Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 9

Dong Soo, Yeo Un and Cho Rip are fighting with the trainees. Yeo Un is using needles (normally use in acupuncture) as his weapon.  While Dong Soo takes out his name tag and fights like he saw Gwang Taek did. Su Ung walks into the practice ground, he observes Dong Soo with his name tag moves thoughtfully.

After all the trainees lose to the three, they turn to grab their swords , the three do the same. Both sides stand facing each other, ready to resume the fight.  Su Ung shouts his order for them to stop.

One of the trainees complains that they didn’t see the three after the admission exams, the three never practiced with them so how can they join them now.

Su tells him that the three are exempted from that.  Dae Ju’s son is saying he’s also exempted but he did train with the rest, he calls this unfair.  Su Ung admits that he’s a good point, he will discuss this with other commanders and will announce the decision on the board.

Ji Seon arrives at Sa Mo’s camp. She greets Gwang Taek and Sa Mo.  Sa Mo asks if  she’s a pre-Samini. She explains that she’s about 20 years old so not yet.  Gwang Taek learns that Ji Seon is the daughter of Yu Sang Do (who served with the late King), and that he says the Prince sent her here, she must be in danger.  Gwang Taek tells Sa Mo to take care of her well.  Sa Mo wonders why Dong Soo didn’t know about it (she’s a high born lady) and that it’s a waste she entered the temple,  she’s like the good  half of  Dong Soo.

An officer is saying to Su Ung  that it’s  unfair to let the three join the trainees  at this time. Su Ung thinks that specially the ones who protested are the son and the nephew of Dae Ju (the three gasp) that  it won’t be good to them. Su Ung asks Dong Soo  how can he know how to do the Hopae (name tag) technique, Dong Soo says he just peeked at Gwang Taek (adding because he’s a genius).  Su Ung is impressed. After the three left, he tells the other officer that it took him an entire year to do that.

The training is now done. Su Ung explains the details of the deployment;

-The highest grade would be the Crown Prince’s bodyguards

-The second highest, palace guards.

– Lower grade, weapon blacksmiths.

-Lowest grade, beacon guards. (It’s the one that no trainees want, the hardest job and less credited for the effort done.)

The three didn’t join the training so they are given the lowest grade and be deployed as beacon guards.  Nobody objects.

Su Ung reports to the Prince that the boys  are deployed as beacon guards, it’s the first beacon located along Pyeongando, Hwanghae and Gaeseong. He also tells the Prince that Gwang Taek  has returned, he’s now with Sa Mo. The Prine thinks how Gwang Taek  sacrificed his arm for the baby (Dong Soo) in the past. He says Gwang Taek must have met Ji Seon already. He requests Gwang Taek to come when he has time.

Ji sees flyers looking for Jin Gi (Jin Ju’s dad). She meets with Dae Ju,  she hands him Jin Gi ‘s  half  sword. Dae Ju recalls the past that this sword is indeed Jin Gi ‘s sword.  He inguires about the Chik Seo, she tells him Jin Gi killed himself by jumping into the flame, burning himself and the Chik Seo. The Qing and Dae Ju ask if that’s the truth. She assures them that it is, and she’s willing to stake her life on it.

Gwang Taek is showing the Muyesinbo (in short, book of martial arts, compiled under the order of The Crown Prince Sado, Year 1759). There are 18 types of weapons used in the movements to which Gwang Taek has created himself. However now that he has only one arm, he cannot perform every type in the book.

Jin Ju stops by, Gwang Taek asks who she is.  Sa Mo tells him  it’s  the traitor Jin Gi ‘s daughter. Jin Ju smirks saying her dad is not a traitor. Gwang Taek  looks at her and says she looks kind. She says thank you and smiles.

Sa Mo tells Gwang Taek,  she’s the one following Dong Soo around when she was young. Sa Mo asks if she’s here for Dong Soo, she answers no, she’s  just passing through.

Jin Ju comes to Dae Ju ‘s house,  selling his wife the White Sandalwood.  She is telling her if apply on the body, the fragrance will attract men, even Hwang Jin Yi used this.  The wife says she’s not interested but wants to smell it. Jin Ju happily lets her try. Dae Ju’s wife falls asleep and Jin Ji steals her things.

Jin Ju comes back, her dad is waiting.  He grounds her from going out onwards. Cheon is sitting on top of the roof listening to them. He recalls Ji asking Jin Gi the girl’s name, and he answered it’s Jin Ju. That night,  Jin Gi throws the Chik Seo into the fire,  Jin Ju  looks at him.

Dong Soo, Yeo Un and Cho Rip are on their way to the beacon. Dong Soo asks  if they should stop by Sa Mo, Cho Rip says that they get to be  beacon guards as soon as they entered the Palace and he wants  to hear from Sa Mo? Yeo Un says they have to be there by noon so let’s hurry.

The three arrive at the beacon and lie down.  A man comes out, it’s  Seo Yu Dae.  He gives out his orders, the firewood must be changed everyday, and kept dry. The wolf  poop is required to start a fire, just place them into the wooden box.

Yeo Un confirms with him their duties, they are writing them down. Yeo Un asks if they have to change the firewood everyday. Yu Dae says it’s the rule of guarding the beacons. If  it rains then no need to change. Yeo Un asks what if they cannot find the wolf poop. Yu Dae says  it’s easiest to start fire with the wolf poop, if not they can use cow or horse poop. Yeo Un again asks what if there are none of that too. Yu Dae asks him  is it  only animals have poop? They can sun dry theirs. (LOL)

Ji Seon stands in Jang Mi ‘s house, Jang Mi ‘s daughter (Jang Mi Hyo) peeks at her, calling her seductress.  Sa Mo brings Ji Seon to stay with them because staying in the boy’s room at his  place would not  be nice, Jang Mi  kindly agrees, Sa Mo says she’s like a  fairy, she beams.

Dong Soo asks Yu Dae that he looks old , how long he has been here. He says 30 years, Dong Soo gasps. He says he’s been here since his first qualify round (Cho Si). The three look at each other nervous (that they might have to be here forever).  Dong Soo asks if took his second round exam (Bok  Si),  he did but he tells the three no matter how well they perform, they can’t beat those with official connections. Those inside the palace, passed the exam easily by using connections and giving bribes.

In addition, if the beacons are not ignited timely, there will be death penalty. The three gasp again. Dong Soo, just that and death? Yu Dae asks Dong Soo that if the beacons are ignited timely, does he think this country will be invaded by enemies?  This is the importance of  being the beacons guards. He  says they don’t have to believe him but last year, about 10-15 persons were given death penalty. Cho Rip looks like he’s about to cry.

Yu Dae puts dirty clothes over the lying Dong Soo, telling them to wash all of  it. The clothes smell bad. Dong Soo asks  if he never washes them. He says it’s his one year clothes, if  they wash them today he can make it through this year.

Yu Dae starts  saying  “The method to pass the Bok Si…” They all perk up, Dong Soo begs him to tell them how, smilingly. Yu Dae tells them to wash all the clothes first and leaves. Dong Soo ‘s smile faded.

At Hoksa Chorong (the assassin guild),  In (Dae Ung) is devastated by his lost hand,  Cheon is asking Ji what to do with In.
She tells him to do as he pleases.  She mentions there’s something change about him, anything happen? He tells her he met Gwang Taek.  If  she’s curious,  just go to see him.

In storms in, telling them to cut Gwang Taek ‘s hand and behead the man. Cheon says,  not acting on personal matters and not being emotional, is the most basic Hoksa Chorong rule. In asks Ji if she thinks the same, she doesn’t answer. In’s angry saying he has his own plan.

At the falls, Cho Rip is washing the clothes diligently, while Dong Soo just dips the clothes in the water saying the water is clear enough that once he pulls them out,  the clothes will be all thoroughly washed. Cho Rip calls for Yeo Un, and he’s doing this. Cho Rip just closes his mouth.

They hang the clothes, Dong Soo calls out that they are done. Yu Dae tells them to take all back. Dong Soo starts to protest  but then it starts to rain. Dong Soo asks Yu Dae if he knows it’s going to rain (and made them do the job). He says how would he know, he’s not a fortune teller. They collect the clothes back .

Dong Soo is  daydreaming of Ji Seon , then he thinks about Ji Seon with the Prince. Yeo Un and Cho Rip walk by carrying firewood, Yeo Un asks Dong Soo when he will start working.

Cho Rip says they are running out of  poop, he tells Dong Soo to go get  horse poop. Dong Soo says he’s busy, Yeo Un says he’s no better than the horse poop. Then he tells Cho Rip ,  just leave him alone.

Yu  Dae comes by seeing Dong Soo not doing anything. He tells Dong Soo to follow him bluffing about telling how to pass the Bok Si,  Dong Soo runs after him.  He tells Dong Soo to get Kimchi in a cave for him, again telling Dong Soo if you wants to know how to pass the Bok Si. DS runs out complaining why his kimchi is so far away. Meanwhile, Yu Dae is waiting to see how Dong Soo will take care of the job.

Dong Soo finds kimchi jars deep in the cave, with a torch in his hand, he opens one jar and tastes the kimchi, then he puts one head kimchi in a bowl, then he hears strange noise, he turns and sees he’s holding a snake in his hand, he screams and lets go the snake and the torch. He tries to reach for the torch the snake bites his arm.

Then with the torch light, he sees lots of snakes on the ground, he screams “Come save Baek Dong Soo!”

Dong Soo comes back and gives Yu Dae the kimchi accusing him  of  knowing there are snakes in that cave. Dong Soo, Cho Rip and Yu Dae are joining the meal. Yu Dae tells them that it’s a snake cave, it’s cool which is good for kimchi. Yu Dae asks if Dong Soo did not get bitten by the snake, Dong Soo hides his arm saying how can Baek Dong Soo be bitten by a snake. Yu Dae tells them to just eat, Dong Soo complains only veggies everyday, his body needs energy. Yu Dae scolds at him telling him to go and catch the  meat himself, Dong Soo runs off bragging he won’t give him any. Yu Dae wonders where that kid that never talk go, Cho Rip says Yeo Un?

Dong Soo catches a bird, Yeo Un is whistling for his bird,  the bird doesn’t show up.

Yeo Un comes back, Cho Rip and Dong Soo are lying down, finished the bird. Cho Rip gives the meat to Yeo Un, he asks how they can get chicken. Cho Rip, it’s not chicken,  it’s  an eagle’s meat. Dong Soo says it’s a messenger eagle.

Dong Soo  gives Yeo Un the message attached to the eagle’s leg, it reads ‘Kill’ , Yeo Un chokes on his food, Dong Soo asks him what’s wrong, Dong Soo thinks may be he just saves someone’s life.  Yeo Un says  good job through clenched teeth.  Dong Soo tells them to keep it’s a secret from Yu Dae.


Cho Rip notices Dong Soo doesn’t look good, Yeo Un sees his arm, Dong Soo  says he’s embarrassed, it ‘s just a small flower snake, how can Baek Dong Soo lose to a snake, let’s keep this a secret too. Then he faints. Yeo Un runs for the medicine, Yu Dae sees him. He examines Dong Soo and takes out his knife saying if they leave him like this he could be dead, then telling the two to close their eyes. Cho Rip stops him asking if he wants to cut Dong Soo ‘s arm. Yu Dae  says it’s better than his life.

Yeo Un looks at Dong Soo and thinks back when they fought together and Dong Soo used his arm to protect him from the guard, the guard asked Dong Soo can he sacrifice his arm for a friend.

Yeo Un tells Yu Dae to give him his knife. He puts needles on Dong Soo, and cuts Dong Soo ‘s skin a little then he sucks out the poisoned blood.

Ji Seon sleeps in the same room with Jang Mi and her daughter.

Cheon talks with the drunken In. In still cannot accept that he lost his hand, he’s Dae Ung who’s with Cheon for ten years. Cheon says, being brothers is about heart, but In never once entered his heart. In says Cheon never entered his heart too. Cheon is not satisfied with his arrogant behaviors, he tells In , if  he’s caught like that one more time, he will not forgive him.

Gwang Taek meets the Prince, giving him the book. The Prince says he’s in debt with Gwang Taek for a life time. Gwang Taek says he did (the Book) to enrich Joseon and strengthen the military powers. The Prince would like to request the King to give him an official position.  Gwang Taek refuses, he wants Su Ung to have it instead. The Prince says the King may not agree. Then Gwang Taek feels someone is outside. It’s  a lady saying the King wishes to see Gwang Taek.

Gwang Taek is with the King. The King  says he’s been  back to Joseon but why taken a long time to come here.  He heard  Gwang Taek rejected the Crown Prince. He asks if the position given was too low, he tries other higher positions, but Gwang Taek insists that he wants to live normal life with his love one for the rest of his life. The King laughs and finally agrees to his wish. The King asks Gwang Taek to drink together.

The lady reports to Dae Ju that Gwang Taek met the Prince and is now with the King,  he’s angry that Gwang Taek is  still alive and now back.

Yeo Un is treating Dong Soo,  he mumbles in his sleep about a fairy. He wakes up wondering  what happened. Yu Dae asks him the fangs of flower snake contains poison,  doesn’t he know. Dong Soo says he read all about the poisonous snakes from the books when he was young, but it’s the first time hearing that flower snake is poisonous.  Yu dae says not everything covered in books. Dong Soo tries to get up, he falls down.

In starts  hitting things and killing a man in the assassin guild. He’s upset that both Cheon and Ji  didn’t do anything to Gwang Taek  for him. Cheon shows up saying it looks like he wants to die. In raises his sword to Cheon, then stops saying sorry, he must be drunk or out of  his  mind. Then he stands closer to Cheon, In looks down. It’s  In pulls out his sword but Cheon uses his to counter In ‘s.

In begs Cheon to take his sword back, to spare his life. Cheon  slashes In once  saying don’t blame him for this.  Ji looks at them. They throw In outside, he’s till concious. In cries saying he will not die, even if with his hand  or his leg cut off, he will use his body to live,  he will live and  kill all of them.

The Prince inquires about Ji Seon with Su Ung. He tells the Prince that she stays with women. The Prince asks Su Ung  if he finds the way to remove the tattoo. Su Ung says  there’s a gisaeng learned the art of removing tattoo from Qing. The Prince orders him to contact her  discreetly.

Jin Ju  is pacing in her room then she sneaks out while her dad is sleeping. She walks in the market and sees Dae Ju ‘s lackey is slapping a little girl for being a beggar around here. The lackey comes with Dae Ju ‘s wife. After they left, Jin Ju holds the girl saying how they can hurt this little girl, is it just because they are from official family. Dae Ju ‘s lackey spots the Prince guards with a carriage, he follows them  and sees a woman comes out (it’s Ji Seon).

The Prince tells Ji Seon , a man (a painter)  will come to copy the map from her body and he’ll find a person to remove her tattoo so she doesn’t have to bear the responsibility any longer. Ji Seon is overwhelmed. The Prince says he told her he would protect her.

Cheon at the guild, his man reports that the body(In’s) has disappeared, may be he’s still alive. Cheon says not to worry, In refuses to die and tries hard to stay alive, this must be his fate, isn’t it? (he directs his question to Ji) Ji stops playing music, flashback – Ji with Gwang Taek, and Ji with Cheon. Cheon’s voice in her head, if you are curious, go see him (Gwang Taek). Ji looks at Cheon and walks out to cry outside. She leaves.

A man comes to the Prince.  The Prince is expecting someone else, the man says his teacher is sick, and it’s hard for him to travel.  A man gives the Prince a scroll, his credentials , he’s good at scenery and folk paintings.

The prince asks him one question. Can he keep a secret? He says when entered the Palace he closes his ears and his eyes, and when he leaves this place, he shuts his mouth. That’s what his teacher taught him. The Prince asks him, “Can I trust you?”.  He says yes, please leave the matter to me.

Ji Seon takes off her clothes, the man starts to draw the map copying from Ji Seon’s back onto the paper.

Dong Soo can’t sleep, he gets up. Yeo Un looks at him. Dong Soo is pacing outside, then he ‘s looking at his drawing at the Temple in the rain. He stands alone looking sad.

Dae Ju gets report about the Samini, she entered the temple ten years ago, not sure who she is. Dae Ju asks ten years ago?  His lackey says yes that he heard she went to Qing too. Dae Ju asks how old is she? His guard says she’s a bang nyeon lady(around twenty years old). Dae Ju concludes that if the Prince is seeing her, she should be Yu So Gang ‘s daughter who  escaped with her father ten years ago. Dae Ju  laughs aloud, he now can see the result of the very long war.

The prince asks if there’s a lot left to draw, the man says he’s sorry, the Prince says to him not to rush and draw well. The man continues drawing, then he’s done.

The prince asks why there are three maps. He says the map on the woman’s body is not just one map. It looks like one map but actually it’s three maps combined together into one.

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