Movie : Hanamizuki

Hanamizuki Yui Aragaki

Hanamizuki tells the story of Sae Hirasawa and Kouhei Kiuchi over the years of 1996 to 2006. They met by accident on a train when they were both high school students, and a relationship starts to form. Later, when Sae needs to leave Hokkaido to go to Tokyo for studies, the two of them attempted to have a long distance relationship. However, their bond is tested by multiple challenges facing the two of them.

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Credits :  NehiroHokodate@YT

Be warned, this is approx two hours long. Number one on the box office for two consecutive weeks in Japan when it was released. If you are quite familiar with the pacing of the Japanese movie, you should be ok. The movie was beautifully filmed, great cinematography. The miniature boat and the ending got me. The movie covered Hokkaido, Tokyo, New York,  Nova Scotia.  In a nutshell, a story of first loves that come in full circle. People pursue their dreams when they were young only to realize where they want to be at the end.  Of course,  Hanamizuki  is the name of  the flower.

Directed by Nobuhiro Doi
Produced by Yasuo Yagi, Kazuya Hamana, Jun Nasuda
Written by Noriko Yoshida
Starring Yui Aragaki, Toma Ikuta
Cinematography Yasushi Sasakibara

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