Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 7

Gwang Taek (Joseon’s Best Swordsman), is walking along a dark alley.  Suddenly he drives his sword forward, one man down.

Then many swords are moving in on him.  He fights  in the dark, and takes all of them down.  In shows himself in the light.

In : “Long time no see, Sword Saint sir.  Today, I must make  Sword Saint ‘s big thumb become just like mine. “

Gwang Taek :  “I’m sorry. You’ve wasted your trip.”

In :  “I will cut your never ending self-confidence. ”  Then he orders his men to go on. Gwang Taek finishes In’s men in no time.

In steps  in.  They fight, both end up stick their swords to the ground, they use bare hands, then both run off in the opposite directions.

They look at each other, both run to the swords, Gwang Taek grabs his sword first and moves pass In, he cuts In’s hand in the process,  so fast In falls to  the ground in pain.


Gwang Taek : “This is your last chance”. In screams in pain.  Gwang Taek leaves.

In :  “I will definitely crush your bones to make soup and drink it till the very last drop”

 Jin Ju is climbing the wall of the Qing’s residence.  Ji walks inside and feels Jin Ju on the wall.  The Qing and Dae Ju are agreeing on a plan, to send one fake assassin to this place.  Ji says she will do as he orders, the Qing inquires about Cheon, he haven’t seen him.  Ji explains Cheon is currently under his closed practice of martial arts, staying in an isolated place.

Dae Ju to Qing :  “Regardless of its breed, dogs still recognize its master”  Dae Ju assures him, once Cheon finishes his practice he will come to see his master.  The Qing is concerned that if their plan goes wrong,  it will be difficult for that man to stay alive, he asks if Dae Ju has a candidate in mind to do the job.  Dae Ju calls out for a man to show himself, he asks to aloud, you are willing to lay your life for me, right?  The man answers yes.

Dong Soo, Yeo Un and Cho Rip are drinking together.  Yeo Un sees Ji walking by.

At night, Jin Ju sneaks in the Qing’s residence, she steps into his bedroom quietly and opens the closet. She starts putting valuable things into her bag,  she opens a red box and sees a scroll inside, she puts that into her bag too. When Jin Ju runs off his bedroom, the Qing opens his eyes smiling, thinking it was the set up he’s agreed with Dae Ju.

Jin Ju runs outside and hides in the dark, she sees a man is covering his face walking to the bedroom.  While she’s wondering what’s going on, her dad shows himself behind her, taken her by surprise.  He pulls her ears scolding her for not obeying his order and coming in here.

The man walks in the Qing’s bedroom, the Qing is alarmed and asks him, is he the one? He answers yes. The Qing realizes Jin Ju is the wrong one, he calls for the guards.

Jin Ju and her dad are running, the guards start circling them. Her dad fights with the guards while she’s holding on to the bag. One guard shoots his arrow at Jin Ju’s dad, a secret knife flying in the air to stop the arrow,  more knives flying take all the guards down.  Jin Ju and her dad see Ji in the dark corner.  Her dad takes Jin Ju outside and asks her to leave by herself,  he will stay and clean up her mess.  Jin Ju tells her dad to hurry back and she runs.  Her dad goes back in, but Ji is gone.

Dong Soo, Yeo Un and Cho Rip are walking back.  Jin Ju bumps  Dong Soo on her way, she says sorry.  The guards are running towards her, she runs. Dong Soo recalls her face, he runs after her.

Yeo Un sees Cheon sit on the wall, he tells Cho Rip to go get Dong Soo.  Cho Rip runs after Dong Soo.  Yeo Un kneels down in front of Cheon.

Cheon says to Yeo Un, since you’ve left the mountain, you should have informed me.  Yeo Un tells him that it’s because he didn’t have time and he’s sorry.  Cheon counters him “But you have time to drink?”, then he says he’s just kidding.

Cheon :  “Although you’ve hidden some of your killer aura, it still remains unpolished.”  Yeo Un lowers his head. Cheon throws a stone at him saying  “You can lower your head, but do not lose your focus”.

Cheon :  “What have you learned during this period of time?”

Yeo Un :  “You are referring to….”

Cheon :  “A scholar studies the book, a Taoist priest seeks the way, a martial artist practices martial arts, isn’t this considered as learning too, kid?”

Yeo Un :  “Yes, I’ve done my best.”

Cheon :  “Then answer my question. An assassin and a martial artist, what are the differences between them?”

Yeo Un :  “Isn’t it the awareness of holding a sword?”

Cheon :  “Go on”

Yeo Un :  “Whether the heart has the intention to kill or not.”

Cheon laughs, “Really. But, regardless of your intention to kill or not, your hand are already stained with blood.”

Yeo Un lowers his head, “Your disciple lacks the foresight.”

Cheon :  “You have ample time, search for the answer yourself.”

Yeo Un :  “Yes, but..” . Yeo Un perks up but Cheon is gone.

Yeo Un looks at his hand recalling Cheon’s words that his hands are already stained with blood.

Dong Soo catches up with Jin Ju, she asks him who is he? and why he’s following her? He asks her that it’s her with the bandits last time, right? Her eyes widen, but she refuses.  He says he’s finally caught her. The guards are running in, Dong Soo calls them, Jin Ju sneaks away.  The guards are looking at Dong Soo, he turns to Jin Ju but she’s not there so the guards arrest Dong Soo instead. He shouts that it’s a misunderstanding, that it’s not him.  Jin Ju looks behind the wall and smiles. Cho Rip runs for Yeo Un, they both are looking at Dong Soo.  Dong Soo calls them, they turn away don’t want to interfere with the guards. They report this to Sa Mo.

The man shows up at Dae Ju’s , Dae Ju asks why he’s here because he told him to leave Han Yang after his job, the man whispers to Dae Ju’s ear. He laughs that another person had fallen into their trap.

Jin Ju is back to her place, his dad asks why she comes back after him, but she says she’s back so let’s go to sleep. Her dad yells at her for breaking into the Qing’s place.

Dong Soo is in jail, he’s shouting that it’s a misunderstanding, they got the wrong person, but nobody listens.  He looks at the moon outside thinking of Ji Seon.  Ji  Seon is walking outside, she touches the leaf and looks at the moon.

The King and the Prince are in the meeting, the King asks if the criminal has been caught, the officer reports that it’s an act of Hon Hon (people with inappropriate speech and behavior). Dae Ju says, even if it’s a tiny mistake, the Qing would use it against us.

SU is monitoring the trainees, the Prince asks him are they the Cho Si qualifiers (preliminary round of the civil service exams) ? SU says yes, the Prince asks when is the Bok Si (second exams)?  SU, “on the 8th day of the eighth month”. The Prince says,  looks like their chance has arrived, he tells SU to look at the kid at the training camp (Sa Mo’s).

SU learns from Sa Mo that Dong Soo is the one had been caught.

SU explains to the Prince that Dong Soo said he was just chasing after a thief, he’s innocent. The Prince believes that Dong Soo wouldn’t  do that.  SU says, but the crime against the Qing Emissary is considered as revolt. If they cannot find the real culprit, it’ll be hard for Dong Soo to escape the death sentence.

Dong Soo is taken out to the punishment ground. Dae Ju asks the guard to cover his mouth and nose, he puts a black cloth on Dong Soo ’s face covering his mouth and nose. The Qing says it’s not him, the one attacked him has eagle eyes. But DS’s eyes look like cocky dog’s eyes (LOL). They let Dong Soo leave.

Dae Ju and The Qing are looking at each other. Flashback – Because the Prince agreed to establish new quarters for the Qing Emissary, the Qing was willing to let the Dong Soo go. The Prince says to SU that he needs to save the child’s life.

Dong Soo comes out only to be dragged away by Sa Mo.  The three are punished, Sa Mo lets out his disappointment with Yeo Un, how can he let Dong Soo make trouble, Yeo Un says he’s sorry.  SM is called away. Yeo Un tells Cho Rip to grab Dong Soo. They are meaning to hit him out of revenge for creating such trouble.  Dong Soo calls Sa Mo for help, Cho Rip hits his butt. Dong Soo cries out in pain.

In is treating his wound at the assassin guild, he tells Ji that Gwang Taek has returned.

Yeo Un is practicing with his sword, Cho Rip compliments him. They turn to look at Dong Soo who is sitting by a tree smiling to himself.  Cho Rip thinks he’s gone crazy after being saved from the death.  Then Dong Soo gets up and runs off, Cho Rip calls after him but he doesn’t look back.  Yeo Un thinks for a while then he smiles, he tells Cho Rip he needs to go too.

Dong Soo arrives at the the Temple looking for Ji Seon.  He hides at the corner, Yeo Un pats his shoulder. Yeo Un says he will help him. Then they see Ji Seon is walking to the Temple, Yeo Un pushes Dong Soo out to go to her.  Dong Soo greets Ji Seon, he talks about the herb he wrongly picked last time,  then he learns that she’s already known.

He follows her into the Temple.  Then Yeo Un relaxes by himself, a butterfly is passing his face, he smiles.

Dong Soo says his wish aloud that “If I can marry a ravish beauty, I will repay your grace hundred and thousand times over. ” Ji Seon gets up but stops and listens.  Dong Soo ,”A ravishing beauty who has delicate skin….” But when he turns, she’s already left. He runs out and looks at Yeo Un, silently asking which way she went. Yeo Un shows him the way.

Ji Seon is asking Dong Soo why he’s following her. He tries to show her his feeling but she says this place is for worship and spiritual cleansing.  He says that’s why he came.  So, in that case, she asks him to follow her, he’s very happy.  In the Temple,  Dong Soo’s mouth gasps open saying 3000 bows? Ji Seon :  “Selfish heart should be purified.”  Dong Soo says she must be joking how can he bows 3000 times at once, she says she’s not joking, she asks him don’t you seek help? So there he goes, Dong Soo starts counting his bows, he gets up and down.

Yeo Un peeks at him later, Dong Soo is lying on the floor falling asleep. (LOL)

Dong Soo wakes up, he sees Yeo Un is with Ji Seon, he scolds and runs to them.

Dong Soo paints  a picture of him and Ji Seon, Yeo Un laughs.

He arranges stones into the word “Love” on the ground, Ji Seon looks at the word, Dong Soo is happy. A monk comes by the picture, he hunts Dong Soo down with a broom.

Ji Seon lowers herself looking at the stones, Yeo Un looks at her.

Jin Ju sits by herself thinking about Dong Soo being arrested. She grabs the bag and goes out. Sa Mo is yelling at Dong Soo that he was locked up at the Temple.  Dong Soo says he will tell him the reason when the time comes, so Sa Mo tells him to be in that position until that time.

He argues, what about Yeo Un? Sa Mo tells him not to bring the innocent Yeo Un into this. Yeo Un acts nonchalantly with his straight face (LOL).

The King asks  if it’s the truth that the Crown Prince agreeing to build a consulate for the Qing.  Dae Ju and Hong Pung Han ( The Crown Prince Sado’s Father-in-law, Leader of the Noron Faction) confirm to the King.  Dae Ju tells the King that the Prince did that to save a life of an innocent child.  The King closes his eyes. The guard calls that the Prince has arrived. The King tells them to go.

The King to the Prince : “Why did you agree to the construction of the consulate? I have clearly said not to negotiate any terms with the Qing Emissary…….If you have any respect for me, would you have made such an outragous decision? Tell me about it, that man you saved, how great is he?”

The Prince :  “He’s a nameless beggar.”  The King :  “For a beggar, you used the Imperial Court as a guarantee?”

The Prince says no matter who they are, they are all citizens of Joseon.  The king tells the Prince that the construction of the consulate is definitely a non-negotiable matter,  he orders the Prince to have a solution ready before daybreak tomorrow.

The three are together, Dong Soo is sneaking out, Yeo Un calls him “If you go out again today, you won’t  live to see my face anymore.”  Dong Soo says he just wants to enjoy the breeze outside.  He’s pacing outside alone.  Jin Ju shows up and tells him to follow her.  They are trying  to find the culprit that night.

Jin Ju tells him that the guy is an military officer, they wait and are able to locate the guy.  Both follow him. Dong Soo punches  the guy.

He asks, who are you? Dong Soo :  “I’m Joseon’s best swordsman, that’s my future title”. He punches the guy, Jin Ju cheers him on.  But when the guy grabs his sword, it’s getting  serious with Dong Soo bare hands, he almost falls from the bridge. Jin Ju kicks the guy in his middle part before he can slash Dong Soo.

They tie him up. Jin Ju throws the bag to Dong Soo, inside are things she stolen to use  as evidence for a thief. Jin Ju asks how he knows this guy is the one, he shows her the way he walks, tip-toeing is a habit of most  thieves.  She asks his name, he brags that he’s getting popular (LOL).  He says “Listen carefully, I won’t say twice. I will soon become Joseon’s Best Swordsman,  Baek Dong Soo.”   She’s surprised and repeats his name.  He says “no, not just Baek Dong Soo, it’s the future Joseon’s Best Swordsman Baek Dong Soo”.

She recalls her words with the young Dong Soo, “In the future, when you have grown up, will you marry me?” and she kissed him.  She repeats his name again.

The Prince looks at the knife he used to destroy the monument.  SU asks if he’s going to expel the Qing Emissary, then the relationship will turn hostile. But the Prince insists there’s  no other solution.  At the Palace, the Prince is announcing his decision, “Starting from today, all our diplomatic ties  with Qing………”  before he could finish, SU interrupts.

The Prince comes to the front gate, a man is lying with a sign saying “The culprit who attacked the Emissary”.  The guy is a military officer under Dae Ju’s subordinate  so The Prince orders the officer to thoroughly investigate this matter without any mistakes.  Dong Soo is observing from the crowd and smiles, he sees the Prince.

Dae Ju is angry that his plan has been discovered and the guy been caught, knows everything.  Dae Ju is worried if the guy is too ambitious, he could bring them greater trouble. Dae Ju to his lackeys :  “Listen carefully, if you want to live a long life, you must know when is the right time to retreat.”  He orders to pretend interrogate the guy.

SU tries talking with the Prince that the culprit had been caught, should they find who is the mastermind.  The Prince thinks the guy ‘s fate is already sealed.  The Prince is leaving for Cheong Am Temple. He orders SU to  go and check on the progress of the investigation.  DJ orders the killing of the guy.  SU sees the guy’s body is carried out.

Dong Soo is lying on his parent’s  grave. He smiles and laughs talking to his parent that, actually he thinks he’s met his fated love. She’s  like a fairy from heaven. Dong Soo to his parent :  “If you can see this, you would definitely propose a marriage for me.” He tells them that his coming here is a secret because if Sa Mo knows he sneaked out again, he would kill him .

He gets up and takes out the blue ribbon, it’s written “Sincere love Baek Sa Geong” . He says  I heard this is father’s gift, I should give it to mother instead. He ties the ribbon on his mother’s grave.

On his way down hill, he meets with Gwang Taek. He asks Dong Soo if he’s practicing the Hopae (name tag) technique now,  he hits Dong Soo and says he’s made great improvement  with this period of time. Dong Soo says let’s part quietly  today because this is a sacred place. Gwang Taek laughs as he walks away.

Gwang Taek  pays respect to Dong Soo’s dad, flashback  Dong Soo’s dad asking him to take care of his wife and child, he cries saying sorry, he failed to fulfill his request.  Then he sees the ribbon, “Could it be… that child is your child,  is he still alive?..” He shouts Dong Soo!

Dong Soo turns. Gwang Taek keeps looking around and shouting “Dong Soo!” and cries. Dong Soo is picking the flowers smiling.  Gwang Taek walks to Sa Mo’s old place, then he walks to the market calling “Sa Mo!”  Sa Mo turns to see him. Sa Mo grabs his shoulder saying to him you are alive, how come we never heard any news from you. Thank you for staying alive.

Gwang Taek asks Sa Mo about Dong Soo.  Sa Mo tells him that that kid has grown up.  Gwang Taek keeps saying Dong Soo is still alive, crying.

The Prince with two guards are heading to the Temple. Dae Ju orders his man to follow the Prince.  Dong Soo is holding a bouquet,  he sees the Prince with his men walking to the Temple, then he also sees Dae Ju’s man trailing behind the Prince. He follows them.

Dong Soo sees the Prince gets into Ji Seon’s room, his mouth gasps open.

The Prince is asking Ji Seon why isn’t she speaking? Ji Seon, “Your Highness, although I consider bearing the Book of War my destiny, but doing it alone seems too burdensome.”

The Prince :  “If  it’s too burdensome, let go of it. Do not think of it as a complex matter.”

Ji Seon :  “Even if I wish it, I can’t do it with a peace of heart., which is why I am hesitating.”

Ji Seon :  “Before I do that, please give me an answer.”  “The answer that I want to know there is only one. Will you save me or the Book of War?”

Gwang Taek learns from Sa Mo that Dong Soo and Yeo Un are together. He asks how did Dong Soo grow up. Sa Mo laughs, that Dong Soo’s manner is totally different from his dad. Gwang Taek shows the ribbon Dong Soo left behind on his parent’s grave, saying “I’m afraid he is not the insensible child you think he is.”

Cho Rip and Yeo Un are worrying about Dong Soo. Cho Rip asks Yeo Un if that man inside is really Gwang Taek, then they see Cheon is walking in. Cho Rip asks Yeo Un if he knows Cheon, he says no.

Cheon shouts aloud for Gwang Taek.  Sa Mo comes out, then Gwang Taek follows behind. They are looking at each other and Cheon smiles.

Omo…Dong Soo and Yeo Un both were so cute at the Temple.  Will Dong Soo ever look at Jin Ju in a different way? We’ll see, may be true love will come last huhu…..

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  1. such a (as a dfjules would say) a bitter sweet moment yeo u helps dong soo out in getting ji sun’s attention and affection but yeo un loves ji sun as well i could clearly see the pain in his eyes when he saw dong soo off trying to get ji sun’s attention it’s like yeo un was saying to himself i can never love any one i might as well let dong soo have her

  2. honestly i want to know when dong soo learned to paint that well and where the hell did he get the paints i’m sure the paints weren’t at the monk shrine place lol

    • i think that painting of dong soo and ji sun is sooooooooo cute it”s very beutiful i want to paint like that lolz,, especially how dong soo tries to get ji sun’s attention honestly boy you need to be with jin ju hehe i noticed as well ji sun smiles more with yeo un in ep 6 and this when she saw yeo un helping her clean the place she smiled i think she smiled a little with dong soo not sure or maybe she was just smiling at both of them maybe she knew they were both trying to get her attention maybe not yeo un since i don’t think he was trying to get her attention but dong soo definitely she probably knew he was trying to get her attention GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH i want ji sun with yeo un and dong soo with jin ju

      • but i think ji sun definitely smiled when she saw what dong soo wrote love on the ground with stones,, but maybe she thought it was yeo un who wrote it i mean you never know she could of thought that lolz

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