Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 8

Cheon comes calling for Gwang Taek, and they meet looking at each other. They sit down at a table. Cheon says when Gwang Taek stepped foot on Han Yang, he should have informed him, why he had to meet that Dae Ung first (referring to In). Gwang Taek says,  so that loud mouthed friend of him is called Dae Ung, then he tells Cheon that he’s sorry , his friend has lost a hand. Cheon laughs, then he asks Gwang Taek, if it were him (instead of In), would the outcome be the same. Gwang Taek says if necessary, they can do it anytime (meaning duel).

With that, Cheon pulls out his sword, Gwang Taek lets go of a cup in his hand  and uses his sword to receive Cheon’s  so fast even before that cup falls to the table. Cheon pulls his sword back and says, even though Gwang Taek has lost his arm, he’s still Joseon’s finest swordsman.  But Gwang Taek counters that Cheon is still alive, so that’s not completely true. Cheon smiles accepting his compliments.

Cheon :  “The place for your sword is the only one still empty.”  The picture shows rows of swords with one empty place.

Dong Soo is looking at the Prince goes into Ji Seon’s room.

Cheon says now that he’s seen him, he will go, he tells Gwang Taek to clean his sword and wait for him. He says he’s leaving and orders Gwang Taek to see him out, Gwang Taek laughs. On his way out, Yeo Un looks at him but Cheon just leaves.

Sa Mo is angry that Gwang Taek let Cheon leave, but Gwang Taek says this time Cheon didn’t come for blood so they should be patient.

Dong Soo meets  Cheon on his way back to the camp,  Cheon blows at Dong Soo’s  face, he chuckles  and leaves. Dong Soo is having trouble breathing, saying to himself, just one look at Cheon he’s getting the shivers already  but he’s Baek Dong Soo.  Not sure if Cheon heard him saying his name, but Cheon stops mid track and perks up without looking back.

Jin Ju is walking alone, she spots Yeo Un in front of her. Yeo Un walks into a dark alley and looks around. Jin Ju decides to follow him.

Yeo Un kneels down to Cheon saying he has something he would like to ask. Jin Ju hides behind the wall,  she looks at Cheon’s belt, then she says “Cheon?”

Yeo Un asks Cheon who killed his father?  Jin Ju is frustrated, she couldn’t hear what they are talking about.

Cheon : “He had to die anyway.”
Yeo Un :  “Although my hatred for him was enough to make me kill, but a father will always be a father, right? Please tell me.”   Cheon laughs.

Yeo Un says Cheon told him that the killer is an unreachable person, he’s higher than the sky, could it be the Crown Prince?  Cheon tells him that he’s right (Ouch!).  Yeo Un asks what is the reason for the Prince to kill  his dad. Cheon, “It’s just as simple as slaying the dogs after the rabbits are cooked. After a hunt, dogs that are no longer useful will be slaughtered for food.”

Yeo Un thinks the Prince wouldn’t do the killing himself, he asks Cheon, who was  the one plunged the sword into his father’s body.  Again Yeo Un says, don’t  tell me it’s the Sword Saint (Gwang Taek). Cheon laughs and asks Yeo Un if that’s the truth, what does he plan to do. Yeo Un cries clutching his fist.  Jin Ju is wondering who is who and why.

Seeing Yeo Un cries, Cheon shakes his head and he walks away. Then Cheon’s voice,  “If it’s the sky, do you have the guts to hack it?”

The Prince is walking back with his men, he signals his guard to check out the guy hiding in the bush. The guard checks the bush but finds no one.  Dae Ju’s man  slipped away.

Dong Soo is excited, he asks Cho Rip that the Sword Saint Gwang Taek is here? Cho Rip says Gwang Taek is now with the captain (Sa Mo). Dong Soo asks Cho Rip if he thinks his name reached Gwang Taek’s ears, he thinks the Sword Saint has traveled this far to see him, so he should go meet him. Cho Rip calms him down and tells him that the medicine man that day is the Sword Saint, Dong Soo gasps and asks if he’s sure.

Jin Ju shows up with a  liquor in her hand, asking Dong Soo to drink together. Cho Rip looks at her face, and recognizes her.  Jin Ju asks Dong Soo, “that handsome fellow with a small face, why don’t I see him around?”

Dong Soo says, one with small face and looks handsome, who else is there other than him. Cho Rip says “Un”. Dong Soo asks her if she’s interested in Yeo Un.  She repeats the name and recalls the young Yeo Un.  Dong Soo says forget about that guy and let’s drink.

Yeo Un walks back and sees them drinking, he doesn’t join them but goes back  to the camp. He meets with Sa Mo and Gwang Taek,  Sa Mo goes to get Dong Soo to meet Gwang Taek.

Gwang Taek asks Yeo Un if he’s  Cho Sang’s son.  Yeo Un says yes, he glares at Gwang Taek.  Gwang Taek asks why your eyes filled with such intese desire to kill. Yeo Un just keeps quiet. Gwang Taek asks him if he  has something to say to him. Yeo Un looks at him then at his lost arm thinking in his head “One and a half step. If I can hack off his neck at the same time I draw my sword, that would be enough.”  His hand is clutching his sword.

Gwang Taek asks him, why he isn’t he speaking.  Yeo Un is telling himself to pull his sword now. Eyes meet eyes, Gwang Taek grabs his shoulder saying “Your killer aura is too strong.” He sighs then pats Yeo Un’s shoulder and leaves. Yeo Un stands alone thinking of Cheon’s words, that if  it’s the sky, whether he has the guts to hack  it.

Jin Ju is looking at Dong Soo in his sleep,  she reaches out to touch his face.

Sa Mo calls out asking who she is.

She stands up and greets him,  she introduces herself  that she’s Hwang Jin Ju. He remembers her, he says she’s Dong Soo’s childhood sidekick.  He smiles, he teases her how she followed Dong Soo around when she was young.  She excuses herself and leaves.

Jang Mi (Dae Po’s wife) gives Sa Mo clothes she sew for him. He smiles.  Sa Mo puts that clothes over Dong Soo.

Gwang Taek looks at Dong Soo saying that indeed it is this child, that he failed to recognize him. He calls it’s fate as he recalls his past meetings with Dong Soo.  He thinks Dong Soo is exactly the same as his father,  “Thank you for being alive”, he touches Dong Soo’s face lovingly.

Dong Soo wakes up in the morning looking at the clothes on top of him.

Gwang Taek visits  Yeo Un’s dad grave,  Yeo Un looks at him from afar. Gwang Taek talks to Yeo Un’s dad, that his son has grown up, the looks in his eyes too, and that his son takes after him when he’s young, exactly the same. He says, he may not visit the grave anymore, rest in peace. Yeo Un looks at him for a while then he leaves.

The Guard reports to the Prince that he’s lost the assassin that night. The Prince is worried that leaving Ji Seon alone at Cheong Am Temple is too dangerous.

Dae Ju gets report that the Prince has met with a Samini (referring to Ji Seon). Dae Ju laughs, and tells his man to investigate about this  Samini.

SU reports to the Prince after meeting with Sa Mo, that the kids have grown up as expected. The Prince orders to bring the kids to the Palace.

Dong Soo, Cho Rip and Yeo Un arrive at the Temple, Dong Soo tells them that this is really the last time. He tells both them he’s going in, just wait here, no matter what happens don’t come over, and he repeats, both nod their understanding. Dong Soo runs inside.  Cho Rip says why he has the feeling that Dong Soo ask them to follow because he wants them to look out for him. Yeo Un says, let’s wait and see.

The Prince is talking with Ji Seon in her room, he’s telling her his answer, that between her and the Book of War, he will choose her, not because she’s a woman…then she interrupts him saying that’s enough that he chose her.  Ji seon turns and starts taking off her robe. She says she was born to be a consort of him and this is her answer. She takes off her rope completely and lets him see the drawings on her back.

The Prince asks her what exactly this is.  She says the map on her back is the Book of War (Bukbeoljigye). She tells him that  ten years ago, her father tore out the map from the book  and tattooed it on her back.  From then on, her body has become a treasure, that cannot be destroyed or killed. She cries.  The Prince feels sad saying that she’s trapped by age, loss of freedom, that she’s the same as him, walking on the same path.

Dong Soo walks in the Temple’s yard, he sees shadow of  Ji Seon with a man, he runs to the door passing the guards. He opens the door and sees The Prince is covering Ji Seon with her robe. He wants to go in the room but the guards take him out. The Prince comes out, Dong Soo asks him, who is he to freely enter and leave a Samini’s room in the middle of the night. The Prince glares at Ji Seon,  she avoids his eyes.

Dong Soo tells the guard to put his sword away, that he can be really scary when he’s angry. The Prince tells the guard to leave him alone. Dong Soo talks to the Prince calling him ‘you’ should leave. The Prince says this is not the time, he tells Dong Soo to leave. Dong Soo brags asking him, do you see my brothers standing over there? He points out, but there’s no one there. The Prince is calling him crazy and telling his guards to just scare him away is enough.

Yeo Un and Cho Rip show themselves. And they all fight with the guards in front of the Prince.

The Prince calls  his guards to stop. Yeo Un recognizes the Prince’s sword, Yeo Un asks if he comes from the Palace then he kneels down saying “Your Highness”.  Both Dong Soo and Cho Rip are surprised. Cho Rip repeats Yeo Un’s words and he too kneels down. Dong Soo laughs that it’s not possible, but everybody stays quiet. He looks at the guards, and at Yeo Un, Cho Rip. His smile faded, then he recalls his seeing the Prince earlier, he reluctantly kneels down.

Dong Soo kneels down and mumbles that how can Your Highness comes visit a Seungnyeonim (female monk) at the Temple. The Prince asks why do you kneel then, Dong Soo says that he thinks it might be possible, so.. but that doesn’t mean he’s really The Crown Prince for sure,  and it’s not like His Highness has nothing to do. Dong Soo asks him again why he has to visit a Seungnyeonim in the middle of the night, does he think this ‘s  proper.

The Prince says of course, it’s improper. Dong Soo gets up and shouts at him that he’s messing with him.  Dong Soo tells Yeo Un and Cho Rip to get up, that he’s not the Prince but they both don’t move. Yeo Un keeps staring at the Prince. Dong Soo says The Crown Prince is so busy everyday,  it’s  even hard to see him around in the palace.

The Prince answers (using formal terms used in the Palace), “That’s right, I am busy running everywhere. And I’m famous for that.”  Dong Soo is confused with the way he speaks,  the guard shouts at  him (using formal terms as the Prince’s guard) order Dong Soo to kneel down since he’s already known it’s His Highness.  Dong Soo gasps, his knees gone weak, he kneels down and bows low saying (he changes to using formal addressing the Prince) that he’s committed a capital offence,  the Prince laughs and asks if he knows what is the capital offense. Dong Soo begs for his forgiveness just this once, that if he forgives him this once, his life will belong to the Prince, he will absolutely pledge his loyalty to him.

While Dong Soo is speaking to the Prince, Yeo Un reaches for his sword.

Dong Soo continues with his begging, the Prince says that’s enough and asks for his name. Dong Soo politely answers,  that he’s Baek Dong Soo. The Prince repeats his name, Dong Soo asks if he knows him, then he thinks back about his saving the Prince, he points to the Prince (using informal),  don’t tell me you are that fellow from that time. The Prince laughs then he turns to Yeo Un, and says “Then you are Yeo Un.” He looks at Cho Rip, “And you are Yang Cho Rip.”

Yeo Un answers  “Yes, Your Highness”.
The Prince walks closer saying to the three that he’s really feel thankful that all of them have grown up so strong and healthy, “All of you will become the future of Joseon.”

Dong Soo bows to Ji Seon and walks away, Cho Rip does the same. Yeo Un turns to look at her silently, she bows to him, he returns her bow then leaves.  Ji Seon is thinking about the Prince’s order, that she will be sent to Gang Hwa, he tells her to prepare some travel expenses.

They come back and get drunk, Cho Rip is begging Dong Soo to stop it now that how fortunate of him to be able to retain his life in front of the Prince.  He turns to see Yeo Un is also lost in thought, he says from what he sees, Yeo Un and Dong Soo have some kind of problems that’s serious.  Dong Soo lets out that of course, it’s serious. They fall asleep.

A shadow moves over Yeo Un, he opens his eyes, grabs his knife and attacks. It turns out to be Gwang Taek. He says to Yeo Un, you are set to kill. Yeo Un lowers his knife and asks him if he wants to have a drink. They sit down  and Yeo Un pour the liqour for him, Gwang Taek says that both of them are like his sons. Yeo Un says he heard that he is a good friend of  his father, Gwang Taek says  it’s the kind that’s willing give up their lives for each other, that rare kind of good friends.

Yeo Un thinks in his head, then why did you kill them both? Why did you kill my father?

Gwang Taek continues that none of them are with him right now. Yeo Un starts to pull out his sword thinking he can do it. Gwang Taek lets out, “Do you have the confidence?” Yeo Un puts his sword back.

 Gwang Taek, “When you’re handling the sword, you must have confidence in yourself.”  Yeo Un asks what he means. Gwang Taek, “You can lie to me. But the look in your eyes won’t lie. I was with your father all the time. Although we didn’t speak, but I can feel it from within my heart that he has handed you over into my care. To allow me to care for you.”

Yeo Un listens quietly then he suddenly gets up and tells Gwang Taek that there a place he wants to go, Gwang Taek nods, Yeo Un leaves.  Gwang Taek suddenly moves his arm to hit  Dong Soo but Dong Soo is able to move away even in his sleep. Gwang Taek  laughs out loud.

Jin Ju is her room, her dad comes sit with her, then he sees a bag he asks what this is. She tells him that it’s  the stuff she stealed from the Qing’s residence (Mo Hwa Ru).  Her dad takes a look at things in the bag, he finds the scroll and looks at it carefully, he asks Jin Ju out loud what this is.  She runs out.

The Qing couldn’t find the scroll, it’s the Chik Seo written by the Emperor. He goes crazy calling for Dae Ju. Dae Ju asks if he’s sure that Chik Seo written by the Emperor has been stolen. He’s worried because till now they still couldn’t locate the thief.  He cleverly asks the Qing if he could reveal the content of the Chik Seo.

Dae Ju is alarmed that the Chik Seo is the Norons’ Ban Cheong Bok Myeong (to oppose the Qing Dynasty and obey the Ming Dynasty instead). If it’s Yang Wi (the abdication of throne), His Majesty is still considering about it. But the Qing says within the Qing’s Imperial Court, the Emperor said that within the Norons, the ideologies are really unstable, how is it possible to let the Norons handle the Nations.

Dae Ju wants to know more, he guarantees to the Qing that the Noron’s loyalty will remain the same. The Qing lets out that the Emperor does not see Sado as the future King of Joseon. Dae Ju declares that the content of that Chik Seo, must never be revealed. He will definitely find it!

At the assassin guild, Yeo Un kneels down to Cheon asking, if it’s not the Crown Prince or the Sword Saint, please tell me who it is. Cheon asks what makes him so certain of that. Yeo un tells him that they don’t seem the kind who would kill my father.

Cheon : “Then, am I that kind of person?”

Yeo Un says that’s not what he means, Cheong asks if he really wants to know,  because that won’t change anything. Yeo Un insists that he wants to know.

Cheon : “The person who killed your father is you yourself. That day you killed your father with your own hands.”

Yeo Un recalls the incident with his dad saying  “I must be your first and your last. Do you understand?” Yeo Un is trembling, he cries.  He pulls out his sword and puts it to his throat.

Cheon : “It won’t help the situation or change anything.”  Yeo Un : “But knowing or not, does make a difference.”

Cheon : “You’re wrong. You’re just struggling because you wish to break free from the life of an assassin. That’s why you erased your memories. That’s why you curbed your killer’s instinct.” He walks over to Yeo Un and uses his sword to put down Yeo Un’s sword. Yeo Un asks he can’t even control his own death? Cheon tells him that he cannot commit suicide. This is the life of an asssassin.

Cheon : “Assassin and martial artist, I’ve already asked you about their differences. Do you still remember? I still don’t know the differences between the two of them.  But, the life of an assassin,I understand it thoroughly. The pain, the embracing someone else’s pain as your own, that is an assassin.”  He tells him to get up.

Yeo Un says he’s finally understand now, please forgive me. Cheon tells him he can lower his head, but do not lose your focus. Yeo Un looks at him, Cheon says that’s right, the look in your eyes now belongs to an assassin who controls the life and death of people after you learnt to embrace pain. You must remember it well.

Dae Ju is trying to locate the thief, looking for some clues. An officer tells him that someone reported to have seen Hwang Jin Gi (Jin Ju’s dad). He asks if he means the big traitor, Hwang Jin Gi.

Dae Ju sits with Ji, he says he’s asking for Cheon but why her. She says this isn’t the matter that requires Cheon’s attention.

Dae Ju talks about Hwang Jin Gi, legend has it that he is highly-skilled and untraceable. He’s not sure about her, but she assures him she is also the third lord of the assassin guild. So he tells her if she could bring the Chik Seo, he’ll reward her 10,000 yang. If she brings Hwang Jin Gi’s head along, he’ll reward her 20,000 yang.  She says then he must trust her and not act on his own recklessly. She gets up and leaves.

Cheon is receiving a message from Dae Ju. It’s said that Ji is settling it personally, and has gone to Mo Hwa Ru to catch Hwang Jin Gi.  Cheon repeats the name.  Ji walks back  in and he looks at her.

Jin Ju’s dad (Hwang Jin Gi) is looking at the Chik Seo. Suddenly a secret knife flies in. Outside, he uses an axe to cut a sword in half. He meets with Ji in secret and hands her a black package.

She tells him it’ s a dangerous item, destroy it. Jin Gi tells her that the Chik Seo is related to the Crown Prince’s safety. She counters him that this is about you and your daughter’s safety. She tells him to remember that from today on, he’s no longer a living person. She turns to leave then stops to ask, what her name is.  He says it’s Jin Ju, Hwang Jin Ju. Cheon in hiding, is listening to them.

Ji Seon is leaving the Temple in a carriage.

The three is walking by. Dong Soo yells who this is, sitting in front of someone else’s door early in the morning. Gwang Taek turns, Dong Soo points at him calling you then he changes to Sword..Sword Saint. Sa Mo hits him. He tells him to greet his uncle.

They bow to him. Sa Mo tells Gwang Taek that it’s time he teaches them. Dong Soo brags that he is highly skilled..Gwang Taek picks his wooden stick and hits him, he is able to catch it by his hands. He asks Gwang Taek can this be called catching the blade (LOL).

He brags that this is only a higly skilled person can do and can only be done with an in-born reflex. Gwang Taek laughs saying that he’s a mischeveous one. That he ‘s already grown up, he now can leave to meet with his father in Hades. Dong Soo is looking sad.

Dong Soo is holding a wooden sword and showing his moves to Gwang Taek. No matter how many times Dong Soo tries to hit Gwang Taek, he moves away just before Dong Soo hits that spot. At the end, Gwang Taek uses his wooden sword to hit Dong Soo’s leg, and with one sweep, Dong Soo falls down to the ground.

Gwang Taek : “The …technique, your problem lies with the footwork. You have to shift your body’s center of gravity to your diaphragm.” Dong Soo looks up at him.

Sa Mo asks how is Dong Soo, is he still far from it? Gwang Taek says he’s very good. Both Sa Mo and Dong Soo look at him surprised.  Gwang Taek reaches out his hand smiling, Dong Soo grabs his hand and gets up. Gwang Taek smiles.

The three bow to leave. Jang Mi cries, Sa Mo says they are just going to the Palace nearby, it’s not like they’re  going to die. She says they are still so young, she wonders how long they can last in the Palace. Then she sees that Dong Soo is wearing the clothes she gave to Sa Mo. Gwang Taek looks at both of them interestingly.

Sa Mo suggests Gwang Taek to enter the Palace with the kids and meet with the Prince. He answers that there’s no hurry. The Royal Physician will send a message, there will issue an edict immediately. He says that both of them look good together.  Sa Mo tells Gwang Taek that the Prince told them to protect the Samini (Ji Seon).

The three are on their way to the Palace. Dong Soo, “I, Baek Dong Soo, finally can enter the Palace.” Ji Seon is in the carriage on her way too.  She peeks out to look at them.

At the Training Commander, The three are wearing new uniforms standing with SU. SU tells them that the training instructors here are not the same as outside. Do not act rashly.

Cho Rip compliments Yeo Un that he looks good in the uniform, Dong Soo asks him what about me? Cho Rip says not you.  They hear noises, they walk down to look at other trainees.

Dong Soo talks to Cho Rip, what they are doing, we have learned since childhood. Yeo Un says they are not bad. Dong Soo says do they have to train with this inexperienced group? One man (Hong Myeong Ju, Dae Ju’s nephew)  steps up to Dong Soo. Cho Rip, “From what I see, you will cause trouble today.”  Dong Soo tells him that he is too. Cho Rip scoffs.

Dong Soo fights, he takes the man down. Others step to him. Yeo Un is crossing his arms looking casually. The Head guy (Hong Sa hae, Dae Ju’ son) faces with Dong Soo and says, “Today you are all dead.”  Then he orders a guy to close the doors.

Dong Soo asks  Sa Hae  if  he really wants to fight with him. Yeo Un throws his sword at Cho Rip and steps up to stand next to Dong Soo.  Dong Soo to Yeo Un, ” Fighting one-on-one is a little troublesome, we’ll solve it altogether?”  Yeo Un nods his answer.

Then they all start fighting, Dong Soo, Yeo Un and Cho Rip among the men.



Random thoughts :

I have to say both episode 7 and 8 were quite hard because every minute counted for the character/story developments, and you just had to pay attention to it. I’m not sure if this is the normal pace of a Sageuk drama, but with this one it’s a well-packed one hour episode. Either new term or character popped up in almost every episode,  I really have to stay focus  when doing the summary otherwise I can easily lose track of the storyline.  And  I expect the story to getting more  into politics too, as the boys are now station in the Palace.

The Crown Prince Sado, we all know from the History (and drama ‘Yi San‘) that his life didn’t end with love and glory.  So I’m eager to see how the writer will conclude the life of the people who are in good terms with/support the Crown Prince at the end.  If I were to choose whose dialogs were worthwhile, I would pick The Crown Prince Sado’s. Every word let out from him from episode one till now all were for his country and his people.  I couldn’t think of one where he did thing for his own benefits. It’s sad that his father, the current King, doesn’t seem to be in agreement with him.  However, The Crown Prince Sado’s son had become one of the great King of Korea.

For the two young men, I still want more from both actors,  be more expressive, emote more.  Baek Dong Soo is a real life figure that played important part for the  martial arts in Joseon.  For this kind of story, I just hope we all get to smile at the end. *fingers crossed*  🙂

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  1. yh reading your comments @kcomments almost make me want to cry when you said i hope we all get to smile at the end,,,,, and is it just me or nearly in most scenes of yeo un and ji sun there is romantic music seems more romantic music with yeo un and ji sun pairing more than the dong soo and ji sun pairing in this ep that scene between yeo un and ji sun i find quite interesting ans if he wanted to look at her for one last time and say goodbye

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