each other , his assistant is so happy that they know each other so there’s no need for a formal introduction (LOL).  She goes,  is this a famous lawyer? She will never hand over her case to him.  She tears the document and throws at his face.

Dong Woo, feeling frustrated by her behavior, he walks closer and says,  didn’t I tell you?  It’s all misunderstandings! She runs out to the elevator,  he follows her.  She screams and runs down the stairways. But then she  feels dizzy, Dong Woo opens the door and sees her swaying.  He touches her asking if she’s alright.

Alarmed by his touch, Jae Mi  pushes him away , he loses his balance and falls down the stairs.  She’s frightened looking at him. He’s unconscious when she touches him, he turns there’s blood on his face.

Jae Mi’s mom is trying to find a lawyer for her. Mom thinks of an VIP customer who her husband is a lawyer, she calls on her and asks for her help. The customer says her hubby is busy, mom gives her a nice scarf  so she says she will give her husband a call.

Dong Woo is at the hospital, he asks the doctor if he hurts a lot because he lost lots of blood. His eyes are covered with bandages so he asks if he becomes blind too. The doctor wants to check his eyes, he asks Dong Woo to open his eyes wide. Dong Woo says, what’s happen? I can’t see, am I blind? (Jae Mi hears that from outside the curtain, she’s scared.) The doctor takes out the bandages from his eyes, he asks Dong Woo, can you see now? Dong Woo opens his eyes wide, realizes that he couldn’t see because of the bandages (LOL),  he nods to the doctor.

After the doctor leaves, Jae Mi comes checking on Dong Woo. He teases her that he hurts a lot, and can’t see. Jae Mi gasps with fear. Then he points at his knee that it pains there. She yells at him for teasing her, she’ s scared to death. He says ajumma is worried about him and smiles. He points at his eye, there are stitches, and his knee is also wounded.

He shows her his ex-girlfriend’s picture on his phone. Jae Mi remembers seeing her on the plane. Dong Woo explains that on the plane, it’s his ex  playing a prank on him, pretending  not knowing him which caused the story to get complicated. Jae Mi gets the truth and understands that he’s not a perv. He asks her, has she ever seen such an attractive perv before?, pointing at his face.

She says sorry to him and wants to pay the med fee and leave, but he stops her.

She’s lying on the hospital bed having an IV-drops (her fatigue of not eat/sleep causes her dizziness). She wants to take it off but Dong Woo pushes her down on the bed. Dong Woo starts to list  her conditions;  you feel very upset, can’t sleep, can’t eat properly, tears fall every now and then, today because you didn’t eat you were about to faint on the stairs (omo.. I feel sad typing this  for all women).

Jae Mi is surprised he knows all these. He says because he’s a divorce lawyer, these are common for women betrayed by their husbands. Then he stares down at her face saying her face looks very pale, the woman he met in Guam, the young, confident, cute ajumma, (her own words) where is she?  She says it’s pathetic, right? That saying her husband loves her but now  looking  for a divorce lawyer.

He answers no, he sincerely feels sorry for her. He sits down and tells her, you know how a divorce lawyer makes money? Sad story from a client. He puts his both hands under his chin then says,  let’s hear it, exactly what ‘s the problem? Jae Mi looks at him thinking.

Her mom asks her customer’s lawyer husband to take Jae Mi’s case but he refuses. Mom thinks to call her ex-husband but  changes her mind, that he’s now happy with his young wife and daughter.

Dong Woo’s mom complains her son-in-law never joins the family, she calls for him.

 The son-in-law is working and he has to stay up late to finish his work, his young wife says no, his face will look tired and she doesn’t like him wearing glasses like an old man.  He says he works to earn her money, even works on the weekend now. So he will be working on Sat and Sun. He cannot attend his daughter school program, but his wife wants him to join her, he says then she should spend less,  she says she spends 15 millions a month. The girl says Dong Woo can’t join them too because of some ajumma, a divorce case. New wife complains that  family is more precious, how can someone live  happily while others suffer.

Jae Mi tells her mom that she got herself a lawyer, it’s the guy they met in Guam and she’s already cleared all their misunderstandings. Her aunt is surprised that he’s a lawyer, but her mom is not sure he can be trusted. Jae Mi begs her mom to let her take care of the lawsuit herself.

She tells her mom that this morning she felt tight in her chest, couldn’t even swallow water, but after she told him everything, she feels light.  She’s sure she will find her husband, only then she can file a lawsuit. Her aunt says after her husband did, and took away all her savings, why Jae Mi still want to find him? Jae Mi says she knows her husband and believes in him, may be  he’s in some kind of situation he did that, she’s sure he’s not a bad person. Aunt tells her to wake up, her husband has a mistress. Mom interrupts saying,  let’s find him first then decide.

Dong Woo is reading Jae Mi’s case, from what he sees, her husband surely has an affair, is she stupid/innocent? He wonders he met Jae Mi three times accidentally, what destiny he would be sharing with her. Then he lies down thinking  how to pay credit card bills, it’s a large amount.

Dong Woo’s assistant girl picks up cherry tomatoes for her class, because everyone brings something. Her dad feels sad that he didn’t pay attention to that. She says it’s  alright.

Mom, aunt and Jae Mi hand out leaflets looking for Jae Mi’s husband (Jung Soo). They put it up everywhere.

Hee Soo takes Jung Soo to a salon trying to change his looks and shows him the leaflet. She thinks Jae Mi reported to the police and hired someone to look for him, Jung Soo is angry at Jae Mi, that she should know by now the meaning of this. Why she’s still looking for him?

Hee Soo says because  she (Jae Mi) is worst than a leech, and you lived with her for more than 3 years? ( blood pressure)  He says she suffocates him. Hee Soo says  let’s shut her up.

Dong Woo shows the video on the divorce day to Jae Mi. He enlarges the picture of that woman appeared in that day as Jae Mi  to her  (Dong Woo, adding of course ajumma looks better LOL). He shows her picture on Jung Soo’s phone sending to one particular phone number. If  they find the person with this phone number, it should lead to her husband. His assistant has already found that person.

Jung Soo is worried, he will go to the person (because the guy is not picking up the phone) and tell him to destroy all evidences. He tells Hee Soo , he’d worked so hard to get out of that house, to be separated from her he won’t let that happen.

Dong Woo and Jae Mi are on their way to that guy too. Dong Woo doesn’t want her to come, she will interfere his work. But she begs him. Jung Soo arrives first.  Dong Woo orders her to wait in his car.

The guy drags Jung Soo out, saying they had greed not to contact afterwards. The guy tells him to leave right away because he’s been getting phone call from one number repeatedly for the past 2-3 days. Jung Soo orders him to delete all his contact and Jae Mi’s picture in his phone. The guy tells Jung Soo to worry about himself and to throw his business card away. Then they spot Dong Woo.

Dong Woo asks the guy for Jung  Soo, showing picture of Jae Mi  sent to him. The guy refuses and asks who he  is. Dong Woo says he’s Jae Mi’s divorce attorney, she wants to invalidate the divorce. Jung Soo hears it and  is frightened. The guy tells Dong Woo to come talk inside, soJung Soo can  sneak away. The guy tells Dong Woo that he’s innocent.

Jung Soo runs out, he stops short.  It’s Jae Mi standing in front of him. She calls honey, is that you? I’ve  been looking for you, no need to say anything, I understand. No matter what reason made you did the divorce, I ‘ll understand , let’s go home, honey.

He pushes her away, asking her not to look for him anymore, to please let go of him, ” I beg you to let me go”. She  pulls his arm saying honey don’t go. He pushes her hard to the floor and runs, gets in a taxi, she runs after the taxi but couldn’t catch him.

Dong Woo comes out and sees Jae Mi’s bag on the floor. Jae Mi tells him she met Jung Soo, he came out from the building. They both go back inside and question the guy. He gives Dong Woo his phone, he can track down information from the phone call records.

Mom’s breast is hurting. Aunt tells her to go see doctor, she calls Jae Mi’s dad,  but mom snatches  it away. Aunt says he’s Jae Mi’s dad too, why she has to bare the problem alone. Mom says he’s a stranger to them, and deletes his number. The new wife call her husband that she’s trying to be nice to her mom so mom will help pay her bills. But mom still firms that she pays her own.

The aunt asks Jae Mi’s mom how her ex had a mistress, mom tells the  back story that she was with them when they first met. Flashback – They are having dinner together with the new wife, then was a girlfriend of a former head doctor of the hospital. The menu was in French, the new wife couldn’t read it, her doctor boyfriend scolded her many times, and Jae Mi’s dad intervened. Later Jae Mi’s mom left to pick up her daughter and asks her husband to have a drink with his boss, Jae Mi’s dad witnessed the boyfriend doctor harassed the new wife, he helped her out, from then they got closer.

Present – the new wife is upset over her mom that she canceled her credit cards. Her dad consoles her asking why she broke up with that successful doctor and went after her husband.   She says, it ‘s because ,at that time, she thought a doctor must earn a lot of  money. Her dad  pities his son-in-law at almost the age of 60, the man has to  work hard to pay her credit card bills.  The new wife ‘s afraid her husband might die soon because he works too hard and she doesn’t want to become a widow so she’s back to be angry with her mom again.

Jung Soo’s phone records show  he contacted two persons but Dong Woo cannot reach those people because of  the Privacy Law, they have to wait from the  police. Jae Mi screams to Dong Woo that  she can’t wait what if he escapes far away. She runs out of  his office. Dong Woo finds her crying in the corner outside his office. Jae Mi  says she’s sorry to act like that, she will wait and tells him to call her. Dong Woo talks to her.

Dong Woo, “Do you have to  do this, to invalidate the divorce? Just forget about it. Even if you succeed, it’s no use.”

Jae Mi asks him that he said they would win, she has evidences  and witnesses.

Dong Woo tells her that even if she wins the case , she should wake up that her marriage is finished, completely broken. Even if  she wins and gets all her assets back, her husband (heart) will never return because he had witnessed many cases like this.  He suggests Jae Mi to take care of her feeling and look to the future.  She should let him go and start over. If  she asks anybody, they will all agree that her husband is having an affair, it’s obvious. That would only mean her husband’s body and soul has already left her. He went as far as faking the divorce, that’s how much he wants to leave her.

Jae Mi cries and asks him that he must have never loved  anyone so it’s easy for him to say the word ‘break up’. She’s holding on to a man who doesn’t love her anymore, must make her look pathetic, stupid but because she believes in him. Even the whole world accusing him he’s having an affair, she would still trust him that he wouldn’t do this to her.

Jae Mi, “If you love someone, no matter what the circumstances are, even if  it’s unbelievable, shouldn’t you trust that person?”  She says her husband will regret this one day and come back. So she asks him to continue helping  her. Dong Woo keeps quiet.

The gangster brother tells Jung Soo to get a passport and go to Australia.  He scolds at him that if  he  makes  his  sister cry,  he ‘ll kill him.  Hee Soo tells Jung Soo, just think that they’re going for their honeymoon and they can visit his mom and show her their gift, that she’s with child (pregnant).

Jae Mi comes back, her mom is waiting for her. She asks her mom she doesn’t look well. Jae Mi talks to her mom that Jung Soo is a bit immature, he will wake up soon and come back. She will protect her family so her mom won’t  have to worry.

Mom says, in front of your mom, there’s no need to pretend that everything is alright. If your are sad, say that you are sad. Tears start to fall from Jae Mi’s eyes, she’s saying sorry, she tried her best, never thought this would happen.

Dong Woo is drinking in his room thinking about Jae Mi’s words, he asks his bro-in-law if  he believes  in an everlasting love.  He answers Dong Woo that  he’s not a qualified one to answer because his life is full with regrets.

The assistant’s daughter is trying to draw her mom’s picture as her school assignment. She asks her dad if  her mom is actually dead, he says yes to heaven. She asks for her mom’s picture. He shows it to her  and assures her that he will love her twice as much (for her mom’s love).

Mom sees some stain on her blouse from her breast, she goes to  the hospital that the woman she met in Guam recommended to her. It’s where her ex-husband works.

They found Jung Soo’s car, Jae Mi and Dong Woo are looking for some clues inside the car. She finds a lighter with name of the place on it (a bar). She tells Dong Woo they should visit the place. The gangster brother gives plane tickets and money to Jung Soo. He smiles saying thank you.

Hee Soo walks out for the restroom.  She meets with Jae Mi and Dong Woo, she tells them it’s not their business hours. Jae Mi says to her she’s looking for her husband and shows Hee Soo her  Jung Soo’s picture. She looks at Jae Mi, who is asking her if she has seen him. Hee Soo closes the door behind (Jung Soo is inside the room). Two women looking at each other.

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  1. ok I already hate the mistress but to call JM a leech I want to teach her a lesson myself but there is something which is makin me uncomfortable that she might end up with JS in the end after all and I dont want this to happen the guy is messing up alot no doubt about that did u see ep 8 he told JM that anyman who had a fancy for her must be pathatic or something like I think thats what made her push him in the water but I dont want him to end up with the witch the silly part is saying alot of negative stuff about JM looks ok so she is a fashion disaster but like someone else said lee bo young is too pretty to be called an old plain Ahjumma just because her hair was curled anyway cinderella is all ready to make her transformation with the help of DW her fairy godmother lol
    thanks hun

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