Movie : I Give My First Love to You

A heart warming Japanese movie about a young love. The story of a friendship between a boy with heart problem and a strong little girl growing up together, friendship turns into profound love. Their love will win your heart. The female lead starring the heroine from Hana Yori Dango. Take a closer look at the trailer. If you are ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’ lover, I recommend this one. However, have Kleenex ready, you are warned!

Movie Trailer

Credits : fibona0112358@YT

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  1. i love the story so much! I think it could be lined-up among the greatest love story ever written. I’ve been following the career of Okasa Masaki eversince i saw him in Otomen and Hana Kimi. I think his acting improved here a lot (and he’s good looking too!). And Inoue, what can i say, she’s really a good actress. Yes, i cried a lot, but it also made me celebrate life. Somehow, i felt lighthearted after watching the movie.

    • It didn’t feel sad sad, yunno, a tragic love or anything, but beautiful love and friendship. I can watch this one again and again and still feel nice every time. ^^

  2. I really really love this Japanese movie….it’s very heart wrenching!!! Inoue Maou is the best…

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