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Movie (Review): KidTueng Wittaya (The Teacher’s Diary)(2)

March 23, 2014

Yep, I bought the ticket and walked into the theater for Bie’s first movie as soon as I got back in town. Warning: Spoil yourself at your own risk¬† :) Over all tone: heart-warming, a gentle breeze that swept a viewer like me into the world of the profession whose job is to make boys… Read More ›


Movie: KidTueng Wittaya (Official Trailer)

Another interesting movie coming your (and my) way this March from GTH, also the first movie of Bie, KidTueng Wittaya (missing Wittaya) with an English name The Teacher’s Diary. Official Trailer “You were a wrestler before?” “Yes!” “But at the moment, the position of PE teacher is filled up already.” “I could be an… Read More ›


Movie (Review) : Timeline Jotmai KhwamSongJam

Got back in town and couldn’t resist getting into the theater for this movie. I went in for James Jirayu to give the newbie a support only to come out thinking that the role of Tan (by James Ji) doesn’t have to be him at all. Of course, James got me interested in the movie… Read More ›


Movie : Timeline (Official Trailer)

Since this movie, Timeline, is going to hit the theater soon in February, and its trailer is everywhere today that one cannot miss it. I saw it myself at least five times already in public places today so I would be out of trend not to translate it. The title (in full) of the movie… Read More ›


Movie: I Am the King

Background The movie depicts the three months before Choong-nyung (the future Sejong the Great) becomes king. The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, which follows the history of the Joseon Dynasty between 1413 and 1865, leaves out records of this crucial period. While to future generations, King Sejong would stand as a legendary figure for his… Read More ›


Movie (Review) : Khu Kam (2013 movie)

The movie premiered today and I’ve seen it! It was two hours plus totally. Something didn’t live up to my expectation, something was beyond my expectation. If you plan to watch the movie, there’ll be spoilers ahead. Overall, it felt like the work of an artist, yunno, where the director was trying to show his… Read More ›


Movie (Review) : Pee Mak…Phra Khanong

This movie took Bangkok by storm. I heard it broke the box office records in two days and everybody was talking about it. So I decided to check it out. The title of the movie is the name of the hero, Pee Mak (Bro Mak) and the name of a district, Phra Khanong. Facts (not… Read More ›


Nadech’s interview on Sorayut’s news program

It seems Nadech is everywhere these days because his movie will kick off this April 4. This is him (again) talking (aka promoting) about the movie, Khu Kam, with Sorayut in the news program on Channel 3, Thailand. ¬†From the video: Sorayut = S, Nadech = N Mr. Sorayut welcomes Nadech (wearing a Japanese soldier’s… Read More ›