Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 5

At the Warrior Camp.
After DS successfully helps CP to reach the shore together. DP tells CP that a person who doesn’t reach with his own strength will be eliminated. DS declares he quits, DP tells DS to do what he wants.

DS starts to walk away but CP calls him he doesn’t want to give up. CP asks DP for ten days he will try to pass. DS recalls SM’s words ‘Don’t give up,you must return matured and stronger’.

YU throws a stone at DS calling him coward, YU tells him ‘Go well’ and waves good bye. DS gets angry, he walks to YU and says ‘Give up? Never!Do you think you’ll be able to defeat me?’

The pictures show the boys on training.

At Cheongamsa Temple, JS’s dad receives The Book of War from the monk.

At the Camp, DP is announcing to the boys, ‘Those who fail to return within the given time, will be immediately disqualified’

All the boys starts running, YU arrives the first, both DS and CP run back just in time. Two boys arrive late , so they are taken out. DP notices one boy is missing. They find the boy lying unconscious on the ground, DP carries him up but the it’s too late, the boy dies, DP’s man tells him the boy was sick last night. DP is angry why he didn’t tell him before.

The boy is buried in the mountain, all the boys feel sad. DS cries.

DP : ‘Don’t cry, his death is a very noble one.’
DS : ‘How can there be such a noble death in this world? This is not a noble death, but a death without
DP : ‘You’re wrong. Dying on the road that you chose yourself compared to any other forms of death it is more
valuable and noble.’
DS : ‘Nonsense’
DP : ‘Death to a martial artist is like a shadow that is always with them.You must remember that.’

At night, YU opens his eyes and sees DS is staring back at him, DS challenges YU for a fight.They walk outside, CP looks at them.

They fight and DS loses again, lying on the ground.
CP : ’17 fights 17 loses, From what I see, he will lose a hundred times’

YU asks CP to tell DS not to wake him up(from his sleep) again.

At Settlement (Korean Folk Village), SM meets with the Prince’s guard (SU-Im Su Ung Training Commander).

SM tells him since The Warrior Camp is established to protect the Prince, shouldn’t the Prince visit once? SU tells SM The Norons are monitoring the Prince very closely now, it’s inappropriate for the Prince to travel far. SM tells him then the Prince should make  his move carefully, he tells SU to talk with the Prince. SU asks if it’s SM who wants to see DS? SM refuses but he asks if DS causes any trouble at the camp.

SU informs the Prince, the boy is DS, the Prince wants to see him. Even though he needs to take care of the Book of War, he will go because the boy saved his life.

The Prince leaves the Palace. DJ’s lackey reports to DJ, C is sitting nearby. DJ guesses the Prince must be going to The Camp. DJ asks C, which one he will choose, The Book of War or the Warrior Camp? C is taking the Camp.

The Prince is at the Camp, the boy one by one steps to the front and says his name in front of the Prince (with a curtain in between). The Prince talks to YU, he heard YU is highly skilled in martial arts, and tells him to keep improving.

DS comes forward and says his name. The Prince asks if his parent are still alive, DS answers No, he has an uncle whose tummy bloats like a pig but we are not related by blood (SM and DP both laugh behind the curtain). SM clears his throat, DS hears him he tries to look behind the curtain.

DS peeks, SM comes out the door, they both smile at each other. DS asks SM the person he saved, could it be the person arrived at the Camp today. SM tells him next time he must address that person ‘My lord’

DS:  ‘What Lord Pig?’ [Playing with the similar pronounce of words]
SM makes DS say it right, he hugs DS.

At JS’s house,

JS’s dad gives her the Book of War, and tells her that tomorrow the Prince will take her away. He tells her to take care of the Book as her own life. Then there is crashing noise outside.They both are startled. Dad puts the Book inside his robe.

The assassins (In-Human lord with Ji-Earth Lord (woman)).

In is asking Ji, what the Book is about to be so important? Ji doesn’t answer.

The Prince’s bodyguards are helping JS and her dad to escape. One guard leaves to inform the Prince.

On their way, JS’s dad gets stabbed on his back, the guards help them to get on their way. Ji follows and kills the guard.
The guard helps JS and her dad to escape safely.

At the Camp, the assassins with C-Sky Lord, are attacking the Camp. CP runs to alert the Prince. DS alarms the Camp by ringing the bell. YU rushes to C and kneels down in front of him, C asks if YU comes to greet him, YU doesn’t answer.

SM and DP come out and see C is riding in. SM calls DS to leave with him. DP tells SM to take all the kids. SM tells him to be careful, and he tells the Prince to take care of himself.

SM takes the kids out. DP walks to C, they start fighting. C tells DP, if GT there is a chance, but not him (to win).

The Prince goes out another way, C slashes DP.

DS cannot find YU, so he runs back to the Camp, SM calls him back.

The Prince sees C slashes DP, he wants to help but SU tells him,even all three of them join forces, have little chances of defeating C.

The Prince : ‘Life is precious to everyone.’ He takes out his sword, SU stops him using his hand to grab the blade.

DP looking at the Prince, voice-over ‘Your Highness, if I can delay this person with my life, please leave immediately, Your Highness!  Your Highness’ life is the citizens’ life.’ The Prince and DP are looking at each other, the Prince leaves.

C wants to follow the Prince but DP using his body to stop him.

YU walks out and he witnesses C slashes DP, his eyes widen.

DS runs in and calls for YU, he sees C drives his sword into DP’s body.
DS takes a sword from DP and stabs C, C is surprised but he uses his hand to grab the blade, so it doesn’t go in that deep.

C looks at DS, DS falls down. C takes his sword out of DP  and goes to DS.

C : ‘You rascal.. dare to leave a scar on my body!’

He slashes DS’s left shoulder, the sword cuts JS’s jade into half. DP calls out ‘DS!’ C is about to slash DS again, YU runs in front of DS to protect him but C kicks him out of the way. C kneels down to DS.

C : ‘If you want to kill a person, you must drive the sword through the neck,or through the heart. Do you understand? A sword should not be held this way, only by holding it like this, you will not hurt your wrist.’

Then he stands up and drives his sword through DS’s right waist.

C : ‘Don’t move, your name is Dong Su? As long as the vital organs are avoided, you won’t die. Remember well what I have said.’

Then he takes out his sword from Ds’s body, DS cries out.

C walks to DP who still calling out DS’s name. C tells DP the Prince has left so he cannot let him off.

DS says ‘No ..don’t’

C : ‘Watch closely, the body temperature of a weakling is non-existent.’

C pushes his sword through DP’s heart, DP dies, DS screams for DP and faints.
YU looks at DS, YU turns to C and looks at him angrily.

C : ‘Are you sincere? It appears dangerous and murderous, that looks good! Keep an eye on the child. One day this child will be the one you want to surpass.’

JS’s dad and JS with the Prince’s guard arrive at the ‘Green Rock Temple’
The monk takes out the knife from JS’s dad back, dad asks JS to go out, then he asks the monk if his life can be saved, the monk tells him ‘excessive bleeding, and your internal organ is badly damaged.’ He asks the monk for a favor.

JS’s dad asks her to drink a bowl of liguid. She asks him what is it, he tells her this is for a great cause, be brave and drink it. JS drinks it then she falls asleep. JS’s dad takes out the Book, he looks at JS and cries.
He starts copying the Book onto JS’s back then he burns the book.

The Prince is at the Palace. The guard is reporting to the Prince about JS’s dad that he’s bleeding, he should not make it. The Prince asks about JS, he tells the Prince that she’s fine. The Prince feels sad to cause this to JS.

The Prince orders SU to take soldiers to the Camp before dawn. He has tears in his eyes.

In the morning at the Camp, DP’s wife and daughter come out from hiding. They see SM and smile. SM find DS and YU. They see DP’s death body. SM cries.

At the assassin guild, C scolds at In that they failed to get the book, and brought back dead men. In talks back to him that he also failed to kill the Prince, and injured his ribs too. C walks away.

In wonders who did that to C’s body because he hasn’t been injured for so many years.

DS stands next to DP’s dead body.

DS : ‘Didn’t I already tell you,in this world, is there such a thing as noble death? In this world there is nothing such as noble death.’

He cries. SM walks to him , that they don’t have time to remain here.They have to leave quickly.

JS wakes up and sees her back in the mirror, something written on it. Then she sees her dad sit by the wall. She cries out, her dad is dead.

On the mountain, all the boys, SM, DP’s wife and daughter give respect to DP’s grave.

SM tells DS to stand up and stop crying,that ‘DP used his own life to exchange your future. Don’t you understand? Only those who wish to become a real martial artist and is determined to do so,follow me.’

YU, DS and CP with other boys start to follow him. YU asks SM where are they heading to?
SM : ‘To the depths of the mountain where nobody knows. ‘

DS tells SM he wants to become strong. ‘I will definitely become strong and….’  SM touches his shoulder saying that’s good.

Soldiers ride to the Camp,  SM left message on an arrow,

‘Don’t worry about Dae Po that fellow.We have buried him accordingly.He should be resting in peace now.

 I will definitely raise these fellows well, and let them step into Hanyang territories again. Until then you must safeguard the Crown Prince while waiting for me.’

They walk into the forest.

JS is crying, the Prince looks at her. JS learns oriental med with needles (Acupuncture).

They set up a new camp. They start the training.

DS holding a bag on each of his hand and stands with one leg on a small log for his training. He loses his balance and falls into the water. And he grown up, and he falls into the water again. YU and CP also grown up.

JS is practicing archery , the Prince stands behind her. Then she grown up and good at archery.

GT stands by the falls, he is drawing martial arts movement into a book.

At the camp, DS is explaining about Puffer fish venom, if used in small quantities is able to cause paralysis, fainting, and has the venomous quality to cause death. At present, there is no perfect antidote.

YU : ‘If during the 8 hours of being poisoned, a person does not lose consciousness and bears with it,he will develop immunity and lives.’

SM tells all the men to drink the venom. They drink it, some start to throw up, but YU, DS and CP are still sitting fine. SM calls all of them ‘pass’.  Both YU and CP start to cough, but DS sits still. YU touches DS, he slowly falls onto CP’s lap and falls asleep smiling.

After the test, SM is talking to his man.

SM : ‘I thought all of them would qualify this time but the recruits  failed one by one. ‘
SM’s man : ‘Did DS qualify?’  SM nods.
SM : ‘He endured for 8 hours of course he qualified.’
SM’s man : ‘No. Didn’t he faint?’
SM : ‘if you were him, at the moment you fainted, could you still smile?’  And SM laughs.

The pictures show the training with SM’s voice-over ‘If there was a ranking system in this exam, DS’s performance level is top.’  SM’s man says but DS doesn’t seem very mature yet.

DS is happy that he got his target. YU smiles.  (LOL)

DS, YU and CP are leaving the mountain. They are saying good bye to their friends.

One of them says he never thought CP would be selected. CP retorts back that he thinks his friend will remain here for the rest of his life. His friend says he will leave the mountain soon too, so they (DS,YU,CP) can go get the place ready first. YU smiles and says they will get going and they leave.

In the village,  SU comes to see SM who disguised as a meat seller. SU pretends he is buying meat and hands SM a letter.

The three arrive at the village. DS is happy saying they haven’t been here for a long time, everything looks new and exciting.

Women pass by, DS looks at them and gets excited. CP tells DS from what he sees, DS still have to practice for at least another ten years. DS retorts back, then what about you? what were you reading at the book store? CP says it’s a Martial Arts Manual? YU tells them they have arrived. DS waves to SM smiling.

DP’s daughter sees them she wonders DS leaves the mountain so soon. It’s unexpected. She sees YU, she greets him and tells him to come over for dinner. DS and CP yell back they will come too.

SM tells them their first task. He hands DS an envelop. SM to DS : ‘With YU around, there won’t be any mistakes. However, if I let you go by yourselves, I don’t know why, but I’m worried.’

YU assures him not to worry. DS reads out the task.
There’s a Merchant Group coming from Qing, there will be a Samini(a female monk) in the group, escort the Samini safely to Cheongamsa Temple, is your task. YU asks SM if there will be assassins laying in ambush. SM is not sure but tells him to make sure the Samini is safe.

They are escorting carriages,  DS peeks into the carriage while JS who is inside looking out at YU.

JJ and her men are looking at them.

Suddenly YU tells them to stop. He feels something.

YU flies his arrow out. It lands in the middle of JJ and her men. She’s angry so she flies her arrow back near DS. They call out that they are being attacked. JJ’s men riding to the carriages.

Both DS and YU take out their swords. JJ flies her arrow at JS’s carriage. JJ ,with her face covered, rides to the  group. Men start fighting. DS and YU fight together while JS sits calmly in the carriage.


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  1. also looking back on all these episodes I can’t help but evaluate ji sun and her supposed skills it’s a shame how the writers ended up making ji sun I mean i thought she was gonna be alot more interesting i like her but i always thought she was more interesting before the tattoo from her back was removed I mean looking back at this ep 5 and ep 6 wasn’t ji sun in some ways mean’t to be a medic i know all she has was skill in acupuncture but you would have thought the writers could of made her do something in medics or healing i mean in ep 5 when she was a child she was healing someone with acupuncture so i mean the writers could of come up with and her knowledge with acupuncture when she scolded yeo un for using acupuncture on dong soo telling him that acupuncture is not mean’t to cause harm to another but to heal them,,,,, also going on to her archery when i saw that in ep 5 from her transcending from child to adult i seriously thought she was gonna be sort of bad ass like jin ju only more elegant lol but her archery was only used twice and once on dong soo and that was is seriously writers you couldn’t of done any thing better with her in the end all she ended up being good for was being the girl both dong soo and yeo un love and I found her interesting when she had the bukbeoljigy tattooed on her back her significance was far more superior then because in a way she was the vocal point of the story

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