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Soundtack: Dao Kiang Duen (2)

July 28, 2014

This song uses rhyme and poetry-liked wording to describe one moon and one star. Song Title: Dao Kiang Duen (the star stays alongside the moon) Artist: Nan Watiya (feat. Pete Pol) Translation of the lyrics: (figuratively) When the moonlight comes visiting the sky, You make the sky more attractive and bright Everyone turns to… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Dao Kiew Duen (2)

My long time favorite song in Dao Kiew Duen. Song title: Len Khong Soong (reach for the thing so high) Artist: New & Jiew Translations of the lyrics: I know it’s risky, but I’ve got to try I know it’s tiring, if I reach for the thing so high But let me try at… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Dao Kiang Duen (1)

This lakorn was supposed to be a sequel to Dao Kiew Duen, where Khun Jan is the son of Khun Chai Jan and Prakai Dao. However, I’ve noticed names changed with something similar but not quite, so let’s say it another lakorn. The titles of the original novels are Dao Kiew Duen and Dao Kiew… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Dao Kiew Duen (1)

I watched the current airing Dao Kiang Duen and wondered how the parents (Khun Chai Jan and PraKai Dao) got together in Dao Kiew Duen, so I marathoned it and liked it. It’s a story of a perfect woman (rich, pretty, successful career – a professional photographer) but failed in several relationships. She loves kids so,… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan

Get ready for its premiere tonight and meet Takeshi and Seiko  :) Song title: Mai Rak Kon Eun (won’t love someone else) Artist: ETC Official MV Translation of the lyrics: Don’t know why I have to fall in love with you Really don’t now and never understand The cause and effect, can never answer to… Read More ›


Music: Song of the Day

Once in a while an MV came along that makes me think it’s Thailand the way I see it  :) Fanmade MV – credit as tagged (unofficial) We will do as promised Give us a little more time The beautiful land will return We will be honest Only you trust and believe The land will… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Ruen Rissaya (3)

Here’s another song from a heart of a woman :) Song title: Khob-khun Thi Yoo Trong Ni (thank you for being here) Artist: Joy Jirapat Translation of the lyrics: I used to live my life with no one to care, live on my own I used to live with the question ‘Who would my mind… Read More ›


Soundtrack: Ruen Rissaya (2)

At the end of each episode, after preview of the next one, this song would come up and I told myself, I should translate this song. It’s more from a man to the woman he loves. Song title: Hon Thang Soo Klang-jai Ther (the path to your heart) Artist: Maew Jirasak Translation of the… Read More ›