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Soundtrack: Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan

July 15, 2014

Get ready for its premiere tonight and meet Takeshi and Seiko  :) Song title: Mai Rak Kon Eun (won’t love someone else) Artist: ETC Official MV Translation of the lyrics: Don’t know why I have to fall in love with you Really don’t now and never understand The cause and effect, can never answer to… Read More ›


Music: Song of the Day

Once in a while an MV came along that makes me think it’s Thailand the way I see it  :) Fanmade MV – credit as tagged (unofficial) We will do as promised Give us a little more time The beautiful land will return We will be honest Only you trust and believe The land will… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Ruen Rissaya (3)

Here’s another song from a heart of a woman :) Song title: Khob-khun Thi Yoo Trong Ni (thank you for being here) Artist: Joy Jirapat Translation of the lyrics: I used to live my life with no one to care, live on my own I used to live with the question ‘Who would my mind… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Ruen Rissaya (2)

At the end of each episode, after preview of the next one, this song would come up and I told myself, I should translate this song. It’s more from a man to the woman he loves. Song title: Hon Thang Soo Klang-jai Ther (the path to your heart) Artist: Maew Jirasak Translation of the… Read More ›


Soundtrack: King Naraesuan 5

I watched the movie and while I was stepping out of the theater, this song came up as credits rolling. Not sure about others, but for me at that time (and I never heard of it prior to that), the song hit all the right place for the story covered from Part 1 to 5…. Read More ›


Soundtrack: Ruen Rissaya (1)

It’s good episode one and beautiful soundtrack…and a sizzling chemistry. I really hope the storyline will stay as tight throughout or there will be so much pain to watch before our nang’ek find her true happiness. Song Title: “ทำเพราะรัก” Tham Phro Rak (do it because of love) Artist: Panadda Ruangwut Translation of the lyrics: Do… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai (1)

Kuan Kann Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai premiered today and it was such a feel good series. Three single women, who were once best friends, want to beat one another into getting married or having a wedding first in one month, just for the fun of gloating, and we have three potential suitors with… Read More ›


Music: Song of the Day

It’s an old song that always gets me every time :) Album: Best of Tata Young Song title: ฉันรักเธอ [Chan Rak Thoe] (I love you) Artist: Tata Young Translation of the lyrics: It’s because I’m not certain. It’s because I would feel embarrassed if you get to know. So I just keep watching you. *[… Read More ›