Hooray for Love Episode 2

After Dong Woo kissed Jae Mi, she screams. He keeps telling her that it was a mistake. Her mom and her aunt come running. Her mom asks Dong Woo if he really forced kissed Jae Mi. He says it was a misunderstanding, he meant to kiss his girlfriend but made a mistake. He says how can a handsome like him would kiss this kind of woman (looking at Jae Mi).

Her mom starts to defense Jae Mi’s look, but when she looks at her own daughter, she just changes the topic (LOL).  She requests the flight attendants to take care of him. Dong Woo calls his girlfriend for his alibi, that she’s his girlfriend who he meant to kiss.  His girlfriend bluffs him whispering, whether he will introduce her to his mom or not, he says why would he do that.  So his girlfriend tells Jae Mi that she too has the chance of being harass by him (meaning he’s a perv).  Dong Woo’s eyes widen in shock that she’s not taking his side, the flight attendants ask him to leave,  and  remain in his seat for the duration of the flight.

His mom hears the story, she says to the flight attentdant that her son is not that kind to do such thing. She asks Dong Woo, did you or did you not do it.  He mumbles that he did. His mom tells the flight attentdant that her son is saying no. His sister pats her mom, then  mom realizes what he just said. She says “Oh My Gawd!” and she pinches his lips.  Curious, his sister asks him,  did you kiss that woman?  He nods.

Mom : “Omo..what to do. Omo. This is really embarassing. I won’t be able to live as a human being after this.” She asks him, “Is there a shortage of woman for you to forced kiss a woman in the aircraft?”  He says it’s not a forced kiss but kissed the wrong person.  His mom screams, how can he make a mistake in kissing. She says if he got married earlier this wouldn’t  have happened, why he stay single. He says he’s guarding his availbility. (LOL).

Mom says she doesn’t want to see him anymore, “Get out! Get out  NOW!” (in English)
He says mom,this is an airplane, “Airplane!” (in English)  HAHA.

His sister comes back to her seat talking to her hubby, that Dong Woo isn’t the type to do this.  Is it a destiny? She wants to look at that woman. Her hubby stops her. She goes, that’s right,  we are almost there, if  it’s fate we will meet again.

They arrive in Guam and stay in the same hotel.

Jae Mi calls her hubby, reminds him to go to the bank, the loan interest is due today.

He’s at the bank, instead of paying the loan, he preterminates all; the health insurance and other insurances. The banker asks if  he’s sure because there will be great loss. He insists to sign all the documents. He asks if he can get the money right away. The banker says it will take a couple of days.  She asks if he has problem because his wife never mentions to terminate  all the contracts.  He says he just wants to start over.

In Guam, both family are having a good time.

Jae Mi, her mom and aunt walks in the flea market, they stop at one shop. There are pictures of flower, mom asks the name of the flower. The little girl tells her , Half flower, the flower will bring you love forever. The little girl suggests a fortune teller.

The fortune teller looks at mom’s hand, “You lost everything a long time ago. Friendship, love and fortune.”

They are surprised that she’s accurate. “‘You will fall in love again, don’t run away.”  Then she looks at Jae Mi ‘s hand. She says it’s unbelievable that  mom and her have the same lines in the hands.  “You two have the same destiny, One love gone and another begin.”  Aunt says to Jae Mi  that means Jae Mi and her husband will be separated? Jae Mi tells the fortune teller that she’s married and is happy with her husband.

The fortune teller shakes her head,  “When love comes your way, don’t think  too much, just follow your heart.”

JM is angry, they all leave.  The fortune teller says, “The storm is about to begin.”

In Seoul, Jae Mi’s husband  is hiring someone who resembles his wife. He gives the guy her picture.

Jae Mi and her mom are walking along the beach in the sunset.

Jae Mi is moody because of the fortune teller. She tells her mom that she will never ever divorce, her mom asks if that’s because of her. The phobia of a broken family.  Mom says sorry that she couldn’t show her a blissfully happy life. Jae Mi consoles her mom that how can it be her false,  it’s his, he had an affair with a young woman.

Mom says she doesn’t regret because , “Everything ends when there’s no more trust between a couple.”  She understands that so there’s no regret.  But what she regrets is that Jae Mi hates her dad.  At first, it should have been Jae Mi ‘s choice, but  she is the one who does  not allow her and her dad to see each other, separating both.  She regrets it.

Jae Mi says it’s because  he abandoned mom and got married with a younger woman, she won’t forgive him.

His young wife is asking, in 10 years of marriage, he never met his ex and the daughter just once? He says,  he told her that  she wouldn’t  let him  see his  daughter. The wife is angry that he means if his ex allows, he will meet them.

Both family go for a resort spa. Dong Woo again makes mistake into JM’s room.  He (again) says it’s a misunderstanding. But this time Jae Mi doesn’t   let him get away.

She chases him around the resort, and then slaps  him twice saying omo.. you like me? Dong Woo jaw dropped. Jae Mi continues that although  she’s cute and young,  she’s a married woman and her husband loves her very much. She tells him to stop stalking her or  next time she will call the police.

She sees her dad with a daughter,  she looks at them crying. Dong Woo sees her cry,  he’s confused.

Flashback – After her mom’s  accident, dad comes to tell mom that he and that woman ended and he’ll not go to see her anymore, but the mom asks for a divorce. He is in shock, he tells her that he never thought to divorce her.  He begs and tells her that he still loves her.  She tells him to do it quietly or else she will put him in jail.

Jae Mi  tells  her dad that she will hate him for a life time. She asks him to leave.  Present – Jae Mi says to herself that she knew her dad remarried but  never knew he has a child.

Dong Woo thinks about how Jae Mi was crying.
He talks with his girlfriend  that he relies on his mom to live, and also his sister.  His life has no meaning so he’s decided not to get married. He doesn’t like women crying because of him. He tells her that they  cannot go any further,  and tells her to go meet another man. All their time together , he was happy.

Jae Mi’s mom and aunt are in the pool, mom feels something about her breast. The aunt tries to locate the area by touching the mom’s breast.  Dong Woo’s mom and sister sees them, and shock.  The two in the pool explain to them, they feel relief.  Dong Woo’s sister gives Jae Mi’s mom a phone number, she recommends her a doctor where her husband works.  Jae Mi’s mom feels like she heard her voice before.

Mom and aunt dress for the party. The dad requests  his (and his ex) favorite song.  He is dancing with his new wife,  he closes his eyes thinking of the past.  Jae Mi’s mom and aunt are dancing too.

He opens his eyes and he sees her (Jae Mi’s mom). They look at each other. She goes back to her room. He comes looking for her and finds her bag on the table.

He comes to their room (because there is a key card in the bag)

He greets them saying it’s been ten years.  Jae Mi yells at him that who are you.  He tells her that no matter what, he’s her father. She retorts calling him a man who abandoned her mom and remarried with a young wife, and tells him to look at her mom, she still has metal in her leg because of that accident. Jae Mi asks him to live like they don’t now each other and to never show himself again.  Her dad falls into silent, the hurt shows in his eyes. Jae Mi walks out of the room and cries outside.

When left alone together, Jae Mi’s mom tells him to leave before Jae Mi comes back. He tells her he wants to know how they are doing, and whether are doing fine. But now he is not qualified to ask such thing. He says he’s sorry and leaves the room.

Jae Mi’s husband arrives at the court house with a woman. She dresses to resemble Jae Mi. On the way here, he asks her to repeat  Jae Mi’s  information as her own.  He’s holding an envelop. They are heading in to register their  (fake) divorce.

This drama had me laughed for four episodes straight. There were sad moments but it still managed to keep a light beat so far. 🙂

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  1. Did you get a chance to watch episode 6 yet? I used to say that I’m frustrated by JM’s character, but she (and the writer) proved me wrong. She was awesome in it!

    • Yep! I did. JM was great in court, but eh….could you share with us, in short, her sentences to the judge that caused everyone gasped with surprise? Thanks. Don’t you think JM trusted DW a little too fast to spend the night? Humm…

      • The judge rules the first divorce void because there is substantial evidence that it was done by fraud. JM gets up and thanks the judge. Then she announces that she will be initiating a divorce against her husband. Why did she bring to court the case to void the first divorce, if she planned to divorce him anyway. The judge asks what’s the difference?

        JM explains that there is a huge difference. Her love for her husband the last three years was sincere, and she doesn’t want to make a lie out of even that by having her husband divorce her husband by fraud. But instead, it will be her leaving her husband and initiating the divorce against her cheating husband. Hmm, how she said it sounded so much cooler than the way I’m phrasing things.

        • Kyaah~ Blue, thank you so much. Now I’m really interested in this drama more, she’s so cool, she doesn’t want to end up like her mom when divorced her dad, not eating etc. But I think she may taking it the wrong way (or may be it’s for the sake of the drama), she should just go with her hubby and register the divorce again as easy as that, why go thru the court thing or may be it’s about money and revenge. Humm….. thanks. Only at ep6, so many things to talk about already, cool! Don’t know why the subs are so slow on this one tho. *sob sob*

  2. wah so you are following this one great I hope you will continue cause there is no decent subs so far
    concerning JMs actions I think what she is doing makes sense if we look at her character she is a perfectionist who was scared by what happened to her parents so it wouldnt be easy for her to just admit she was living a lie and that she failed just like mom she is still living in she is living in denial and this is very realistic by the way alot of wives shut their eyes to avoid losing the marriage even if the husband is begging to leave and JS is not exactly the bad guy he is just indecisive and weak its obvious that he still has feelings for her but he is not aware of what he is doing right now and I do love jin yi han so much so I cant hate his character anyway just look at his puppy teary eyes so adorable
    about the hair and the ugly betty geeky look lol it seems a big issue for alot of ppl she will be transformed soon I guess but personally I kinda of like it this way better it makes her more believable as
    the dumped wife

    concerning other characters krystl is hilarious DWs assistant’s babygirl is so adorable DW is funny but not interesting enough so far

    I am glad I have found your lovely blog keep up the good work

    • Sandy *waves* I remember we voted for Blue to recap HFL together ^^ Like you said, I’m still on par with DW but I guess the writer wanted to develop JM first. I enjoyed the dad and mom couple, but I also loved his new wife too. Actually, every character in this drama is so adorable. DW’s dad is a domestic type haha cooking all the time. I wonder why the subs were so slow, I guess cuz it’s 50eps and a family-weekend drama which attracts different crowd. I think JS still feels sth for JM, and that will be complicated when DW comes into her life and she has to choose. I hope this one won’t get draggy later on. Thanks for stopping by ^_^

  3. OMG, is this kcomments, THE kcomments? I clicked on the link on Fanderay’s blog, but never thought it would be yours!

    This blog looks awesome… and so professional looking. I’ve wondered why you didn’t start your own blog because you always seem to have so much to say. I’m happy I can have a go-to place for it now! 🙂

    I’ve been watching Hooray for Love pretty regularly too. There are definitely things I like about it, but right now, I’m pretty frustrated by LBY’s character. If I was her, I would try to milk as much alimony out of my good for nothing husband and scram. I believe he took off with their life savings too, right? I just hate frustrating female characters! Hope she learns to stand on her own soon before I grow out of patience.

    Anyway, I’ll visit here frequently. It seems you’re recapping dramas that very few people are recapping. Is WBDS any good? I gave up on it after episode 2.

    • Oh BOY! I’ve been caught ^^ I swear I was meaning to email you when I have the confident hehe because I feel so embarrassed, all my dear masters are all knowledgeable and so cool. But I’m glad you stopping by, please share your insights or anything you feel like sharing, that would be lovely. It’s because of your blog that I could enjoy Kdrama more.

      I picked this drama because I read about it on your blog (Electric Ground) that the writer is from “Golden Bride” right? I liked her work there. I believe Jae Mi is afraid to accept that her life is turning out like her mom, so she ‘s in denial mode right now. It’s 50eps so I plan to give it 10eps then will decide again. For WBDS, try from ep5, I’ve been watching this one like reading a manga, that way it’s fun and cool, but it’s getting harder as they are moving into the political territory( with all those fanzy Sageuk terms O_O!). I was a little disappointed with Yoo Seung Ho (Yeo Un), I couldn’t feel his character atm, don’t know why, but I enjoyed the BDS boy tho ^^

      • Why would you feel embarrassed? This is such a cute blog! And I love that you’re the only blogger blogging about Hooray for Love right now. Personally, between Scent of a Woman and Hooray for Love, I’m definitely liking HFL more right now. Did you get a chance to check out SoW yet? It’s very pretty, but I’m finding the story way too slow and boring.

        I actually liked Golden Bride too (mostly because of the main couple), but I’m concerned that this writer does have the tendency to drag the story a lot. It probably doesn’t help that she usually writes long weekend dramas or daily dramas.

        Ooh, btw, do you mind if I link you blog on my blogroll? I wanted to ask your permission first because I wasn’t sure whether you wanted to keep down low or not. But if you don’t mind, I’m sure others will appreciate reading your recaps!

        • Please go ahead about the blog roll, I put yours on too days ago (didn’t ask for your permission first tho, sorry^^). I didn’t watch SoW (should we use smaller ‘o’ ?) because I have some tiny issue with KSA’s acting (I’d rather watch her all at once, yunno, choice of FF, or wait to see the ending first ) but I did check screen caps on DB, sorry, dunno why I cringed TT_TT (it’s safe to say it here , isn’t it? haha cool!).

          Not sure how long will do HFL tho, ep5 JM pissed me off, she dragged the guy home even if she knew he really wanted to run away from her with other gal. Well, three years of marriage, may be it’s hard to let go. And what if DW falls for JM before she’s legally divorced, wouldn’t that be called cheated on her part as well. Ouch! Do you think LBY will change her hairdo soon TT_TT? Hope so. Read on soompi, ppl are comparing SoW with HFL, Yo! it’s rom-com(16 eps) vs family drama(50 eps), LOL.

          HFL ep5 TNS Ratings Nationwide 11.7(8th) Seoul 14.3 (6th)

      • Oh, and what does popv stand for? I remember reading long time ago that the “k” in kcomments stood for your name. Just curious what popv was. The first thing that popped in my head was “pop video.” Hehe.

        • No, actually k is for Korean, at that time, I wanted to remember what I would use this name for, but now after Dream High, I prefer just ‘K’ LOL. I was telling Softy that I tried many names but they all were taken including “zzzz” couldn’t you believe that? Ppl are so creative these days. Then I tried ‘pop’ as in pop music, then ‘v’ that time I thought of Channel V (sorry Softy, just remembered). I thought it was chic + cool hehe. Btw, have you decided on your domain name yet?
          Oh and please, any mistakes at all on this blog please let me know, I would be so happy and please be assured that I wouldn’t mind that at all. ^_^

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