Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 6

At Pyeongan Province, the Prince receives letter from the Palace, it’s the Qing emissary to come at the Capital. This province is border with the Qing, the Prince being here cause their suspicious.

It’s The Crown Prince Sado’s inspection of Pyeongan Province and Hamgyeongdo. Both provinces are at the border with Qing. The longer the Prince stays here, the more the Qing’s suspicious will grow. In court, it gives the Norons reasons to provoke the  Qing.

The Prince talks with JS, that she just got back from Qing, he has to trouble her again.  She tells him that the geography (of Qing) is consistent with the one in Book of War. The Prince asks her that even though it has been over a hundred years, the Book is still valuable? She says to him, despite its value, now is not the right time. According to the Book, she still has some doubts that remain unsolved. It’s still too early to say, but she will reconsider then she will talk with him , the Prince tells her to take her time and tells him the good news later.

The Prince tells her, in a few days a merchant group from Qing will arrive. He will arrange for security to escort her. He tells her not to worry about her safety.  She says  ‘Emotions such as fear, I’ve already abandoned them a long time ago. The only thing I fear for is your safety.’

He says now even her is worried about  him, she says because the path he’s taking is treacherous. No one will dare to walk this path.  She hates herself for not be able to walk this path for him.

The Prince is leaving, he tells JS to wait at the Cheongamsa Temple. He will send someone to contact her. At that time, he tells her to give him his answer. After the prince takes off, JS thinks to herself   ‘My heart already knows the answer. Your Royal Highness, the person looking for answers is you.’

C is informed that GT (the Sword Saint) who made an appearance at the Shaolin Temple has disappeared again. C wonders if GT is back for good, his lackey will find out.  Ji looks sad. C is curious what GT will bring back  from Qing. He asks Ji if he’s the only one waiting for him.

JJ and Ji walks pass each other. JJ asks Ji if they know each other. Ji doesn’t answer, JJ says sorry and leaves, but Ji looks at JJ thoughtfully. Ji comes to see JJ’s dad. He says he’s worried because he didn’t hear from her in years. Ji inquires him about the child. He tells her the child grew up in a bandit stockade. She’s fearless. Ji asks him if she (the child) is here now, he tells her she was here a moment ago. Ji recalls her encounter with JJ earlier. Ji tells JJ’s dad that the child grew up very pretty. She says thank you to him and leaves.

Meanwhile, DS CP and YU are escorting JS. DS peeks at JS in the carriage and asks CP why Samini (a female prep monk) is wearing a hanbok.  CP tells him that she’s a Samini, means not a real monk yet.

DS is complaining that their long-awaited mission turned out to be like this, at least they should meet as assassin group. So he can unleash his real power.  CP tells DS, if DS meets an assassin group with his current abilities, DS’ll die for sure (LOL) DS brags if they are going to rank, he would be number… (then he looks at YU),..that he’ll be after YU. Joseon’s Second Best Swordsman, BDS.  YU tells DS, it’s good that he knows.

JJ and her men are looking at the escorted group, her lackey tells her that it’s a group of merchants returning from Qing after trading, they are with three horses, carriages and twenty guards. JJ points to JS’s carriage, the most guarded one. She thinks it’s the biggest catch.  She tells her men that carriage is hers, no one interfere. Her lackey asks if they should report to the Chief first.  JJ glares at him.

YU tells everybody to stop, he flies his arrow to where JJ is hiding. JJ flies her arrow to where DS is, at the same time signaling her men to attack. JJ and her men ride to DS’s group, she flies her arrow at JS’s carriage, then she lunches  another one at CP, DS is able to catch the arrow with his bare hand. DS brags to CP if he sees that. That he saves him from the arrow. CP tells DS to look at the bandit running in, DS still brags that he’s a genius. (LOL)

DS asks YU should he let him handle this, YU tells DS to guard the horse carriage. Then YU rides off.  YU orders CP who is driving JS’s carriage to follow him, he rides off and breaks the circle of the bandit, CP follows him.

JJ walks her horse to DS, she’s disappointed she thought she’ve finally encountered a man of acceptable standards, but a kid who’s barely out of puberty. DS asks her, what kid, has she seen a kid this big. He’s eaten at least 3000 bowls of rice more than her. The distance of road he’s walked at least a thousand miles…no more than ten thousand miles. JJ says to DS, other than age, doesn’t he have anything else to show off. He says if she’s so great why she learned to steal.

Then they start fighting. Then she pushes him off saying sorry she doesn’t have spare time to play with him. She throws the  smoke thing at him and gets away. JJ and her men ride off to follow JS’s  carriage.  DS goes after her.

The wheel of the carriage got stuck, YU rides back to confront with the bandits, JS looks out from the carriage. YU fights  then he sees JJ and her men are approaching.

The Prince is back at the Palace.The King have met with the Qing Emissary and they are having a meeting.  SU asks the Prince to wait.

At the meeting, the Qing asks the King, ‘is it true that the Crown Prince is directing military exercise at the border? The Emperor has expressed his displeasure at this matter.’

An officer answers that it’s a misunderstanding, the Crown Prince did inspect the area, but he did not personally direct any military exercise at all.

Qing : ‘There are only 5000 soldiers guarding the Capital, but along the borders of Qing, there are ten times more soldiers guarding the place. Is this an attempt at provocation?’  The King clutching his hand.

The King is yelling at the Prince, that the Prince wants him to be humiliated by the Qing? The King asks him what he’s been doing for more than a month. He tells the Prince whoever you’ve met with will be demoted to soldiers. The Prince asks the King to punish him not the innocent. The king says the Prince is the one causing troubles all these time. The King dismisses him.

The Norons and other officials are looking at the Prince, wonder how can the nation’s future King be so insensible. That he plotted a revolt and now he’s provoking the Qing. The Queen asks the Prince can he not provoke the Qing and the Norons.

At the field, JJ and her men catch up with the carriage, but only CP is there, the carriage is empty. Then she turns and sees YU with JS on the horse are riding away.  She orders her men to follow them.  She sees DS is riding to her.

DS gets off his horse and runs to CP. He asks JJ for a duel.

But then she sees GT is walking on their way. Her men stop GT and tells him that they will spare his life but he has to leave his things behind. GT tells them if they wants it to come and get it. GT uses only his name tag and beats all the men down. Both DS and JJ are looking at GT with aww. Then JJ tells DJ to decide who’s the winner next time. She and her men ride away.

DS runs to GT and calls him, he says to GT that he used a very strange sword technique. GT asks if he wants to learn. DS brags about himself, GT uses his small name tag to hit DS so fast, DS points his sword at GT but GT grabs the sword from DS’s hand and uses it to point back at DS.

GT looks at DS’s sword and says  ‘This is a good sword. But a sword that kills can never be a good sword.’ He smiles at DS and gives the sword back to him.

He says to DS  ‘The look in your eye tells me that you won’t harm  people.’ He smiles to DS and leaves. CP calls DS to hurry and go. But DS runs and follows GT. CP calls DS.

YU rides with JS on his back, JS holds his waist for support, JJ follows behind, she aims her arrow at them. YU pushes JS down, they fall to the ground together. He helps her up. JJ catches up with them.

YU sees the paints on JS’s body from her collar.

JJ says to them, boys and girls have to sleep on separate beds after seven years of age. In the light of the day they’ve committed such a disgusting action.

YU asks them to leave quietly. JJ says the carriage is empty, can he give them his arms. YU tells JJ he has no plan to let her(JS) leave. YU tells JS to hide behind him. Then YU steps in and fights with JJ’s men, a man is about to slash YU, an arrow hits the man, YU turns,  JS is pointing an arrow at the man.

She asks them to leave saying  ‘Life is precious to everyone.’  (same with the Prince had said at the Camp)

JJ calls her and points her arrow at JS.  JJ tells JS to lower her bow first, isn’t her life as precious. Then there is whistle in the air. JJ curses who blew it. Then she orders her men to retreat, and they all ride off.

YU uses his hand to lower JS’s bow, and looks at her. Then he sees a group of soldiers are riding further away.

DS is still following GT.

DS is looking at GT who walks to the damaged carriage because of the bandits, an officer approaches him and asks where he’s coming from, GT answers he’s a medicine man who lives in the mountain.  An officer looks at  GT’s arm.

He asks to see GT’s name tag (Hopae).  He reads his name GT, and searches GT’s bag.  CP tells DS to leave but DS asks him to wait. The officer lets GT leave and wonders GT’s name sounds familiar.  DS rides after GT.

YU rides into forest, he helps JS down, they sit together. JS : “Why do you have such sadness in your eyes?”  YU looks at her, she says sorry.  He says it’s nothing.

At the assassin guild, a pigeon flies in, a man retrieves a message, he informs In that an order has arrived.

GT comes to the falls, he recalls this is where he left the baby DS.   DS and CP are sneaking behind him.

DS and CP walk to GT.
GT asks DS why he is acting like a rat, following him around sneakily. It turns out to be some kids who don’t know any better.

DS brags that although they look like this, he’s already 20 this year. GT asks him what does he want. DS tells him he came looking for him for a duel. GT laughs, he asks CP, what about you, CP steps backwards that he’s a spectator. GT asks DS if he’s ready. DS takes out his sword. GT throws away his crane and waves his name tag to DS.

They start their duel, every move of DS to stab GT,  GT’s able to move faster and gets away. Then he hits DS’s arm with his name tag many times,  DS cries out and steps back,   he asks GT to wait (LOL).  DS tells CP not to look at him.

GT : “With your inability to control impulse, you’re still a kid. The sword is not controlled by the hand.”  DS listens to him, his eyes show surprise. He charges at GT again. This time GT hits his leg, DS cries out. GT hits his leg again and again, then GT catches DS’s wrist.

GT : “The sword moves as your heart wishes. Only a compelling heart can control the sword.”  Then GT hits DS’s head, DS cries out covering his head that it’s really hurt, GT smiles.

GT walks pass CP, he bows to GT and says  “you’re really great”,  CP runs to DS saying what’s DS is doing, he is ashamed of him, what? an assassin? Even a medicine man is able to defeat him.  CP : “He who declares himself as the Invincible Baek Dong Su has become a failure overnight”  DS looks sad.  CP takes out a pigeon saying he’s sending it out for YU.

YU hears something, he’s about to take out his sword, but it’s the pigeon. Then DS and CP show themselves, joining him and JS.  DS keeps staring at JS.

DS takes CP’s grilled meat from his hand,  pushes him away and sits next to JS.  He hands her the meat and asks her to try a little.  YU “Is he really ignorant?” , CP “Hey, have you seen a Samini eating meat before?” ,  CP snatches his meat  from DS’s hand and starts eating.  DS, a little embarrassed with the fact, when JS  touching herself like she’s cold, DS gets up and takes off his shirt. YU keeps quiet, CP looks at DS.

DS puts his shirt around JS’s shoulder saying, this feels good , he’s been training too hard recently, CP looks at him.   DS brags that his body, it’s still very warm. CP : “He has gone completely crazy.”  CP throws his clothes at him. YU says to JS to forgive DS,  he’s pretty ignorant.  JS says yes. (LOL)

DS : “I, Baek Dong Su, am only afraid of two things, starving and being warm.”  He complains that it’s so warm. DS  to  CP, that it’s warm, isn’t it?  CP looks at him like he’s gone completely crazy. YU smiles.

At the gisaeng house, the Qing’s rep is having fun with women, Gu Hyang (GH) , a gisaeng sits at the table and smirks at him. In, with his face covered, walks in with his sword saying he wants to play games too. He puts his sword on  the Qing’s neck, the Qing begs for his life and gives In money. In tells him that he’s lucky today.

In sits with DJ, DJ gives him gold, In asks DJ what does DJ benefit from scaring the Qing Emissary. He’s not killing him and just scaring him with a pretense bandit. He feels killing is easier than scares people.  DJ says do you want to know?

At the camp fire, JS injured her ankle, DS runs to the forest and comes back with herb. He sits down and wants to see her ankle, saying Seungnyeonim (female monk) , if you leave this alone, it will become serious. DS chews the herb and spits it out to apply on JS’s ankle. CP says, for someone who doesn’t even gargle his mouth…..but DS glares at him so he stops talking.  DS applies the herb on her ankle saying it’s ok now.

At JJ’s place, JJ’s dad is yelling at her that how many times he told her not to dispatch his men without his order. She retorts this’s not the first time so why is he yelling and she didn’t do this for herself. Her dad asks why is that she acts so righteous (about what she did).

JJ : “Although I will dirty my hands being a thief, I will never dirty this mouth. We’re only taking a small amount from those people who are fully fed and save those hungry people. That’s what we have to do. Isn’t this what you say, father?”

Her dad says, it doesn’t matter for risking her own life, but how can she be responsible for the life of her comrades. She calls her dad an old man, her men laugh, she says he’s not doing anything and just staying in the cottage, and just worrying blindly.

She asks if he was like this when he was young. Didn’t he travel on all the roads in the country? She gets up telling him good night, cutting off the conversation and runs off.  His men are arguing how to spit their shares of things they got, they say they became thieves not for their own stomaches but they need that too.  JJ’s dad uses his sword to divide it for them, the smaller half goes to the men, the rest will be for the poor.

JS sees YU’s hand is injured,  she puts her ribbon around his wound,  both DS and CP look at them.  DS recalls GT’s fighting moves,  he asks YU for a fight since they haven’t done that for some time.

They start, YU can avoid DS every move, then suddenly they stop when DS is reaching his arm out. His arm stuck in the air and he cannot move. YU blushes DS’s hand away and he goes back to sit down.  CP counts   “1378 to 0”  DS asks YU, what did he do, can he help pull this needles out (two needles are on his arm). JS helps him instead saying  “Needles are used to circulate blood and to heal illness. They are not tools to harm people”.  She takes the needles off.

DS  says it looks like she’s familiar with acupuncture, seeing her for the first time, it felt like she’s not simple.

JJ sits outside playing with puppies, she says they are blessed because they have a mother. She thinks of DS’s words about why she learned to steal, then she thinks of the younger DS when he’s helping her in the fire. She pokes her head for thinking about that.

Her dad comes sit with her. He tells her from now on to stop doing it, she’s a lady now, shouldn’t do these things. It’s too dangerous. He’s worried about her. JJ tells her dad yesterday she meets an ahjumma (old lady), somehow her heart, it felt strange,  may be because they look similar. Her dad keeps quiet.  She says she’s his daughter, the first thing she learned was to rob, Lineage won’t deceive. JJ  “I’m a righteous bandit because I’m a daughter of one.”

She tells her dad that she heard an emissary group came from Qing. That emissary group is staying in O Ha No,  will there be a lot of treasures?   He tells her to stop daydreaming,  just one mistake,  she’ll lose her life.  Her father is looking sad.

At the camp fire, DS is trembling with cold in his sleep.  JS gets up and covers him with his clothes. YU opens his eyes and looks at her,  she looks at him.  JS sits back and closes her eyes.  YU looks at his hand with her ribbon, thinking  about the paintings he saw on her.

They send JS at the Temple.

DS says may be she’s the daughter of the Jade Emperor, he’s calling her a fairy. CP says DS thinks  she’s fairy, for him, he’s seen the King of Hades a long time ago. YU laughs. DS says,  there’s a possibility she might become his wife, stop gossiping. CP shieks Wife! He asks YU, that DS’s gone crazy, YU says it’s an old problem. (LOL)  CP tells DS if he doesn’t want to see the real hell,  it’s better they leave immediately.

The monk is looking at the herb on JS’s ankle saying it’s not silvery flower leaf. He asks why did she put poisonous weed on your wound.  She says,  Silver bells flower,  although it’s poisonous grass,  as long as we do not ingest it,  we’ll be fine.

DS is smelling the leaves saying, this is  Solomon’s Seal, then this is….He runs,  he used the wrong one.

Three of them are punished by SM. They are to remain like that for the rest of the day. It’s about their not so successful mission. SM says to YU,  he’s confident with his abilities, but he’s becoming more like these two. YU says sorry.

DP’s daughter comes to tease DS.   DS  happily asks CP,  should they drink later?  Both CP and YU are exasperated.

At the Palace, in the meeting,  the Qing Emissary who is here for inspection,  has encountered the unfortunate incident of being robbed.  The displeasure experienced by the emissaries is unspeakable.

The Prince saying that he’s heard about it,  that the Qing wasn’t doing the inspection, but having fun with gisaengs. DJ counters the Prince,  how can the Qing leaves O Ha No for the gisaengs. The Prince asks what’s he trying to say.  DJ tells the King,  how about taking this opportunity to build a new quarters f or the Qing Emissary.  He says what’s the  benefit of neglecting the need of  such a powerful country.  The Prince looks at him.

GT is in the city. The guards stop him to inspect his name tag, when GT leaves, the guards takes a look at the scroll. At DJ’s resident, In learns that GT is back.

C sits alone for his meditation,  all these times,  he’s been trying to figure out how to win over GT’s  sword skills.

In breaks news to C and Ji that, GT has already stepped foot on Hanyang territory, and he intends to welcome him personally. C says to In, sending off and welcoming since when has it become your interest? In is angry and will take care of it on  his own, he walks off. C tells Ji to leave if she wants.  She says she doesn’t care, C tells her he’s not the one she cares.

Ji sits  alone crying.
Flashback – C with Ji, saying this bloodshed path is what they chose,  Ji says,  now she has changed her mind. She doesn’t want to stain her hands with blood anymore, and she’ll not wait for him. C grabs her shoulder, who’s the one changed expression in your eyes?  On the hill,  GT is hugging Ji,  and C is looking at them from afar, he walks away.

C is shouting at  Ji, why?
GT holding Ji’s hand are running away,  C confronts them.  GT looks at her, she motions for him not to harm C.

The assassins are running to them, C tells her to leave. GT takes her hand and runs. C fight with the assassins to bye time for them.  C  says  “Except for me, no one else is allowed to lay a finger on that fellow, that’s all”

Ji lets go of  GT’s hand, she puts her sword up to him, thinking “Our destiny, ends here.”  GT asks her, is this the only way. She doesn’t answer,  she turns and runs back to C.  C is kneeling down to surrender.

C is punished,  he asks Ji to pour water onto him.  He asks, do you really intend not to return.  She stops but doesn’t say.

At present,  C sits with Ji,  saying “My heart has stopped beating for a long time”.  He touches her shoulder.  She lies down on his lap,  he closes his eyes, tear falls from her eyes.

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  1. I love the screencaps you chose! I just scrolled up and down for a few minutes enjoying how ridiculously pretty this show is. During the first couple episodes I thought a lot of the scenes felt like they had flat lighting, but now I can’t get enough of it. It’s like the entire color palette is slightly muted, and it’s definitely a stylistic choice that gives the drama a really nice feel.

    I’m impatient for next episode now! Of course, I’m not the one crazy enough to recap a sageuk, so it’s easy for me to be excited 😀

    • I’m telling you it was so hard to choose the screen caps, because I just wanted to put them all. The PD is doing a great job, specially the horse running scenes, you could tell that it’s a difficult job to film at that speed of the horses, and how many cameras they had to use. Also, the aerial view filming just wow.

      Oh how I love your puppy avatar, so cute.

      • now thinking I realised a few days ago when I was looking through all the last eps on my dvd version (YEP I GOT WBDS FOR CHRISTMAS WHOOP WHOOP) I realised the reason (in my opinion) why yeo un fell in love with ji sun not just because he had eyes on her when they first met but what she said to him “why do you have such sadness in your eyes”? which is one of my fave things she’s ever said which really made me think that she was the only one out of everybody else that was around him especially dong soo to acknowledge yeo un’s pain she was the only one that knew or sensed yeo un’s sadness and pain and dong soo and cho rip and samo and everyone else didn’t know the only others that did know his pain was cheon and ga ok it’s like gwang taek he acknowledge and sensed yeo un’s powerful intent to kill and ji sun acknowledged yeo un’s sadness and pain which was why yeo un looked at ji sun with such knowing eyes after she said that to him he was of course really surprised since nobody asked him that something so personal something he was hiding which only makes me think how tragic the relationship ended up being between yeo un and ji sun but what made me like that scene was because it felt so personal like yeo un and ji sun were sharing something personal a little moment that nobody else could know like they were in a bubble of there own and that’s why i love these little moments the interactions between yeo un and ji sun are so much more meaningful and interesting than the scenes and moments between dong soo and ji sun,,,,, this scene was like yeo un and ji suns acknowledgement of each other and both there pains since they both suffered through alot i remember reading a very interesting comment on i think youtube or somewhere else i apologize since i can’t remeber the name of that person but it was about yeo un and ji sun being the same when it comes to there fathers they were both used by them ji sun was used with the bukbeoljigy and her father gave her a terrible burden that she couldn’t escape from and yeo un was abused and was given a burden of being a killer this is why they were in my opinion supposed to be together there so much alike of course yeo un is soooooo much better but still yeo un and ji sun could of been together they could of just stayed depressed together and dong soo and jin ju were supposed to be like each other because dong soo and jin ju are also so much alike each other they were both so childish but had a sense of loyalty and emotionally strong which was why i like dong soo and jin ju together as well

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