Hooray for Love Episode 1

The story begins with Jae Mi’s  narration.

“I was born 28 years ago to an army officer father and to a mother who was crazily in love with my father , when I was born………” (Her father is a doctor.)

Her mom is walking in the field , she is pregnant.  Suddenly, she feels her contraction, her water broke, and she’s in labor. She delivers the baby in a car, on her way to the hospital.  Her dad names her “Kang Jae Mi”

Jae Mi [voice-over] ” I heard that father cried that day because he was grateful and happy. But my father’s love wasn’t everlasting. Because he betrayed my mother.”

Then Jae Mi grows up, her parent are fighting.  Her mom doesn’t want her dad to go see another woman who taking drugs because her dad broke up with her.  But he wants to take a look if the woman is ok then he will come back, but her mom doesn’t want her dad  to leave.  She runs after his car and gets into an accident.  Lying on the ground,  she opens her eyes and talks to Jae Mi  “Don’t cry Jae Mi. Mom is ok,  promise me one thing. From now on, your father is dead. You do not have a father. Do you know what it means? Understand? Understand?”  Jae Mi just cries.

Jae Mi [voice-over]  “Losing a person you love, is a painful matter.  So I swear, I will absolutely not be repeating that mistake.”

Jae Mi gets married to Jeong Soo.

There is a TV show featuring their porridge shop.  In the interview, she says she’s  not the owner but it’s him.

They are married for three years and she wants to have kid,  so they consult a doctor and  have their health checked up. At the hospital, he gets a phone call from who he calls  ‘hyungnim’ . This hyung gives him a week to resolve the matter.

For their wedding anniversary, he buys plane tickets to Guam.

Then our hero,  a lawyer  ‘Byeon Dong Woo’.  Dong Woo is driving his sport car.

He gets off his car,  goes into a shop,  dresses up in a nice suit. The saleswoman compliments his looks, he says he knows. She says no mater he wears, he looks like a gentleman, he again says, he also knows that. (LOL)

His girlfriend waits for him at his car, he’s going on a blind date which arranged by his mom.  She says she will go with him.  He parks his car at the hotel,  she says she’ll wait,  it will take just 30 minutes.  He says no,  just 10 minutes.

He meets the woman, she’s from a rich family.  She asks him why he’s wearing sunglasses, he says he had eye-lifted surgery. It isn’t healed yet.  He blinks at her.  When he drinks, coffee  leaks from his  mouth, and flowing down.  The woman is alarmed. He says he had his jaw fixed,  (LOL) that  there is  slight leaking only when drinking.

Then he sees his mom. He tells the woman he will take his leave.  His mom chases him down the street because he intentionally ruins her plan to get him married.  He tells her,  he’s a person who doesn’t want to get married.

At his office, he confines to his colleague, that his mom is angry, They may have to move out of the office, and she might put a stop his credit cards too. So his colleague suggests he takes his mom for a holiday. Apparently, he  bought plane tickets to Guam planning  to spend time  with his girlfriend.  So he finally agrees to change his plan.

His mom is angry,  she asks him to move out of the house.  He tells her the reason he doesn’t want to get married now is because he wants to work hard as a lawyer  and make his life stable  first. His mom asks if  it’s true or he’s  bluffing. He gives plane tickets to her saying it’s for her, for all her supports of  him all these times.  His mom forgives him.  So his mom, his  sister and her husband (Jae Mi ‘s dad) and their daughter will go to Guam together.

It’s  Jae Mi and Jeong Soo wedding anniversary,  she gives him a baby’s socks as his gift.   She’s hoping they will have a  baby next year.  Jeong Soo’s face harden, he asks her in this life if she will never divorce him ever.  She says if he wants to  divorce her,  she will kill him and go to prison.   Jae Mi says  to him,  thank you for always stay by my side, after her dad divorced her mom, she treated men with suspicious and fear, but now she  has more confident,  “Thank you and I love you forever” .  He gives her tickets to Guam , for her, her mom and her aunt to go together. He will stay behind  and take care of  the shop.   She hugs him feeling happy.

Jae Mi [voice-over]  ” I always think this happiness will last forever, at least before Guam….”

Her mom and her aunt agree to go with her. While they all take off to Guam, Jeong Soo  looks at his  picture with Jae Mi, the picture  falls to the floor, the glass breaks.  He  closes  the shop,  puts  a sign on the door and  leaves.

On the plane to Guam, both Dong Woo and Jae Mi family are on the same plane. Jae-Mi tells her mom and her aunt she will go and lie down on the seat behind.  She covers herself with a blanket and falls asleep.

Dong Woo’s  girlfriend shows up on the plane.  He follows her to her seat, seeing Jae Mi covered with blanket, thinking it’s his girlfriend.  He goes  underneath the blanket and kisses Jae Mi ‘s  lips.

His girlfriend calls him.  Under the blanket his eyes widen in horror.  He comes out and sees her, then he looks at Jae Mi. Jae Mi opens her eyes and asks him, who are you?  He says  it’s not these  lips, it’s those  lips, and  he  points to his girlfriend.  Jae Mi touches her lips and realizes what happened,  she screams and punches him in  his face, blood running down his nose.

*This is a really rough summary so just you see how this drama is flaring ( for just one episode 🙂 ). I ‘m  personally not sure how the story will play out for  another 49  episodes.  The pacing is quite slow but the set up is looking good.

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