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Soundtrack: She’s So Lovable

November 1, 2014

I’m aware of unfavorable comments throughout about this drama, but I love Rain, Krystal and L in this drama. Not a perfect drama but a subtle sweet one, and I just love this song when it came up in the episode. Since next week is its finale week (16 episodes totally), I feel like leaving… Read More ›


Soundtrack: She’s So Lovable

I haven’t talked about Korean drama soundtrack much this year so I’m picking one that I love listening to it these days. My love for ‘Rain’ during Full House days come back full force because of this drama. Sometimes telling story a simple way, simply acting from hearts, with some nice breezy songs, could turn… Read More ›


Soundtrack: RaiRak PaYak KangFu

I was out of the loop for a while couldn’t find any lakorn I would love to follow. However, I would love to mention RaiRak PaYak KangFu (aka Kang Fu Fighting Lover) a lovely parody of a Kang Fu fighting series which, imo, the producer was so brave to push ahead and bring it to… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Ruk Tong Aoom (3)

Sipadun has more bones than you think…so does the lakorn, I’m telling you   :) Song Title: Plien Pen Ruk (change it into love) Artist: Non Thanon Official MV Translation of the lyrics: No more, it should be no more, that being friends is enough It’s clear, and I know that you are waiting… Read More ›


Sountrack: Ruk Tong Aoom (2)

It’s the same song Great Warinthorn sang (already translated in previous post). See! I told you there should be someone else sing it too  *cough cough* Song Title: Ror Theo Bok Kam Wa Rak (waiting for you to say the word ‘Love’) Artist: Klom Orawee Official MV I squealed every time Sipadun look at… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Ruk Tong Aoom (1)

Liked episode 1, it seemed Sipadun was trying to keep his feeling for Lanta hidden, but he showed it to us when Lanta wasn’t looking. That’s how good Great Warintorn was in the episode. This song sang by Great himself, and the lyrics tells a lot how Sipadun’s feeling. Sorry, I had issue with a… Read More ›


Soundtack: Dao Kiang Duen (2)

This song uses rhyme and poetry-liked wording to describe one moon and one star. Song Title: Dao Kiang Duen (the star stays alongside the moon) Artist: Nan Watiya (feat. Pete Pol) Translation of the lyrics: (figuratively) When the moonlight comes visiting the sky, You make the sky more attractive and bright Everyone turns to… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Dao Kiew Duen (2)

My long time favorite song in Dao Kiew Duen. Song title: Len Khong Soong (reach for the thing so high) Artist: New & Jiew Translations of the lyrics: I know it’s risky, but I’ve got to try I know it’s tiring, if I reach for the thing so high But let me try at… Read More ›