OSTFix #3

Nice youth drama this year, sharing you with episode 16  Director’s cut, just have time to check and there is one scene extra from the broadcast.  Just before their last audition,

Sam Dong  :  “I would imagine that being at the top would make you feel lonely and nervous….I still want to be the very best.”

Extra scene :  In the dressing room before the audition. Hyemi walks into the room while Sam Dong is waiting for his audition.

HM  :  How about your ears?

SD  :  Are you saying that again? Ringing doesn’t bother me anymore.

HM  :  I know.

SD  :  Hyemi, you and I will go together to the States.

HM  :  Well, it’s not that easy, you know.

SD :  I’m going to let you know this in advance, I’ll go to the States if you go, but if you don’t…me neither.

HM  :  We can talk about that after we pass the audition.

Sam Dong stands up and looks at her in the eyes,

SD :  I’m serious. I’m not here to go to the States by myself. I want to show you how awesome I am, how cool I am. That’s why I’m here. You and I, two of us…will be the best, you got it?

Then the announcement calling for the next contestants from Kirin Art School, the picture shows Sam Dong playing piano and then each of them. The following scenes thru the end are the same only the song ‘Only Hope’ sung by Hyemi has a little different tune in some parts. This video below, love the violin intro and everybody’s smiling faces.   🙂

Dream High – Dream High OST

Credits : EarwenAltariel@YT

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  1. Oh you mean, HM went with SD in America? Then the concert scene could be she just returned to do it. Lovely!!! thanks for this =)

    • No, it’s just SD talking before the audition, then after he passes and has to leave for the States, it’s the same. Hyemi encourages him to go alone and show her how awesome he can be, so that she’ll think about what he means to her. It’s the same ending with more details how it comes to that. But yeah, how I would hope Hyemi meet with Sam Dong in the States 🙂

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