Movie : Herb

A nice touching, heart warming Korean movie (2007).

Herb is a 2007 South Korean film, directed by Heo In-moo. Kang Hye-jeong stars in the lead role as a 20-year old woman with the mental and emotional skills of a seven-year old, who falls in love with a policeman she sees as her Prince Charming (Jeong Kyeong-ho), but must face tragedy when her mother is diagnosed with cancer.

Via wikipedia

Now the synopsis sounds like a tearjerker, but surprisingly it’s not, I mean not in a tragic way but heart warming. The love between the mother and the daughter was very poignant, the loveline was cute and touching, you couldn’t help smiling when they were together. The ending was beautiful, but when the credits rolled, me jaw-dropped because I wanted to see more MOAR..oh, man. But a good movie nonetheless. I noticed these days I would pick just a movie with heart, so miss Can You Hear My Heart? *sob sob*

Credits : wokuszko@YT

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