Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai Episode 3 (3/9) (0)

Still not sure who I should love the most but for Linee and Wayu, their career is the opposite so it’s interesting how their story will unfold. Alex as Krisda is well-received on the internet, the rest was mentioned as lovely too. The scriptwriter was praised for her well-distributed dialogs for every couple throughout. Episode… Read More ›

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Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai Episode 3 (3/9) (0)


Still not sure who I should love the most but for Linee and Wayu, their career is the opposite so it’s interesting how their story will unfold. Alex as Krisda is well-received on the internet, the rest was mentioned as lovely too. The scriptwriter was praised for her well-distributed dialogs for every couple throughout. Episode… Read More ›

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Look Tard Episode 13 (Final) (3)


Look Tard (slave’s offspring/slave’s child) This period lakorn had a pretty neat production and got somewhat decent ratings. I love the picturesque pictures of it, and let me join the crowd and say Ken Phupoom as Kaew appeared too neat and too clean for a slave, not sure what the director was thinking  :) Story… Read More ›

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Soundtrack : Yah Leum Chan (2) (0)


To be honest, I didn’t feel anything for this song when I first heard it, but after 3 episodes in, the song starts to make more sense so my sentiment changes  :) Song title: Khon Phae Thi Mai Mee Namta (defeated one without tears) Artist: Bird Thongchai McIntyre Official MV Translation of the lyrics:… Read More ›

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Cubic – The Drawings (2) (5)


Songkran Festival (aka water splashing festival) with RueTaiNak and Lin Lan Se. :) :) :) Gif, pictures cr: pantip-cubic jaaaa  :)

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Samee Teetra Episode 13 (Final) (8)


I didn’t follow every episode so I could miss something while translate. From previous episode, Siva and Pheung got into a fight. Pheung fell down and had a miscarriage. Pisud left for the US. He told his mother that he’s exhausted and wanted to take a break and rest. Episode 13 Part 1 New… Read More ›

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Jao Sao Salatan Episode 22 (Final) (8)


I’m sorry to jump ahead but I think the last bits was kind of cute. I’m not sure what the heck was going on skipping so many episodes, so bear with me :) Episode 22  Janya says if they don’t want Khem to die, Chanon must marry her and when the wedding is done, she… Read More ›

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Soundtrack: Look Mai Khong Phor – Nai Man Mek (3)


Let me take a break capping lakorn and translate this song, FonPhram JumKheunJai (light showers…I memorized), Nai Man Mek OST Translations of the lyrics: That day with light showers, I memorized Never erase, all those great things Never forget, and always think about it…every words you said *[I may be drifted and let you… Read More ›

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Saeng Dao Khang Jai Episode 1 (1)


The third series from Look Mai Khong Phor Series, Saeng Dao Khang Jai (starlight in my heart), premiered Jan 1, 2014. Episode one was interesting enough. There were cute men in uniforms, beautiful forest scenes and mysteries that sounded promising. Phet (honestly, not sure how to pronounce his real name) as Akin Akira, a forest… Read More ›

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Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 7 (10)


Let’s clarify about Nu Na’s name a little bit. “Nu Na” literally it’s how rice-field rats is called [nu= rats, na = rice field], but for this series, it could be that “Nu” is an endearing prefix whereas “Na” is a shorten name of “Lanlana”, so her parents call her “Nu Na” as her nickname … Read More ›

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Update: Cubic Teasers (More) (1)


More teasers were broadcasted these past 2-3 days, so… “I could become wiser (good at) in just not many coming hours, or not many coming days, right?” “That person has a code name as Cubic.” “Can I not be humble and love you?” “Cubic premieres this March 8th.” (Pictures are unclear) “You won’t… Read More ›

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Movie: King Naraesuan 5 (Official Trailer) (0)


Aww….I’ve been waiting for this. I watched every part (1-4) and this is the final part. Official Trailer Basically, King Naraesuan is calling for the last battle before claiming the victory. The history itself is famous for the battle where the king and his rival were fighting on the backs of the elephants (in… Read More ›

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Soundtrack: Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai (1) (12)


Kuan Kann Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai premiered today and it was such a feel good series. Three single women, who were once best friends, want to beat one another into getting married or having a wedding first in one month, just for the fun of gloating, and we have three potential suitors with… Read More ›

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Letter from the author of Fah Jarod Sai (0)


Sopak Suwan, the author of the classic novel Fah Jarod Sai, had sent a letter of appreciation to Fah Jarod Sai production team from the US. Roughly translated, “It’s true that Thai TV-series were filmed abroad many times, there’s not one, is this epic, had to overcome obstacles, this challenging, needed persistence and diligence like… Read More ›

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Book : Khu Kam 2 (the novel) (46)


Khu Kam (2013 series) OST -  คู่กรรม (Khu Kam) – Backing track I was debating whether or not I should do this book, but then I thought it would be nice to let people know how Angsumalin lived her life after part I. It was my second attempt that I finished the book because the… Read More ›

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Khunchai Ronnaphee Episode 11 (Final) (4)


A little late on this episode, I didn’t have time to continuously do it. The drama ended with high ratings in the last two episodes (the ratings improved from episode 9 onward). I would like to thank Channel 3 for taking such a risk to do five series consecutively all at once. It was a… Read More ›

Khunchai Ratchanon »

Soundtrack: Khunchai Ratchanon OST (15)


A memorable song for Khunchai Ratchanon  :) Song: “Love” Composed by HM King Rama VI *From Shakespeare’s play: The Merchant of Venice Tell me where is fancy bred, Or in the heart, or in the head ? How begot, how nourished ? Reply, reply. It is engender’d in the eyes, With gazing fed; and fancy… Read More ›

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Khunchai Phuttipat Episode 10 (Final) (2)


Episode 10-1 CP: Kaeo, are you busy? K:  Khunchai! Did you come to do some business around here? CP:  What business do I have except seeking reconciliation with my wife? K: Khunchai. CP: Kaeo, if you are not going back, that will leave me no choice. K: Khunchai, what are you going to do?… Read More ›

Khunchai Prawonruj »

Soundtrack: Juthathep Gentlemen OST (Various artists) (3)


One song from various artists for five gentlemen. Song title : รักแท้อยู่เหนือกาลเวลา (True love stands the test of time) Khunchai Tharathorn [Artist: Pop Pongkul] Khunchai Prawonruj [Artist: Dome Jaruwat] Khunchai Phuttipat [Artist: T Jetset'er & Rose Sirintip] Khunchai Ratchanon [Artist: Kun Napat] Khunchai Ronnaphee [Artist: Crescendo] Lyric:  (From previous post) Time that passed by, changes… Read More ›

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Soundtrack: KidTueng Wittaya (0)


Song Title: Mai Tang Kan (not much different) Artist: 25 hours Translations of the lyrics: Have you ever seen what ‘love’ looks like? No, I haven’t …but I could feel it Do you know what ‘missing’ looks like? No, I don’t …but I could feel it Not much different from my heart The thing that… Read More ›

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Book: Samee Teetra (the novel) (5)


[The latest cover of the novel Samee Teetra] After watching episode 1-2, I rushed to the bookstore to buy this book out of curiosity, how was the story actually written? Title: Samee Teetra Author: Navika (not sure about the spelling) ISBN: 978-616-508-707-0 (4th print) Karat (nickname Kang) is a rich woman who already married three… Read More ›

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Korean Drama: Cunning Single Lady (3)


Since the beginning of 2014, I haven’t talked about Korean drama at all. I watched three series at first: Three Days, Emergency Couple, and Cunning Single Lady. Due to the universe of time, it came down to one which I’ve been watching diligently now. It’s Cunning Single Lady. The series itself doesn’t have an outstanding… Read More ›