Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 4

DS gets the coins from the Prince, he walks into the market. DS spots JS standing near by, he looks at her face closely and reconizes her that they met at the stream (when he was hanging down a tree and she didn’t help him).  JJ sees DS with another girl, she grabs his arm and pulls him away from JS. JS looks at them, she turns and leaves. JJ scolds at DS.

YU is also in the market, he asks a craftman to forge his dad spear into a sword, but it can be made into only a shorter and narrower sword. JS walks pass YU, a man pushes her and takes her bag, JS falls into YU’s arm.

Alarmed, she stands up quickly and turns to leave, then she realizes her bag is gone. She screams ‘thief!’ YU runs out to catch the thief, he passes DS and JJ on the way, DS runs after YU.  JJ sighs, she stabs her arrow on to a chestnut.

The thief ends up on the small bridge having DS and YU on his both sides, the thief takes out his dagger and turns to DS, before he can harm DS, JJ stands further way, flies her arrow (chestnut head) right into the theif chest, he falls down into the creek. Before the villagers can punish the thief, JS comes forward and asks them to let the thief go, both DS and JU are impressed by her kindness.

The thief runs away. DS steps forward and hands JS her small bag, JS reaches out  and grabs the bag, touching DS’s hand, DS is mesmerized by the touch. JS looks at JJ then YU, she bows to YU and leaves, she drops her small jade ornament on her way out. JJ scolds at DS for looking at another girl, DS doesn’t take JJ seriously. YU and JJ walk off, DS spots JS’s jade, he picks it up and looks on JS’s way but she’s already gone.

DS, JJ and other kids walk back to SM’s place. JJ’s dad is waiting for her, JJ tells DS that she’s leaving. DS acts indifferently and tells her to walk carefully. JJ turns to DS

JJ:  You…in the future, when you grown up, will you marry me?

DS:  Am I insane? To marry a forceful brat like you….

JJ kisses his cheek. (Wah…I love fusion Sageuk ^^)  DS loses on word, JJ runs along, her dad walks pass DS smiling. JJ and his dad are on their way.  DS touches his cheek, he turns and runs down the hill to look at JJ for the last time.

Meanwhile, the Prince is surrounded by the assassins, he runs outside and stands by a well. The head of the assassins moved to kill the Prince. Suddenly, there is a voice shouting from the top of the roof telling them to stop.  It’s DS who happened to be nearby and hears the commotion.

DS jumps down from the roof  to stand next to the Prince. He empties his water jar and jumps into the well telling the Prince to follow him. The assassin slashes his sword through the Prince’s body, he falls into the well bleeding. The assassin sets fire on the water.

Under the water, DS takes the Prince’s hand and leads him out. DS surfaces up, he reaches the shore, he couldn’t see the Prince, so he leaves. The Prince is lying on the shore further away unconscious.

In the palace, the King is having a meeting with the high ranking officers, the King asks for the Prince. One of the officer reports to the King that the Prince leaves the palace whenever he wishes. They fear that the Prince’s behavior will affect the Crown Prince’s chance of succeeding the throne. The King announces that if the Prince does not show up in the upcoming Archery(Daesarye) contest, he will dethrone the Prince and make him a commoner.

The Prince’s guard rushes out of the palace to find the Prince, he jumps into the well, and later that night be able to locate the Prince by the shore.

DJ is satisfied that the assassin killed the Prince, C asks if his lackey is sure about that, he confirms the Prince’s death to them.

DS comes back  late at night, SM scolds at him for coming so late. DS tells him that he’d rescued someone’s life and relates his story, SM doesn’t believe him how can a well in a house can get out in the sea.

GT is practicing his sword alone, at the end he seems to regain his strength with one arm.

At the Archery(Daesarye) contest where the King presided, the Prince shows up in time, he surprises everyone. Even with his injured arm, the Prince performs his archery successfully and satisfies the King.

SM tells both DS and YU that they will be joining the Warrior Camp. The Prince’s guard comes to see SM where DS and YU are sitting nearby, the guard tells SM about the Prince been injured. YU perks up and listens. SM learns that DS is the kid that help the Prince (but DS doesn’t know that he’s the Prince). The guard talks about the Book of War, he shows SM the half coin, the Prince left it with him temporary. They try to figure out the letters written on the coin, DS comes closer and takes a look at the coin and recalls similar characters were written on the front door of JS’s house. They are worried that the assassins are looking for the book too, which alarmed YU to listen. They all come to JS’s house and look at the sign on the door.

SM, DS and YU are leaving for the Warrior Camp, YU stops by the market to collect his new sword that made from his dad spearhead. They arrive at the camp where DP is the captain. SM and DP greet each other. SM leaves the camp, DS walks to him and asks if this means he won’t see SM again in the future, SM smiles but doesn’t answer and tell DS to become strong, he leaves the camp.

SM’s voice-over to DS: You must become a warrior that hyangnim (his dad) can be proud of. The dream that sunbae could not complete…you must accomplish them.

DP writes name tags for both DS and YU. He tells them that 50 boys were recruited here, they have to pass all the training to become warriors, may be none of them will pass. During the meal, DS meets his new friend, Yang Cho Rip (CR), he wants to become Joseon best blacksmith because he thinks this profession has a bright future, DS chokes on his food. CP asks DS why is he here, DS says out loud that he wants to become Joseon best swordsman, all the boys laugh at him.

At night, the boys ask YU for a fight, YU wins, then YU and DS fight each other, again DS ends up sprawling on the ground. In the morning, the boys start training by carrying a heavy bag and running a long distance, the one who comes last can’t eat, CP ends up last.

The Prince upon learning about JS’s house, he and his man come to see JS’s dad. The Prince shows his half coin which matches perfectly with JS’s dad’s half. JS’s dad kneels down and bows low to the Prince. In the house, JS’s dad tells the Prince that he’s kept the Book of War at Cheong Am Temple, so he needs time before he can give the book to the Prince.

Then he calls JS to come in, he tells the Prince that she is his woman that this is also an agreement with the late King. The Prince asks him if he wants to send her to the palace, he says it’s not like that but that she cannot be touched by other man but him. Later outside, JS cries alone, her dad comes and tells her that from now on she’s the Prince’s woman. Her dad will leave for the Temple, he asks her to prepare herself and waits for his return.

GJ also learns about the Prince locating the book , he asks C to personally take care of this matter this time.

At the Warrior Camp, DP leaves all the boys at the island and tells them to survive, he gets on the boat and leaves. All the boys and YU starts to walk into the sea to swim back, CP tells DS that he’s not a good swimmer. DS drags him to the sea. They all swim together, CP cries out that he cannot swim anymore, DS swims back and takes CP with him. YU looks back at them and continue on.

At the shore, DP stands by looking, YU and the boys reach the shore safely. YU looks around but couldn’t find DS, he runs to the sea and looks out silently, then he sees DS and CP swim to the shore together.  YU lets out his smile with relief. DS and CP collapse on the sand exhausted. DP scolds at them.

DS to DP: If to kill a friend for victory is considered martial arts, killers.. assassins, what’s the difference compared to a killer? If learning martial arts is to do such things, I do not wish to continue learning.

With that, YU looks at DS.

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  1. looking back on these episodes make me think how awesome yeo un and ji suns potential could have been it’s a shame though also with dong soo and jin ju i mean seriously did the writers automatically forget the wedding vow between dong soo and jin ju i guess things change when there older but it’s a shame because I think dong soo ended up forgetting about that marriage proposal of course they were only kids but still it’s tragic and reminds me in some ways of naruto and hinata from the anime naruto, hinata told naruto i love you and almost died and it seems like naruto has completely forgotten that and seems to be wrapped up in his feelings and love for sakura which makes me somewhat annoyed since i don’t really see naruto and sakura having a future together any ways that’s besides the point

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